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  1. You can tell the hubby is not all in on the adoption idea. His mother coming back and stirring up trouble is a problem as well as she continues to be rude and butting in yelling about continuing the blood line and not take in someone else blood. He is slowly falling in the web that Sang Mi is weaving and he will cheat we all can see its coming. Once this marriage is done I hope he does not end up living well. It is ok to not want to adopt and he should have told his wife that he would prefer not to adopt and give him time. He did the worst thing possible and ran away and ended up betraying his wife. You could tell that his mom will be part of why he betrays his wife and ultimately leaves her. His mother is all about money and a rich daughter in law is going to be up her alley especially if she thinks the woman can have a baby too. The sad part is I bet Sang Mi is doing partly based on some misunderstanding from the past and the fact she is a spoiled rich girl who has no respect for the sanctity of marriage. He best punishment is to not get the perfect marriage she wanted since she stole a man and to have the same thing happen to her. (What goes around does end up coming back around. ) The man she stole ends up cheating on her is perfect punishment or he is not happy with her after he ends up with her. A good twist will be for them to find out it was never his ex wife who had the problem but him who did and he gets to see his ex living well and happy with her new man , the adopted kid and a baby on the way. I am hoping they are done with all the busting and betrayal by episode 45 and they are divorcing so we can see the lead female start over.
  2. With the kidnapping of SH's dad coming up. I see him totally missing his chance at those cornea's that are coming from abroad and the setup is for NJ to donate. We can see that NJ is starting to forget things and he has pain due to his headaches. With him taking the man and they being chased in the next episode I see the potential for NJ to either cause a crash getting hurt and dying which means his cornea's end up with the father or he dies from the metal in his head shifting and he ends up with his cornea's donated to SH's father. Either way there will be a bad end for NJ.
  3. Her looks only show she has a lot of secrets and has done a lot of wrong I bet. No one would be that guarded so fast. If you are interested to know what she has done before check out her page on koreandrama.org she played a character in another SBS daily drama that I hated but loved at the same time. She took being an evil MIL to new heights for me at least in that drama. If you are able to find it you would see what I mean. LOL. The actress plays nice characters well but when she plays bad wow. I am looking forward to see what type of evil she has been up to in her past in this drama that makes her act the way she does. I feel part of it is Jenny is her meal ticket and she does not want to loose that but also she wants to "Climb" using Jenny. Its amazing how she wants to push her to a man that Jenny does not even like not even listening to how Jenny is feeling. I can already see sinister vibes from the woman and wonder if she will try to kill the male lead to get him away from Jenny.
  4. Esther is only a minor character and I can not forgive her. She may have wanted to have her own family but at the cost of another's? That is wrong. It is never right to basically kidnap a man on his honeymoon after he was kind enough (and foolish) to leave his new bride to come out to help her as a brother, change his face, mess with his memory, live with him for 5 years as her husband making him a father to HER son while watching his wife loose it over his disappearance and then hurt the woman further by saying her husband is dead. And although SH's mom was so in the wrong over putting SH's son up for adoption Esther compounds this by taking the boy and giving him to someone else to raise all to cut the ties to his mother. Leaving SH with nothing to connect her to her missing husband. It was selfishness to the extreme. It was okay to mess up his life as long as she got what she wanted and that was a place in that wealthy family even at the cost of putting in a replacement. Even though she went to jail for a hot min and had to kneel and plead and beg she still started this whole mess. Anyone who was trying to climb as she was back then deserves a bit more punishment. What she did impacted a lot of lives and she may be dumb as rocks but she is savvy enough to change sides to who ever may benefit her. As for AR what was her thought? Did she like her husband when she got married and realized he had a thing for his sister in law or was this just about her ego that he did not like her as she felt he should and was jealous. To intentionally not help a person who was bleeding and to take her son and abandon it because of greed or because she felt the child may have been her husbands? I think it was jealousy, greed and envy from AR. I really hope that AR's punishment is not just the loss of both son's as she really deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison thinking of how she harmed both of her children. I would have really liked for LSH to get his own face back but I doubt they may do that now. Even though everyone knows who he is its better to live in your own skin instead of the face of a dead cousin. Totally weird to me.
