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  1. It's definitely a tempting idea. But..... Some KDramas end very badly indeed (those make me angry) but I hope that this will be one that shows some light ahead. But until I know which ending it will be, I won't watch.
  2. Or you could do what I'm doing: read the spoilers and wait until the show ends. I truly can't deal with heavy stress drama because I get freaked out, so no matter how much I want to watch this show I know that I have to wait to see how it plays out. Once I know how it ends and who-dunnit, then I'll be able to watch and enjoy fully. I also read the final chapter of any book immediately after reading the first chapter so that I can enjoy the middle of the book in peace. No shame in that. Gotta be real about what you can cope with. If you feel too stressed by a drama, the best thing to do is wait and see. Just my thinking. True. This is really not a "binge watch" show.
  3. If you had read my previous posts you might understand that my dissatisfaction with this show is that it went one way for the first 12 episodes and then it took a sharp left for the last 4. I can live without a happy ending. This particular ending ticked me off because the show was inconsistent--it lead right up to us believing that people could be salvaged and then smashed the lid down hard in showing that some couldn't. Actually, I was offended with the fact that there were three happy couples at the end of the show because that seemed like a mockery of the death of JS and the ruin of SM.
  4. Me, too! Raw version is up on sites I use but I have to wait for subs because I don't understand Korean at all. I can watch some Japanese shows raw but never Korean. So frustrating. I wanna know what is happening.
  5. From what I recall (maybe someone has better details that I do), the doctor had to insert a clamp into DMI's brain when he repaired the anueryism (I can't spell that) years ago. Then he told DMI to be sure not to do anything strenuous and to avoid situations where there were crowds. I think there might have been something else he shouldn't do, too. The first indication that something might be wrong was when DMI bumped his head, and he felt like something was changing but the doctor basically ignored him. Then later when DMI was assaulted and knocked out, the trouble began and it seems that the clamp in his head might have shifted somehow. It's in the area of the brain that controls facial recognition.
  6. If you haven't spoiled yourself on how this drama ends up, you probably should. It will make it easier to decide whether you want to continue. I will try not to repeat myself on how I felt by the conclusion except to say that I am still
  7. As am I, obviously, since JKJ so completely convinced me that she was Gil Nak Won that I got the actress confused with the role! Really like JKJ in this show, too.
  8. Really enjoyed the first episodes.....but a funny thing happened: when I saw JKJ, I immediately thought, "Oh look, Gil Nak Won got a role in a new drama!" .....yeah, I think Come and Hug Me made too much of an impression on me.
  9. Same! It was actually..... Seems like JCW would put his "all" into this role since it is his re-start after military service. Whatever happens and whoever has the good fortune of being his co-star, he is surely gonna shine. It would be great if WJA could shine with him; she is really very talented.
  10. Yoon Se Ah? Interesting! She was in JBL, too, and I thought she was just brilliant because in that role (she played the bar owner Ma Ri) she had a very "insinuating" manner (I mean that in a really good way) where she could make herself completely understood with just a slight change of facial expression or in tone of voice.
  11. The secondary pairing? Well, that's the painful part that made me despise (and I do Not use that word lightly) the last quarter of this drama. The second female lead JS was murdered and died for absolutely nothing, even though she tried to convince the second male lead SM not to be evil Unfortunately, SM (LA's "hyung" and JI"s daddy longlegs) was already evil since turned out to be the person who murdered three women and set the apartment fire that killed LA's parents and that JI's dad was framed for committing. For years, SM appeared to support LA and to encourage JI but all he was really doing was using them. However, two other couples did get together: JI's aunt and the policeman; LA's best buddy and JI's friend. But this only felt like salt being poured into a raw wound knowing that JS is dead and SM is in jail. I am still angry about how this all played out. It was disappointing. It didn't follow the tenor that the show had maintained through the first three quarters. It didn't even make me glad that LA and JI got together because the way the storyline imploded was just too bitter. .............editing to add a thought that has been on my mind: I can't credit who made the statement (I surely would if I could and I suspect that I probably saw it on Tumblr) but someone online somewhere said something like this: Come and Hug Me made 32 episodes proving that being the child of a monster does not make a person a monster, and it took He is Psychometric only 4 episodes to trash that idea.
  12. I really, really, really loved Won Jin Ah in JBL (one of my favorite shows ever), so I did not mean her any disrespect. But, to be fair and to be really honest, the one area where she had a little difficulty in JBL was during kissing scenes where she became wooden and visibly uncomfortable--this had little to do with the role itself and much to do with the actress's inability to place herself in the scenario. I hope that she is more relaxed about that by now. JCW is great at creating chemistry, so let's hope he can work that magic again.
  13. Looks like there could be more casting news: Won Jin Ah In Talks To Join Ji Chang Wook In Upcoming Romantic Comedy. I really admire Won Jin Ah, so my first thought was this would be great.....but my second thought was that I can't quite imagine her in a love scene with JCW. This could be interesting.
  14. The recapper at DramaMilk said it well when she commented (I'm paraphrasing here) that dramas that end like this one left her bloated with emotional constipation. ......Sorry but I've gotta keep saying that I hate this. I just can't stick this ending. Just can't. JS died for nothing. LA and JI spent years suffering and SM knew he was the cause. I don't understand. It doesn't make sense. SM had feelings at that point. He and his mom had escaped to Canada, so what was the point in him returning to Korea if it was only to make his father suffer and that also made LA and JI suffer, too. It does NOT make sense. SM did seem shady at times but I still can't believe that he would use people he cared about in that manner. This should have been a great drama, and it totally fell apart. I cannot, I will not, understand. SM wanted his dad to suffer but since evil dad couldn't suffer since he can't feel anything, SM was trying to find ways to make him suffer. IMHO, that is exceptionally ugly. If I recall properly (someone correct me if I'm wrong), SM's mother didn't want him to kill his dad and made him promise that he wouldn't (or am I confusing this with another drama?). Unfortunately, SM still became a murderer.
  15. Hard for me to accept, too, because this also betrays the viewers. While I understand that not all endings are sunshine and roses, it is not good to fail to follow through with the first 75% of the show. A show needs to end the way it began. It's gotta follow through. This show doesn't. I'm actually a bit offended by the fact that all the "couples" appear at the end, like everybody gets to be love-love-happy-happy while SM rots in prison and JS lies in her grave. The couple thing is like the writer tried to slap a bandage onto the story to finish it up, like "it's okay, the boo-boo is covered over now and, look, it's a happy ending." No, no it's not. This does Not make it okay. You know what? I just realized that I'm kinda ticked off.
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