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  1. I think Min Joo will get her lesson in being exposed for carrying on with the Chef loosing what she is trying to strong arm Mr. Bu into giving her as alimony. I also feel that she will get another big blow in messing around in Gye Ok's personal business. Here she is thinking she will have something to use and expose what GO has been doing but in doing that she opens herself up to find out that her perfect love Cha Jung Gun has an ex wife and son and had not been paying his child support because he has been hiding. Its a good twist on her for being so scheming and nasty like she is superior. I think she liked the man before when he worked there. Their past conversation when he first came back made me think that. I am not sure if they were dating before she married Baek Du and she choose to marry rich instead of being with that man but I am for sure there were feelings involved in the past. Min Joo's schemes to seem pitiful and self sacrificing for so many years in that family will blow up in her face. Her father in law is not a fool and her actions running around with this man while looking down on her husband is going to get her caught. She will not be able to get much of anything in the end and I do hope the divorce goes through. I think she really needs to leave that family, but I am not sure it will. I think once she learns about that man's past since she last saw him she will be coming to her senses and perhaps wanting to stay with Baek Du. Why be with someone who will have to pay a large amount of back child support when she can just stay married and live a comfortable life. But I do hope she does not have that option. Gye Ok's stepmom and sister are leaches. I feel like GO has worked hard for so many years there is no way she has not paid back that suppose insurance money or any money they claim her father used. These two women have done nothing to contribute to their life and can't even manage to keep a restaurant open and making a profit. I do really hope to see GO tell them its time they part ways. Yes, she was a child when she lost her father so she clung to the only family left but its past time for her to take a step back and let them fend for themselves sink or swim..Its only then that they will appreciate all the care and money she gave them over the years. It's only then that they will realize how they wronged her in using her as a money machine to provide them a life, never satisfied but always having their hand out wanting more.
  2. Has anyone been to find the first episode? I see the preview for episode 2 on the official site and I see that Viki will be airing this drama. I can't wait to start this drama. The teasers are good.
  3. HI UnniSarah, I am well thx.. I hope you are as well.. So we meet in another daily thread... lol this shows our addiction.. :) There is no doubt that it will be GO who brings this family together and lets them see what the underlying problems are. The type of person that GO is she will try to make sure that the family slowly learns their lessons. In my view she will have to do nothing but be herself and eventually all of them will be conquered by her. As you stated the underlying issues are guilt from the father over working so much to make money but neglecting his children and never giving his wife the luxuries she deserved. Its a slippery slope when you are a single parent and having to work. I am sure his only goal was to provide for his family and he worked hard at it and became successful its just the years of him doing that he lost the togetherness of family. As you pointed out his children would have rather had more time with him then the money when they were younger and prolly got the lesson that money was more important than family. The only one who saw the truth is SA but unfortunately he has been misunderstood by his father as being part of the greedy bunch. Everyone to include the father will realize that all they had to do is talk it out about how they felt and things would not have turned out this way. We see a bunch of stubborn personalities in this drama and with the help of GO they will learn some valuable lessons. I have to wonder if he will finally die at the end? I see GO learning some lessons about family as well as she grows closer to these people. In the end they will become her family as well if she ends up with SA. (LOL, of course she will end up with SA... ) Although her stepmom seems to care she is quick to let GO work hard for the family and give them a shop and flat to live in while constantly telling her own daughter to get a job. We can clearly see that is not working so far as her daughter still feels entitled and acts like they are still well off blaming 95% of the problems on GO's dad while not doing anything to help fix the situation. I think the one thing I do not want is for stepsis to end up with SA's younger brother and or pregnant by him! I still shudder at the shaman's words about someone having a son. I hope its GO and SA that end up with a son not anyone else. Nice gif's by the way.. you could tell the lawyer woman heard something completely different from the assistance words. Where he said SA warned him off because GO was not good. I can tell by her expression she took it that he warned him off because he likes GO or has something going on with her. Its always frustrating when you have a character you know from the beginning is going to be a pain. This women will continue on and on until she is hurt and it really is no ones fault but her own but it will be blamed on GO it will be blamed on SA who will be a bad guy. I keep seeing a scene of her busting into his house saying GO ruined her relationship in front of everyone creating a misunderstanding. Lawyer girl is just that brazen and shameless I think.
