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  1. Team add Yeah and today we and a fire drill and I was home today so I was alone in zoom!!! +2
  2. True. The next person likes to swim
  3. Nothing much. Just finishing school (since we're all home today.) Hello!! Good morning 802
  4. False. I wish I could. the next person likes the smell of a doctors office.
  5. Thank you! I'll follow you too +2 486
  6. I'm a girl as well!! Although I'm questioning if I'm non binary or not. +2 486
  7. @mirmz yeah I am new. I guess some things about me are that I'm the youngest of eight siblings, I've never been in a trampoline, and I hate cereal. Also I'm trying to be more active on here. +2 486
  8. False. I don't have a phone then next person has fell from a high place before like a mountain
  9. False. I have never watched it before. Next person sleeps with stuffed animals
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