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  1. Oh I went back to edit my post and put your username on it! I didn't want to double post lol. Yeah the poster of Se-ra running, it said April 10, 2020 which is the date they began shooting this show. So its been 3 months of shooting, I wonder if they'll film till August? I hope b/c they filmed half or majority ? of the show, that it won't be too hectic on the cast/crew. I think that the majority of the show will be her navigating herself in the realm of politics alongside with the help of GM. I guess as they begin working together, they'll start to fall in love lol. Have you seen the teasers they released? Two teasers one of Se-ra and one of him from their p.o.v, and we see her character start to have sparks/catch some feelings. In his, she leans on his shoulder as she's sleeping and he feels something too. Funny thing is both those videos had heartbeat signals on the bottom to symbolize their burgeoning feelings towards one another lol? Yes, I noticed too! GM is like Se-ra sticks by his just principles which like her get them in trouble. But his influence on her is positive thus far, he told her about the opportunity to run and feeling horrible after he said "Pleasing" to her in their job interview. Or picking up the pieces left behind in her suitcase, and him saying "How romantic" when she says "People vote w/ their hearts." He does care, but his estranged father/his dead brother prob. played a role in how he is now. I think the tricky part will be balancing both the rom-com and political aspect of the show, but judging by the P.D, I think it was a smart choice having them both work in the same career/interests which allows for more interactions btwn the pair. I think that maybe in the end, she will become more wiser/stronger in her pursuits and could make a win (Second Chance/Shot?!). Let's hope the writer does well, I'm rooting for this show b/c there's a lot of potential there!
  2. I love that these two are giving us great fan service lol. I love it, it makes watching this show and seeing how their chemistry unravel more enjoyable knowing that they have good chemistry in rl. Thus far, solid first 2 episodes. The comedy is dry but the visual gags and the editing help with that. The two leads have great chemistry together, and I can't wait to see how their romance/sparks develop! @triplem I love how sweet and gentle he is towards Nana. They have a good synergy together on/off-screen @corey The show began filming around April 10, 2020.They been shooting for 3 months now, so I guess they're halfway through shooting their script/story? I hope it remains consistent throughout, and maybe a possible hair change in the middle haha . From the article that @Helena posted that the PD said that the romantic comedy will take the limelight and the politics will be in the background. I hope that for the most part that there's a good balance between the rom-com aspects and the political one too. I do like that there's something more substantial with the political subplot. I don't know if you seen the show's teasers but they give you a glimpse into what to expect comedy/visual wise. In some of the teasers, I already saw the sparks of where I assume our two main leads start to feel something for each other.
  3. This interview made me want to check out this actor! He was so charming and lovely here. He really tried his best for his first variety talk show and he did well. The woman who played his mom said that all the actors who played her son have all succeeded and said that he too will follow that path. She predicted Kim Soo Hyun and Park Seo Joon to be big hallyu stars, and Yoo Yeon Seok as well became big later on. Hoping that her sixth sense works in this case lol
  4. LOL the whole family (Both extended or related by marriage) have been to jail. What's that saying that the family that commits crimes sticks together?
