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  1. I just cancelled ODK. How DARE they actually have an English Drama that I like!!! My eldest daughter is back on college campus now so she is not here to translate the Korean for me. I used my daughter to translate the news shows. I canceled Viki a while ago. If ODK would sub at least 60% of their shows then I would sign back up, otherwise, I will be suffering through ODK ads or Dramak***
  2. I'm concerned with the pacing of this drama. It seems as if there is not enough story to go around and YR (aka Burt & Ernie) is just cartoonish at this point.
  3. It may be the equivalent of what we call a common law marriage in America. I hope to God she don't get what she wants want during the next episode. He was goofy for missing that appointment.
  4. I think your first mind is the right one and more than likely be proven valid. It seems as though time is linear across the dimensions until someone upsets it then becomes circular with unintended consequences, thus becomes a rabbit hole. I also wonder if the word "teacher" is a rabbit hole as well and none of them know the true teacher. I wouldn't be suprised if Tae Yi's mom or dad are teachers.
  5. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but whew, it is a rabbit hole maze that is tiring me. Let us see what episode 14 brings. This may be my last reply for a while because I'm for sure getting suspended or banned and justly so for brutally roasting another poster on another thread. Catch ya'll on in A couple of months maybe or catch me on Reddit. Peace
  6. I am more confused than ever. Instead of her son being like the savior instead he has a version of himself that is like the 666 beast?
  7. I have to roll eyes back. I was taking what the poster said in sarcasm and stretching it out to its logical conclusion. In other words, do all those things for your happiness because that will be the reality. I'll use whatever words that I want to in the proper context so pump your brakes on trying to police my speech. Hwan wanted Ye Ji with him at all costs. OAN. Korean movies tend to be hardcore and have explored this subject. I watched a film from 1998 called "An Affair" starring the actress "Lee Mi-sook". Her character was married with a 8 year old son. Her younger sister by 1
  8. Hwan said, "to hell with that". I have no gripes with Ye Ji, my primary gripe is with the writer and this whack script. She tried to villianize her 2nd lead to justify her story. I think she wrote Grand Prince too. I don't like adultery; it is immoral and in a lot of cases can be work through if true repentance and understanding on what led to it, but I can and have enjoyed compelling stories around the topic while still reiterating the repugnancy of it. At times, both of them were selfish.
  9. The little actress that plays PJ's daughter is so adorable. I like her like I like the little actress that played Ari on the Last Empress!
  10. It's a sign of a person whose character is dirrty, selfish, and trifling. People like that would throw you under bus for their happiness. It would be a problem for me because I did not raise my adult daughters to be like that and if they tried it, they would get corrected immediately! Mama didn't raise no THOTS with low impulse control.
  11. Burt & Ernie has no boundaries and does not realize, that her scheming to get with that man will RIGHTLY lead her to humiliation!
  12. Just no. Somethings are taboo & should be prejudiced for a reason-getting with your sister in law is one of them. Being in love is not everything and I think that sentiment is the wrecking ball of society. Your LOVE should not make everyone else around you miserable. The Being In love to sustain a relationship theory has failed. If being in love was all it took to make a marriage work then there would be NO divorces. Actually, couples that married for being in love (I'm talking about the feeling and not the commitment) have the highest divorce rate in every society. We are all human,
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