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  1. Soompi is sosmed. It is normal to sharing more than words. Btw or you can share abs only without your face. We will be understand your privacy +2
  2. Can you elaborate then. your abs pict please WE WAIT FOR YOUR ABS PICT!! +2
  3. Yes, it is because of @partyon and she was not even include daejang's abs in her poll ~,~ I looked serious min min. on the camera. I swear ^_* +2
  4. Ep 11 - I love it whenever CY daejang ordering his woodalchie to retreat from fighting Gi Choel's followers. He is a wise figure. I love men who can think to retreat from people they could not handle, means people like this always calculating the risks. ohhhhh CY daejang my love pict: jominz. hahahahaha Ok I found this on pinterest, and they cut the size, but I still remember that this pict edited by admin jominz. This is her editing style - I laughed at the scene when King GM went to the queen's quarter and grabbed her hand and took her to his palace hahaha. Specially when Lady Choi pulled that woodalchie's hand to give some privacy to the king and the queen. This was one of my favorite scene at ep 11 and now too - CY daejang noticed that ES stopped smiling AWWWWW.. btw @Min2206 minmin I think ES stops smiling since she comes back to the palace again. It's understable after everything happened to her. Gi Choel arrested her in his house, and CY accused her as a traitor when he tried to save her. I think besides worried, she is just tired with everything happened. She is a lively character. But in Goryeo people kill people in front of her and even trying to kill her too. Who will be able to smile if were in ES's shoes. Plus she can't buy modern sanitary pad there. Isn't it very frustrating? oughhh - oh ya, Finally ES asked a payment for her medical treatment to them hahaha. aishhh. They must to pay her a very lot. She is a professional and they only tell her to treat A or B even forced her to do surgery.. aishhh.. - They also introduced this sweet OST in this ep. I love this - btw daejang looks too much handsome in the last part of ep 11 oh my heart..
  5. min min @Min2206 tbh I do not listen to this zoom meeting. my audio for zoom meeting only 15% while faith ON with my handphone and using headset. but camera on my face so it looks as if I am listening to them but actually I am not wkwkwk. do not follow me people. hahaha. This is called acting ^_* btw my friend said do you love brahms is romantic. I will watch it !! I need to finished Faith ep 11, then I will watch FOE 14 15 then ROY 5 6 then MTES then Faith again then in between do you love brahms lol. Only this year. I swear. +2
  6. 744 in a zoom meeting with Faith Ep 11 Sometimes I feel I am not fit with my job descriptions hahaha.. I have spent 19 years of my life by studying and listening to all my teachers and lecturers, and now I am in a ministry where there are too much seminars per year and still must to listening to all those speakers, I am bored. Too much theories
  7. It’s been raining in here for 2 weeks now. I am not liking this ~,~ I miss my sunny days +2
  8. @Thong Thin hi chingu I remember that 8 years ago I talked about dugun dugun heart when watching daejang with my minoz friends on facebook hehehe. Well, actually it was me who give an idea of Faith kdrama 2020 re watching on soompi hahaha. I came in here and I love it because I got warmth response from @Min2206 to do a re watch. Later, EO then helping us to organize this and they even adding another re watch dramas and it is more fun. They even watching this together with us ^_* Btw, I like to read your Faith recaps too Oh ya about Ep 10, 8 years ago, I was very exciting to watch every ep of Faith kdrama. Not because of the main story really interested me. I always struggle with the political plots in Song Ji Na's kdrama. From Faith, to Healer then to the king in love. Something in her politic and action plots are not fit with my taste. HAHAHAHA. Because of I am not a fan of too serious story like thriller or actions. BUT, CY daejang's character and LMH's face, encourage me to continue to watching this series Specially in ep 10 with too many scenes of Gi Choel and King GM and that grey hair dude and the fire lady. I am actually bored. lol. I am not watching faith kdrama to see those antagonists. I want a lot of romantic scenes of ES and CY daejang together with romantic background music in the scenes. This is what I feel 8 years ago. And now.. HAHAHAHA.. I think Song Ji Na gives too many lines for the supporting characters, which sometimes I feel that they stole the main focus from the main leads.