  5. @reddragon Lol no worries. He got called out for allegedly having double eye lid surgery which he denied and said he got them when he starting losing weight and showed pics of him when he was young to dispel that lol. So natural or fake, I guess I got used to it ha. Sometimes he can look dorky or plain, and sometimes he can look really cute. I think the scenes where his head is tilted down might be what you're referring to? Didn't notice he had a large nose with thin bridge, but I might notice that now when I watch him in other things :3 Why did I picture Sid from Ice Age lol? Woo won is an awful character, ladies do not date or fall for a misgynostic richard simmons like him who tries to love bomb you to stay. That's emotional abuse!! And his character had no stakes and no depth or change. Meanwhile Secretary Byun was the best character till the end </3 Overall it was fine. Just a quick watch. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. LMAO. He probably looks at his screen time and development now, and wants to be like his character who gets angry by kicking something! So I got bored and watched interviews and he and LMJ have a good rapport with one another in real life. In an interview with the cast, he said that he wanted to do a long drama again and the actor who plays NH's dad played his in House of Bluebirds which was nice. He also was like when we hit 30% ratings that the writer should grant his mother a boyfriend since the actress said that "I'm playing yet another lonely character :(." Well at least this show is a big hit, so he might get a lead in a mini-series. Probably not going to happen although LMJ did do another drama with an actor she did a drama with (Fate and Furies/Cunning Single Lady), so I wouldn't oppose another LMJ and LSY drama. Also is it just me or as I'm watching these interviews of the cast that he has gotten more attractive as he gotten older? But on serious terms, if even the actor himself is acknowledging that he too wants GJ to realize his feelings faster then I dunno what to say lol. Right now, I see NH progression but not so much with GJ yet. First I would like to know what his big event that scarred him was to see why he is the way he is. I guess, the PD and writer gave a lot of screen time to the Doctor couple, and then after NH moved out, started to be like "Time for the other couples to sail or ship!" Ultimately those things are out of your hands especially for the actors involved. We are halfway through the drama 26/50 (48/100) so lets hope for some progress or fast move-up or else LSY will go back to his Signal side lmao jk P.S- I love your icon! By far my favorite moment of this couple. I think that's their only kiss scene lol. P.S- @eLizza I should really check out Smile You! I seen some clips and I read that her character there and in this show has some similarities. When I see clips from those show of her and her co-star, I can't help but feel a bit envious lol with how they showcased the couple there. @cuplik LMAO. He sorta does right? Poor guy, must suck to be on constipated mode for a month now. Even his speech seems over it tbh, just sighs now @Silverlining93 Yes! I think JS is probably the only one other than NH, that GJ can actually sit down/talk to. His brother has been telling him to go get some help/noticing his troubles, but GJ keeps on ignoring the advice. I think he'll eventually have a big breakdown moment and it'll make him re-assess his true feelings about NH/etc. I do think that he should go abroad or move to another hospital for a bit, its clearly hard on him so I think some actual separation could help. Woah I heard LSK was doing a cameo, but it seems like she's there for an actual arc in the show?! I just hope we don't have a silly love triangle like the Meat Shop guy does. I will hopefully watch it soon! @Schmiechel Yeah BJ rn doesn't have any stakes (well yet), and using her son and telling him GJ could be your next dad is not cool. Esp. since the child will be scarred emotionally the more closer he gets to GJ. I say once the hospital discharges her son, they should just nix that storyline. BJ doesn't offer emotional support to GJ, and starting fresh with her would make him regress. I heard Korean audiences aren't a big fan of her character, and no BJ for the last 2 episodes might be saying something? He should meet someone who doesn't work in his hospital, maybe a pharmaceutical sales rep? Although first he has to work on himself a bit (I wonder what the big event that scarred him was?).
  7. For those of you who are curious what was said in the video: The woman who plays NH's mom said, she wants both NH and her son to do well. And that Cho-yeon (Meat guy) is at a stage to get married, and wants something to occur. On the miscarriage scene when NH tells her: She said it was a hard and tearful scene. And another memorable scene for her is fighting with her rival lol. The woman who plays JS and GJ mom said on the scene: In her 45-46 years of working, it was the most strong hair tugging scene she has filmed. LSY said: He heard a lot of talk about it. And also from people who said that "Why didn't you take care of your wife and divorcing?" He said the pain and worries that NH feels, he wishes that his character GJ would understand and know that fast enough to do something about it. He wishes that his character would understand the feelings, and open up his feelings so that their situation would feel better and healthy. He wants something to occur and said "Please" lol. He also talks about Cho-yeon (The meat guy) that he's probably stressing regarding his love triangle right now. Lol so even the actor is aware of what his character needs to do, and is like us wants GJ to do something about it!! DH+JS: The actress that plays JS said that JS's good qualities are: He's attractive, and that DH is more shy than JS who is more playful.His character is helping her open up a bit in this harsh society, and says that's a charming aspect. The guy who plays JS said that those qualities are making JS mind bigger. He also said that the most memorable scene was the Namsan Tower scene where he takes a pic of DH in the pink dress, and that's when JS's character changes his mind a bit on her. He says that they'll probably continue to be like 'Sadon couple' for now. Conclusion: The actress that plays DH said there's still a lot more story to be told so please continue! And he says they will continue to shoot with goodwill!
