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  1. Thanks. I could, of course, be wrong. And I often have been about many dramas. But there is something I really like about NJW, and I truly believe that he's a good person who has been caught in a web of intrigue that he has been unable to escape. It is unfortunate that he caused the death of Bucket Hat but judging from what I've seen in a video clip it seems that it was not on purpose. I haven't seen today's episode yet. Waiting for subtitles. Waiting impatiently, actually. I keep checking the site I use, and there's nothing yet. You are undoubtedly correct about Prof. Kang and the timing! There is still much to be sorted out in the final episodes, so I hope they don't leave everything until the last moment.
  2. Okay, I've been thinking again (yes, again ) and my basic theory about what has happened is the same. It has expanded somewhat but it is still the same. I'm taking a lot of clues from the drama but I'm putting them together the way I would do if I were writing the action based on what we've seen so far. Yeah, prepare yourself: I'm about to write another War & Peace length post. Apologies! (My excuse: the AC is off at my house; it's 90 degrees inside; it's steamy like a bad sauna every afternoon, and I've got nothing better to do that watch dramas and over-think.) NJW and KI were in love. KI would have wanted to keep the embarrassing truth about his orientation from JY--hence why he told JY he was in love with "someone" and then left clues that would make JY think it was HYY. Both he and NJW would have needed to conceal the secret in any case because it would have caused problems for them as public figures. KI became good friends with HYY and used her as his "beard" so that his brother JY would not know about his real relationship. HYY may have agreed to this.....but I'm just guessing there. However, she seems like the sort of person who would do this and we know she is capable of keeping secrets because we have seen her do so. NJW is tremendously good at keeping secrets himself. However, since KI was his "only friend" for ten years he probably knew that NJW had been used to launder money in order to pay his way to getting an international education. When they returned to Korea, Prof. Kang probably was putting a lot of pressure on NJW to do more dirty work. I am guessing that KI decided to try to save NJW by stealing that pen. But then KI let HYY ride in the car with him so she was caught up in the web, too. And things just cascaded from there. NJW saw that KI and HYY were in trouble, so he tried to sneak into the warehouse to rescue them and then things went very, very wrong. HYY was already on the verge of hysteria so she probably stabbed KI unintentionally when she got hold of the knife. ......not really sure what happened with the whole truck thing yet. How is it that a truck was travelling at a high rate of speed on a dirt road in the rain in the dark of night? That part has Never made sense to me. And how is it that Bucket Hat Guy was both driving the truck AND chasing HYY? This also makes no sense. I think someone else was involved. Who was really driving that truck? I also still question what JY was up to. As I mentioned before, he staged a scenario for HYY in the warehouse that was a direct echo of the one that KI had with her. The ONLY way that JY could have known about how KI calmed a hysterical HYY is if JY had actually been there listening. This is one of those nagging facts that really bothers me. Where was JY the night that KI was killed?..... I think that Grandma knows more about NJW than she will ever say. Usually when older ladies see their sons/grandsons with a "nice girl" they start encouraging a relationship and telling the girl to get involved. Grandma Never does this, even though HYY is the first person NJW has brought home to meet her. I don't think that it has anything to do with HYY being "a minion"--instead, I think that Grandma knows that her grandson was in love with KI. She asks HYY to help NJW but she never suggests that they could have a relationship. I also believe that EJ knows about NJW's orientation. She is desperate to get him into bed again and she asks him how long she is gonna have to wait this time, like she knows that he's been forcing himself to sleep with her in the past so that he could get information from her. And she's been using him in return. She also says something about how he is the last person to get into a relationship with HYY. EJ is a jealous, nasty, spiteful, manipulative person. She wants NJW just because she is obsessive and also just because he can help her career. If she can't have him, then she's gonna destroy him. EJ is, essentially, a low level psychopath. NJW stays near HYY to protect her. He knows the danger from Kang. And since KI liked her (at least in a friendly way, if not more), then NJW is gonna take care of the person his friend cared about. NJW is a good guy who has just gotten in over his head and doesn't know what to do about it. His only ally thus far has been his silence, and that's not working anymore. NJW would not kill Bucket Hat Guy. And despite what EJ said about NJW being able to do anything including kill, I really don't believe that he could. NJW is whimsical and sometimes he is careless about the feelings of other people but we have never seen him acting with real cruelty (which is, unfortunately, more than we can say for JY). .....I think we've had a major clue about Bucket Hat Guy: he's desperate because he really does need the money, and I suspect that he needs it for his mother. Bucket Hat Guy is mean and he is resentful and he is undoubtedly retaliatory. However, there was somehow a glimmer of another side to him. It seems like he took action Only when he had to or when he needed to react. Maybe his mother is really ill or maybe she's got Alzheimers and is in a home. He talks about how she used to listen to Yellow Brick Road. She loved music. Does this somehow tie in to the music with the symphony or is this just a coincidence? How did Bucket Hat Guy get tied in with Kang anyhow? It's an interesting question. This character may be dead but we still have more to learn about him. Who killed Bucket Hat Guy? Kang, maybe. Go-To Guy, possibly. EJ, perhaps.
