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EVENT: memes & kdramas!   hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a genera

I think we can all relate to these, no?           cr. to owners   tagging more chingus: @booha @rocher22 @willenette @africandramalover @lebeauc

@partyon ~ always find it hilarious that all the loan sharks look like they are stuck in the 80s/90s with their flashy colour/print shirts & suit combos with some gold jewelry. surely, loan sharks also know some fashion since they are busy fleecing all these characters? ^_^


when we get bad endings after sitting through for so many episodes....

step 1: shock



step 2: anger & rant on thread



step 3: amnesia + brain surgery to wipe that drama from our head.


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49 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

hahhahaha... @partyon ~ guess we kdrama fans were more occupied eh during the lockdown. :D

@croquembouche2018 ~ waiting for an episode is hard enough but how do people manage to wait for seasons that take forever to come out! the pain is real. hahahahahah....


random viewer on thread -- "this drama sucks."

some viewers after encountering fandom: :sweatingbullets:



LMAO @Lmangla tell me about it.

I might not have watched as many dramas as most avid kdramas fans did. But rest assured I'm quite a veteran when it comes to waiting for next episodes or season(s), from the dramas with vague status of whether there will be a new season or not, to the confirmed dramas with new season that usually comes the very next year at the soonest.



@partyon I also stick to the adage If you're handsome, you're my oppa religiously.

Also :


Credit to owner.


And this is for @maribella


Cr. to owner.

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if you are a kdrama character, you will still have the latest samsung phone even if you are working 3 jobs. no need to worry about payments...




and why do immortal creatures need cell phones -- surely they can use mind control, magic or something to communicate? ^_^

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9 hours ago, Lmangla said:

hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a general space to talk about all sorts of things. in the weekly meme theme thread, @mirmz selects a theme for a week and soompi chingus are free to post memes on that meme. all to have a few chuckles and laughs. we all need that no? since we wanted to hold a memes event on kdramas, we decided to hold it here, thanks  @mirmz , :).


amazing introduction @Lmangla

btw since im not really interested in kdramas (sorry guys i prefer anime) u guys r gonna have to educate the meme queen (me) about kdrama memes. so when u post some memes this week make sure to tag me so i can be educated about kdramas. :D 

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My face, when someone I've been recommending an asian drama to for months, (but hearing it's too much trouble to read the subtitles) finally watched and now can't stop talking about it. 


tale of the nine tailed | Tumblr

Gif taken from Tumblr uploaded by deokmis


Edited by SilverDawn
splitting content
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1 hour ago, Sleepy Owl said:

@mirmz tagging you as asked. 


thank u dear sleepy <3

i have a zoom meeting from 1-3 today 

do i want to skip it and sleep?

Korean Drama GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY | Drama gif, Secret garden drama, Korean  drama

also thank u all for commenting on my thread!

likes and follows (for the theme i dont really care if u follow me or not) r appreciated!

i hope u guys continue commenting on it with future themes.

i wanna give all of u guys hugs so here u go:

Get Well Soon Hug GIF by Robert E Blackmon

thank u @Lmangla and @partyon for giving me the opportunity to have an event on this thread. <3

I Love You Lova Ya GIF


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