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  1. I dudn't like Chan Sung being left behind because it hit close to home in a way. I had lost a dear friend a little more than a year back. Those who have passed away will move on as they should....those left behind have the burden to deal with it, make peace with it, hold on to the bitter sweet memories and get used to a world that suddenly does not have their loved ones. Its a heavy, heavy burden....the end was a tad bit too realistic for a fantasy setting....who knows after how many lifetime they would meet again....It had to be Chan Sung though....only he has the strength in his soul to bear this heavy pain without letting it consume him im bitterness and darkness....the pain it takes to move forward without your loved ones and living your life....by the fantasy world of HDL, he would have a great fortune in his next lifetime so here's hoping he finds his way back to Man Wol in his next life...and with this I say goodbye to this forum....enjoyed the show and the forum immensely...thanks a ton people...see you all in another thread
  2. So it seems like it was more like a imagination of promise MW and Chan Sung made to each other....to find each other in their next life....which means its an open end.....Urghh....I hate this
  3. Actually I would have preferred if they showed Chan Sung struggling, then moving on and then being reborn again, meeting Msn Wol....I hate ambiguity....they could use montages for this....I am happy....but don't like this ambiguity
  4. I think CM's story holds in terms of grand romance Sageuk but this isn't the genre....sadly as the story has progressed through 14 episodes we have seen how CS has evolved and how much of a better match he is to MW. He has quietly been by her side, he didn't make life or death decisions for her but let her make those choices while at every point reminding her that choosing to let go is a strength, happiness is a choice....he didn't ask for anything in return....so that is why MW walked away from CM....it felt organic to me.....I mean who would not make that choice....MW and CM could have been a lot of things....but that lifetime passed by both of them while they held onto all of their regret and grudge....it was time to let go....also CS deserves happiness....I am hoping he gets some of that at least
  5. I want Chan Sung to take Man Wol to some place away from the hotel and enjoy a few days with her....after 1300 years, I am sure HR would agree that Man Wol has some leave days accumulated.
  6. I just hope CS isn't left running that hotel....poor guy deserves to live proper life....Enough with the dead.
  7. He has to get to afterlife first....now he can.
  8. Was giving Yeon Woo his memories back necessary?? Its a burden from past life he didn't need at all.
  9. Look at it this way.....Chocolate and Sugar tastes nice but it can give you diabetes.....CM and MW are that way....they have a intense love hate relationship that has connected them for 1000 years but neither had been able to do anything good for each other...in fact they have done more harm to each other and the collateral damage has been insanely large.....CS has spent a few months yet MW has made more progress to restore her inner peace, smiled more genuinely and even forgiven herself to an extent over that period....why??? Because CS is not a Knight in shining armor who burns bright only for moments....he is that quite, genuinely nice, decent guy who will stand by you and just be there as an umbrella sheilding you from both intense heat and cold rain....when life throws curve balls at you....you don't need grand romance....what you need is a steady hand to just hold on to face the storm...somebody to just be there for you....for me CS is one of the best written korean drama male lead so far in a way....because I find his qualities more appealing and realistic....just saying
  10. The Princess paid for her sins, I think. She was reborn many times so she most probably has had chances to redeem herself. I would like Sanchez to be Yeon Woo. He seems like a guy living a good life due to his good karma. As for Chan Seung and Man Wol....love how they say simple things to each other....nothing fancy....I will be by your side even if this is your hell or cage....I won't leave you so protect me....This is torture....I won't let you be tortured with me....they love each other, put each other before their own self...I find the simplicity of their emotions refreshing.
  11. I didn't want their bickering to end this fast....whyyyy??
  12. MiRae is conflicted and she is more childish than Si Young. She can't and does not want to address the fact that her father is hanging barely to life and they have to make a decision to either keep him hanging or let him go. She also has sibling jealousy and can't stand it that Si Young has turned her life around despite the set back. I don't like her mother, she wants to use Yo-Han and I don't like that one bit. But I do love how Yo-Han and Si-Young's growing understanding and little moments they share. Next week is the quarantine episode. I am hoping we get to see more of a concerned Yo-Han for Si Young.
  13. I don't think Chan Seung is any reincarnation and honestly I don't want him to be. Man Wol deserves happiness, a fresh start and for that to happen Chan Seung has to be somebody who is not connected to either one.
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