  5. Thanks for the shout out and the clearance about the synopsis. I was going with second thoughts based on the summary out there so knowing this is about more than a woman who disapproves of her daughters choice in a mate helps. I had this one on my radar to start although hesitantly. Looking at the above information of the characters it seems Jenny is not the woman's bio daughter but actually was lost and this woman "picked her up" and raised her. It will be interesting to see if I am correct about who her mother is based on the relationship chart above. Kim Hye Sun is a favorite of mine. I love her as a nice character and I am horrified and excited when she plays bad. LOL. In one of her last daily drama's a few years ago I rooted for her character (while rooting for the lead female) even though she was the most evil and horrifying mother in law out there lmao. 1st and last time I ever rooted for the evil MIL. This should be interesting to see how things open up in this drama.
  6. Both women will end up getting a slap down I believe. The shaman mom will have to deal with reality very soon. The money that her daughter ave her to hold she has been scammed out of it I bet or she will use it to cover what she has been scammed out of it. The woman only has greed in her heart and has no idea how her daughter truly got that money. When her daughter comes back to her for the money she will not be able to give it back to her which is going to be a huge issue as the money was not her daughters in the first place. Another eye opener is the knowledge that the little girl living in her house unable to speak is really her grandchild that her daughter had. The woman was so quick to talk about another persons child knowing that her daughter is the real murder but did not want the truth to come out to ruin her daughter and in the end the only way justice will be served is for her daughter to have to pay for that crime that another person went to jail for , to learn that her daughter caused the death of that man's mother and has done shady dealings that are going to lead to her going to jail or dying. Given her daughters personality she will try to run and then use that child to have people keep her out of jail. As for the aunt she is flapping her mouth because she is angry she never got to be with the painter she wanted when she was young. I have to wonder is CY's adopted dad really that man? What happen to him? Did he suffer memory loss or is this a relative?DId he hide himself because he was harassed? Its going to be very interesting to see what truly happened back then. She thinks he betrayed her and ran off but I do not think that is what happened. Now we are coming closer to the truth. I am happy to see that adopted dad is smart enough to think that evil guy is the one he saw tampering with the car and he tussled with in the woods back then. I loved how he looked back and saw the man leaving knowing the man was hanging around watching him. I am truly afraid this man will be hurt or killed before the full truth of what he saw back then comes out. Will he tell our male lead everything he saw? That the two fathers were happy to see one another and hugged? Or will he just let his guilt get to him and confess to stealing the painting? He is an indirect cause of the accident because he took the painting and they went searching and he never thought to say he saw someone messing with the car. The guilt has eaten at him for years. I do not see him as a bad person only someone that made a mistake that set in motion a series of events that changed lives. The real culprit is that crazy man who harmed 5 people back then. In order for them to go forward they need to learn of what he witnessed back then to be prepared to fight that man. The man is dangerous and he has killed already so he has no qualms of doing it again.
  7. If NJ is having headaches due to a medical condition then this will most likely be the retribution he receives for all the bad he has done. Causing the loss of SH's fathers eyesight and the failure of his business he has to pay in some way for what he has done. He has already gotten a big slap down in he could never win SH's love after he and Esther kidnapped her husband and changed his face. He failed to get it again after her tried to kill her and brain wash her. (he struck out 2 for 2) He was unable to get true acceptance in that family and his bio mother only used him for her own gain and that has failed. Dying and his cornea's being donated to SH's father is a fitting end for NJ. I do wonder if NJ dies will AR finally wake up to what she did to her two children. Her abandonment of her eldest (NJ) and then using him to gain something that was not hers and the death of her youngest son which was caused by her own hand. The only blood tie will be the grandson and the family will make sure the child does not grow up to be as awful as his grandmother and uncle. What is truly sad is NJ could have been a good character if he was not so mentally unstable. His original goal of revenge on his mother ended up fading under his desire and need to have his mother back in his life and have acceptance and her love. Even when he knew that AR was not a good person and was using him he still ended up falling for her mess for a short period of time. His own goals ended up warped over his delusion that SH was his first and should be with him. I am only counting the days to when this drama ends LOL and looking forward to what shows up in its place next.
  8. NJ is the nuttiest person I have ever seen. He is totally delusional and has the mistaken thought that SH was his first when it is totally WRONG! SH was LSH's first and always will be. I have no words for a man that would take a woman just because he liked her and she never gave him the time of day and hated his guts. He would rather kill her then let her live her life. Since that didn't work then he would rather let her stay away from her family, her child and her husband by encouraging her amnesia so she can be with him instead of doing the right thing. If that is his love SH is right to run as far away as she can from him even without her memory. NJ's sense of right and wrong is totally warped. Now he tries a bogus marriage to keep the woman by his side when he can tell the woman looks at him as if he has the plague. He is sad in a way but totally crazy and selfish. Is this drama ending this week hopefully?
