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  1. There is so much more to Keanu's story and AY's story. I would love to have seen so much more of them. Hopefully our writer will manage to tie all those threads together. Maybe Keanu could be the new video star for AY's business.
  2. Bless you! Thank you for caring. It means a lot. My laptop has really been my "best buddy" while I'm dealing with this illness. The funny thing is that I've become quite addicted to watching Japanese real estate videos on YouTube. I don't know why. But they are curiously soothing. I have what is called a "differential diagnosis"--in other words, they prove the illness I have by proving what I don't have. It can be confusing even for doctors, especially as my disabling condition has caused me to suffer from a "constellation" of other associated immune disorders. Honestly, I find it difficult to recall them all myself. Actually I did do the psychiatric consult. The psychiatrist (a true gem) told the nitwit doctor that I was Not ill due to mental disturbance but that she could see why I would have a reason to get depressed if no one believed that I was as sick as I really was. The doctor backed down when he heard that. It really helped me a lot to share the story yesterday because I had been in huge difficulty for days. Fortunately I managed to drag myself to the pharmacy to buy the herbal medication that I had run out of and that I really needed. Having taken it, I feel like a different person this morning--not well but lots better. .....big hugs to everyone! your encouragement has helped me more than you can imagine.
  3. Thanks. Virtual hugs are the best. Based on my experience in dealing with my own illnesses, I know I'm doing the right stuff. It's just hard to wait and endure and be patient.
  4. So true. The problem that most people face is that in a crisis they hold their breath without realizing they are doing so; then the lack of oxygen impedes their ability both to think and to act. That's when we do foolish stuff like fighting back without weighing the consequences. It is much harder to hold still and consider the options. That's a really good point. The robber is acting on an adrenal high and he's gonna be protective of "his" money if he thinks you will try to take it from him. Stuff is just stuff. Money is paper. The thing that can't be replaced easily is human life.
  5. The not-legal sites that I use do not do this. And I don't visit sites that do. No, it isn't free; that's surely true. I have allowed myself the extra expense of one year of basic Netflix because there is a very special show that will air this year only and I wouldn't miss it for the world. It is very much Not in my budget and I am giving up other things to pay for it. When 2020 is over, I'm cancelling. My budget is very slender indeed. I cannot imagine what people do with 200 channels. I don't even have local TV service. It's interesting to know the options that are out there. Thank you for sharing about ODK.
  6. My last two doctors have retired, unfortunately, and I've had difficulty in finding another. Many doctors do not want to deal with my genetic auto-immune disability because they do not understand it and some even fail to believe that it is real--one insisted that I get psychiatric consultation before he would treat me. The funny thing is that the symptoms of CoVid generally are similar to what I've lived with on a daily basis for years because it mimics my disability. It's just that the inability to breathe right now is much worse--it's exhausting and the lack of oxygen saps the ability to think properly. I'm not giving up; I promise. I'm just sort of annoying that it's taking so long to fight this illness through. And today I was just plain tired.
  7. Not fighting back is safer in many options. I prefer a passive form of defense because it's what would work best for me and for many women: avoiding, hiding, running. But even a woman who has some weaknesses can be strong. I have been hesitant to share this true story that took place about a hundred miles from where I live. I'll spoiler tag this for those who may be squeamish because it is necessary to be a bit graphic in explaining but it is a very good example of what a person can do when she plans ahead and when she knows what strength she possesses. Active Defense:
  8. Thanks! I needed that. I don't live in a town, so food delivery might be a bit difficult. The grocery store is only 3 miles away but I've been avoiding going there--I have enough food for now, so I'm okay. Will check back in. It's actually a relief to be able to say that I've been having a problem.
  9. I was a little worried at the beginning of episode 1 because of the kitten. It's odd how I can deal with something bad happening to a human but can never cope when a kitty is in danger. Glad I kept watching, though. Intriguing story. I wonder why there will be only 4 episodes.
  10. Although I like the funny parts, it is this slightly darker mystery that intrigues me and makes me want to keep watching.
  11. Glad to know what the problem is. Frustrating but understandable. Sadly, it is not in my budget --it's the dodgy not-legal sites for me. I am similarly afflicted by words. I will look forward to reading your posts! .....and thanks to @triplem for the recaps. I'm still in the middle of watching episode 1, and the recaps help me to make sense of it all.
  12. Thank you . I figure that I'm still here there must be some good reason for it so I'm trying my best.
  13. I hope that you are richly blessed for your hard work with the patients. Hugs to you. Although I haven't watched the episodes for last week or this week, I am hanging in there to see how this drama ends up. Hoping for the best.....and hoping that the network runs a PSA about mental health because someone really needs to say something about dealing with a seriously disturbed person like JH.
  14. I always keep two things in my kitchen pantry for when I feel very unhappy. Is it food? No. I have bubble wands for bad days. I have sparklers for bad nights. Is there anything better than bubbles and sparkles? I don't think so! Even if I feel like I won't laugh, I kinda can't help it because I know how silly it is for one person to blow bubbles or light sparklers by herself.