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  1. Looks like, lots of disappointed people all around. I get it but I was prepared for this. Despite having slightly more LGBTQ friendly law, South Korea remains a deeply conservative country that still doesn't openly accept or embrace this community. I knew there was always a chance, they would end it without addressing the reality of what is being shown. I hoped they'd be brave but given the initial controversy, I kind of knew they are not ginna risk it. Its fine if you are disappointed and I'd be lying if I say that I'm 100% happy. This feels like Coffee Prince all over again. Those who have s
  2. I rarely get so angry at a show ending but cliffhanger for a show that doesn't have ratings to stretch it past one season is just dumb....RickRoll'D you writer, RickRoll'D you....The show should have been about Soo Ho and Yeo Joo....wasted cast in the hands of a RickRoll'D poor writer
  3. @aisling He almost ruined his first plan at So Yong's house too remember, when he got too carried away in their make out sesh.....He is so bad at this where So Bong is involved. Guy's been thirsting for her for some time now.
  4. There were a thousand different ways to go by it without making him seem like some alpha male toxic RickRoll'D with zero sense of boundary and consent. And it did nothing for the ratings, it went down so no that cliffhanger wasn't their saving grace either. I just hope its the last they pull these crap into the script.
  5. Hyung Seung needs a lesson of etiquette and office ethics and personal boundaries and unwanted touching....He was massively out of line....I may drop this if they keep it up.
  6. I have let the whole thing slide into background for now, who is in control and who isn't? Whoever it was, actively participated in it. I just keep thinking, actors are something, they looked full into each other and they were surrounded by atleast 20-30 people, imagine the dedication to craft here.
  7. If Logan and Su Ryeong don't get their happily ever after I am done with this show. Su Ryeong better come back.
  8. Dan Tae was obsessed with Su Ryeong...I won't be surprised if he ends up keeping her alive out of some twisted thought process and hides her away. Is Logan in cast list for season 2, the actor?
  9. I am pretty sure drunk sex angle won't work in this show and with this King. Nothing happened, I am confidant they just kissed and she passed out. He is just teasing her.
  10. True, who really knows? But dies anybody know how many episodes we have for this drama?
  11. The thing is they haven't revealed who is who yet. With the voice over gone, what if this is So Yong who thinks herself as Bong Hwan, I've said this before. So, they can just reveal it at the end without changing anything from Chinese counter part. That way King falls for the Queen who sort of has a identity issue. Can Bong Hwan cook like he used to. If not, maybe it is truly So Yong?
  12. Bong Hwan has his own arc that needs to be resolved in 2021 timeline so I am guessing at some point he will fully return at the very least to wrap it up. This whole thing now is leaning towards, Oh My Ghost territory which wasn't something that I am personally big fan of.
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