  8. @Schmiechel IA. Gyujin's character description said that he suffered something traumatic when he was younger, and coupled with his mom being co-dependent on him since his dad died has left him a bit emotionally stunted.When he does talk, it feels like he sounds exasperated and like he sighs heavily lol. I notice that his dictions and speech isn't as through, and he tends to clobber up. He tends to bottle up his emotions, and tries to play it off. Its so sad to see his character because he has no one to talk to about this. Nahee told her mom about the miscarriage/divorce, and told her dad that the marriage troubles a bit so she was able to relieve some of the burden whereas Gyujin hasn't released any of that yet. He's going to come crashing soon, or might have a moment when he releases all of that and it'll be painful to see I do hope that he can do something about his depression and build up his self esteem back again without the aid of Boyoung and her son. I think they should just nix that storyline because the son is only going to get more attached, and I think Gyujin needs to lay a line with Boyoung before it gets too late. @dubuqueen Gyujin's character is the typical nice guy. As in, he's nice and he's not a confrontational person but that's also his detriment because people get the wrong signals and in the end, he's the one that gets hurt. Jae-seok ran off to Turkey for god knows how long, but this showed me that Gyujin growing up took on the co-dependent role of his dad for his mom. He had to close himself off because of his mom overwhelming ways, which resulted in him being a momma's boy. I really loved the scene when he told his mom off, sadly though I think if he wants to move on with or without Nahee, I think he needs to 'cut' off his mom in a way. I like seeing characters that are flawed and messy, Gyujin seems like a character I will know in real life. Sometimes its hard to express the emotion or feelings to someone, and that part I found relatable. Its actually other than Nahee, the most complex role in this show. And a big part of that is due to Lee Sang Yeob's portrayal of Gyujin. If a stiff and robotic actor was portraying him, it would come as cloying and heartless. But because he's playing it, you actually care and emphasize with him to a certain degree because he wears his heart on his sleeve. He's very good at portraying hurt and sadness in his eyes. I also think he adds another layer by putting in small mannerisms whenever his character gets peeved, his body language and the way he looks defeated now just adds to the character. LSY chose well imo, this character has a meaty arc imo and isn't the typical first lead which I appreciate (Him and NH both are flawed individuals, and not the most 'likable' but I think thats what makes them relatable to some). What I do like is that we are seeing NH grow bit by bit, and JR has been a big part of that. Dunno if they'll end up in the end, but he has been a good character in the sense of opening NH up and seeing her make some progress has been great to see! @emerald ox I think its a bit of both, GJ knows that he has 'lost' to JR. But at the same time, he did say to JS that he wants NH to be happy. So I think in his eyes by giving NH space, he thinks that'll be better for her. But the problem is that he still has feelings for NH, but is afraid to express them. I think that GJ has a difficult time expressing his thoughts because he doesn't want to create any more issues. I think that NH moving on is good for her for now, because JR is able to help her figure herself out and I think with time and dating JR, that she will be better able to figure out whether she still loves GJ. It also doesn't help that they both work in the same hospital and their siblings are dating each other lol. So in a way, they will always be connected oddly enough. Its just ironic to me that when I first watched this show, I was like wow their divorce arc moved fast for a weekender but now its GJ who feels stuck. I think he needs to go to therapy because his issue wasn't just the miscarriage but something deeper than that. Even his brother tells truth to him by telling him to go therapy, because he senses that his brother isn't doing well. Will this solve his issues, dunno, but