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  1. I don't think i will forget this writer given the emotional turmoil ride she brought us through
  2. loving all the interesting trajectories and comments on this thread!! I wil miss translating and expressing my thoughts here once this series ends I am now confuse on something else! So in previous episode, GJC's body was found in the sea caught by some fishing nets (?). Based on previous episodes, there was a scene when GJC actually made it out of the sea alive (according to HM's book). But i think this scene was interpreted to be not real because HM did say her book is a mixture of fact & lies + she did lie saying that GJC had a child with a woman he helped. So we can possibly dismiss the credibility of that scene where JC makes it out of the sea alive (but ok you never know what the writer will do, maybe that scene was real and unexpained yet?). In the latest 2 episodes, we saw in 1988 on his execution day, GJC managed to escape with the help of HM. The latter actually cons GJC to a hospital where she claims HE is there (when in fact actl HE died that day) because she intends to kill him off. GJC was captured and was on a ship, and there are thugs that wants to dig his heart out (?? i not sure if this means anything?). GJC managed to struggle free and jump into the ocean. So base on the timeline, and having the body found in the sea, does that mean GJC died in 1988?? Because, JB was born in 1998, so by right he should have survived for another 10 years before his rebirth?? I am unsure if he actually floated in sea for 10 years LOL. Maybe i am jumping the gun, because there are still 4 episodes and may be they will explain this? Perhaps he did survived for another 10 years, before dying in the sea coincidentally? idk was just confused here. and there was also this notion that those without a heart cannot be reborn? hmm... I was just confused because the rebirth timeline and stuff matched for SH & SB. Like both of them died and were reborn in 1988 (because HE died on 31st May 1988, and SB was reborn on the exact same day, not sure about SH or i may have missed it but i think he is the same age as SB?).
  3. @Plummpychan I agree with you. After watching the subbed episode, i am so done. I don't even know if i want SB to be with SH. This episode serious is just all about JB/JC & SB. Ugh, i am not sure why the writer can't just focus on developing with just a few main ideas instead of bombing and dragging so many characters which doesnt seem to serve much purpose to complicate the drama *ugh*. They build up the romance between SH-SB for like 20 episodes, and just make it come to an end and possibly try to make a turn to JB - SB in just 1 episode? Perhaps the writer is doing this to satisfy the fans for both ship???? Like at least HE-HB had a closure and will be together in afterlife then now she wants to pair JB-SB? LOL well at least HB & HE found each other. It was so heartbreaking for the cemetry scene when HB finally passed the ring to HE. I hope they can bury HB's corpse next to HE... At this point, i think this drama may be moving towards an open ending? I am not sure how they are going to make JB alive with a bullet in his head, and how SB can be with SH again after all that has happened. and yes JC+JB combination and finaly he is able to speak up lol. Everything could have been avoided with proper communication. *sighs* i am just going to pin on SH-JB bromance..... *sigh, hope in LSH's next drama he can finally get the girl ....
  4. Episode 25-26 Text Translations SH leans in close on GIW’s identity. Meanwhile, JB, who carries JC’s memories actively expresses his feelings to SB, and asks her to look at him in this life...
