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  1. Watching repeat episode 3-4 at tvn right now. I just realised Dam's mom called his brother to check if she is ok or not in Episode 3. Maybe theories about Dam's mother maybe a Gumiho or special mystical person and she suddenly want to check where is Dam staying without bothering checking his son or going to their house. I read in the youtube Dam's mother is a senior gumiho so that Mr Gumiho cannot sense her because Dam's mother is older and more experienced. I wonder who is Dam's father??? I hope they will reveal this in this drama.
  2. Makjang dramas Well he got grandpa taste right like what Lee Dam said. Unlike grim reaper in Goblins that like to watch new drama every week but still unable to explain love his partner. I guess he keep everything to himself and try not to feel anything because he kind of lost contact with Hye-Sun that can't give him any advice. When Gumiho try to draw a fox and end up as cat. kredit to ultimatekdrama twitter
  3. I've read several comments about this drama and some speculate Dam's won't lose her memory when SW remove the marble. This is interesting because Dam's mom not affected by SW magic and I wonder why after hundreds of years only Dam managed to turn the marble into blue? She must be someone special (or with unknown magic or capability). In most cases, Gumiho transfer the marble through kisses but not to LD. She technically received the marble accidentally. Kind of some fate (Korean drama always like this right? Playing with the fate). I love the dynamics of all actor and actress in this drama, th
  4. @WinCee, @agenth, @classyviews, @moon_nebula welcome and hi! I'm not the owner of this thread but really fun to read your comments! Really happy seeing this thread moving. Not sure why tvn remove the interview promo and not many updated in the tvn drama youtube channel compared to Dooms at your service? Perhaps tvn let IQYI do all the promo. Too many stressful drama this very so light rom-com is very much needed now.
  5. Jung So Min cameo as Gumiho first love She is such an elegant lady! Thank for the info. I really like her expensive way and that's why she like Lee Dam with Woo Yeo These two looks almost similar, fox and tiger. I really like Woo Yeo hair style. It's looks so different from his previous drama.
  6. You can watch a lot of trailers at IQIYI youtube channel. This is one of my fav scene in Episode 6. How to embed youtube link in this forum? Please help Note: done!
  7. I don't know both Ki Yong and Hyeri act in another drama long time ago but they are very cute and adorable couple on screen. and current picture. Hyeri didn't age at all!
  8. This drama do have very good actor and actress as a cameo and I love it! This week the story a bit mellow and slow pace. The rating also dropped this week. I hope it could regain back next week. Dam's mom so cool and elegant. Anyone knows who is the actress?
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