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  1. Happy Eid Mubarak @MayanEcho and all those who celebrating Eid AlFtr around the world Am having fun here too @Wuzetian Happy Hols to you! Have a good break, you and @Thong Thin Wonder @sadthe1st has a break as well ? Oooo @partyon SIG your oppa too , mian he No worries on LMH. He is not mine alone. Waaa @Abs_ triggered I finished the 2 episodes of Doom - that guy is sure cool. But the expression on his face with that cig hanging between his lips .... lol, stunned by the invitation "Let's live together" !
  2. @kokodus @mirmz Your oppa SIG , koko, is so cool in Doom. No wonder Park BY's heart is fluttered. I am gonna zzz soon. Goodnight everyone! 282
  3. Oh yea, i remember my grandma told me this but she added bit of seasoning. Thank you @joccu for taking time to explain. 290
  4. I think I can do this .. so these vege soup is savoury or sort - are we allowed to put salt, pepper anything? so no protein, carbo and dairy stuff, including caffein. Sorry for so many questions. 294
  5. May I ask what kind of detox please? 298
  6. Hello @larus and @twinkle_little_star Wow! How long is your detox? 7-day programme? If yes, I really salute your will-power. @gm4queen 302
  7. 310 Thank you so much @Abs_ triggered Me watching Doom now!
  8. 304 It's raining here too - at least I can hear the loud raindrops ... hope it cool down the night Ahem @Wuzetian latest? naaaaa ... you have that potential ! This is so @partyon Hello, Unnie!
  9. Oh dear, I used to have that, and lie down on bed for hours. Was prescribed a painkiller for that PMS pain and it helped. Rest well @gm4queen - pray the pain go away FAST. 304 edit @Abs_ triggered Ameera Ali - how i miss you
  10. @joccu @Sleepy Owl Aigoooooo @Abs_ triggered How lucky can this Park BY gets ...... awwwww I also want Heard a lot of good things about neem leaf. Good on you @Wuzetian Double protection! I am also into peachy bums (now have to look for that emoji) @Abs_ triggered show more please Me already on leave @Wuzetian Long weekend but with restrictions on covid - very strict now. Me back now, Grandma's ok @Thong Thin - thanks for the wishes. You take care too! Thank you @MayanEcho. Grandma is happy, yes and Happy
  11. Thank you @partyon on the Truck of Doom poll. This pole is funny! @Abs_ triggered Your gifs tell a thousand, million words .... no need to imagine now. Re-charging mode ON ! @mirmz Stay calm @sadthe1st Go at your pace - drink more water, weather is bad yes! @Thong Thin @gm4queen @MayanEcho See you guys later. Today is grandma's turn for vaccination. Ta Ta 278 C
  12. Oooooo .... so early in the episode .... recharge? You sure , it's just holding hands? Imagine you are in anger world and you are corrected on your spelling .... MAN._ what manner? MADDER Me at the moment watching MINE And reading some reviews on DOOM plus seeing @Abs_ triggered gifs on this re-chargeable hand-holding handsome Oppa of umm @kokodus and who else, uhh? , makes me feel very inching to watch. Gotta zzz soon Goodnight everyone ! 282
  13. Maybe you can check out Youth of May , a melodrama. The Doom drama is a fantasy romance one. Hey @Thong Thin are you off for the Raya or working from home? Hope you get a long break. Wonder where is @sadthe1st this reminded me of you @sadthe1st when I go through the web 294
  14. 294 Glad you found something to see @4evrkdrama Hope you enjoy Bossam till the end. Hello @mirmz@Ernie
  15. Thank you @kokodus for your thoughts. A very handsome Angel of Death then @Lmangla 298
  16. @Abs_ triggered @twinkle_little_star It's okay, I'll pass 300
  17. Aww, What a coincidence that Kim Seo Hyung is the step-mom to N in the drama
  18. @Abs_ triggered After reading some reviews, feel like watching Doom .... hehe 298
  19. Good morning @gm4queen @Thong Thin 304
  20. His visual is stunning By the way , may I ask -- these BW photos , are they from this website theactorispresent.kr? I saw fans posting BW great pics of their baes from there.
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