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  1. Popular Opinion: Grown folks have the right to compliment and/or complain if they want to. Most people that complain about other people complaining have a lurking belief about people that complain and want the people that complain to think and act like them, but why? Respectfully, just like you suggest that people should just fast forward, continue, or say goodbye, perhaps you should do the same thing when you read comments that agitate your soul because you do not like it when people complain. Just scroll past or block comments that you don't want to see be
  2. I'm not. This writer does not have a great track record when it comes to dramas and I think the initial plan for the 2nd season is scrapped because they were proposing 12 episode seasons, but now only 16 episodes. Beyond the articles in September 2020, Chosun never made an official announcement of a 2nd season.
  3. I will give a quick assessment on the 50 year old couple only. I believe that the husband never felt like a man or real husband. In his mind he was put in the position to be grateful to his wife always because without her he would be nothing. Their choice to be together cost his wife a fortune. He's the type of man that need to be needed, and because his income was not sufficient, he stayed in his marriage prove that he was better than his father. His mistress gives him the ability to be the man he always wanted to be which is to be needed and to provide. He has more authority when he is with
  4. @joccu apparently Ha Jun scandal was I wasn't expecting to find that out when I searched his name and the word "scandal"
  5. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, the comments on this thread are hilarious, but I am not going to touch any of this with a ten foot pole. Only to say this: Whose fault it is or isn't...I see a whole lot of blaming the wives on this board almost exclusively and I'm like: No! I'm just going to watch the entire drama play out and enjoy it.
  6. I think it's safe to say that this writer, director, and this drama is on my never again list. There's no sugarcoating it, because it was horrible from episode 20 going forward. I don't care. Villians getting their desserts on the last episode does nothing justify the complete incompetent writing and directing of this drama. If this was billed as a comedy, maybe I would change my mind.
  7. Either the writer became so amused by Jung Ming actor and righting what she perceives as wrong with the first drama that caused this daily to crash and burn OR the producer and director kept pushing for the mess we are seeing now because of their obsession with actors of Jung Min and Ji Eun which led to the early demise of the chairman and Sae Hoon. From the start, all of the original characters were caricatures of themselves. They treated the actor of Sae Hoon like trash and dressed him like that too. They should just cancel the show. Maybe the destruction is on everyo
  8. @Lmangla I think that the writer greatly favors the actor that plays Jung Min which is why I believe we are suffering now. She made a big error killing the father off so soon, but she did that likely to bring Jung Min more to the forefront. Sae Hoon was a competent man in the original. We still don't know the story of how he made his business in the US, etc. Jung Min was jealous of him, but for what reason does he have to be jealous of him now? The writer now has Ji Eun pitying Sae Hoon. WTH? Sae Hoon taking the blame? This Sae Hoon was more of a wimp because he gave in, moved with
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