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1 hour ago, partyon said:

How many times have I not understood why the FL chose the irrational and narcissistic ML when the warm and kind 2nd ML would have been a much better choice.






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8 hours ago, partyon said:

People have been complaining about kdramas being lackluster lately. Let's share our funniest kdrama memes! :kiss_wink:

Anyone who watched TKEM will know... :emmm:


Those were the days when one pulled an all-nighter....




@partyon  I guess because there are dramas lately that don't tell good stories. Some stories are drawn out for sequels. But, it doesn't mean that dramas lately are lacking in talent. We just want to watch good and interesting stories. Some networks are taking a chance on a relatively unknown actor in a lead role, opting instead for well-established names who may not be a good fit for the actual character. I heard, too that people are complaining about K-dramas being unrealistic, become too cheesy. I guess these are the factors why they complain about K-dramas lately being lackluster. About TKEM, ahhh..... where do I begin - Yes, it's true that the drama had slow growth in viewership but, I don't consider it a flop. My only complaint about the drama are Lee Jun Jin's character and the slow-pacing. In the pilot episode, it's established that he is ruthless and spares no one coming his way of power, But, I think there hasn't been convincing proof that he is someone to be feared of. For me, his character wasn't suggesting the presence of danger who


could harm Lee Gon.   :rubchin:   Biased aside, in my part, this drama made my time & days wonderful. I can watch it over & over again without remembering the plot - :Megalol:   so, I could enjoy it all the time. It's happy-ending, so I don't complain. The King: Eternal Monarch was a very entertaining watch. The drama gave me a very “epic” feel. It may not have gotten it perfect on every level, but the scope of the story is deserving of praise. I can say that I was not


disappointed at all.  :popcornjackson:


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