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  1. Annyeong. everyone ! I have been a silent reader here for some time. Caught up with the latest episodes and I like how unpredictable the storyline is. This drama is confusing as hell but somehow it makes sense. Each episode explains the prior incidents and always leaves us things to guess for. In episode 10, Seo Hae's future dad says that he saw her dying in front of him in the past. So i think he is the one who buried her in 2020. And about the president of Asia Mart, Mr. Park, What's the deal with him? He keeps on saying he'll kill our leads. They trapped him so of course he w
  2. I second you. I think it's gonna be consensual when it happens. In the preview for the next episode she talks about being a member of the king's fan club! Guess she has fallen for his charms.. hasn't she?! It's so cute with these two.They bicker when they are in the same room but their gestures speak a lot. @poopytubbyMay be she got her period or had a wet dream or might have missed her dragon and dragon balls again. lol. Btw I think she was in a romantic mood anyway; considering the fact that she assumed two men fighting to dancing tango.
  3. That was some 'avatar' like transition at the end of epi 6. There is no queen's soul and the chef has to switch between two bodies!? This is gonna be interesting...In the real world he was nothing but a playboy but in the joseon era he is a dark horse, one that can rewrite history.. ' Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and here is the dream '. - Jake Sully (Avatar movie quote) Will our chef ever feel like this of the present world? Let's wait n watch.
  4. Hi chingus.. first post here. I binge watched this drama in two days and I am glad I did. It had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurts..Mr Queen is one charismatic queen and I'm swooning here.The side characters are too good. The court lady 's expression.. I can't with her.. she's hilarious, the face off between the queen and the royal chef always gets me and not to mention our queen's quirkiness.She twerked in the rain. This drama has the biggest line up of ships so far. lol. We have a love pentagon between - the king×queen×Byung In×concubine×King 's brother
  5. The finale was epic. Those tasers were finally put to good use while pinning down Lee Tae Kyu and the chairman can rot in jail forever. Hyun Chae walking alone in the rain without a soul to care for and Seo jin beaming and smiling at the campsite. What a contrast! Karma finally caught up and everyone got what they deserved. When I started this drama I did hope for romance.Well, I am not disappointed. We got to see Aeri×geunwook romantic undertones though. Aeri×Seo jin romance would have taken away the nail biting tension.I'm glad it went this way. More memorable and m
  6. The chairman has a replacement for his henchman every time. If the current guy gets taken down he brings a bigger bad guy into picture. Kim Jin Ho is in coma after the said bad guy cop attacks him. Seo Do Kyun and Hyun Chae's dad killed each other off in the future. Do Kyun played with fire and his obsession got the better of him. He paid the ultimate price - death. Hyun Chae's story is sad but I don't feel for her at all. She made the choices and crying over spilt milk is of no use. Did she love Do Kyun? I think so.. ...but not like she loved herself. This is a woman who always
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