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  1. He is so cute and chubby
  2. may we talk in private

  3. false by a long shot next person loves brussel sprouts
  4. what is his name? and you look like a "cool mom" lol. plus chubby babies are always the cutest
  5. aww you're welcome this is really off topic but in your bio it says you are a mom is that your child in your profile pic? Sorry if this sounds weird I'm just wondering. If you don't wanna answer I'm okay w/ it. And if that is your child he/she is so cute. I'm really sorry if this sounds weird I'm just a really curious person.
  6. I highly recommend listening to some, especially if you are having a bad day just put on some musicals on your phone and pop in your earbuds, and it makes the day better by far (or at least this is what works for me)
  7. false next person loves broadway musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Heathers, Legally Blonde, and Hamilton. There's a few examples for you non theatre kids XD
  8. @Dhakra love your profile picture/gif -2
  9. false I don't even like k pop. I prefer punk rock and heavy metal. No offense to you hardcore BTS fans. Altho I do know one is named Jimin Next person likes the beatles
  10. that is..............unfortunately true. next person likes salt n vinegar chips (those r my fav)
  11. true I love watching true crime documentaries <3 next person likes to watch reruns of friends
  12. hi i was at a doctors appointment
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