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  1. I have some things that bug me like I mentioned in my previous post, but they aren't enough to sour the drama for me. Sure, the writer could have made a few things a bit cleaner but, overall, the character and relationship growth between Hyun Su and Ji Won was incredibly captivating and worth watching. Totally agree. It's one of the best of the genre I have watched primarily because the writer flipped the script on Hyun Su's character so well. It's a show about a serial killer after all, we knew we were in for some makjang moments so I can forgive those and appreciate the drama for what it was - a character study. My predictions for 16: Hyun Su will live & go to trial for the foreman murder Hae Su will be in a coma until the last minute and then wake up and provide testimony that she killed the foreman in self defense Moo Jin and Hae Su might rekindle a relationship - but may remain as friends Baek Parents go to jail. Hee Sung - not sure. He might get killed off but he might stand trial.
  2. I really have enjoyed the writing on this show and feel like each episode there's a nice little twist or piece of information that comes out that makes the story interesting. The writer has done a good job at building upon previously set up plot points to that the reveals make sense and are impactful. That said, I was seriously disappointed with two things that felt like the writer got a bit lazy in putting pieces together. Out of nowhere, the Police Chief is a bad guy and supplying information to Daddy Baek? At least give one or two hints or a set up of this instead of shoehorning this information into the episode just to give a reason for the end scene to happen. Ji Won is not stupid enough to let Do Hyun Su's CHILD go off with Do Hyun Su's SISTER by themselves. This entire show has show how smart and clever she is and she doesn't think to get them a police escort to wherever they're going? I can get on board with Hae Su being mistaken for Ji Won and the writer going there but it was a lazy way to get there I don't think Hae Sue's going to die. Eun Ha is in the other room and can dial 911. I'll bet Moo Jin shows up anyway. I think at this point everyone may life and the Baek family gets shipped off to prison.
  3. I totally agree. Honestly, I think this is one of his best roles to date. I appreciate that he's playing a character that's real and grounded instead of an 'ideal boyfriend'. The character itself is very refreshing as well. His relationship with grandpa is absolutely beautiful. While Hye Jun loves him, it's another aspect of his life that drains him. He has no money, yet he's trying to support his grandpa. Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam are so good together. She's another very grounded actor and I'm rooting for her 100%. I can't wait to see more of them. I hope we do have a romance in the end and they don't just remain friends in the end.
  4. @thesuitelife547 I agree with you on your answers. 1. At this point, I'm not really convinced that Do Min Seok was actually a serial killer. I think he was very mentally unstable - possibly psychopathic or sociopathic - but as for actually committing the crimes, I don't think so. I think he was in league with the trafficking ring and he used Baek Hee Sung and manipulated him into acting on his violent impulses. 2. My money is on Moo Jin. He hasn't quite redeemed himself although I think he's trying with Hae Su. I think he's going to give his life for her to protect her from Baek Hee Sung. 3. I think it's very possible. Especially if her son does something to put Eun Ha in danger. Despite helping him in the most recent episode, I think she might actually realize that if he attempts to harm Eun Ha, that he's irredeemable. She attempted to kill him in the past to put an end to what he was doing so it's possible she may do it again. As far as the loopholes in Episode 13, I have a feeling they will be explained later. The writer tends to resolve things later and reveal the true story so I wonder if some of the things we are seeing as implausible or plot holes may be explained in the final episodes. @violina I really appreciate that you enjoy the gifs created for the show and I don't mind mine being posted here. (The three gifs in your previous post are mine as well as the 'hands with wedding rings' gif as well.) I love that you use them to illustrate points in the show. I would ask that you provide the creator's name under the gif and a link back to the original gifset. I know liveasbutterflies requests the same. Thank you so much!
  5. Okay, here's my theory (and hope). I think the end was a set up to lure the Baek family into a false sense of confidence. The writer is really good at making us think the story is going one way and then taking us somewhere else. I think her going to the shop and staging the 'kidnapping' for the CCTV cameras was for show. We see in the preview that they are together and she's not exactly in distress. Remember, the Baek family thinks Ji Won is the only one who knows the truth. They don't know that Detective Choi knows. Choi is very smart - he let Hyun Su go before because I think he has some information that we don't know yet. He mentioned there was one witness who said Hyun Su could never kill anyone. We don't know who that witness is yet. All we see is Choi telling his boss that Ji Won's husband is Hyun Su - nothing after that. So, like with the Baek family revealing their set up in this episode, I think something happened behind the scenes that will be revealed later. Also, we saw a handprint on Hae Soo's window. There was a lot of focus on gathering fingerprints with tape in this episode. I think that even if the police didn't come (she said they couldn't do anything) that she got the print off the window or called someone to help her do it. That would give the evidence of BHS' real fingerprint and prove he wasn't in a coma. Those are my thoughts. There are definitely some moments that drove me nuts in this episode. Why would they see BHS in bed and NOT test to see if he's really in a coma? But, overall, I love that the writing keeps propelling the story forward and the story elements are tightly written and paced. I don't want to wait to see what happens next!
  6. I really love the show so far. A nice slice of life drama and PBG and PSD are great together. I know that the friendship with Hae Hyo and Hye Jun will crumble once Hye Jun becomes successful and Hae Hyo realizes that his 'success' was because of his mother and not his own work. I really like that Hye Jun is so nice and keeps his boundaries and ethics no matter what. The 'sponsor' situation was horrible and shows how some actors and models will get themselves into a situation with a predator because they feel that's what they have to do to get their career going. Can't wait to see where we go from here.
