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Everything posted by mirmz

  1. pepper spray's pretty good for self defense
  2. idk sure i guess next person just woke up.
  3. i changed my profile pic :D

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    2. mirmz


      ya ima change it

    3. Guest031284


      But it’s penguin @mirmz .. I thought it would be cat :gangnamstyle:

      btw I change my dp because you said it is hurting your eyes hahahah


      btw enjoy your weekend. I will be log out from soompi on weekend :selfie2:

    4. mirmz


      haha thanks hope u have good weekend too. <3

  4. yeah no and goodnight! have a good sleep! <3 -2
  5. ok UvU -2 @Guest031284 it's just the colors were hurting my eyes lol XD
  6. it looked kinda weird at first and it looked like it was popping out of my screen btw big sis @partyon if u wanna go back to team add u can it'll just be sad :"( -2
  7. nah i just looked at ur new profile pic -2
  8. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! -2
  9. 496 edit: oh crap i meant 496 not 456 sorry sorry :"(
  10. ya tbh idc if everyone calls me lil sis on this thread. i bet im younger than everyone on this thread! XD -2
  11. well i dont really care what u call me my friends at school call me mirmz or mirmi (my name is Miranda so it's kind of a nickname that fits w/ my name?) so like call me something that fits -2
  12. -2 edit: pretty good how bout u ms. koko @kokodus?
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