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  1. Where do you keep your keys? This may sound unimportant but, in fact, it is the opposite: where you keep your keys could actually be a life and death issue. While you are out and about in the world: Never ever put your keys in your purse. Why? If someone takes your purse, they will not only have your home address information from your IDs but they will also have your keys to get inside. While you are at home, your keys should be with your purse and your purse should be where you can reach it quickly. If you need to make a quick getaway, you only need to make one s
  2. I just realized that I cannot remember most of what has happened during the past four months. Maybe that's a good thing. Still fighting CoVid. And this is what today has been like: woke up after sleeping nearly 8 hours last night could not be bothered to make breakfast; ate cold leftovers took a shower and washed my hair could not cope after being awake for two hours went back to bed and slept for more than four hours (horrific nightmares) hair still wet because I couldn't deal with the hairdryer and slept on my wet hair had to drive to m
  3. pancakes and maple syrup.....just because that's what I wanted
  4. This should have been a theme song for the 2020 Olympic Games but, of course, they were cancelled.....maybe the struggles that we are all facing these days makes the lyrics more meaningful. We all need to fly the kite of hope.
  5. Sometimes dreams will tell you something that your subconscious is working on while you sleep. I probably wouldn't go buy a lottery ticket but I'd pay particular attention to numbers right now to try to figure out what I'd been missing while I was awake.
  6. To be fair, it wasn't the dramas that were making me tired, although I have been sleeping about 14 hours a day. Hope you feel better soon, too! Subs have been up on the not-legal sites since yesterday. .....thanks, @Nodame for the recap! I'm so glad to hear that the drama ends well. Now I've just gotta go watch the rest but first I need to remember whether I stopped watching before episode 9.
  7. I had to stop watching this drama in the middle because I was feeling too ill to watch dramas (in fact, I dropped every drama I had been watching). I hope to finish watching this one later because I really liked the story and the characters. Please, someone, spoil me on what happened so I don't have to wait to find out!
  8. Sometimes I feel in need of songs that are silly. Today is one of those days.
  9. Loss is always hard, no matter who or when. I think that I was fortunate in discussing these matters with my parents before they passed on. My mother insisted that I must not go to the cemetery to visit their graves to grieve, and she was adamant that I must never bring flowers there. I will always remember what she said, "Don't bring dead flowers to the dead. Instead, remember me alive and buy yourself a flowering plant that that will live a long time and that will make you smile." My mother was right about what was best for me. And I have followed her advice. A
  10. Do you know what is even scarier than being ill for nearly five months? Starting to get better is definitely scarier. I worry that it won't keep happening and that I'll get ill again. The relapse that I had already was worse than the first time I had CoVid, so my fear has basis in reality.
  11. I read a news article this week about an Australian family that found a hidden letter in the caravan that they bought second-hand. It was written by a little girl called Poppy. Now, usually, I would read an article like that and I'd be amused for a moment.....then I'd forget all about it. This time, I didn't. I have thought and thought and thought about one thing that little Poppy wrote in her letter. I liked what she said so much that I printed out the quote and posted it on my desk where I will see it every day. I liked it so much that I have shared it with others, and now I want to sh
  12. I agree that we should use discernment. We have to aware of the risks around us. However, as I mentioned previously, I would suggest caution in carrying pepper spray or any self-defensive device that could be used against you.
  13. Oh my, I hope you haven't got it, too! Me, I was infected with CoVid in April.....mid-August, I'm still trying to recover.
  14. I'm glad that you stayed safe. That must have been really scary. Trusting God is the most important thing we can do. But we also need to exercise good judgment as well as being instant in prayer--faith is alone without works. We need to be aware of our surroundings and we need to be sensible about the course we follow so that we can be safe.
  15. Try not to pressure him. Although you know things from experience and you want to share that knowledge for his benefit, your son has to be able to make his own decisions and his own mistakes. Wisdom cannot be given; it must be gathered. When I was in college, I decided to take a break. It was one of the best things I could have done. Although I enjoyed college life, I was a terrible student during the first two years in college. I knew that I was just wasting time and money. Looking back on it now, I realize that I needed more time to mature and to focus on what I really
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