I think its a start. I just hope that he does so without Boyoung or her son in the mix, because it'll make it harder for him and his and NH's storyline. I think for now, GJ needs to re-assess himself and try to work on himself before dating someone again. Also that scene when they are examining children, you can see the difference is with how GJ approaches children vs. her. I think she tolerates children, but isn't someone who loves them like GJ does. In a relationship, that is a big issue so when people say that she needs to try for another baby again. I do wonder, if that's good because a bandaid baby isn't a good thing. I wonder if GJ will compromise in the end on kids, or not in the end. Edit: On one random note, I remember reading a comment that said that whenever GJ and NH bicker or fight, they look like they are about to make-out LOL. Ever since I read that comment, I definitely see it and can't un-look it now . Found an interview of these two! Basically LMJ listed the actors who played her mom and dad and her real life bff (When asked why she chose to do this drama). And LSY just sits there listening until he's like well I joined b/c of LMJ, and then she's like oh yeah LSY also played a factor lol. And she said that people have told them that they look well together and match. And then he says that when he's acting with her, she accidentally hits him on the head and he said the scene where she threw the clothes at him that her throws were strong lol. She drinks a lot of water at work and home, and LSY watches news and sports and such. He also rests his head in bed, because he feels more comfortable that way. Whereas LMJ said that she hasn't laid down much because she's busy looking after her child.
  9. On another lighter note I just found out that the woman who plays Boyoung on this show played a cameo role as the woman who dumped Lee Sang Yeob character on A Little Love Never Hurts. She played the role of the woman that LSY character was proposing to and singing to, before he got rejected by her and got his flowers thrown in his face by her. It's the first episode in the first 3 minutes of the show lol. That was another weekender show, albeit a more scandalous one. It's on Tubi for free! Just find it a bit funny seeing that because here she plays his 'love' interest in this show. I see NH or GY's ex mother in-law is also in this show as well lol. K entertainment is a small world! LMJ looks so beautiful in this show compared to Once Again. She has a thing for ripping off pieces of her dress, GJ was a lucky guy lol! @eLizza IA, she's still beautiful in Once Again but ! I think its also b/c its a weekender so the cameras and color grading or more or less not used compared to mini-series. She looks younger than her age tbh, her and LSY both look about 30. She has a nice sharp nose and doll eyes as well. Her struggle bangs lol seem limp at times, I blame the humidity! I would like if she didn't have those struggle bangs covering her beautiful face, at least its not a full on coconut bangs. Remember when GJ bit his lip when he saw NH take off her glasses off? I don't blame the guy, now if only she showed more of those sides to GJ, he would back in no time . If we were ever so lucky to, I would love to see both LMJ and LSY star in another romantic drama (mini-series) again with the glamour and elegant looks she displayed in Fates & Furies
  10. Despite the drama's flaws, I do find myself rather enjoying it. It promoted itself as a female fronted action/spy thriller, and I got that. I do agree with what @larus said about Seok-ho's character. Ep 14, he only had 2 minutes of screen time LOL just like the screen time he got in Once Again last episode too. He is utilized well in this drama, since its not his show, when he does pop up its always a hoot! Overall, despite the lack of screen-time for him, the show uses his abilities as an actor well. IA with @reddragon on his lack of care for his company. I think he only took on the role to follow in the patriarchal lineage of his deceased father, but never cared for it. Meanwhile the idol storyline/actor is very weak and annoying. After he's no longer suspected, he should've been killed off or sent away. I did love the female bonding moment in the karaoke booth though!