  4. I was very angry at this scene. The Aunt has been living there for a long time and has not gotten anywhere with the old guy. But he brings in someone and she dares to throw dirty water on her after she has seen that he was not interested in her in a romantic way and still loves his dead wife. Even their other friend told her that her feelings were not going to be returned and she should just give up and that GO was a nice person but she still comes out and throws dirty water on her. Who would believe she was going to clean a dusty ground with dirty water? Her temper tantrum over not getting his feelings was foolish. The man has been aware of how she felt I bet and kept her in the "friend Zone" but she still persist just like lawyer girl. Lawyer girl is not going to stop until he gives in for a min and dates her. Like someone on the before page said SA will feel guilty for his feelings for GO and will eventually cave and date her. Lawyer girl will move too fast and think its a done deal but will get hurt when he comes back to admit his feelings for GO and says he can't be with her. Then she will be very angry about it when he would have never dated her if she had not pushed and pushed. I like SA but I hate his actions at the moment. All of it is because he is unaware of what his father is up to and part of it is because on some level he likes GO. Until I see him stop acting silly then I will continue to be just as exasperated with him as I am with his older brothers. @celebrianna said: "The lawyer lady is still at it. Now she’s questioning Sul Ak’s assistant about Sul Ak and Gye Ok. The assistant basically told her Sul Ak isn’t romantically interested in Gye Ok. He does this by repeating what Sul Ak said about Gye Ok which on the face seems negative but taken another way seem to imply Sul Ak likes Gye Ok. So lawyer lady now firmly believe that Sul Ak likes Gye Ok. " I saw that and it further makes me dislike the lawyer girl even more. It also shows her character. You are questioning his co worker about his private life related to someone you know. What if that started a rumor. What if it effected his professional life as well as his personal. This is why she will be hurt later because she went too far when she was told no by him. The fact that she could not get him on her own speaks columns about what he thinks of her. Lawyer girl will be a pest for a bit before she is moved on out. @celebrianna said: "I’m not sure if Min Joo found the contract but I tend to believe she did. I’m also not sure how Gye Ok is supposed to make a difference in the lives of the children because all she’s getting is threatened, violated and scorned. I can’t believe Min Joo dumped all of Gye Ok’s clothes and cosmetics on the ground. This is just too much. And Gye Ok quietly takes this all from them." I am hoping she did not find it. But I am very disappointed that these people think that is is first ok to go into a private bedroom even if it is in a relatives house. Second to toss her things destroy or dirtying her clothing and personal effects and to bug her room. None of them would like it if someone did that to them. I look forward to when each of them will be made to see their behavior and can't look her in the face. They are all greedy and grasping and fake. There are a lot of comedic moments in this drama and thank goodness for it as it irritates me to see them acting all high and mighty and trying to bully GO to leave. Its time for GO to give back as much as she gets for them so they can't think they can walk all over her. The old guy says this is part of her payment but no one should be taking this abuse from them. He could never pay her too much to endure this. I feel like he too at some point will get that especially if they go too far and involved her family. None of them know her life so I hope they are ashamed at how they acted later. The fathers money is the root of all the crazy in that house. lol @celebriannasaid:"In the preview it looks like some guy shows up. I don’t know if he has something to do with Min Joo." It seems husband and wife have a past before marriage. He with this woman who has a son (who is his) and her with a past love. Both of them seem to not be in love anymore if they ever were. Also anytime a person kisses someone you know they are already emotionally involved. I am surprised he stopped it though but he never should have kissed her. Its going to be interesting to see what the wife does with this guy. Is he around by chance and they share a few moments like her husband did with that woman or did she call him for something to help her related to GO.