  3. You've disagreed with me on other drama threads. No surprise. We just think differently. That's a plus when discussing dramas because we get to see other views. I do appreciate that you have a point but I cannot agree with it. What I expect is for a relationship to make sense. This one does not. Yet. They still have several episodes to sort things out. It is very tempting to get caught up in JY and HYY's romance because the actors have some good chemistry. But that is not enough. She knows that he has gaslighted her. He needs to apologize. Even though he may have had a "reason" that is still No excuse for what he did.
  4. I liked Ghost Detective somewhat and I followed it. But We were told twice clearly in the first episode that this would not be a romance, so JY is Not the good guy that we would all like to believe he could be. Remember how he got just a bit violent with EJ when he thought she was threatening HYY? Remember how he purposely and cruelly gaslighted HYY over and over again? He has been very dodgy and very sneaky in many ways, so that I feel that he can't be trusted. He needs to prove that he is better than his past actions have shown him to be. Do I wanna believe in the romance? Sure. But do I really? No. I still find it rather queasy--HYY is too naive and YJ is too manipulative. ..............and just saying: I was right about Dr. Sister's blind date being Go-To-Guy. I actually checked on that the other day by doing a FF re-watch. Seems like she catches him plotting with YJ in today's episode (which I watched raw--no idea what they were saying). That's gonna be interesting. I really hope she realizes that Go-To has been using her.
  5. The Y that called NJW is Creepy Bucket Hat Guy. His name is Young Gil and, if I recall properly, his last name also starts with Y (maybe Yang?). I'm absolutely awful with names, especially Korean names, but I remember that his initials are YYG, and I found that confusing because of HYY so I kept calling him Bucket Hat instead. I'm wondering about this, too. I think he had at least a tiny bit of respect for her since she actually gave him the pen without reporting him or checking on the pen herself, and that could be why he said he left a present for her. HYY didn't really give him a chance to explain about Yellow Brick Road, and I think there's a major clue there somehow. He said he was gonna break NJW, so it's probably bad.
  6. Maybe I'm crazy but I still cannot see NJW as a completely bad guy. I think he's really holding back and that he's really suffering for whatever it is he did in the past. Everyone has been pushing at him recently (YJ, EJ, Kang, Bucket Hat) but he has mostly managed to continue calmly. He has tried so hard to hang on, and I think that's kinda admirable. Okay, so I like NJW. I hope he survives this drama with his soul intact.
  7. There isn't. I think they just covered over the ST of Steinway. That is why I thought it was so funny. forgot to add: you can see it on the side of the piano when JY sits to play in the concert
  8. Interesting episode today. I'm still busy thinking about it. But I've gotta share the one thing that made me LOL. Obviously they did NOT get a PPL from Steinway because that piano had a logo on it that said it was an "einway"
  9. JCW just posted another video on YouTube. This time he has it subbed in English, and Melting is mentioned a couple of times. This makes me wonder if he will also be making videos about the process of the drama.
  10. Where did everyone go? Well, I'm still waiting breathlessly for tomorrow's episode. And I wanna know what is going on in that promo!
  11. #1 I'd rather it be Quizno's (their food is way better) but Subway is okay and, hey, everybody is hungry sometimes so they've gotta eat somewhere!
  12. I'd be up and running again, too. If I couldn't, I'd be finding some other way to defend myself. But, no, HYY sits there talking. She has fallen for one reason or another in nearly every episode. It's not always because she is scared either--she fell on the stairs so YJ could catch her and give her a hug. Maybe it's just genetic: remember how Dr. Sister fell when she was trying to catch up to her blind date?
  13. I still can't see NJW as bad somehow. But I also can't see YJ as completely good. This is one confusing plot for sure.
  14. I wonder if JCW will be mentioning Melting on his new YouTube channel? Unfortunately I barely understand a word of Korean so I have no idea what he is saying or what is written on the screen. He's uploaded two videos already.
