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  1. I am not sure what you are talking about in regards to all these plagiarism because this is my first time hearing about this. I have not seen the drama in question so don't know what to make of it. As for Wang Ji Won, I hope to see an interesting stor line for her so that is sad to hear.
  2. Wang Ji Won hasn't appeared that much yet. Ye Ji Won's oddball housekeeper is appealing to a section of people including myself. Wait, when Wang Ji Won starts becoming more active in the plot with our main trio, I am sure we will get many more posts about her.
  3. Just saw...May He rest in peace...such a difficult time for the family..May God give them strength and patience
  4. http://m.busan.com/m/News/view.jsp?newsId=20180802000327 Apparently a staff from the production of Thirty But Seventeen had passed away in his home. He worked on outdoor shoot. They suspect heat wave may have caused it. Until the autopsy reports clearly state what has happened, SBS is halting shooting for the drama. I don't know who has passed away but May He Rest in Peace. I hope they this issue is resolved fast and if necesarry they take additional measures to ensure safety and good health of everyone involved in the production. Ps...I rely heavily on online translation medium so feel free to correct me if I've got any of it wrong.
  5. Oh My Heart.......Chan....my poor boy is headed for heart break. And we also have Hyun Tae in the mix here, this love square is so damn conflicting. But I support Mr. Gong fully. I am 85% sure that the uncle messed up his business, lied about Japan and then abandoned Seo Ri and the aunt. The aunt probably couldn't support Seo Ri financially but has been keeping an eye on her. Same goes for the uncle, he may be the masked man who was visiting Seo Ri in secret. Hyun Tae openly visited Seo Ri so he can't be the man we saw in the first episode. It was the aunt who was at the door. I am sure, she probably saw Seo Ri's flyers. Tae Rin seems very level headed to me. I doubt she'd be the conventional second lead. I think she might end up helping Seo Ri, she seems like a nice person. And next week looks so good. Mr. Gong is finally opening up his heart to Seo Ri, Hyun Tae is getting closer, Chan is falling in love..........I so can't wait.
  6. Wait...Hyun Tae and Tae Rin are both Kim...so are they related??? Next week looks amazing...can't wait
  7. Oh my puppy Yoo Chan...is he headed for heartbreak...Peng...I am not sure if Peng will survive the show....Jennifer is possibly hiding her own trauma...her genuine smile at the Seo Ri dancing up and down in joy with Yoo Chan and co. indicated something. I felt bad for Woo Jin, I am not sure if he ever spoke honestly about his trauma ever. Although he is frustrsted by teen chaos taking over his home...this is exactly what he needs. He can't escape Seo Ri's charm...what he is afraid of most is forming attachments beyond what he has in his family. I see cracks in his shell...I also feel awful for Hyun Tae....he is going crazy worrying about Seo Ri...he has a good heart...can't see him suffering the way he is
  8. Of course Yoon Shi Yoon is energetic most of the times, the guy enlisted in marine for mandatory military service....one of the toughest unit that you can enlist in....and Lee Yoo Young is a doll, you root for her instantly.....Seo Eun will be Kang Ho's moral compass but I am afraid Kang Ho will be again implicated in the murder committed by Soo Ho which was technically self defense and won't cause him to be punished...so what led to Joo Eun breaking things up with Soo Ho....did she catch what a hypocrite and corrupt judge he was??
  9. Saw the first two episodes........almost had deja vu of Secret and Mask and then saw its from the same writer. I can predict very well where this is headed by the end. But to be honest Soo Ho is mild compared to Secret's Ji Sung and much more redeemable. Technically, he is not guilty in the eyes of law or from moral perspective. He called her, had a few drinks, made Ji Eun dress up...that's it. Chae-A can perhaps be tried in court for negligent death or wrongful act. But even she won't be branded a murderer here outright. I don't understand Min Seok. I mean why is he emotionally torturing Soo Ho. Soo Ho is a jerk but punishing him by making him look like guilty of a sin he didn't commit is twisted in a whole new level and on top of that he helped the actual guilty party by tampering with evidence. I kinda feel that video was not the only copy and it will come back into play later just like in Mask and Secret. Also, does he truly love Ji Hyun, I honestly could not tell. He feels responsible for her sure but I didn't feel that it was love in fact it felt as if he was mentally exhausted by her. About the performance, I liked Kim Jang Hyun's portrayal....he did quite good and Seohyun has grown as an actress but she still needs a little more polish in certain emotional scenes but I found her Ji Hyun to be compelling. The strength of the screen writer has always been giving you characters that are grey and complex but despite their flaws you find something in each of them that is worth rooting for. And the theme always centers around single incidents that change people's lives in a major way and how they respond to it, their choices as they try to find a way to deal with it. Although this particular iteration is mild compared to the other two dramas, it deals with terminal illness which wasn't explored in the previous dramas so let us see how they handle it. I am in for the long run and hopefully it won't disappoint.
  10. Jo Seung Woo sent a coffee truck to Shin Hye Sun for Thirty but Seventeen It says.... "Young Ddo (Crazy Young Prosecutor ) yaa, come here have some coffee" also "Seori, start your day with coffee instead of choco pie" Aaaahhhhhhhh my feelings! I hope to see these two in another fine drama someday. credit: twitter
  11. Saw episode one and have decided to stick to it. It was gritty, the parts with Lee Yoo Young were disgusting and heartbreaking....I wanted to cry and go and smash the head of both the prosecutors. Pathetic men abusing their power the way they see fit in the name of law. I don't think Kang Ho is being over the top. I think his over the top behavior is a shield he uses to lessen his pain. Soo Ho and Kang Ho's mother is horrible. Years of emotional abuse, betrayal by his own brother when all he did was try to save him from getting hurt turned him into this delinquent who uses his rage to get back at the unfair world. Yes, he is a criminal but at the very least, he doesn't pretend to be a nice guy. He still does care for his mother in his own way, more than what can be said about Soo Ho. Guy is corrupt from head to toe and only cares about going up the food chain whatever way he can. I like the duality in their nature. One is branded a criminal but has a good heart, the other one is a perfect law abiding citizen who is using the system to benefit himself. Gotta give it to Dong Gu, both are him but I already deeply resent Soo Ho and kinda adore Kang Ho.
  12. I love love love the drama. Its not anything overly complicated. But it does have a beating heart. I love all the characters. Woo Jin, Hyun Tae and Seo Ri....the ending was amazing for episode 2. I adore Yoo Chan and Jennifer. They are so warm and kind. Woo Jin is more guarded but isn't completely shut off. Seo Ri is getting to him. I am not sure what Rin Kim will represent as a character. She is a successful violinist and once considered Seo Ri her rival in a way. This part felt so forced to me. I mean a successful violinist in her thirties has probably had rivals when she started her career, a 17 year old girl who disappeared 13 years ago may leave an impression but just can't be the first one to pop in head in the mention of rival when she didn't even win 1st place. Need more on that and hopefully it won't be the same old jealous rival story we get so often. Wang Ji Won deserves a lot better than that. I want to know what made the aunt and uncle abandon Seo Ri so fast all those years back. I also love title of each episode and how violin music in incorporated in each episode.
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