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  1. 536 Hihi @Sleepy Owl, @joccu & @sadthe1st! Hey @mirmz! Great to see you here too!
  2. Happy Chuseok to all! Yeah, I'm loving their rain dance too! It's simply romantic and enchanting to me!
  3. Hehe...if you ask @partyon or me, we would say it’s got to be Ji Sung Oppa! Min Min! Do join us! Yeah @partyon! Will join in the re-watch for the drama, Secret! -2
  4. It’s great to see all of us are gathered here! -2
  5. Just Hi everyone! Just one more day until the weekend! -2
  6. Text Preview for Ep 9 of ROY... Looking at Hye-Joon who appears as a perfect celebrity to them, his family members are extremely happy but are also overcome by a strange sense of feeling... Despite his busy schedule, Hye-Joon and Jung-Ha are able to spend their daily lives together and hence, develop their love for each other. Kim I-Yeong (Hae-Hyo's mom) is angry when she sees Hye-Joon moving forward with great success. Hence, she uses this to stimulate Hae-Hyo... Sharing gifs of our Park-Park Couple from the recent episodes... Cr. dc gall
  7. Had tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup) for dinner. Usually, I don't do the cooking but if I do, it will be something simple for me to prepare. Basically pretty much like a no-frills type of meal. Happy Chuseok! -2
  8. Happy Wednesday! Hehe... @partyon! Thanks for creating the fun poll on how we take our coffeee! If I do drink coffee, I will take it only in the afternoons and l prefer to drink mine with lots of milk and a little sugar... Hehe...Great to have you re-join us on Team Subtract! -2
  9. The next scene... The last scene... P.S. Transcapping their dialogue kinda saddens me in a way cos I sense that they seem to be drifting apart due to Hye-joon's busy work schedule...
  10. Video Preview for Ep 9 of ROY... Hye-Joon's grandpa : Don't you know Hye-Joon is already a star right now? Soo-Bin saying : Does Hye-Joon Oppa know about this? It seems like Jung-Ha is going to move to another place to live in. Jung-Ha tells Soo-Bin : I want to us to be able to have a good relationship.... Grandpa telling the family : I've been selected to shoot an advertisement... Hye-Joon's mom : Congratulations, Dad! Park Do-Ha speaking to Lee Tae-Su : I won't let Sa Hye-Joon defeat me! Park Do-Ha : You said that you're concerned about me. What are you going to do for me then? Hae-Hyo's mom telling Hae-Hyo : How can you disappoint me when I've done everything I could to support you? Jung-Ha to her dad : I've always been telling myself that I must stay strong.... Jung-Ha continues saying : I do not want to depend on anyone... Hye-Joon's voiceover : I want to be someone of this time whom which people can connect with and find solace in me...
  11. Yeah! I second that! It's a really beautiful and enchanting movie! -2
  12. Haha....Really, @partyon? We didn’t realise that right, @MY15 & @sadthe1st? Oh, if that’s the case, can I invite @sadthe1st to join us in Team Subtract then? J/K! But of course, if you’d like to join us, we’ll be more than elated to have you with us! Good morning all on a Tuesday! -2
  13. The next scene... The next scene... The final scenes.... Hye-Joon & Jung-ha... The last scene...
  14. Video Preview for Ep 8 of ROY... Hye-Joon uses his hand to cover Jung-Ha's eyes so the latter tells him... Jung-Ha : I cannot see a single thing... Hye-Joon asks Jung-Ha : Did you miss me? Jung-Ha's voiceover : I'm really happy that I'm dating such a great guy... Hae-Hyo's mom tells Hye-Joon's mom : He (Hye-Joon) cannot really afford to start dating now... Hye-Joon's mom replies : I really have nothing much to say today... Jung-Ha telling her mom : You're saying that you have devoted your life just to bring me up? Jung-Ha continues saying : Why is it I can't remember any of that? Gyeong-Joon to Hye-Joon : You're really lucky! Everyone seems to like you from the moment they see you... Hye-Joon's dad telling Jin-Woo's dad (more like bragging) : He's always been a good-looking guy... JIn-Woo's dad : Of course! Cha Tae-Su speaking to a lady (a reporter?) : I feel really terrible...as you can see... He continues saying : Have you heard of a certain Charlie Jung? Hye-Joon bumps into Jin-Ah (his ex-girlfriend)... Jin-Ah to Hye-Joon : Congratulations on your career! I'm really glad to see that it's going well!
