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  1. Oh contrary. The need for survival and acting out of the need for survival is drenched in and is the very definition of emotional decision making. People should be balanced and use both-that is using a wise mind.
  2. Ewww.. His ex-wife acts like a damn 12 year old petulant child. It is his child too woman!
  3. Raise your hand if you feel a profound sense of loss on Fridays and Saturday since the Fiery Priest ended!!!!
  4. I completely agree with your assessment. Doing the right thing can present with difficulties and can even tear apart relationships. I think Han is greedy and gutter, but I also believe that she desires to do the right thing albeit right now it is for personal gain. She does not believe the system can be reformed, therefore, she situates herself on how to conform in a non-reforming resistant entity. However, her greed is getting in the way of her desire to do good. To me, her greed is fueled by her need to survive and prove her worth to be in her position. There was a scene last week that struck me concerning Han. It was when the former manager told her that she has no family, no friends, and no connections at the bank for her to have a sense of security. All Han saw was her job going down the toilet which is why she has earned my cancel bear rating of 3 1/2 out of 5. It seems that The Banker will have a lot of lessons about life that will ring true. Noh reminds me of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot without OCD. I just hope keeps his virtue until the end and that they do not take the route Agatha did with Poirot during her very last book. I am still miffed about that. She had the right idea to release that book 34 years after she wrote it following her death. Had she been living today and pulled the stunt she pulled with Poirot in 2019, I could see her fans dragging her on Twitter (RIP Dame Agatha Christie). Back to the topic, I do believe that Noh will be hurt about the continuous push & pull in their (Han & Noh) relationship. Han will play ball to get what she wants whereas Noh will walk the tightrope in the name of what is right. H
  5. I am going to miss this drama and cast! It is rare for me to thoroughly enjoy any drama from beginning to end but this is in my top three k-dramas!!!
  6. I knew Han was a piece of work. She had "gutter" in her since episode one. She is greedy like everyone else and will betray No to prove her loyalty and then to oust the President. The only non-rat is Mr. Noh!
  7. I do not believe that there is enough material to stretch for this many episodes (40 epi); I do not believe that the writer, director, or network fully thought this through. It has now become over-redundant. Come to find out the original version of this drama was 10 episodes. At this point, at least for me, enduring eight more episodes has me feeling like I am Ma Ri & am being dragged down, but not in a "I can't wait until next week" kinda way, but more of a "the finale should have been yesterday" kind of way. I could skip next week because it would be more of the same and maybe a reverse face change. I just cut out until the last 10 minutes of the finale. I was interested up until now. If they would have extended the chase until one week before the finale with a cliffhanger for the reveal then it might have had a chance, but not now.
  8. Ma Ri should have just poisoned her husband, her father-in-law, and called it a day. This drama should at least end in her husband's death because that fool refuses to reform and is hell bent on being crazy to the end! This is the most extreme form of complex trauma/borderline personality disorder I have seen in a character (even more than The Last Empress). I think that 20/40 episodes is pushing the envelope for this drama if we have to endure Mr. Psycho Emotionally Unstable for the next 6 hours. And damn that detective...her dumb tail is a traitor to women everywhere!
  9. Under no circumstances, do I ship YMR with her husband Kang In-Wook. I do not care how attractive people say that he is, if she goes back to him, he will murder her or she will commit suicide. He is not even trying to seek help for his abuse. He is an insecure traumatized bully that is traumatizing others in return. Yes he has physically assaulted her in areas that are not easily detected unless she is naked or has spaghetti straps on. He is fully aware of what he is doing inspite of his own history with his father. He no longer fights the struggle, he has fully embraced it. # Cancel_President_Kang_In_Wook I also cancel Ha Seong-ho. He has no sense of loyalty to his friend by sleeping with his wife!
  10. So I take it as if they did not "get it on"... I was hoping for a "Secretary Kim intense romance scene". And the director was playing games, how come I didn't see my main lead without his shirt? We all know he has an awesome body---use it!!!
  11. This drama is so intense and during the last two episodes, I was rooting for them to kiss...This is a beautiful, but deadly disaster waiting to happen, but for the life of me, I cannot stop enjoying this ride! ***I still do not like the music
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