  5. I honestly do not know what to make of Lawyer Girl. The man told you he knew about your crush but did not say anything trying to keep the friendship. He basically put her into the "Friend Zone" but like every selfish side character she instead will continue to find away to pester him trying to get him to date her and return her love until she is made to see he cares for another person. Then she will be angry and feels she was played when the man tried to let her down easy long ago but she had to persist. If she could not get him after all those years why would she think continuing on and pestering him would get her what she wants. Its easy to think that the reason he did not respond is because he has something with our lead girl instead of thinking he just is not into her. Her closing her law office and going to work at his company is not something he should be responsible for she made those choices and the only reason she keeps mentioning them is to make him feel guilty and force him to be with her. I can't wait for her to be embarrassed and humiliated later. Why? Because she was told and she should have stopped back then but she continued pulling in others to try and help her get him. SA is getting on my nerves even more than his older brothers. How will he feel to learn it was all a setup for his father to teach them a lesson but everyone was nasty to the woman. That family does need her as his mother's spirit told the dad they are all a mess.
  6. This was as good as we were going to get in an ending and it was not bad considering some that I bet all of us have seen before. I do feel they dropped the ball with kiddo's illness but maybe I just missed that she found a way to be healthy without the need of YS. I do like that they let YS be evil to the end although I did not like that she blamed all of her bad behavior on SW's mom. Yes, the woman was responsible in part but not all of YS's behavior. YS made the choice to be evil and hateful when she could have gone a different route. See you in the next one.. !!!
  7. YS falling off the cliff opens up the last part of the story a kidney for kiddo. The only match is her mom so with YS injured seriously from her fall (frankly I always knew this would be her end.) once they find her she will prolly hold on just long enough for her to finally say sorry maybe to everyone and then give up the ghost so they can harvest her organ to save the child who she did not want. Death is really a fitting end for her someone had to pay for the death of the older sister. YS grew up with them and although she was treated badly by the mom (who apologized more than enough to YS over that.) withholding what happen to the sister and keeping her purse was wrong. Her greedy actions harmed others and yet she felt no remorse or a bit of motherly love for her kid. Her anger and jealousy at SW and her family was foolish after so long. Using their hard earn work to get her way into being noticed at the company was foul. So Karma came full circle for her since she refused to admit to her crimes and felt running was a better solution. As for Bendover he had to pay as well for taking the sisters body and abandoning her on a cliff. I never understood why he did not take her to the emergency room and say that he found her on the street or called an ambulance for her getting her help she could have been saved. He sinned hard for his son and it always chilled me to see him eating SW's mom food and playing nice with her when he killed her daughter. As for stepmom she needs to cry blood tears. She damaged her son and changed him into a monster. The man who was by her side went 30 years watching another man raise his son while she used him as a minion to do her dirty work. She ruined his life by taking his son to use him as a ticket to a better life but she hurt her son more with her whispering in his ear to fan jealousy and greed. I think she got off too easy with SW's mother. The woman should have slapped her a few times and pulled her hair. This woman ran up into SW's mom face constantly putting down her family , talking about their upbringing , accusing them of ulterior motives when it was her who did all the wrong and was a gold digging, liar. Then She dares to say that she now UNDERSTANDS how the woman felt to loose her daughter. How can she possibly understand? At least MH is alive while her daughter can never be brought back or the baby she was carrying. I think she was a bit inconsiderate in saying the above. You can never understand how this woman truly feels when your son was the culprit and hid his crime! Both she and MH would have never given in and paid for their crimes if not for other things pushing it to happen. We see in the episode he was going to get on a plane to leave without turning himself in for his crime and mom again helping him. Its only after seeing his bio dad die that he decides to do the right thing and pay for what he has done taking on his mothers blame as well for her dirty deed in the art gallery. The chairman tired to teach him for years and he would not listen but dares to asks the man to help him now get out of trouble and is still upset when the chairman denies it and says he can't help. When his bio father dies he finally sees the light. As for his mother she would have continued to be nasty, but I guess you can't when you have no leg to stand on and are afraid the truth will come out about your son being the child of another man and now the man is dead so you can't add him to the registry of his bio dad. I do love that all of her stuff was stolen by YS to sell which left stepmom with nothing to sell for herself and MH. I expect a short time jump since we prolly will see MH serve his time going a little batty in the process (MH has always been weak minded which is why the Chairman said he would not leave the company to him.) and come out with his mother waiting for him. I expect a new little kiddo for JH and SW and Aunt and HJ married finally and the kiddo being raised by her father and stepmom. Can't wait for the next one after this...
