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  1. I am dying to see Ok Boon and Yoon Ju finally making up their friendship. Hahaha Yoon Ju does need a sweetheart friend like Ok Boon but thus far their egos have been getting in the way. So I guess one good thing that came out from the woman pretending to be Young Dal's sister would be this hahahaha. I really like how sweet this show is sometimes. Like how DH and JS congratulates GJ and NH and teases them. And how Joon Sun's daughter welcomed him back home and gets so attached to him. And how Ji Hoon holds both GH and HS' hands. I just love how much wholesome happiness this show bri
  2. Episode 9-10 left me with a lot of good moments to like. Although this show hasn't really been my favourite but I can definitely say the scene between DH's mom and dad eating chicken feet is amongst one of the most meaningful scenes I have watched in recent K-Dramas. It's nothing complex but at the same time it's a very slice of life kind of situation which just resonates so well. I really like how the writer showed DH's mom in a situation where she watched over DH, YJ and DH's dad. Tbh I thought she would give up on signing the contract or goes in to give an earful to
  3. Yes I am curious about why he had the photo too! I am not sure but maybe he got someone to investigate into his past self. However I definitely agree that he has more information. He seems to remember the ugly parts of their past too whereas HJ is remembering mostly the romantic aspects of their past. I am just curious how long it would take for HJ to see JW and DG's faces in her flashback/dreams. Hahaha I wonder if she would see them and question herself as fantasising about them instead. Is JW having more memories of HJ because he had seen her first and continued in observing her? Does it me
  4. Hahahaha. Sorry I think I am also confused with what I want to say as it is late into the night where I am from hahahaha I can barely keep my eyes open but I am still here. I did notice the folding knife difference. But basically to rephrase myself, the way they both held the knife recklessly gives me a sense of similarity. That's what I was going for. But I believe they are definitely both JSD (corrected name HAHAHAHA) because he was caught in photos from the phone after the scene of the scraping the knife on the wall. Just the confusion now is if there was another person at the m
  5. So true. And the way I perceive it, if DG only appeared in their third life and being the first person coming in between HJ and JW ending up in a relationship, I think the point about past lives and strong connections would still apply for the DG-HJ dynamic. And if we think about it, perhaps fate is playing its role to put DG at an even closer proximity to HJ and having him to appear earlier in HJ's present life rather than JW. Part of me wonders if it has something to do with fate and JW not treating HJ well in his past life hence eventually fate is shifting to bring her someone new.
  6. Thanks for the info! Hahaha yeah I find myself lapsing a lot these days too. And yet some dramas are so intense and I feel like my brain is aging too much to follow on.
  7. I think instead of "you are too stupid to catch me", it might be more of a "I am too powerful for you to catch me" since the body was left in the open instead of being killed by the knife hidden within the building itself. Not too sure about the methods of killing but JSD did use a similar looking knife while he opened the toilet door so that part where the guy looking for PGH and scraping the knife against the wall seems likely to be JSD (I mean to say feels similar the knife scenes but not meant to say same knives please forgive me hahahaha) But I agree, feels like there is a disconnect as t
  8. I started watching for Jung Eum expecting her to be funny. But I died when Hyun Joo's parents started kissing each other Isn't it so rare to see older couples kissing on Kdramas? It feels pretty good! Of course, until the moment when they attempting to lick each other HAHAHAHAHA. Not forgetting their silly conversation about DG being husband material and treating him like a son vs a son-in-law. I mean these might be filler scenes but BROOO, I am digging it. And I super agree that I expected this to be a light-hearted show too but based on all the flashbacks, it definitely looks li
  9. I really like how the writer portrayed NH and GJ with this week's episodes because I think it really captured an essence about marriages. Sometimes you get so annoyed at someone's antics and all the little things you argue over. But at the same time, the same antics and arguments are the things deeply missed when they are gone. In my region, we used to have this iconic ad showing a woman giving an eulogy at her husband's funeral. She was seen recounting all his hateful habits which shocked the funeral goers as it seemed like she was embarrassing her late husband. But she goes on to
  10. Thanks @madmad min because this made me think of something. In the earlier episodes, we actually saw ST passing by murals of dinosaurs and he would actually see them "coming alive". I am not sure if it is trauma or related to his developmental disorder causing some kind of overstimulation leading him to see static graphics as moving and alive. I am not sure if this means much as we did suspect the butterfly to be an ornate object or pattern the murderer was wearing but I guess from ST's eyes, this butterfly object might have appeared as some large, moving and alive butterfly overwhelming his a
  11. I agree with this too but I think the Stockholm Syndrome context, MY might be thinking of her relationship with her mother. I think it is slowly showing that yes, her mother uses aggression and was verbally abusive but yet MY has a part of her which still really loves her mother and misses her despite being afraid and traumatised by her. I actually really like this week's discussion on the Beauty and the Beast tale and how it played out to show different interpretations and I think it is the writer trying to tell us that through even the past references to tales, they are using on
  12. Sooo many good scenes this week. I really like how the head petting went from MY petting KT to now KT petting MY. I really really love every single time KT pet MY's head this week. Feel so comforted just from watching it. It's such a symbolism of their mutual comfort for each other. Especially loved Sang Tae's dialogues this week too! How he pointed out to KT that those who are unwell in their hearts cry out at night and though he was referring to KT, KT only thought of MY. Hahaha it was also funny how when JS asked ST what "later" meant and he explained that sometimes
  13. Yes I hope she will let him go because seriously I don't think how she is holding on to him now is right. So true and especially the fact that DH was constantly saying no to her staying in his home and he was even willing to sleep at the convenient store when his mom told him that he should be the one getting out hahaha. But either way, if YJ is willing to end it by shifting blame or just coming clean that it was her problem, I will be glad. As long as she doesn't stay in a relationship which if she was honest with herself, isn't a relationship she could b proud of. I wan
  14. Really like what you have said! Yes and I am loving how DH isn't falling for SB for her looks like how she gains fans at the convenient store. SB is just slowly growing on him. And it's true, DH-YJ plotline feels like it is going back and forth. Hahaha I was kind of happy when I thought YJ was finally convinced to leave DH already but nope, she came back. I think YJ's character behaves rather childishly in her relationship and she doesn't seem to understand herself well. Her mom pointed an important truth which is the fact that YJ herself is ashamed of DH. It wasn't because of her
  15. Have not watched the subbed episode but this scene needs no words. So glad for NH and GJ but will be distracted with watching this video of GH and HS until I watched the subbed episode hahahahaha. And I am dying for this OST to be released on Spotify ughhh.
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