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  1. That's true and I think DY is probably not royal too because the aunt was threatening his dad that she would let out the truth if LYC did not forgive DY/decides to abandon DY (not sure if the subs were on point in its translation). I suppose if DY was royal, LYC probably won't abandon him so easily? He would be of value to LYC if he was royal. But then again for LYC to willingly keep him for so many years as his son if he was of little to no value, it would also be quite odd (if we are ruling out that he is his aunt's son which is a secret that is not threatening enough for LYC to
  2. Actually is there any clear mention if Cha Dol is the biological son of Bawoo? I actually caught on to the show after my mom is a few episodes in and she keeps telling me that Cha Dol is not Bawoo's biological son. Not sure if I had missed any important scenes. I also think that DY might be the aunt's son but there's not clear relation yet aside from her excessive care towards DY.
  3. AHHHH this was so simple but soooo my favourite scene. I know there has been so many good scenes but I just loved it from how she got him clothes and SHOES (just like he did for her) and them finally looking at each other in their new clothes in their new life and the princess finally calling him dashing AHHHHH. And the simplicity of him sitting there trying to read but distracted by her presence AHHHHH CUTEEEEE. I can'tttt. They are too adorable. I crave more moments of their simple joy of just being with each other. Wholesome 100%. The script is pure gold in many moments of their
  4. Actually I agree with this look too HAHAHAHA. He looks nice in light colours if he's not in scruffy clothes... which looks nice to me too hahahahaha. My comments have been so shallow, I feel ashamed. But I think these first 10 episodes had driven JIW up to be my top favourite k-actor with newfound respect for his acting. I am so desperately hoping that the remaining episodes won't turn out to be a flop since I heard his last drama didn't go so well.
  5. I will be so bummed out if Ba Wu starts looking like a nobleman from now on (although I would appreciate that for the storyline) because he looks so hot looking like a hobo My simp comments aside, I am really enjoying the acting from the casts. Very strong team and JIW and Yuri is doing and exceptional job.
  6. I like how the whole amnesia thing (as much of a trope that it is) frames the question to everyone incl DJ's mom about the appropriateness of KS and YS. I think the storyline explores a lot on how we as humans set imperfect boundaries which we constantly redefine as our context changes. I still can't say what's deemed appropriate in this situation they're in. But I definitely enjoy the challenge it is posing to our perception of what is deemed to be an appropriate relationship. And it's also rather poignant (or perhaps painful) if we were to put ourselves in KS and YS' shoes. In a world that g
  7. Can't agree more. I am shipping them so hard that I wish they'll get together IRL. Saw a BTS on YouTube of BW saving the Princess and the scene which he was leaning in to hear her breathing. He seems to be shy and jumped away shortly after being too close ahahaha. They are toooo adorableeee. And I find all their exchanges of eye contact to be so raw and moving. Such great chemistry between them!
  8. OOPS hhahahaha! Late to the show and the thread so I was speed reading through without taking account of the context, my bad! Hahaha but he is definitely rocking this look in Bossam and somehow his outfit makes him look rather cute in proportion! Maybe it's also Cha-Dol bringing out this cute side of JIW hahaha
  9. Hahahaha strangely I think I am the only one who finds him super hot with this look!!! I am even aware that he looks significantly better with other looks but somehow I still dig this look with the messy hair and facial hair hahahahahaha
  10. Pil Sun's proposal got me going like, "You go, girl!!!" Was not expecting that but loved it all the more.
  11. I am on the side of tutor not being the mom. Because remember the boy's dad mentioned that the boy liking hip-hop is just like his mom? The tutor does not even recognise the notes were rap lyrics. I think that was included for a good reason. But they definitely have had a past relationship and the tutor definitely seems like she has a grudge on the family (especially grandma). She is also clearly back to take him back or wreak havoc. Tutor has her reasons clear. But the maid who knows Emma makes me question if she's really that simple? Or did she go in with equally heavy intentions
  12. Nooo my heart is in pieces watching Yong Goo like this *cries* He must be so hurt hearing those words from Pil Sun's brother. And it breaks my heart that Yong Goo's mom feels so bad for him.
  13. I might be crazy, but anyone else feels the same that there might be a possibility that Han Seo Joon and the Headhunter-murderer identity is all a lie? Since it's starting to unravel more murderers and some victims might not belong to HSJ. Just like how Mr Woo was lying about killing Det Park's daughter? The anorexic medication, brain surgeries, murders, patients linked back to the same surgeon (who is not the real surgeon) and (possibly psychopathic) children involvement. This makes me wonder if it was all a crazy experiment with child psychopaths. Perhaps grooming them and using
  14. Haven't got time to reply to other points and this thread is moving much faster in the past week hahaha. I agree about the coffee stick because thinking about how the trophy is always something treasured by the victim, it seems a bit odd that the treasured item here is an instant coffee sachet? Even homeless man had something more precious so it feels odd definitely. Either it isn't a trophy, or this kill is potentially done by someone else?
  15. Oh wait, I thought the murderer was referring to the fact that he was wrong once for claiming the victims were picked by random. Hahaha did I confuse myself I also want to reply you on some of the other interesting stuff hahahaha, will do so after work!
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