  8. It actually is not a bad drama. Not sure why it did not have more of a presences on the thread. It is a shame it was extended. I can only think it was because the plot line for certain arcs went to far. Now they are trying to clean up everything that should have ended two weeks ago.. lol. I look forward to this drama starting after this week. I am glad to see that the lead will end up as part of a rich family other than marriage , but that does not mean she will not have issues trying to accumulate herself to this knew environment with her children. I can see some issues with the second female lead above who looks like she will cause problems later for her.
  9. I was surprised and happy...YEAH!! I wondered if you knew you would get to see her again so soon.. lol The date is June 1 as the start date it comes after the drama "Bad Love" that was extended 9 eps.
  10. This is what I was thinking. Pay those ungrateful leaches and let them go their own way. They are so foul to GO who is the only one really working hard to take care of them all. The kids job at the store is for his pocket money he makes no real contribution to the household. The stepmom is weak and gets on my nerves. I agree she favors her own useless daughter but its GO who shows her the most care. At the end of the raw episode you could tell that GO was very hurt by what they said. So I hope since she agreed she gave them what is owed and then went on her way. I doubt she will break ties and even if she told them to go they would eventually come looking for her.
  11. FakeHeir only sees what he want's to see. JH told him that just because it seemed the Chairman favored JH he still cared about MH. HIs mother ruined him fanning jealousy in him and greed. What does he have to be angry about? He lived well, had the use of a good family name, enjoyed the perks of having that family name and had a good education. He has worked in the company under the name of the Chairman's son but he is whining about not being catered to by his fake dad the Chairman??? So its ok to frame the man and be mean to him because he felt the man did not show him love? What a selfish idiot! LOL, Let's talk about what he would not do. He would never suffer raising another man's child. Look how FakeHeir lost it over the innocent kiddo who has nothing to do with what her mother has done. Yet he dares to be angry at the Chairman who has no idea he was taken as a dope for 30 years raising another man's child. That his gold digging mom lied to the man and then dared to mistreat the man's own child and set her son up to take over. It made me laugh to see stepmom on her knees to JH. She dares to beg for mercy and asked him not to tell his father who she played a fool that MH is not his son or tell MH that he is Director Parks son as her lies about a. his father being dead. b. hiding that the man around him for so long doing so much for him that he was even mean to is his bio dad. This woman forgets how she treated JH from the moment she walked in the door. Her lies about not knowing at first that she was pregnant with another man's kid when she tricked the Chairman to JH's aunt was stupid. She knew she was pregnant that is why she staged that fake sleeping incident with the Chairman who has always been resentful and doubtful about what happen that night. Which is why he was distant with her. Bendover Director Park is dying and my guess is cancer of some sort. HE dares to be resentful to the chairman for not caring enough about his son when he has passed his child off as the Chairman's for thirty years while trying to harm the Chairman's son. These people are crazy. Its ok to hurt other peoples kids if it means your child succeeds but then hate it when your own child is made to pay for his crimes and yours. They created the monster that is MH and now they have to deal with it. It makes me laugh that in the preview after finding out Director Park is his father he dares to go to the "River of Woes" and gets on his knees saying he feels dirty. It serves him right as he had a father and a brother who cared about him but he was constantly being nasty, being mean , being hateful and jealous and greedy. Resentful that he feels he was not treated right. Now he has lost all of that and he blames the very people who have noting to do with that and have been tricked for all these years when the ones who are responsible are his mother, his bio father and his wife. Feeling dirty should be second nature to him as he has always been dirty in mind and spirit. If not he would never have treated JH nor his father the way he did. I look forward to the Aunt letting them have it. I hope she is notifying the board. Oh right.. I thought it ended this week but I just saw that we are not ending until 129 eps so next week. OMG.. I am so ready for this one to end. I knew they were holding out on the last secrets and that is the videos of who harmed the Chairman and killed SW and HJ's sister.
