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  1. I waited for this drama to reach half mark to have some kind of development, yet we are still in the same boat. I watched or do i say fast forwarded the last three episodes. The past life visions are have still not been explored. No clue about the secret of their reincarnations. Even if I missed few episodes and then watched epi 8, it would be the same, nothing amiss.. Do Geum's pining is so painful to watch. He has confessed so many times, only to be dismissed.He should move on.. Hyun Joo's parents are so comical.. I can't with them.. They save this drama to some exten
  2. Hi guys! Just caught up with episode 5 and there were some fun moments- HJ's parents and DG hiding away from HJ in a bathtub. The thing that had me rolling was DG holding the chicken leg...Haha..The cringe came when HJ's father ate it in the bathroom ... We got to see this cute chemistry scene !.. even though it was only imagination. Never knew JH and DG would have this much chemistry...haha In the above pic HJ will be like...Guys.. Am here..HELLO!! ?? ..Suddenly she becomes the third wheel. Hehe..Nah...j
  3. Did Do Gyeom confess that he likes HJ at the end of epi 4? or is it one of those tropes where the person wants to confess but only has thoughts to... Anyway, let's take it as a confession.. I was actually surprised seeing him confess so early on but am glad he got it out of the system.This may pave way for even more drama. For some reason, I find destined lovers trope a bit non exciting... We don't get to see the magic of first meeting, the freshness and all that follows .. Here, JW and DG are already a part of her life, equally pursuing her and they even share history from their past l
  4. Exactly.. Its like they are caught in this tragic loop.. Ji Woo even vouches not to repeat the mistake of losing her the twice. I think he left her in the earlier two lives but realised his mistake in the third. But was unfortunately too late and ended up losing her. If only he could break it this time... which means keeping Hyun Joo alive and Do Gyeom not getting the girl. Do you guys have any clue as to who this lady is?
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