  11. @Katsuragi I find your insights very interesting and informative btw! Lol yeah this isn't a Great Russian novel, but imo it does say something when we care about the couple. I for one, love seeing more realistic and mature romances onscreen. It does make me feel a bit defeated knowing that a lot of people seem like there's no way for the Doctor couple to go up, but I get it too. I think the writer should've done a small time jump and we see NH and GJ friendly with one another at the hospital. They are civil with one another, playful together, but no more than just work colleagues. Back to the start of their relationship. And then, they have a scene where Gyu Jin apologizes to Na hee about his meddling mother in law/about placing the blame of the miscarriage on her in their hideout spot (The hospital bed lol). She is a bit alarmed hearing that b/c she thought she was over him, but his apology makes her re-consider her true feelings about him. His mom also becomes a better person by backing off and apologizing for speaking ill about NH. Lol, basically once GJ tells her to her face that he still loves her, they could've worked to begin their journey again without the BY and JR characters aiding them. LMJ entered the Good Data thing when she finally moved out of the house she shared with LSY. But I think its because they lack the cutesy fluffy romance stuff b/c they are more older, eh it is what it is. Its just that in the moments we see of LMJ and LSY, they have great chemistry so separating them for this long does a disservice to both actors/characters. It's not about how long their scenes are but the quality of their scenes. A good writer will utilize those moments in 2-3 minutes and not 5+ episodes. As a fan of LSY, I was hoping that this show would've been the one to shoot him to the top but its hard to tell who gets the popularity from a show/film. LSI though is a natural at comedy, it comes across as effortless whereas with LSY, the comedy comes across as forced and try hard. A lot of it has to do with luck, timing, sheer will, and circumstances. I'm a bit shocked because I loved Familiar Wife, and at least with that show I saw the ML express heartbreak about still loving his ex-wife. For me its not the screen time, but the lack of progress with the supposed main couple of this show. GJ clearly is depressed and is going through a rough patch, but I think his nice guy behavior is sometimes a detriment. He wants to please people, but is not the confrontational type either. I really hope that this couple has movement, they are the only couple I really care about in an emotional way. I don't care about who is more hot or so, but some flashback scenes of them in their loving ways? I just hope that because there's 28 more episodes to go that b/c the Sadon couple has hit a big milestone with their relationship that we can see some sparks/interesting stuff with the Doctor couple!! BY's son lol, ok he is a smart one? He knows that his mom likes GY and he's the bridge between him and BY, since he's always hanging out with him. He clearly loves kids. I would love to see LMJ and LSY in another romance show, but that's rare to see a second pairing but they just match visually and acting wise! Because its painful to see a character like GJ is right now experiencing depression, and not doing anything about it. My heart kinda breaks for him esp. b/c he has no one to talk to this about. I don't think he even has any friends tbh. LSY's eyes are very expressive, and he looks so pained and hurt when he sees NH now P.S- For a couple that is 'boring' for most lol (or some haha), I am really invested in their relationship and for the sake of them, I really am rooting for them. I am also glad to see other commenters here who are also invested in their storyline and want better for them too lol! @Kitty_Litter Kdramas tend to over exaggerate these scenarios imo. While divorce in Asian societies shifts the family dynamic, I think that its something to note that Korea has one of the highest divorce rates in Asia! So while there is a stigma attached to divorces (particularly for women), I think that's been changing now with many Korean women not marrying or settling down as much now. They can re-marry (with kids), society will point fingers and etc, but once time passes, people forget or no longer care.Also I found it ironic that GJ's mom, Gahee, and NH's mom in real life have all divorced with children. I think that them starring in this show, displays an extra irony to the show. THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! They both feel like real people, with brains and flaws of their own. When is this MADNESS going to ever END???