  15. As I mentioned earlier, I had to think carefully because this week's episodes spun things around on us. In particular, NJW's relationship with HYY. Also, JY is second-guessing himself on who killed KI. So I had to re-watch and kinda take notes because I'm really trying to figure out what is going on. First thing I wanted to say is this: Did anyone else watch the drama Secret Love Affair? It's been awhile since I saw that one (it's really good) but it came to mind while watching this week--that was also set in the context of music and it also had some chaebol criminal activity with funding at a music school. Okay, on to the show: Can we talk about that SLAP?! That was an honest-to-goodness actual slap. She was not "pulling a punch" at all. The EJ actress left a hand-shaped red welt on the NJW actor's face! And I swear that the subsequent squawk of horror that came from HYY was a genuine reaction, too. Oh my goodness. The hospital were Dr. Sister/Cousin works is Shinyoung Hospital. The music school is Shinyoung College. The orchestra is the Shinyoung Symphony. That seems suspicious, don't you think? We know that there has been money laundering going on. Is it happening at all three places? I have questions about KI's odd ring (which, by the way, is really ugly). It was on his finger when he died. Why is it now in the pocket of his formal suit? Is it the same ring? Or were there two? Couple rings maybe? Or is it something else. The design on it is unusual and it looks like it would be uncomfortable to wear. We have seen that ring in every episode, and I want to know why. And, of course, there is that pen. When will YJ wake up and check it out? When YJ was "confessing" to HYY outside in his hospital jammies with his IV pole, all I could think about what how he spewed hatred over YJ the previous year while she was lying on the ground with the rain pouring down while she was in her hospital jammies with her IV pole. And his confession includes the facts that he thinks his feelings are crazy and wrong and that he has hated her and that he cannot ever forgive (says that twice). He says he has "no choice." What girl wouldn't just love to hear a confession like that? Then he can't figure out why she is avoiding him the next day and feeling a crap-ton weight of guilt on her shoulders. Frankly, I was glad to see him feeling some pain after the gaslighting he has put HYY through. We have heard before that YJ hasn't got friends. Now we also here that this is his first time having feelings for a girl. It sounds like he hasn't got a life at all. What has he been doing all this time? Seriously. No, I really mean that. What has he been doing? Why doesn't he have a real job at his dad's company or something? Why is he a part-time waiter? You know, I am aware that YJ is our male lead and that HYY is totally in love with him but sometimes I just don't get it. There are moments when I think that he is a little creepy and crazy-eyed so that I don't know if he can be trusted. Did anyone else notice KI's music that was in YJ's hospital room? One of the pieces was Debussy (remember who else likes Debussy?) and it was a composition for 4 hands. 4 hands, as in 2 people. Who was KI planning to play with? Yes, it could be HYY but I don't think her piano skills would be up to it. So, what instrument does our conductor NJW play? Yes, I still think that there are some clues to some relationship there. Why does NJW keep telling HYY that it's important that he make an effort to move toward her? And why does he say that it doesn't matter if she doesn't like him? I am still getting the feeling that he's keeping a promise to someone else (in other words, KI) to protect HYY. NJW was under a massive amount of pressure in episode ten, and it seemed like everyone was pushing his buttons. It was really impressive that he didn't crack at all.....until Bucket Hat Guy mentioned KI. And I have to admit that I am amused by NJW's strategy when he doesn't like what someone is saying: he just asks questions in return--very clever diversion tactic. (I am trying not to mention every little thing I made notes on or this post would be the length of War & Peace but really there was an awful lot of clues and hints in these episodes--it's hard to guess what was important and what was just a "red herring") When HYY and KI were tied up in the warehouse and she was getting hysterical. He tried to calm her down by saying "I can make you laugh in ten seconds" and then singing in his horrible voice. Of course, this is exactly what YJ did when he was shut in the warehouse with HYY. What I want to know: did they both sing the same song? I don't know the song so I wasn't sure. HOWEVER, there is a very important point here: there is NO way that YJ could have known about what KI said or about the song that he sang because KI apparently died shortly after and would not have had a chance to tell YJ. YJ could ONLY know if he was there in the warehouse with them. So, was the guy with the knife in the warehouse really NJW? Or could it have been YJ? If so, why doesn't he remember? The conversation with Michael the Timpanist was enlightening--he knows that both he and YJ are "annoying punks" who need to prepare themselves to be punished. Does Michael know more than he is letting on? And what about that mirrored table in YJ's dad's office? Nice cinematic use of that. When YJ Dad said that YJ was living like a ghost, all we saw was YJ's reflection in the surface of the table. The later when Dad was plotting with EJ, we saw his reflection in the table, too. Is YJ Dad living like a ghost, too? Is it me or does HYY have seriously weak ankles? Have we seen an episode yet where she isn't twisting her ankle and falling over? Really, she does it all the time. She's running away from Bucket Hat guy and over she goes again. Oh dear. And this is rhetorical and unimportant but why does everyone in KDramas drop whatever they are holding when they are surprised by something? Even before HYY was startled by Bucket Hat Guy, I knew that she was carrying that black store bag just so she could drop it. (face palm) One last thing (I promise I'll stop after this): I still am not satisfied about how it is that Dr. Sister/Cousin knows Go-To Guy? She's obviously attracted to him.....but I'd guess that he's been "playing" her to get information about HYY. I thought he must have been the wrong guy who showed up at the blind date but I'm not sure. Since I promised I would stop before we hit the War & Peace stage, I won't even mention about how I'm wondering why EJ is so vindictive or about what a crawler the Screaming Office B is or about what it means that one of the orchestra girls (the flute wench was it?) had an affair with a prosecutor or about whose pocket that bad policeman is living in or.....whatever.
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