  9. @Berou @Jillia @MY15 and everyone +2
  10. ohh.. Yes you are right.. I could not think from this POV. I thought if people showing off on IG or FB means that they are very confident. I have never seen from this side that these people need validation from others about their branded stuffs or their looks. arasso.. My cousin is a bit different when posting stuffs. She will be showing anything she just bought. Sometimes I think it is a bit too much. We don't need to show people what we have because sometimes it could inviting danger or robber. but I have never thought that yes she needs validation. okay.. and perhaps she is not competing herself with me. she just love to follow me HAHAHAHAHA. I mean, if I use white nailpolish on Christmas because I will be wearing white dress on my christmas mass, she will use white nail polish too after that and will show it on fb and IG and she will even bought white dress too and white shoes. hehehe. let me remember.. I love pink and used to be she was not but later she loves pink. then I change my color preference and she will change it too. like me. she have never posting pict like outfit of the day before and after I posting outfit of the day pict then she posted it too. If we gathered in my grandma house, she will pay detail attentions to what I wear. her eyes always looking at me. and she will comes and talk with me while seeing what I am wearing. Used to be when we were teenagers, she love to come to my house and borrowed my dresses. But I never think strange. I just think that she likes my dresses so I let her borrowed those dresses. But after all of these, sometimes I don't understand her behaviours toward me. She is a very difficult person for me to understand. +2
  11. But she always posting herself on fb and on IG like a model hahahaha. And her branded stuffs and diamonds lol. When people with this confident commenting not good comments about us what we say? I am not hoping people praising me all the times but sometimes I found what she said is not right HAHAHAHA.. Once, our other cousin gave birth to a pretty daughter and the baby name is Clairine. Her mom wanted to called her lala. I told het mom no. Lala is our aunty pet name. I told her to called clairine ‘Clay’ and they agree with me and calling her Clay. But when my cousin posting Clay picts on facebook, my cousin first commented “Clay.. uri pretty baby, not like her mom.” Then I replied her, “don’t be like that sis, of course Clay is as pretty as her mom.” And she replied again “but people almost called her lala like who?? Who is lala?” (She knows that lala is our aunty pet.” Then I replied again “don’t sis.. Clay is her nickname from aunty H0ney ^_*” then after my comments, Clay mom then commented too. I am actually not comfortable if people praising me too much. For a long time I had a very low self esteem because of I was a shy person. I always think I am not good enough or like that, And because I live with September people who will not praise people if they not feel it like it must be hahahaha. But when I say to people like you are pretty or You are smart or you are good I do really mean it. I think it is true sometimes. But this is not right because competitiveness between sisters or brothers is not good. It is good if brothers and sisters learn how to support each other so they will be nice to each other. Yes. I think so too. Her husband is an introvert person. But he is very kind actually. She is my cousin so I could not ignoring her hahaha. Actually I have soft spot for her. It is just sometimes I feel like she doesn’t know how to behave and I don’t understand why. +2
  12. I trust your oppinion btw sometimes I let things slide, but sometimes I in a bad mood and I feel she is insulting me or what hahahaha. Perhaps I was just too sensitive +2
  13. He he he I feel bad at that time after did that because it was my niece that I talk about. But I think sometimes I need to put some words to her mom, my cousin. Lol I actually thinking what I did in the past to her that makes her this competitive with me hahahaahaaaaaa. I have many stories where she always put herself to compete with me when I never feel this way to her. She is my sister, my cousin so I don’t think competition is necessary. But if I look again, I think she never puts good comments for everyone around her. If we all, family gather together in my grandma house, her parents house is right in front of my grandma house, she never brings her daughters to play together with my other nieces nephews. And her husband also not socialize too much with us. His husband rarely came and sit together with all brothers and talk. Only stay at home. I don’t know this is my pov because my parents taught me it is important to socialize with family. Specially if we all gather together in holidays. One day in a event, my uncle sits alone, my dad’s bro. He is our elder. And her husband there but he lets my uncle sits alone and did not join him. This is not an appropriate manner in my pov. Or what I have been taught. I think if people do not socialize much with others specially family, they don’t know how to do these things. +2
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