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  1. I haven't yet! I really need to because the show is a must see. Its cool that he decided to stretch his skills by taking on a risky role, but at least he and IU got to be lovey dovey in 2 of her music videos. If he keeps choosing interesting projects as he does now, he'll continue to have a bright future!
  2. Oh interesting! Hyun Bin blew up quite fast early on his career. Yeah I liked the drama didn't love it (dragged a bit/too many flashbacks), but the thing that kept me enamored with the show was the acting especially from him. He took a character that on paper could've come across as bland, and gave it life and humanity. Quite a nuanced performance, not shocking that he went on to win awards for it. Lol yeah, I saw some clips and such and he was joking around and seemed like the class clown. He did say that when he doesn't know someone well at first, he seems shy but the more he gets to know someone he gets more extroverted and likes to play around. He should it makes him look hotter! His recent Insta post has the look and its a beauty!!
  3. People said that in other posts, and I don't really see it lol? Maybe the chiseled jawline/cheekbones? In his web dramas, he shows a more funnier/comical side to him. I would like to see more dramas utilize this aspect! Also please slick your hair back too I just finished Come and Hug Me and he did an amazing job, I felt his creepy smile haunting when it was used here and there. IA, he has a debut film Bad Guys out later this year.Aww, I was like "I wish you enlisted earlier" so I guess 2-3 years then Side note- There are times when I watch his roles, and I'm like "Model lol" and then finding out he was one was like "Duh no shocker there!"
  4. I'm curious to know more about this actor, and he seems to be on the rise up and up! So far he seems to be highly versatile and has a unique look that will take him far. I'm very curious if he can be the next Hyun Bin or Gong Yoo, as in someone to keep a look out for. To be honest, I see some So Ji Sub-ness to him but he's more refined/elegant looking. Anywho, glad to see a thread for him and am loving his turn of Search: WWW and ignore Tami and wear those low cut shirts/slicked back hair Mo-gun!! (*heart eyes galore).
  5. Oh oh...Not going to lie, the Mo-gun/Tami couple already gone through the ups/downs of their relationship so this makes me a bit nervous. I hope that Tami doesn't get too jealous/mad and handles their meetup in a mature way like they've done in the past. Don't let me down writer!
  6. Interesting, I feel like his portrayal of Mo-gun vs his character in My Ahjussi or Come and Hug Me are vastly different from one another. However, I'll say that in his web dramas he tends to be goofy, dorky, and more zanier/funnier than what the leading roles he's gotten thus far. Not sure if you've seen them but I would check out The Boy Next Door (2017) and this below to get more of a feel of his acting overall.
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