  12. @Katsuragi Interesting. Tbh, at this point netizens will talk trash about everything. Unless the comment gets upvoted 4-5K times, and even then nothing comes from it most of the time. I think talking about the actors personal stuff unless its something super serious isn't necessary in this case. Alex does a good job portraying a character that speaks his mind compared to the timid Gyu Jin. Although I would like to see GJ not just see his actions and admire them only to do nothing about it. Yeah KBS weekenders always do well, (Strange b/c their mini series don't do so well w/ a few exceptions), but compared to BLWL, the ratings are quite good. Could see this reaching 40% by the end which is excellent since no dramas have reached that since the downward trend a few yrs ago. Lol at weekenders being for 'ahjummas,' (I disagree but I know that typically b/c of their issues/etc. it does give off those vibes but this show feels fresh imo), but still it does help a lot with actors profiles and likability down the line. Some already have a positive view of her because she is willing to play a role in a weekend drama with target audience of ajumma. (I think they didn't know that LMJ shoot to stardom because of the weekend drama Smile You). They like the fact that she shows up in a family drama and apparently she doesn't have "celebrity disease." Wait, is doing a weekender seen as stepping down? I know they are longer/ensemble pieces. Are family dramas seen as lesser then? Lol at "Celebrity disease," I guess because she's married to LBH that they don't expect her to work rme, when she's stated that she loves acting and is greedy to work more which good for her! @Samuel Yohanes IA. Good Casting although he appears in the show for 5 minutes or so, the show uses him way better than on this show. I do see some similarities though with some of the mannerisms but overall, his character here is a bit boring. Although he and his brother are The Odd Couple, they are funny together lol. @Silverlining93 Its so sad to see!! They only had 2 flashback scenes and they had a lot of chemistry together!! Ugh so frustrating...Let's hope that this doesn't become a thing. Speaking of, in the previews for next wk, everyone in the hospital knows NH has moved on. And he's hugged by his worker, and yet again, GJ plays it off. Grr! Weekenders tend to be more traditional (Patriarchal values/family/long going) compared to their mini series counterparts. Thats why I typically stay away from them, but Once Again proves to be the expectation. Before this, I watched here and there of Never Twice but this show doesn't have the makjang or overtly melodramatic parts imo. For the most part, I find the stories intertwined quite nicely. The writer of Once Again is writing her first weekender which is this show, so I think she's learning along the way with integrating the characters. Let's hope there's more progress between GJ and NH without other side characters getting in the way, I think GJ and NH deserve some to have some closure. I know that for K-dramas due to the live shooting system (Once Again is currently shooting), that they alter storylines due to audience reaction. It could be the case here with Sadon couple having more screen time in these 2 episodes. My concern is that these 2 episodes we had this week could signal for us what to expect for the Doctor couple going forward. I really hope that's not the case here, its just very frustrating seeing GJ like that and praise the Doctor guy, and pretend everything's ok for how long. There's more layers to a relationship that ends esp. with divorce/shared history with that person than jealously. Its more complex and complicated, and I wish the writer would display more of those attributes than just jealously which just undercuts imo the complexity of NH and GJ's love for one another. IA with what everyone has to say regarding this couple, with Sadon couple and Kimbap lady and the Meat guy, Gahee and the young guy, we see movement. I did wonder if because this is a longer show that they are saving this couple's moments for the latter end of the show. I hope so, because it gets to the point for the last 2-3 weeks where I feel like I'm writing the same thing with GJ and NH lol. I want to check back on this couple 1 month later to see if the writer has done any progress to them, because I don't feel like writing about the same thing with this couple . What a waste of LMJ and LSY!!! Both who are doing great jobs, esp. LMJ (I don't think she's wooden, as she's portraying someone who seems depressed in the beginning, she's smiling more and more now!). I would love to see them in another drama again, but LMJ only does dramas every 2 years now. Writer don't disappoint me, (I've faith in you b/c of your past work). Familiar Wife this and make GJ grow a backbone, and stop separating them from confronting their issues!! @emerald ox Ikr? Despite that, they both are good actors despite the shoddy writing for them. LSY is quite the expressive actor, it's so sad to see him look on with painful eyes every-time he encounters NH and JR. LMJ is also quite good and she comes across as cool, calm, and composed. Her husband is a huge star, so she herself is a big name b/c of that, so lets hope there's more traction!! Waste of talented actors who have great chemistry together @cp23 Good Casting finished filming in February 2020. Once Again was filmed after he finished Good Casting. I think the reason is that the writer doesn't know what to do with this couple at this point.