  5. @pamela572a point to note is thar STH is aware of JB/JC psychotic tendency, and intends to use him to kill SH. This subplot is so underdeveloped, honestly felt that should have started out this subplot earlier.... and yes, i really hope JB & SH can reconcile their misunderstandings and reveal all the truth. I AM STILL ROOTING FOR THEIR BROMANCE!! @Oksana Sutra @Plummpychan i still believe that SB will regain her HB memories eventually. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense for the writer to include all the deja vu scenes since episode 5. Also, today's episode showed that SB/HE & SH/HB are still much connected through their heartpains? And i think at the start of the series they also emphasized something alone the lines that lovers can feel each other through their heart or something so...and although SH isn't HB, and SB isn't HE, let's not forget they liked each other even before remembering their past selves. @MVM rather than having JB/JC heartbroken, i hope he is able to find peace? And probably relay what he couldn't say to HE through SB. Hopefully by then SB, with HE memories, will forgive him and maybe JC can fulfill his wish of saving her? AND YES, ROFL at the beginning, because SH/HB was struggling with all the overwhelming memories, crying, collpasing and doing random motions but the bookowner has no reaction... lmao... and yes yes JID is so cute, so glad he made it alive because i was waiting for his reactions when he meets SB. @Swatkats this is kind of unpredictable because i think the bullet being still in the head is a burried plot / ticking death bomb. Hopefully there is still some miracles, and he survives til the end. Or there may be a possibility, of him gaining HE/SB's forgiveness, saves SB and ends his destiny. Because at the end of the 1980s lives in Episode 4, GJC narrated that his wish of ending his destiny by giving his heart to save HE was a failure. I am not sure if that meant anything or is a burried plot. There may also be a possibility of an open ending...
  6. Episode 25 - 26 Translations SH: What is your relationship with GIW? JB/JC (to GIW i think): You should live alone as a monster, why did you drag me into this? HM: Will i be GIW's next victim? JB/JC to HM: The real secret behind the murderer in your book, what will it be? HM to JC/JB: I am the only one that can prove your innocence, remember that SB friend: I have restored the appearance of the death sentence corpse, it looks alike right? JB/JC: Now i realise, that god has given me another chance SA: I will reveal one by one, only to KSH SB (to JC/JB i think): I had a nightmare that you got shot again JB/JC: My head really hurts, can you come to me?
  7. okay i personally feel that this episode is much more stable than yesterday, so i am summarizing after the livestream. So SH/HB visits the store and recounts the moments with HE and also SB, hence i think he regains his SH self. LOL its kinda funny how he was like crying / feeling pain and stuff but the bookshop owner doesn't care lmao. SH approaches the bookstore owner and enquire about HE. JC/JB recognizes and watches from afar. He asks STH to fetch him at the bookstore. Meanwhile, HE finds JID (LOL MOMENT) and enquires about SH's whereabouts. When she find SH, she and SH both experiences simultaneous heartpains. SB said this hasn't occurred ever since she had a transplant. JC/JB watches from afar with STH brainwashing and asking him to rmb KSH who put the bullet in his head. JB recognizes HE, hmm... JB returns to school and SB comes hugging him (seriously in school?). They visit the NFS together after class. I think because they found GJC's body. Then JC/JB bumps into SH, who interrogates on how he survived and stuff. JB/JC asks SH why he shot him, and SH said he thought he was going to hurt SB. *sighs* JC asked why couldn't he recognize him. when he recognizes him as CHB. He confesses the serial killings in the past were done by GIW and not him. SB appears and take JB away, asking SH not to approach JB anymore (i have totally no words for the FL, i shall just continue watching in hope that there is bromance between SH-JB) SH starts piecing everything together and starts to draw some connections. JID also told him who tried to murder him at the gallery. Anw the trio is super funny (SH + JID and the other detective), like its just so awesome SH is now HB and JID feels unbelievable hahaha. I think SH starts to realize JB isn't the murderer after all (Like finally after a year seriously? and actually how come SA didn't return to kill JID when she aware he isnt dead?) SB and JB visits the bookstore they first met. JB/JC finds out SB's Dad happens to be the prison guard he threatened in the past. SB seems to have a negative impression of GJC which he finds disturbing. JB/JC looks up for HM and threatens to expose the truth behind the killings and the book will become the evidence. Turns out the woman with baby they talking about in the previous episode was HM and the baby's father is GIW. HM was the accomplice for the killings i think (? need subs to fully understand). GJC demands to meet GIW (aka his Dad) or else he will expose everything. SA overhears this conversation and goes a lil cray (yeah because i think GIW is her Dad?)... SH texts SB and tells her he found the owner to the ring. They agree to meet at the burial ground. Its so sad, HE kept everything next to her grave. Her burial carvings even wrote "Please bury HB next to me if you find his body." SH breaks down and apologizes for coming so late. SB witnesses this and lol idk how she can't recognize herself because HE's picture is like right there lol? SH kind of have a moment (i think only his imagination?) of him tying SB's hair. Need the full subs to fully understand this part. Maybe he is letting go of HE, but i am not sure about his r/s with SB tho This week's cliffhanger was ok, because HM texts GJC to meet his Dad at the gallery. At the same time SH receives a text to go there as well?? and yes i will translate the preview once up, it seems like we will be getting some real progress next week?? Hopefully SB regains her HE memories soon, its so hard to see HB fighting these sad memories alone.