  9. I am watching this drama. I totally missed this when it started and binged watched it up to the current episodes this past week. The lead characters really grew and I am happy to see that they are back together and working together. I honestly can't stand the greedy grasping fake medium mom or her crazy, greedy and lying daughter. Mom and daughter are the same its why she has not stopped her from continuing to do bad. I am just waiting on the moment when the truth comes out about her having a kid. It burns me up that she has the nerve to go to the guys office to ridicule him and talk about his time in jail when her DAUGHTER is the real killer and sent him to prison. She did not want him nor his mom to out the truth and ruin her future but she ruined his. Its always the same thing the baddies think their blood kids are better than someone else child. Her daughter is nuts and that is why she gets along with the main baddie in this drama both of them seem to think too highly of themselves and are jealous and greedy people. Both of them I hope end up either dead or in jail for a long time. I can not accept bad sister being injured and loosing her mind she has to pay for all she did to her father, her adopted sister, her lover and her child not to mention her lovers mom. I am also fed up with lovable but useless dad. He may not want to loose the girl as his daughter but he has to realize he is not helping her but not telling the truth of the past, especially given that crazy man that is hoovering around them. The girl is loyal and would not leave or at least not stop thinking of him as her father even when her real dad is found and comes back. Yes, he did wrong in stealing that painting and was going to take it back and his actions actually saved the painting and the girl too. I am most afraid of the evil guy hurting the dad before he is able to tell her and the male lead the truth of what he witnessed back then. Dude has remembered him and is having him watched.
  10. Whew finally was able to log in again.. I have to say NJ seems to be the one I am disappointed with the most.. His initial goal was to make his mom pay for his abandonment and the death of his father. (Of course I always knew that his mommy issues were just him crying out for his mom.) Not since AR has found out he is her son has he done anything to really make AR suffer like he promised. Instead he has joined forces with her just like I said so long ago to help take what does not belong to either of them. Those people had nothing to do with the choices AR made that lead to his abandonment and his fathers death. If he is resentful that he had to accept charity for his education and life up to that point then he can make them humble a different way. How quick he was to join AR's bandwagon when she showed him a little fake love and care. AR is a snake and is only using him and does not really care about him as a mother should. NJ became the next tool after the loss of her son. Why is he resentful about DK? Because AR showed love to him when he was alive and lived as his mom? Why does he hate LSH? Because he has DK's face or is the true grandson of that family or because LSH is very smart and able to beat him at his own game? Why take something that has nothing to do with what his original game plan was? Aura is not the cause of his mother leaving its his own mothers character and personality! He has experienced bad things by a family member yet he turns around and does the same things to someone else messing in their life! I am just waiting for the moment that he fully realizes that AR may not have ever cared about him but was using him or AR finally realizes that all of her actions hurt her children but its too late to save her 1st born because of her actions. I have a question. Does NJ know yet that it was his own grandfather that killed his father? If not I hope he learns this information and does not listen to AR's excuses and goes back to his original game plan to get revenge on her. I still feel that NJ will end up sacrificing himself for either AR or someone else trying to save their life. Perhaps seeing another son hurt or dying will wake up AR to her evil character.
  11. The VC is not talking about who LSH is because he is ashamed and embarrassed that all of this started with AR. But the only way for him to clear that shame is to tell the truth of who LSH is and who initially threw him away. There is no doubt that LSH will end up finding out the truth of his relationship to that family in the worst possible way. Either he will figure it out based on DNA (he was/is a doctor) or he will over hear a conversation between the VC and AR that will lead to the truth. NO birth secret ever last long. Its the same with NJ and AR someone will expose who he really is to her. Just like Do Ri and Chan's birth origins. People are way too fast and loose with children in this drama. Have no qualms of changing children's fate or parents to suit their needs. A lot of the issues could be resolved if the VC would tell his father who LSH is. He does not need to tell his mom just tell his father that since he thought LSH died he told him the child died. But now that LSH is alive all should be good. And I am sorry but t he first thing I would have done was have my face changed back or different. There is still the legal actions of him being dead when he is not and his ID to clear up.I hope he does not plan to continue living under DK's face or name. The VC will not stop until he learns that AR is the one behind DK's death. He is blinded by her plea to protect DK since he is dead and her quilting him over not caring more about DK. (we know this is a crock the man just did not like his sons attitude and behavior it did not mean he did not love him. ) AR has used emotional blackmail to keep this man from telling who LSH really is and her part in things. This is a mistake that will cost him when its found out. LSH will be very upset to know that the VC knew all along who he was but failed to tell the truth about the matter. Its prolly a good guess that AR may be behind what happen to LSH as a child. The woman is quite capable of it as we can see even back then she wanted her son to be the only heir. Look at her yesterday she had no shame in talking to her father in law in a less than respectful way about those stocks and even dared to say she was offended and bring up that he never gave DK a bit of stock when he was alive. In AR's mind her son was perfect and she was perfect in the way she raised him but we saw how DK really was and he was not a nice person nor a very smart one. I am sure his behavior and personality was noticed by his grandfather and he more than likely was concerned about DK inheriting. Its prolly why he started looking for the missing first grandson in the first place because he did not feel secure in DK taking over. Perhaps he even knew what AR's ultimate goal was as well and its a reason for his searching for the missing child. One thing is for certain I am sure by the end all of AR's trump cards will be gone (i.e. DK, Do Ri and now NJ) none of them will be her blood to inherit as one has died, one is going to turn out to not be blood related and the last one, that is NJ is never going to get his hands on that company.
