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hi all!

 Marty Mcfly Hello GIF by Extreme Improv

i was raking leaves today it it was a pain in the butt so.. i thought hmm how bout i make some smiles about my misery! so this week's theme is fall memes (yes ik it may not be fall for everyone but i think it is a pretty original idea XD). 


Making Us Laugh This Week | 11 Memes For Anyone Ready For Fall | Fall  humor, Fall memes, Fall fun 30 Fall Memes for the Autumn-Obsessed - Funny Fall Memes5 Fun Fall Memes that are All Too Familiar in the Northwoods | Go Chippewa  Falls 

 ALTHO I HAVE ONE RULE WITH THIS THEME: (besides following the basic forum rules and stuff) but please do not post halloween memes because i already have a theme in mind for spooky season!

tagging some friends: @MY15 @corey @partyon @Jillia @larus @joccu @kokodus @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @Minbongyi @Min2206 @H0ney @pompyavi 

please join us for some fall fun! thank u all and i hope u have a great rest of ur day/night!


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hi all! i said i had a plan for spooky season (halloween) and i want to have a special two week long theme for halloween!

Living Color | Halloween gif, Halloween art, Halloween pictures

the theme is all halloween anything funny about halloween: gifs, puns, lame jokes , memes, u name it!


 Trick Or Treat Costumes GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos - Find &  Share on GIPHY  Halloween Memes in 2020 | Halloween memes, Funny halloween memes, Happy halloween  memeHilarious Halloween Puns That'll Have Everyone Howling | Real Simple tagging @partyon and @Lmangla to help get the word out since they're event organizers! thanks in advance everyone!! love u all! bye!

Bye Bye Goodbye GIF by Mickey Mouse - Find & Share on GIPHY

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