  15. My bias is Maotsjun Couple though I do like Shun Oguri too!
  16. Good evening on a Monday! Hi there, @joccu, @Min2206& @Sleepy Owl! -2
  17. Hi @gumtaek! Below is a brief synopsis of the talk show host/critic on Record of Youth. (Hulk Talk Show) views Park Bo-Gum's role as Sa Hye-Joon in Record of Youth as a distinctive portrayal of a "Dirt Spoon" in contemporary Korean society. Hence, the reason why the talk show host cum critic supports Park Bo-gum in Record of Youth. As the spoon class theory clearly depicts the different socioeconomic classes in South Koea wherein individuals are classified based on the types of assets they own and the financial status of their families. As often enough, the belief is that one's success is dependent solely on whether one is born into a wealthy and privileged family. The talk show critic, Jung Deok-Hyun feels that Record of Youth is a really good drama as it is a vivid and realistic reflection of the harsh reality of what the modern youths are faced with nowadays when they are being classified as a "dirt spoon" since they are born into low income families who are financially impoverished. Yet, at the same time, the drama also gives cheers to bubbly-like fantasies and dreams. Scenes of Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam alone are also enough to draw high expectations for the drama. Park Bo Gum Is Ready To Take On A New Challenge In “Record Of Youth” Soompi Article Sep 27, 2020 by S. P tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Record of Youth” has released new stills of Park Bo Gum! “Record of Youth” tells the story of young people who struggle for their dreams and love amidst the harsh realities of the modeling industry. Park Bo Gum stars as Sa Hye Joon, an aspiring actor and model, Park So Dam stars as Ahn Jung Ha, an aspiring makeup artist, and Byun Woo Seok stars as Wo Hae Hyo, a model who wants to make a name for himself without relying on his family. Spoilers Just when things were beginning to turn around for Sa Hye Joon’s budding acting career, his casting in a drama was canceled due to the work of his former agency CEO Lee Tae Su (played by Lee Chang Hoon). Although Sa Hye Joon didn’t let his disappointment show in front of his manager Lee Min Jae (played by Shin Dong Mi), he was nonetheless hurt by the news. However, he found comfort in the company of Ahn Jung Ha, whose existence helps him escape reality and experience pure happiness. The episode ended as Sa Hye Joon conveyed his feelings for Ahn Jung Ha through their very first kiss. Sa Hye Joon is ready to overcome more hurdles on the path toward his dreams in the new stills, which show him at an audition for a production that is looking for a model-turned-actor. However, while Sa Hye Joon discusses his role in earnest, Lee Min Jae appears on edge, clutching her bag uneasily. In the final still, the pair discuss the role, with Lee Min Jae doing her best to convince the actor to see her point of view. The script on the table in front of them is titled “Return of the King,” leading viewers to wonder what kind of role Sa Hye Joon might take on next, and whether or not he will be able to succeed in spite of Lee Tae Su. The drama’s production team hinted at what is to come, commenting, “The steadfast Sa Hye Joon will keep taking on challenges, and his chance to turn everything around is coming. Viewers can expect to feel a refreshing sense of satisfaction.” The next episode of “Record of Youth” airs on September 28 at 9 p.m. KST.
  18. Hihi @mirmz! Do hope you are having a great weekend so far! Good Afternoon @sadthe1st! Do enjoy your lunch time! -2
  19. Hihi @partyon & @Lmangla! Thanks for planning and organising the coming re-watch event! I see that my favourite drama and Oppa is in the re-watch drama list so I'll definitely join in the fun! I certainly dun mind watching Ji Sung's Secret (Love) again though I just re-watched this drama a few months back! Yeah @partyon & @Sleepy Owl, Team Sub will be over the moon to have both of you re-joining us on our Team! Hi there, @pompyavi! Great to see that you're fasting becoming a resident member on this thread too! -2
  20. Good Morning everyone on a Sunday! Hehe... @Min2206! Glad that you had fun eating mooncakes and playing with lanterns at your friend's place. I dun really enjoy eating mooncakes so if we do receive them as gifts, we will gladly give them away. Yeah! I'm all game for a Rum Punch Virtual Party cos I do enjoy drinking and think I can hold my quite well! Just done with clearing some work so I'm really happy to be here in Soompi again... Hey @MY15! We do miss you here on this thread! Looks like Team Sub really needs all of us to be more active here! -2
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