  13. Man the show really downgraded or diminished the screen time of Gyujin and Nahee. The prior episode to the recent one, they only got 2 minutes screen time lol :3. I wonder how both actors are feeling about seeing the Sadon couple get more love and popularity online compared to them, since they are the main leads of this show. I see some development with Nahee and the Head Interim guy and she seems happier too, but Gyujin I see regressing back along with his diminished screentime too :/ There's nothing attractive about seeing someone pine for someone who doesn't even realize it for how long its been since she moved out. Seriously though, it pains me to see LSY in this show now as both a fan and from an overall character view. After she moved out, he's been in tatters. He looks depressed, and takes out his angst on his brother. His brother sees right through him but he's not taking any of it to heart. If this was real life, I would suggest him to go to therapy to address his issues. I think its more than the divorce, and some underlying things going on with him. Also Boyoung's kid is a bit of a talker, eh? Meanwhile his brother Jaesuk comes across so cool and hot lol. Bummer tbh, I would love for him to work on himself and date someone else other than Boyoung. Make it like New Girl, and bring on the 'Megan Fox' type of character that gives him that spark again. I hope he doesn't pull a 'Ted' from How I Met Your Mother and not change or grow as a character, and only have the female character exhibit growth and for her to go back to him without him changing or growing in the end. If you aren't a whole person before you get into a relationship, the relationship won't change that. Instead, it will only magnify the issues. There are some cases in which you work through your issues with your partner's help and get to salvage the relationship, but that would imply you have the self-awareness to see the problem and you are willing to put in the effort to change it. Sadly that happens rarely. One more random ?, but is the little girl mute? She never responds or talks, if she is, I would say that's good representation onscreen. @fluffyloafThanks for the explanation! That explains a lot, and I am glad to see more of this type of this representation onscreen. The little girl is so adorable, and she's very playful with Jaesuk and Dahee. @Silverlining93 I feel you, seeing GJ watching tv with a sad expression was painful to see. Why is the writer wasting LSY's talents? I really like him as an actor and was hoping that this role would've been the one to take him to the top, but it's his younger brother that's getting the attention lol plot twist!? After the divorce, he's been sidelined and regressing as a character. The Boyoung character and storyline is so useless and dragging. @kiefshi1056 It's gotten to the point where Gyu Jin comes across as pitiful whenever he pines over Nahee, and seeing her happy and moving on without him. For Nahee, I like where her storyline is heading with the Head Interim Director guy. She seems to be moving on, and yet GJ and BJ story bores me and irks me because of him playing along with her despite not having any feelings towards her. Eh, makes me wonder why the writer since NH moved out of their house up to Ep 22 (48/100) that there hasn't been any progress with them. At this point because of this, I noticed a lot of people who find this couple boring and not interesting compared to Sadon couple.
