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EVENT: memes & kdramas!   hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a genera

I think we can all relate to these, no?           cr. to owners   tagging more chingus: @booha @rocher22 @willenette @africandramalover @lebeauc

hiiiiiii peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

so if u dont know already i live in america (specifically the midwest) and the weather recently has been kinda crazy. i mean if u live in the midwest u know the struggle of the constantly fluctuating weather. seriously it's so weird. it was snowing in october and now it feels 70+ degrees in november?!  so i have decided that this week's theme will be about the weather.


 Memes capture the craziness that is Texas weather Weather memes chronicle the essence of living in Arizona | Photo Galleries  | azfamily.comWe're already dreading winter: Join us with these cold weather memes – Film  Daily


tagging: @partyon @Jillia @larus @corey @Min2206 @MinLyn @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla @Berou @H0ney @sadthe1st @celebrianna @TiNaDo @cream cheezy @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 @joccu @kokodus 

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