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  1. Hi everyone.....loving the show....Hong Sisters finally found their mojo back, it seems. Great start and wonderful plot progression. I think that Jin Goo is somehow connected to IU's past life. As cliche as it is, within the setting, reincarnated past lover makes sense to me. I also have a theory. IU is frozen in time. She neither ages nor dies while time flows by as her punishment. What if her clock starts ticking thanks to Jin Goo. But what if it means Jin Goo's clock will run out for hers to start again. So she will live but for that his clock will have to stop ticking. In the preview, the tree is coming to life again. I love IU here to bits by the way. I love flawed heroines....coming fresh from having admired Yeon Seo in ALML thread. So, lets hope she keeps being badass till the very end. Also it seems to me that Hotel Luna is a post that gets handed over. IU inherited that from the old lady so who will inherit it next.
  2. I dont necesarily think that the ending that Dan and Yeon Seo got was not fitting....it just if we forget them and look at the whole storyline, plotline and central conflicts as a whole....the writing has been uneven and pretty mediocre. The writer had these great ideas but too many of them and could never mesh them well with one another and give coherence. Seol Hee- Kang Woo, Hu Sunbae, The older angel and the old lady, numerous accidents Yeon Seo had....Runa's crazy antics....where does any of it connect in a meaningful way instead of being tired plot devices. What was at the core of her central theme when she decided to use concept of Heaven, Angels and God. We have none of those answer. So she gets a pretty bad grade as a writer for me. This drama has always been above all else about the performance. The writer should thank her stars that Shin Hae Sun, Myung Soo and the rest were a part of it who gave it their all. I would not have sat through it otherwise. It was the actors who elevated her work. Also, the characters were well planned. I guess A+ for that. I will probably not watch another drama from the same writer again unless it has anybody I care in it with what I have seen so far from her and unless she fets rave reviews.
  3. Also this thread is dedicated to Shin Hae Sun...sharing stories, her success, her projects, roles etc. with respect. Not a place where you bash her indirectly, her costars and her projects because you for some reason can't or won't do it in the right place for that. Criticism is valid as long as done with respect, bashing is not. That is a general rule forum wide, not just here. Constructive criticism people , not disrespectful bashing.
  4. @jakey09 I dont read posts by certain somebody in question because they are most often long and condescending. Even I don't think ALML is flawless, there are things that work and things that dont work. But this is by no means SHS's worst project. Infact none of her works so far can be termed 'Worst' upon careful consideration. They may not be perfect, some of them dont give her enough time to shine but each one is a stepping stone and is a testament to her dedication and hard work. It was only 4 dramas ago that she was getting shredded to pieces for having a role that was not traditional second female lead, had more chemistry with the lead and was getting all the accolades. That was Secret Forest. I remember being among a handful of people defending her during Secret Forest in Dramabeans comment section. Now when I go and find people praising her there, saying things like 'She is the sole reason they are watching this or that', it gives me immense joy. Lets not focus on negativity. This is a place to discuss her with respect, speak about her with admiration that she has earned, we shall do that. Criticism of her project is valid but disrespect for her is unwelcome. I agree @kokkuri33 SHS's other project did not have much product placement as she has gained popularity and endorsements fairly recently, I also noticed her wardrobe got an upgrade to famous designer like Zara, Fendi, Bulgari ...in ALML, love it. Her Tory Birch dress, I will buy it if I get that money someday. As for commentary on secondary characters, there is a seperate thread for that where you can do that as much as you like. Its kinda out of place here.
  5. City of Angels had set rules....like you live as long as you live....and they stuck to that....here they just kinda threw things at viewers for no apparent reason....no specific purpose...and what was Seol Hee's fault then....why was her fate so tragic and terrifying....Kang Woo....why was he punished so severely....man, they screwed up....I sm happy for our couple but the whole thing about diety here makes no sense....served no purpose beyond being meaningless chatter
  6. I wanted an ending that justifies their suffering to an extent....Deus Ex Machina kinda short sells that
  7. I just feel like all the hoopla over God and his will was for nothing....I liked the ballet elements but like I said she had too many side dishes on her plate....didn't know how to season them all properly
  8. A big big big thank you to all the amazing recappers here....You all worked hard through this frustrating finale till the happy ending....the writer is still on my shitlist....She had no idea how to wrap up the fantasy element to tell a poignant story about faith, God, humans and love....rushed ending, taking all of Yeon Seo's character development back .....Nah happy for my couple but it ended on a mediocre note....the first four episodes were the best written parts
  9. That dance scene...you can tell that is Hae Sun and Myung Soo being themselves....not Yeon Seo-Kim Dan....these two are so into each other....they walked straight away from each other after that steamy kiss....tried to keep it from becoming awkward and not reveal too much to the camera
  10. If you get stabbed, you get yourself treated....what BS is this! Pardon me, that was too much nonsense.
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