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  1. I still have a high hope there will be post-HPL interview. This drama deserves more love.
  2. I’ve been watching a lot of drama starting from Hong Kong drama, Japanese drama, Hollywood drama, Hindi movie, telenovelas and now moving to K-drama. (You can guess how old I am.. lol). I found that shipping in k-drama kinda toxic and dislike about obsessive shipping. I also ship PMY-KJW but careful about the limit of obsession. Maybe because the k-drama is so good and makes everyone go crazy or go mental (in British slang) to ship their lead actor and actress.
  3. Aww cute friendship goals! That what I mentioned before they are so warm with each other. Even KJW come to join them. Of course we want PMY too but it seem impossible because she is in LA. I really like this kind of friendships.
  4. I don’t think PMY put 3 meaning 3 minutes after KJW They just trolling us. I wonder PMY photoshoot theme is Deok Mi from HPL because from the photo it give us the hint of the photoshoot theme. They might be with interview about post HPL too.
  5. The lastest PMY ig post reminds me of the episode RG wearing cream colour shirt and similar glasses during Sian fan meeting. KJW really handsome in that outfit!
  6. I seldom follow actor/actress ig, but from what I observed here from the fellow Soompier posts about all the actor/actress of HPL, I can see the keep good relationships with each other. PMY even call his on-screen mom as ‘mom’ in her IG. Even KJW, Bo-Hyun too call her as mom in their ig. I know they want to keep the onscreen chemistry during filming but this is so nice. Even their co-stars supporting each other.
  7. @haelan I saw that interview too. In the interview, the mc ask KJW to describe five word about HPL and he immediately say your heart will flutter and PMY really impress with his answer. Yes KJW also mention we fall in love in this drama and I can’t help myself smiling because he speak full of confidence. And both of them did what they said.
  8. @NaYouSabi? I think they purposely don’t put it in their ig. I’m sure there a lot of photo but they keep it private to reflect the drama title Her Private Life
  9. Thanks for this post. I really hate to see so-called PMY fans with another co-stars cannot move on and technically their obsession destroying their favourite actor/actresses career by boycotting their next project with for me are very immature. These people need to continue their work/project and if you want them to succeed you need to support whoever their co-stars is. It is a very unhealthy phenomena in the k-world entertainment industry. I love Labit couple but if they have another greater chemistry with another co-stars in the next drama/movie so be it. This is how entertainment industry work. Annoying as hell reading fans tagging whoever co-star in their personal ig posts but who are we to stop them.
  10. Tomorrow and Thursday they will be a marathon of HPL at tvn (I think this is for Malaysian viewers). I love to watch but will be busy due to Eid celebrations
  11. What I like about PMY in this drama is she really look like the girl in Japanese anime/manga at the first half of the drama. Maybe because of her hair style that makes her looks young and sweet. She is really supercute during the writer cabin house (with less makeup) and waking up next to RG. That’s one of my favourite part of this drama.
  12. Anyone got the gif of RG at the workshop with the electric drill? That’s really hilarious and reminds me of KJW in Voice.
  13. @Oksana Sutra thanks for the quote. Just like in this drama, the Si Na Gil Fan Club consists of so many age range. So for me in the shipper thread (any couples) not necessarily this Labit Couple could be from very young teenagers up to ahjummas. I still remember of the scene DM talking to one of the fangirls about love and found out she is 12 years old. Very hilarious and reminds me to shippers thread or actor/actress thread in Soompi.. lol
  14. Please enjoy this drama as is it and please do not carried away to much by their own private life. In the end, PMY and KJW are human too. From episode 16 at the last scene (the kiss scene), one can noticed KJW has very tired eyes and still give their best to pull out the scene that makes all of us happy. They might also have withdrawals syndrome but of course there are professional so they can move on to another project. I’m so pleased see PMY taking this project after WWWSK after very rumours with her co-stars (I’m fan of that drama too) and I really like to see them succeed rather than crying because of bad scandal. Men suffer less than women from bad rumour and we can see how many actress suffers from depression due to many reasons. Like I said before, they are human after all.
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