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  1. Stay strong dear.Think this too shall pass(I do it all the time).You'll get over this.Enjoy the brighter things in life(this forum is surely one of them)Remember you are loved and don't let the mean boss to dampen your spirits.I went through a similar situation too.Keep smilingYou are gonna be okay.
  2. FGTD is a drama that I will re-watch and remember for a long time,thanks to KJH.He really gave his all in my opinion.Its sad he thinks otherwise.As a viewer I can say he completely immersed himself as BJS and his performance in the drama was so emotionally expressive.When I started FGTD I didn't like BJS at all.His nasal voice was a distraction and also the smug - misogynstic attitude wasn't helping either.Then came the changing process.He convincingly brought out the transformation and the renewed BJS is a gem.From hardcore disliking BJS to cheering for him.His portrayal of BJS looked so realistic.Made me a KJH fan!..Such acting prowess<3.Playing a hyper boss in a time loop where there are repeating shots seems to be an emotional draining procedure.I hope he recovers soon.He seems to be a simple down to earth person in real life.I hope he gets all the appreciation and awards he deserves.Sincere effort will surely be recognised. Thank you so much for the translation @selenette And my dear chingus here.I'll miss u all.I know I have been on and off in this thread(my bad) but I have read all your posts.Such wonderful insights!I send my love to each one of you.See you all in an another thread.Bye for now..
  3. Finally FGTD has got its own Wikipedia page. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feel_Good_to_Die @selenette Your poems are so heartfelt.It captured their story so well.Thank you for sharing @nohamahamoud2002am reliving their moments..wow..Thanks chingu for the MV.Its so beautiful
  4. From the last scene we clearly know who the real boss is rightRoo Da is seen keeping tabs on BJS.Well, she really is the boss in their relationship.I mean The bossThe fact that BJS meekly obeys to her is like a funny dig aimed at the line of command.
  5. Look at that satisfied grin!!!!<3 As it ended I wished for more.Can't get enough of this drama.The drama showed wonderful comic elements and had some cool twists.And I don't remember any single male lead who was as selfless as BJS.He never forced her to like him.She came to him.The ending was beautiful.
  6. The hand holding and the family dinner He's learning to be a boyfriend..He cooks food,tends to her and cools food for her and they look like a perfect couple(insert Junho's voice)..
  7. The Bgm sounds like the Korean version of dream a little dream of me.. From the clips I can say she is crazy about him as well..
  8. Just read all your posts chingus...Am happy with the ending..Doesnt matter if there is no kiss..Am glad they didn't pull out an open ending..
  9. From BJS's own words - "I did for everyone.. especially for you Roo Da" "It's okay.You're all I need" (He wasn't clearly thinking about the labour union .lol) "Unrequitted love is still love" (This line hurt the most) He loves her so dearly and deeply.He cares for her too.What more to ask for? And the most funny scene for me was when when BJS and RD did the personality test.BJS completely denied and called the test a scam when the counsellor said 'People like you never dated anyone'.Then he makes a big ruckus by saying that they don't who he is.Within seconds after RD left he is back in his seat to ask "So what?What do I do?"He doesn't even know how funny he is.. The major plot twist that excited me is that Junho ended up being the biggest shipper of us all..Didn't see that one comingStill i can't stand him anywhere near Roo Da..He seems to be the clingiest guy ever in drama land...He some how manages to be with her.lol. Yeah..am rooting for the kiss too.If not a confession or a hug from both BJS×RD would be enough as well.
  10. Junho asks Roo Da whether she likes BJS.Is he joining us shippers now? I may be wrong though...without subs..
  11. Roo Da touches her heart in the 'hope video'..Finally a reaction to BJS may be!! Still haven't watched except for the hope video.Waiting for the subs..so i don't have a clue of what's happening.
  12. Merry Christmas Chingus!!!! May the melody and the spirit of holidays fill your homes with love and peace..
  13. This drama took us from the brink of losing all hope (Ruda ×Junho ship),a complete reset and now we are on our way to BJS × Ruda ship.I haven't seen any drama that played with the audience minds.At one point it was clearly Junho who was leading.It looked so convincing and now a complete reset.Wow..amazed..Literally cheering out for a good ending. @buckyroo17 Me too..ha..ha I expect nothing less than a kiss..Come on..we had to go through the time loops as audience with them and had to face a lot of shipping dilemmas n consequences.We deserve it!!!
  14. Even if Ruda recollects everything Junho won't remember a thing.It takes two to tango right. And as@phoenix24 pointed out Ruda will fall for the better man -BJS.Right now Junho is back to his immature self. Once he "no longer has regrets" in the current timeline, will he leave the company, or even Korea? Will he sacrifice himself, this time in a final, irreversible death? Edited 24 minutes ago by selenette Oh my..that would be heart breaking dear.Is this why the drama is called 'Feel good to die'?Like totally no regrets whatsoever and the man can freely die.Any way this is no Greek tragedy and kdramas don't usually end on that note.So i think we don't need to worryAm in dire need to see the preview..They keep delaying it and my curiosity is killing me.
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