  12. AR is delusional and greedy. I am sure her ideas were put in her head by her father. The one who needs to wake up call is LSH. He is misguided in having an ounce of compassion for AR. From his view AR caused the accident to hurt Esther but instead her son was killed. He is looking at it from her loss. Its commendable but he forgets one small fact. AR intentionally wanted to hurt another person. Regardless if it was Esther who she saw was trying to latch on and climb her precious son it was another human being regardless of where Esther came from. I doubt even if she was aware that LSH was in that car too she would care who she hurt. The only time she would have stopped is in learning DK was in that car at the time. Her retribution for plotting to hurt others is her son died instead of Esther. Unfortunately she has not taken ownership of what she did and will not until everyone else finds out and she is made too. LSH will not get it until he learns this woman intentionally abandoned him only then will he realize his compassion is wasted on AR who was willing to throw away a child of that family all so her son can inherit. Only then will he stop trying to be considerate of AR and want to make her pay for what she has done. I think the main issue for NJ is he found someone just as smart as he is who can be on his level to fight back. He was able to run circles around DK and everyone else in that family. So he is surprised hat LSH was able to fool him and catch him at his own game. I think NJ looked down on LSH because of his amnesia so he just assumed he was dealing with DK all over again and LSH showed him that is not true. I can see only small changes but it could be because he feels guilty to that family that DK died and he ended up with his face so he is able to use NJ's weakness against him. Mostly I think he does not like NJ for being a part of the plan to change his life, his face and keep him from his wife. I can only assume he also is aware that NJ may have liked SH too. Yes, the mom did and it will only scare her big time when it comes out that LSH is the missing grandchild of that family. She looked down on him for being an orphan and will have to face up to LSH and his family when they learn what she did. Its going to be a messy legal situation (not to mention emotional for all parties involved) to sort out whose child is who and fix it and get those children back to their rightful parents and family.
  13. Thanks for the tag. I checked out the first four episodes and loved it.. I will be checking into the thread soon.
  14. AR does not get it because she has no love or respect for that family. In her mind it would be good if the elders died to make her taking over easier. She can not see that LSH is trying to protect the family from another shock. It also shows how truly delusional she is. She knows that LSH is the blood of that family but she can not understand how he can be so considerate of people he thinks he has no ties to. In her mind she cut his roots from the family so how can he still be so caring to them. She fails to see that just because she tried to cut his roots fate and Karma did not. AR does not see what she did to him as being wrong. Not when she abandoned him and changed his life the first time and not when she caused that accident 5 years ago that changed his life yet again. In her mind she needed a clear path for DK so no matter who it hurt she does not care. Her main issue is she does not like people who fight back or call her out on her actions which is what LSH has done. There is no doubt that the VC is correct Karma is coming for AR hard and when it strikes her she will never be able to recover. NJ is just like her he has no remorse he is only thinking of how to get his revenge on AR. Everyone else is in the way even if it means taking that company. He does not care about the elders , SH or LSH and it makes him mad about DK. HE should have taken his revenge away from those people as they have nothing to do with her marrying in there for the wrong reasons but he sees them as part of the problem as to why his father died and he was abandoned. This is a big point that I have been mentioning in other post. SH's mom made the promise to get the child back but unless there is a way to prove something illegal went on they can not. This all started with her mom taking the child to a legal agency to be adopted out. So I do not see the agency having any liability since SH's mom went behind her back and prolly used her seal or her own as her mother to release custody of the child for adoption. If there were any legal issues SH's mom would be the first hit since she did this while SH was in the hospital with no knowledge. They are very lucky to get any clues thus far as the agency was not obligated to provide any information nor was the suppose adopted mom. There are rules in place to protect the adoptee and the adopter. SH is not a bad person but that does not say another person would not be. I am sure the lady from the agency can figure out that SH's mom sent the child for adoption with out SH knowing about it given how SH was acting and the questions she asked. The main problem will be finding the child since the child did not end up where he was suppose