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  1. So my tongue-in-cheek comment about Do dying and becoming a restless spirit did happen! If a season 2 is confirmed, I'd rather they not bring back Do Hak seung. Let him be sealed in the urn forever. I'd want to see new characters and fresh plots.
  2. Maybe Secretary Choi has had enough of Do Hak-sung and kills him and takes over his criminal activities. Then he becomes a restless spirit!
  3. Thugs always aim for their victims' heads during an assault. They should be charged with attempted murder when caught.
  4. I thought Geum sang-baek will win the lottery. Looks like he didn't.
  5. Hara is not done using Hoon. To her, no one else is more important to her than herself and her demands.
  6. I cringe at the shameless way Se-rin throws herself at HJ. she really has no pride. Her greed will be the end of her.
  7. I hope someone sues Sun han for copyright infringement. She is a bully and shouldn't be a producer.
  8. JS should move out before his wedding. History will repeat itself if he and Ari return to stay with his parents. He wouldn't be that stupid to subject Ari to his mother's abusive cycles again, would he? Also, he shouldn't and can't keep bailing out his incompetent father financially. I feel JS has done his filial duties to his parents and should focus on his own future with Ahri and future kids.
  9. Why does Sun-han own the right to the Marketaurant show? If she leaves Na productions, shouldn't the company has exclusive rights to the show? JS' father does not deserve to be boss if he didn't foresee such an occurrence happening.
  10. IMO, the one most responsible for Ahri's miscarriage is herself. She should have put her baby first above everything and everyone. If she had thought that JS married her only because of the baby, why did she cared what her mother in law thinks about her? She should have insisted on living apart from her in laws. I'm sure she knew her mother-in-law would not treat her well.
  11. Why don't these people use the 'pull' instead of 'push' way to save a person from an oncoming vehicle? Higher chance of both surviving the collision. No?
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