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  1. I'm really enjoying this season's episodes. The episodes are really funny and entertaining. Kim Jong min is hilarious even when he tries not to be! Stay safe everybody.
  2. Yura's minion must have recorded all her orders as insurance. He has plenty of dirt on her. It's just a matter of time that he starts blackmailing her.
  3. I've also been wondering why YJ just exposes YR's lies and past instead of using SJ to take revenge on YR. That would be so much easier and quicker.
  4. The actress played Bae yu-ran in Wanna Taste, didn't she? Looks quite different here without the thick make-up.
  5. Maybe the writer wanted to do Minwoo/Dong ho a favour. Think about it - his bio mother is ruthless, conniving trash, his adoptive mother/aunt is totally helpless; both his grandmothers are evil and selfish, his grandfathers can't be bothered with any heavy tasks that require them getting up from their sitting position while he never even had the chance to meet his bio dad.
  6. Does no one in YR's family knows the identity of Minwoo's bio dad? Is the secret only between YR and her ex?
  7. I can say JDT doesn't love SJ but is really after Cheonga Foundation. Once he gets what he wants, he will drop SJ.
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