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  1. I'm curious about how the role of the second male lead will play out. When Kim Joon Han played second male lead last year in the drama Time, he was I am hoping that there will be a lot of dimensions to the role but I have to admit that my immediate reaction to him was worry.
  2. I watched the first ep because I already like the lead actors. But I'm gonna be honest and say that there was nothing that really took my breath away; it was just okay. I'll keep watching though.
  3. This is very much my wish! I really like them. My favorite character aside from our leads is the blind brother. I would like to see a good storyline for him, too.
  4. The old deception drama trope always gets me queasy and nervous. Although I'm sure it will all work out, I still hate waiting out the reveal of the lie. This is such a great show, such a great relationship--I really want it to go well. But I can't stand the deception.
  5. It's definitely a tempting idea. But..... Some KDramas end very badly indeed (those make me angry) but I hope that this will be one that shows some light ahead. But until I know which ending it will be, I won't watch.
  6. Or you could do what I'm doing: read the spoilers and wait until the show ends. I truly can't deal with heavy stress drama because I get freaked out, so no matter how much I want to watch this show I know that I have to wait to see how it plays out. Once I know how it ends and who-dunnit, then I'll be able to watch and enjoy fully. I also read the final chapter of any book immediately after reading the first chapter so that I can enjoy the middle of the book in peace. No shame in that. Gotta be real about what you can cope with. If you feel too stressed by a drama, the best thing to do is wait and see. Just my thinking. True. This is really not a "binge watch" show.
  7. If you had read my previous posts you might understand that my dissatisfaction with this show is that it went one way for the first 12 episodes and then it took a sharp left for the last 4. I can live without a happy ending. This particular ending ticked me off because the show was inconsistent--it lead right up to us believing that people could be salvaged and then smashed the lid down hard in showing that some couldn't. Actually, I was offended with the fact that there were three happy couples at the end of the show because that seemed like a mockery of the death of JS and the ruin of SM.
  8. Me, too! Raw version is up on sites I use but I have to wait for subs because I don't understand Korean at all. I can watch some Japanese shows raw but never Korean. So frustrating. I wanna know what is happening.
  9. From what I recall (maybe someone has better details that I do), the doctor had to insert a clamp into DMI's brain when he repaired the anueryism (I can't spell that) years ago. Then he told DMI to be sure not to do anything strenuous and to avoid situations where there were crowds. I think there might have been something else he shouldn't do, too. The first indication that something might be wrong was when DMI bumped his head, and he felt like something was changing but the doctor basically ignored him. Then later when DMI was assaulted and knocked out, the trouble began and it seems that the clamp in his head might have shifted somehow. It's in the area of the brain that controls facial recognition.
  10. If you haven't spoiled yourself on how this drama ends up, you probably should. It will make it easier to decide whether you want to continue. I will try not to repeat myself on how I felt by the conclusion except to say that I am still
  11. As am I, obviously, since JKJ so completely convinced me that she was Gil Nak Won that I got the actress confused with the role! Really like JKJ in this show, too.
  12. Really enjoyed the first episodes.....but a funny thing happened: when I saw JKJ, I immediately thought, "Oh look, Gil Nak Won got a role in a new drama!" .....yeah, I think Come and Hug Me made too much of an impression on me.
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