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  1. No he is not TP/MH's son. He would never think to deny it because no one would think that YR would lie on a special needs person 5 years ago. They worked for his mother so they assumed what she said was true. Only five years later they find out that YR did lie. Part of the problem was his mom did not protect TP better when she was alive. There should have been many questions like why would you even be taking him to drink let alone go into a room with him alone. Then there should have been test done. Lastly a dna test should have been done when the kid was born. Of course when his mother realiz
  2. Exactly, Its one thing if this was some stranger but they worked for TP and his mom she gave them a roof over their heads when they lost everything. Yet, they brush off the fact that YR lied on TP and they forcefully married him when that should have never happened and then turn around and justify it by saying YR had no choice?? Where did she not have a choice? What they really mean is no sane man would have fell for her lies about getting her pregnant let alone touching her after drinking. Other people would have immediately gone for a DNA test and would not have married most likely until the
  3. I knew this would happen and on one hand I am sad and on another happy. We needed this to happen to free up both TP and YJ from emotional ties and blackmail. YJ's family would forever hold over her head that child to make her not blow up YR's secrets and to keep her and TP apart. TP would continue to stop his revenge because of this child even though he is not the bio dad. So with this baby now out of the way both of them are free to blow up YR's world for what she did. There were a few other things YR could have done. YR could have told the nurse to get her to another room and le
  4. This is my view too. ON more than one occasion after she found out he was married to YR she has told him that she sees him as a friend and is not interested in more. The problem with SJ is he is not listening. He wants YJ and he thinks that YR is the reason why she would not give him a chance. YR is the problem but not the way he thinks. The other issue is YJ was dense, very until he asked her to give him a chance even when she knew he had married (just not to whom at that point) he never mentioned who his wife was or what type of relationship he had with her. SJ wanted to date YJ pushing her
  5. There is no doubt that she needs to pay for the 'opportunity" she took to get rid of his mom. I hope to see her sporting one of those fashionable jumpsuits for inmates soon with 3 other roommates. The fact that the woman was so good to them even after YR harmed TP and caused his issues she still used him to lie and then harmed his mom. One of the things I hope to see is how her parents hold their heads down to TP when they learn exactly who is responsible for his mom going to jail and why. I also am angry about the fact that they were quick to believe YR's lies about TP touching her. Sorry but
  6. The problem with this theory is SJ's mother is the main culprit in what happened to TP's mother. HIs mother committed the hit and run and frame and ultimately is responsible for her death. All YR did is take the opportunity given by the framer to be a fake witness to shut the woman up about the baby not being TP's. Yes YR needs to pay for that but think about what is going to happen when SJ realizes it was his mom that hurt TP's. Will he side with his friend or protect his mother? HE will be in a dilemma over this. Yes, YJ or MH/TP could have spoken to SJ but SJ was being stubborn
  7. I don't think SK's mom is faking it. I believe she may have had symptoms before but no one knew. And given how she has spent the majority of her life resentful and out for revenge against people who really did nothing to her I am not surprised that now she finds herself alienated from her son. She took a house and a company on top of changing the life of two innocent children. She only owned up to BH when she realized that BH was sick and her son would cling. But in the end she looked around the big old house and realized how alone she was. Then you have Lover boy and SA trying to send her to
  8. If something happens to that kid then I can truly see YJ changing her personality to go after YR as well. YJ loves that kid as her own and he is part of her promise to TP and his mother (although she has no idea that the kid is not TP's) so for that kid to get hurt badly or even die because of YR's actions will be the straw that breaks the camel's back to to speak with YJ. Its not enough she was raising her son that YR abandoned and does not like but the kid is hurt because of YR's selfish actions. If the child is hurt then this could be where TP finds out along with YJ that he is
  9. I have had this thought for a long time now. I can't see her being a daughter of that family. The mother almost seems resentful of the dad for liking YJ and treating her well. (She does not strike me as the type to raise a child not of her blood. Heck she did not want to raise MW (who is her grandson) after TP was left so I know she would not like a child not of her blood to be treated better then her own blood.) I don't think he intentionally did that but I can see how with YR's personality he gravitated to the child that was prolly very sweet , nice, sunny and accepting of whatever problems
  10. I really do hope in the next episode SA falls down the stairs. I can't believe she is after BH once again because her daughter said she would go to BH to adopt her if SA tried to send her away to school. I knew as soon as the kid said she envied BH's family and wanted to live in their house this would happen. Now crazy woman can't get anyone to help her do wrong as dead beat ex has hung up on her and lover boy has his own problems with being reported for his crimes she is going to do something on her own and get busted and hurt in the process. From the preview she goes to the hote
  11. I am so disappointed in this writer. What the heck DUDE! BH has suffered this entire drama while crazy SA is out of prison with every known illness out there yet she looks strong as a horse and yet BH now has leukemia?!!!! All I can say is its prolly going to take death or someone getting hurt to wake SA up or lock her up for good in an insane asylum. I keep think that it will prolly be either SA or maybe SK who will be a match. I am not sure if her parents are in good health to donate or even be a match and the kids are too young even if they are a match. I am mad at BH. She gave
  12. I really do hope this is the start of YR having to squirm worried day and night if her lies will be unraveled. I guess her father is aware that she tossed them away and even hired fake parents for her wedding. What I would like is a slow boil so that she can worry herself to death if her fake friend will expose her or someone else (MH/TP). I do love that her father asks her why she keeps busting up in their space like she owns it making a scene whenever she is in trouble. The blatant disrespect she shows for her bio parents shows how she looks down on them. Her father needs to gi
  13. My thought is this as well. Whatever SJ's mom had to do with that woman and her husbands relationship in the past may have caused an issue where the woman's child was lost. I can't see YJ's mom picking up a stray kid as she did not want to keep her own grandson. But I do think the YJ's dad picked YJ up from somewhere. Either she was wondering around or was left somewhere at a young age (or even just born) and he took the child in against his wife's wishes. It had to be early enough that YR would not remember it. Most of the time when this happens they never do a formal adoption. Its mostly the
  14. I still do not think that YJ is the daughter of that family. There is no way she can be. I have seen a lot of drama's where they favored one child over another and the one they favored acted entitled, was selfish , was quick to throw off the family and pretend to be not related to them and exclude them from their new life breaking temporary ties (until they need them to do something for them) while the child they treat badly is filial , caring, kind, supportive and a door mat working to take care of the family , giving all their pay to the family and yet one word from the child that abandoned
  15. My guess is something will go wrong with this plan of his mom to get YR pregnant by SJ. I see her pregnant (or lie she is) and later find out its not SJ's sperm that was used. Not sure if it really will happen but if it does YR may find out before she has the baby but keeps quiet because she knows the baby is the only thing holding SJ to her even if its distant. SJ will have to fall in line with the news of a baby even if he never touched her and found out what his mom has done to get that sample. I have never seen a mother go to this extreme to make a child do what she wants. (W
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