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  1. To me, the ending is rather confusing. Han Seok joo's ex boss seems afraid of Ji soo hyun?
  2. This Sunday organisation has a board of directors that want to remain mysterious. So that Cho guy is not the owner.
  3. I have taken note of her name, Yang hye-jin. Hope there will be more information on this actress.
  4. would like to know more about the actress playing CEO Heo's sister. I think I have seen her in some other drama. She looks so elegant and stylish with her head of grey hair.
  5. The prosecutor demanded her phone. Doesn't he need a warrant to do that?
  6. A lovely and entertaining drama that I got interested in only after reading positive reviews about it. Knew about this drama but the title sounded iffy to me. Still don't know what 'Hammurabi ' means.
  7. response to irilight: I'm not sure as it's been a few years but I think it was Mrs. Cop 2?
  8. I first saw Kim byung chul in a drama as a wrongfully-accused cabbie. I thot he was such a good actor, he should go far. I am happy for him that he is now a much sought after actor.
  9. What is the evidence that implicated the crooks at the trial?
  10. Can't believe Ms Park Won Sook looks better now than she did in All About Eve. She's nearly 70 but who knew?
  11. When CWB was being chased by Lee Hyuk's men with Ma's body in the car, his face was definitely exposed. So how come they didn't seem to know he was driving the Ma guy's car? Also, I think the man who saved Na Wang Sik could have trained Lee Hyuk in martial arts as Lee Hyuk said CWB's fighting style is familiar.
  12. I read about the negative and vicious comments Lee Elijah received for her role in this drama. I feel sorry for her that as an actress, she has to defend herself for playing a role! Yea, I didn't like the role she played in "Return of Hwang Geum Bok". However, after watching her on an episode of Running Man, my impression of her is that of a very sweet and cheerful person.
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