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  1. Like stroppyse, I too am uncomfortable with the 'chumminess' between GO and SA. I like it much better when they were squabbling. I feel that if GO wants the Bu family to accept her as their stepmother, she should behave like one. Even if its a pretend marriage, I am disappointed with her current attitude with SA. In fact, there is not one character I like in this drama.
  2. I cheered when GO swatted the 'parasite' label back to the leech Boo son. He deserves to be called worse!
  3. I'm not sure but could GO and SA be together after Mr. Boo passes on? And aren't sham marriages illegal in Korea?
  4. GO's stepsister keeps saying GO owes her and her mom bcos GO's late dad absconded with insurance money? Most likely she's the one that stole the money.
  5. Can the little patient of Nahee be Gyujin's son? I'm pretty sure Nahee and Gyujin will get back together. It's obvious they love each other but got distracted by their frequent squabbles and non-communication. Being apart helps them to rediscover their feelings for each other.
  6. I see why the oldest son had to move in with his parents after his divorce. Nahee is a pediatrician and surely could afford to rent an apartment or studio? And didn't Ga-hee receive any alimony from her ex?
  7. I think the young man, Hyo-shin will end up working for Ga hee's brother. Could also be a long lost son of a chaebol.
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