to. Getting the woman to describe what the woman looked like that picked up baby gun was just pure lucky all things considered. The suspicion will be on Chan first as baby Gun I figure. In order for them to get those children back where they are suppose to be the mother's will have to be removed and that will be hard to do unless both women go to jail, run away or just disappear. It will be a bit easier for Chan since he knows SH but I do not think Do Ri will adjust well at first since he is so attached to Esther. My bet is on Do Ri being baby Gun and Chan being DK's child. Karma has another huge dose of reality coming for AR. There is no way she will get to keep her thought of using Do Ri to inherit after the things she has done. Something happened with Dor Ri and Chan as babies. Not sure if Esther was ever pregnant or if she knew about SH's child and wanted to get rid of it so LSH could not have ties to his past since she changed his face those she got Chan's mom to adopt but there had to be a mix up with the children. I keep thinking both boys were together and someone picked up one but put him back in the wrong place. Which switched the children and Esther ended up raising LSH's child and the other woman Esther's baby.
  15. AR is smirking at NJ who we see she has not one ounce of love for. AR is pissed that NJ would not just leave so she does not a. have to look at him anymore and b. be reminded he is the son she tossed away and c. worry that someone will find out their relationship. I am sure when it comes out instead of looking at herself she will blame NJ for not leaving when she wanted him to. AR is smirking now at NJ cause her crimes are not exposed. When it comes out who LSH really is and that she is the one that took him and abandoned him the smirks will fall off her face. This is what I am waiting for. AS of now she is still someone confident as the DIL of that family. What will happen when they finally find out that the VC is divorcing her? This is why he never should have left. He should have told his parents he wants AR gone and the reasons why. His running away has only allowed AR to continue to walk around like she has done nothing wrong when she has done a whole lot of evil and wrong. @Ameera Ali said: " got strong feeling DiRi is SH son because story more focus around him the way AR change his name , start making him the heir for the company, it will turn out , again she is raising other people grandchild That karma for her , all Roads lead to Roma and her all Roads leads back to the child she through for dead 30 years ago " This is my strong feeling as well. It will be a big dose of Karma for AR who took LSH and abandoned him only to learn that the grandson she put so much hope in as DK's son to inherit is actually the child of the man she tossed away in order to push her son to the forefront. This is exactly what she would get for doing what she did to LSH. If Do Ri turns out to be LSH's son then sure he will inherit but under his father the first grandson of that family crushing AR. @lu09 said: "Chan has a blood phobia just like PDK. I'm starting to think that the children got switched. This will be a karma for AR because if Dori is LSH and San Ha child, then she has been raising the real heir all along lol." This is what I am leaning towards too. Did they show a scene of something happening when Do Ri and Chan were born? If not then perhaps we will get a back story when the truth comes out about the boys origins. It will be interesting if it turns out this is the case . It will most likely end up with perhaps LSH and SH taking care of both boys. Since Chan could very well turn out to be DK's son. Edit: (Did not want to double post.) After watching the subs it was a very good episode. I think the best part to me is the VC and the fact he made note to AR that she tossed away LSH but he came back with DK's face almost like he was getting revenge on them for what she did. I love him once again pointing out that LSH is the 1st grandson and is well qualified to handle that company. AR has no remorse at all for what she did to LSH and we can tell it when talking to the VC or earlier in the episode when LSH talked to her and told her that he knows she ordered the accident that STARTED it all. I do not think he will fully understand why AR refuses to apologize to him until he learns that he is blood of that family and that AR is the one who abandoned him. A very good scene when LSH told NJ that he has worked hard to try to stay hidden now go to jail to take a rest.. lol NJ did not fall short in his reply that LSH has grown up. From the preview it looks like the VC could have signed over his shares of the company or given something else of value to LSH. He is happy with himself after LSH pulls out the document which only shows he is sticking it to AR by doing this. The VC needs to tell that LSH is the grandson they were looking for. No matter how much he can't face his mother or LSH they need to know. So it looks like Chan's mother is the woman in the sketch. I see them mistaken Chan as their son until something outs that Do Ri is possibly that child. Either way I see them raising both boys possibly in the end.
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