  8. HAHHAHA then we can have a Korean version of Three Lives, Three Worlds anyone watched the Three Live, Three Worlds Series??
  9. @innrukia sighs, i am actually a fan of all 3 actors since their early works. I actually wonder how they feel about the plot themselves because i doubt they received the full script when they accepted the role.... Sighs, just when i thought Lee Soo Hyuk can finally have a female lead that is willing to die for him/ reciprocate his feelings in a drama.... i think the biggest psychopath is the scriptwriter LOL
  10. Hi @jeilopes, sorry actually what i meant was "reborn" one year after the gunshot incident! The title of this Episode was called Reborn too hmm... actually this episode provided alot of insights to the past, but i not sure how the present characters will change because of this...
  11. Just came from watching the subbed episode and i am very confused with 2 parts and need some enlightenment ?? So the first part is between HE & HB. HE & HB first met in 1983.04.03. He was there to pass the musical box left by her late parents. Then there was this scene of HE telling this buyer to not confess (her sins/past) during the first meeting? Referencing to the story of Angel and Tess? She said:”Its not like Angel will forgive you if you did it.” HE then mentioned Angel would not have left Tess if she had’nt confessed her past, and that Tess wouldnt have became a murderer. They wouldn’t have all ended up being unhappy.... and HB was holding Wuthering Heights at a corner listening to this entire conversation. He then approaches HE and asked her:” Doesn’t it take courage for you to confess your sins?” HE then said giving the pressure of forgiving to someone whom is hurt, is making things more difficult for that person. If it was me, i wouldn’t have done it. HB then asks if it means one should live on carrying the sins?? And HE told him instead, he could keep his confessions. He can protect her by staying by her side, and risking his life just once for her... Does this mean that HB was actually involved in HE’s parents death or had some kind of guilt/ carrying some sins?? And he actually intended to confess to HE about it? Because i remember reading from HB’s chracter info description that on the KBS portal that : “rather than confessing his sins to her, he chose to protect her by her side ....” Does this mean that his love started out as guilt? my heart is breaking :(((( The second part i am confused is about SH & JB. So SH being HB, is now living JC’s life after the ritual thingy done by HM? And JC get to live HB’s life? I vague gets that this references to the gunshot incident? Because they were all reborn after a year lol. And SH has to live life branded as a “murderer?” while JB becomes the “victim”. sigh ... ------------------- Ep 23 - 24 Text Preview: Soo-hyuk, regains memories of his past and present life in the ”Old Future” Bookstore. Ji-cheol, who visited the bookstore recognizes Hyung-bin and misses Ha-eun ...
  12. @MVM @jeilopes yeap, Hye Mi was narrating her storybook...there might be some truth to it or there may not be? it seems like a woman helped GJC with his escape, and this woman followed GJC around because GJC helped her murdered her step-dad whom was sexually abusing her...She became GJC's woman (WHAT EVEN?) and had his child.
  13. hello @MVM ! That was what i translated from the livestream, but please pardon me if i intepreted this wrongly!! But i am almost sure this was what was mentioned. But then again, JHM was reading from her book so, it may or may not be how GJC really felt ...
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