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8 hours ago, Jillia said:

Oh dear! This is really waking up bad memories. :lol: But it's definitely funny because... SO TRUE!


Hahaha, it's funny now! But not then! :bawling:


When the prof grades major tests using right minus wrong method:




It's possible to have negative scores.


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HI! okay so this week's theme is being socially awkward/ having socially anxiety/ being social issues.

examples: When you're socially awkward but you still give it a shot - iFunny :) |  Awkward funny, Socially awkward, Awkward meme52 Memes Socially Awkward People Will Feel On A Deep, Awkward Level |  Someecards MemesMemes All Socially Awkward People Understand Too Well - ViraLuck    


22 Memes For The Socially Awkward Introvert | ChaostrophicSocially Awkward Meme - Motivational Speaker & Humorist   Im socially awkward - Meme by CloudGangHooligin :) Memedroid 

tagging: @partyon @Min2206 @Thong Thin @Jillia @H0ney @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla @Berou @kokodus @TiNaDo @MY15 @Lynne @larus @MinLyn

please join us for this week's meme theme! 


Edited by Jillia
Please put more than 3 pics/IGs in spoiler tags, thanks!
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