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  1. Not to worry, tanntoot, Cheongil must have had taken some precautions.It could have been a trap. Koo ji na has booked herself a jail cell!
  2. It's a relief to me that HJ's mom is not eliminated. As I mentioned before, I can't 'see' Jenny Jang walking the same path as KYO. It's high time that KYO gets served her just desserts. I'm getting irritated seeing her fake demeanor and having a smile on her face even while ordering to have someone killed off.
  3. Did they find the body of Hyun Ji-'s mom? If she really dies this time, it will be Hyun Ji's turn to take revenge. Then, she will become 'Jenny Jang' and Jenny Jang will become 'Kim Yeo Ok'.
  4. I think Mr. Moon will redeem himself by the next episode. I thought Philip will be like another good-for-nothing rich kid, but he turned out to be the opposite and doing everything he can to save his dad's company.
  5. If Jenny obeys KYO's order to kill HJ's mum, then she'd be no different from KYO. I don't see Jenny going down that road. She'd come to her senses, I'm sure.
  6. I don't think YW staying with DS is a bad ending. True, he didn't love her but they did have a child together. A child they both loved. It wouldn't be realistic for YW and SW to end up together.
  7. Happy to see more Soompiers checking into this thread. Do continue to support this thread. Yeah, Miss Lee should stop letting her selfish colleagues walking all over her.
  8. I do think YN's bio dad didn't die. YN could have had her lover faked his death.
  9. Hopefully, SW, GH and YR have their own home and not living with his parents.
  10. Why the lack of interest in this thread? This drama is a pretty good watch.
  11. Thank you, joan0528. I think KI will be killed off. That will be the biggest punishment for CTJ.
  12. How was CTJ involved in Satbyeol's death? Was it during his kidnapping of IMR?
  13. I guess yu jin wook and moon hyeon seok are brothers-in-law?
  14. Mr Hwang offered IMR a lifeline that I feel she should accept. Mr Hwang has always liked her from before and he even didn't mind if she marries him for his money.
  15. It is best for TY to approach this crisis in an open manner and that is to reveal everything. KI did not think it through by charging TY using with using a fake identity as its a case of 'pot calling the kettle black' ! TY can just say he has had to use a fake identity to protect himself and his loved ones from harm.
  16. Can't wait to find out how TJ's cunning and greedy stepmother and her slimy brother will be dealt with. MS's father-in-law is a dear - understanding and considerate.
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