  14. @Katsuragi Aww thank you! I really like the in-depth postings on here The writer of this show also tackled marriage and relationships in her prior dramas, so I think this show definitely showcases people who've divorced and how they deal with it and the aftermath of it. Korea has one of the highest divorce rates in Asia . I wish Boyoung was a good competitor to Nahee, like the Head Doctor is. Instead with BY, GJ would regress back to the past instead of moving on. IA. Marriage isn't as glossy as we see in K-dramas typically, I like that the show is shining a light on that with NH and GJ and the Stuntman and his wife as well. I wonder how did GJ become this way? We see 2 flashback scenes when they had a great banter and rapport with one another, so what changed during their marriage? Was it his mother in law's meddling ways or something to do with his personality or the lack of father figure in his life? They had this push and pull type of relationship in the beginning which in the beginning made for fun banter, but now that they are living separately it shows how much GJ was a pain to be around with. Even his brother mentioned that he nags a lot, and that could get annoying fast. More than that, him not comforting his wife when they were together in the scenes we saw made me upset. How could he be so nonchalant when his wife was in distress? Add to that, he likes the attention when its on him, now that its not he feels vindicated that the Director is getting the attention now. Speaking of isn't the director just there temporarily until the Head guy is out lol? Or maybe they'll just keep his role going until there's major progress with NH and GJ. The director guy is one cool suave guy lol. He is forthcoming, straight to the point, and doesn't mince his words. He tells NH that he likes her, and will wait for her until she changes her mind. He clears her name when the hospital staff speak ill of her. Speaking of, isn't this against work measures in the hospital to gossip to their subordinate? I feel like the hospital staff were awful for making NH feel like an outcast, and not inviting her to their chat for doctors. The fact that her GJ didn't even alert her is ??! NH seems annoyed by this when she didn't wash his clothes and he showed up to work in an Hawaiian shirt LOL. Both of them are so passive aggressive to each other I really hope the writer delves into when did they began to separate like that (I feel like there's something more there). I really hope that GJ doesn't end up being this jealous emotional wreck in the latter half of this show. He's already appears pitiful, no need to add even more damage lol. In fact, in the preview for next week episodes, GJ tells NH he wants her to be happy. I hope that he gives her space to heal, and he as well works on himself too. Going to a relationship with the Doctor guy might help her break from the bad vibes. He makes her laugh, listens to her, and doesn't make her feel lonely. Whereas GJ needs to work on himself before dating anyone else. You are right about GJ! He's totally faking it, I think he's an insecure introvert underneath his fake persona he tries too hard lol to be seen as cool but honestly he's a total dork! Remember the scene when he and his brother have some secret handshake or clap thing they do? I remember it LOL, he's such a DORK but I like it a lot because it shows us that he's over compensating. Great point! His brother has a jokester persona, but its also because he ran away to Turkey so GJ beared the burden back home while his brother was there. That also gives him emotional trauma. I really felt for him when he lashed out at his mom. Bravo to the actor! In the flashback scenes, Nahee seems more bubbly and outgoing compared to him. We see her in school where she seemed like a bright lad, and her making the first move too was smooth! He was definitely smitten by her. I think it was definitely love at first sight for him. Their divorce scene when she confronts him about it was so sad. He was nonchalant and seemed unaffected, but I think he was hurting inside. He tends to suppress his emotions until it reaches a breaking point which obviously is bad for his mental psyche. Ah yes same here! I never saw him in anything other than his Signal episodes which he was excellent in! He's a very expressive actor, I noticed that he tends to act with his eyes when he needs to. The moment when he saw his former mother in law, his eyes expressed so much pain It's a less showier performance compared to his extroverted brother, but I like the realistic portrayal a lot! I love NH, she's a strong willed woman! She's a loner and she doesn't want to change that about her which is refreshing. She's never shown to be mean to anyone, and yet the hospital staff ostracized her. It is uber refreshing to see someone as level headed and unapologetic as her in K-dramas imo. I hope that the writer doesn't do a 180, and change her character too much. Yeah, I think he doesn't realize it yet because he sees how the director has been treating her. I think that it pains him to see her move on (in his eyes) so fast. Yet he is totally oblivious to Boyoung's attention to him, because his mind is still on NH. That being said, it seems like he loves children, he gets along very well with BY's son. I wonder if that also caused a rift in their relationship as well? Miscarriages are harder on women than men, esp. on the body and we see NH has stomach pain (issues?) which never got brought up again after that moment. Maybe we'll get back to it? For sure, IA 100%. Their journey is going to a painful one for them and the audience lol.