  12. I think that's it. SA does not want to stop his own career to help his brother run the family business. I don't think SA is reject the hard work that his father put into that business but his father may see it that way. I think SA wanted to show his father he could do it on his own that's why he never took money from his dad. I also think he felt sorry for how hard his parents worked to support them. His father is blinded and does not realize SA did not reject what he worked so hard for for so long but was instead trying to lesson the burned on his parents. GO will be the bridge to help these two stubborn men realize all of this. We could see that he never thought of keeping his money from his children. Its only after he stood there and heard them fighting over the money instead of morning him properly that he was angry when he came back to his body. He was a stingy man who failed to treat his wife to comfort before her passing. I do think that given the time he grew up having become a self made man it was in his nature to horde his money and not be a spend drift. Poverty , hunger were prolly very big while he was growing up so when he finally saw a profit it was second nature to put the money away and not spend even on his wife who deserved to be pampered. In today's episode after the wife's visit we saw his regret that he did that to her. He feels ashamed about how the kids turned out and how he did not even give her a ring or comforts before her death. This is his chance now to fix everything before he goes to be with her. I also think on some level he is giving GO a family too.
  13. I think this stems from if she deals with the sister then it will hurt the stepmom. We can see that the she cares alot about her stepmom who I find to be way too weak. The woman knows her daughter is not a good thing and that they are all a burden on GO but they would not last a min if GO was not taking care of them. GO strikes me as longing for a family so she bites her lip and holds it in when dealing with her selfish and ungrateful stepsister. The stepsister does not see the big picture that without GO they would not survive with her spend drift ways and selfishness. GO is just too sweet, but she considers them family so she will do all she can to support them. It will be very awkward if GO and SA truly fall for one another. I feel like SA will realize that the relationship with his father is not what they all suspect. There are some big misunderstandings in that family between SA and his father and I am waiting to see what causes so much tension.
  14. This is one of my favorites about this drama. It is a family drama. We are not going to have any backstabbing (only in fun) , murder or any other that makes this drama fail. For me the fact that it has family vibe is perfect. This is about making the children realize how they have affected their father with their waiting for his money. They barely do the minimum in filial duties but they hope to get paid. I am happy to see we are moving into the next arc of the story with the contract marriage or partnership. I love that they again showed his deceased wife giving him another sign that our lead is needed in helping him fix his children and their attitude and greed. Our lead girl is so sweet. I liked that his buddy said he remembered her father as being a kind man. We see all of her father's qualities in her and I am going to love her shaping up his family. I agree that the sister is bad news and it seems from the flashbacks she has always been that way. I am interested to see if she will have any growth in this drama and appreciate her younger step sister finally and be a mom to her son.
  15. This is my thought too. If EJ can't produce an heir and something comes up that requires him to have one then they will certainly revisit the issue of the child they tossed away. The child's life meant nothing to them when they got rid of him because it would have caused a problem for the brother. But if they can find a way to pull the child back in and profit they will. They never gave up parental custody so for them they will think its ok to disrupt his life even if he is living in the same house with them. They will not care if it harms him emotionally to know they tossed him or that PJ is not his real mom. Stepmom and her inept son are all about greed and taking over everything for selfish reasons.
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