  7. I really, really hope that we can see Joon Young and Song Ah face everything together instead of some kind of misunderstanding/breakup that dramas love to do. I adore that they found solace and kinship with each other so quickly. Joon Young flipping the music book over to not see Jung Kyung's name and finally telling her off was great. I think he finally realizes how unhealthy his relationship with her is and feels free to move forward with Song Ah. I know this drama is going to make Jung Kyung jealous and come in between them and I honestly hate that. I would much prefer that she realizes she's coming between the friends and treating Hyun Ho horribly.
  8. As much as I was a bit disappointed with the real Hee Sung standing and him killing the maid - we all knew she was done for from the start right? - I really like what the writer is doing with the establishment of Hyun Su as a misunderstood guy. I totally understand your sentiment @Sleepy Owl that it would have been a very interesting take to have us try and figure out if he is a killer or not through the run of the show. But I do like that through the course of episodes 1-12, it's been the breakdown of assumptions about who Hyun Su is and the breaking/rebuilding of trust with him and Ji Won. It's a really nice character study and, honestly, refreshing to watch a show where the lead couple is so ride or die for each other. I particularly like that Hyun Su has really learned most of what he knows about warmth, love and commitment from Ji Won. Yes, his sister was there for him, but in an environment filled with stress and trauma. He's spent 14 years healing with Ji Won and learning how to love someone. I really like that the show has spent time giving us the reasons we should be rooting for them as a couple. I love that Detective Choi realized that Hyun Su wasn't the bad guy everyone was making him out to be. I want to know who the one witness was that said Hyun Su couldn't kill someone. I wonder if that will come into play later? I don't know if Ji Won's past will come up at this point? I think that might just have been a character trait they gave her - not necessarily something that will be significant later on. So now we move into the last four episodes and we know that Hyun Su will be framed but I think Ji Won, Detective Choi and Moo Jin will get the truth revealed (with Moo Jin maybe being killed) in the end.
  9. I don't think he knew. I think he just told the gangster that to force the gangster's hand to get rid of him. This show is so amazing. What I really appreciate about the writer is that they gave us one storyline focus in the first half and now we will have another in the second. We had to get through Ji Won mistrusting Hyun Su and reveal everything and now we will have a true thriller in the 2nd half where they work to catch the real killer. I'm so impressed with the writing and the acting. I honestly went into this show not expecting all that much and it's quickly become one of my favorites of 2020.
  10. I'm honestly not a fan of the love triangles/unrequited love trope. I hope the writer will allow the two of them to grow quickly toward each other and have a strong friendship that can weather what will inevitably come at them. I'm sure we will have Jung Kyung being jealous and trying to interfere and I assume Joon Young will be hit with fallout from his friend when he finds out the woman he loves is in love with Joon Young. What I love is their awkward interactions. They obviously want to be friends and are intrigued with each other but they just don't know quite how to interact yet. It's so adorable. The first two episodes were solid and gave me A Piece of Your Mind vibes. I just hope the ratings stay good so we don't have a show that's cut short. It does crack me up that they have Min Jae's character as 29. That baby face doesn't look a day over 25!
  11. This show just keeps getting better and better. I can't believe the PR team screwed up promoting this drama. We all thought we were going into a "serial killer deceiving his family while he kills people" as the premise when it's really "misunderstood good guy with tragic past just wants to be loved and have people stop trying to murder him." I think the lines are meant to be cringey. The 'my poor wifey' line I interpreted as him being over the top and teasing her a bit. But, I do agree with you that these two actors really sell the relationship - especially since it has some deep layers. I honestly feel that this is Lee Joon Gi's best role in years. I love his restrained and nuanced performance so much. He's doing such a fantastic job selling this tortured, multi-faceted character so well. You can really see all the emotions on his face and he draws you in to the complexity of who he is.
  12. This was a great episode. I absolutely love that the writer has taken this in a direction more toward solving this murder mystery instead of dragging out whether or not DH is a murderer. The twist of having Reporter Kim basically on his side is a fantastic plot move. The reveal that the real Hee Sung is in a coma is a great makjang reveal. I can't wait to see how him inserting himself into that role all played out. I assume he blackmailed the parents in some way, but having him take their sons place seems radical and crazy. I mean, he was 18 - wouldn't people have known what he looked like? Maybe they used the plastic surgery excuse or something. Anyway, I'm loving the twists and turns in the show and the continued exploration of character. Hands down, my favorite moment of the episode was Reporter Kim's reaction to Ji Won telling Hee Sung/Do Hyun that he's 'too nice to everyone'. How far back in his head did his eyes roll? My gif Can't wait to see where it goes tomorrow!
  13. I really think the nurse is MY's aunt. The title of this episode is the hint. The writer does that each episode to give us a clue about the characters and I think that's our clue about who she is. Plus, the story is about abused sisters. I think the two of them were abused and caused their mental health issues. We don't know why the sister wasn't in the picture when MY was growing up but I'm sure we'll find out. I think she came back to the town to keep an eye on the father and when MY and the brothers returned, it was her chance to get revenge.
  14. I'm definitely enjoying this show more after the 2nd episode. There's a lot that the writer is doing with parallels regarding people being two-faced. The social worker in episode 2 and even Ji Won when she was confronting the social worker. It's very interesting. I don't think Hee Sung/Hyun So is a serial killer - I think his father was and he was painted as a serial killer's son. I think he did kill the foreman because he assaulted his sister. But no one is going to believe the murderer's kids so he went on the run. I think this show is going to focus on Ji Won thinking her husband is a killer but he will be shown not to be in the end. While I believe he's a psychopath, I also think he does care about his wife and daughter. I think his learning emotions is not just to blend in, but to feel a sense of belonging with them. He was ostracized and bullied when he was younger so he really wants to fit in. I had to laugh again at some of the things in this episode. He keeps the key to his murder basement in a jar on the bookshelf? The guy who lived with him for 3 years doesn't recognize his voice? Too funny!
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