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  1. @gm4queen well school got out a few weeks ago, so recently i have just been enjoying my summer break. -2
  2. hi everyone! it's been a while since i logged in, how's everyone doing? also sorry about the meme theme, i think i might leave it inactive for a while (i plan on updating it next month tho!). -2
  3. hey everyone sorry for not changing the theme this weekend. since i have a lot of things going on this week i decided not to change the theme this week. -2
  4. hiiiii peopleeeeeee so this week's theme is going to be food memes suggested by @gm4queen& @Min2206. i'm open to suggestions for future meme themes, so if you'd like to suggest a theme, feel free to tag or PM me! "NORMAL MEME" EXAMPLES: or you can make your own memes with gifs and images or "custom" memes as i like to call them! (credit @Lmangla) "CUSTOM" MEME EXAMPLE: when you're cutting a piece of fruit: TAGGING: @Lmangla @partyon @Sleepy Owl @larus @Alice Wonderland @Min2206 @elan1 @gm4queen @Thong Thin @TiNaDo @kokodus @pompyavi @4evrkdrama
  5. any themes you guys want on the meme theme this week? -2
  6. how bout your fav real person crush saving you big sis @partyon not like an actor or anything, just a random person? just a random question, because maybe some people would want just normal people to save them rather than an actor or something.
  7. hi everyone! WARNING RAMBLE: so as most of you may or may not know i'm a student and i happen to use this website on a school computer. anyways i have 15 days of school left, so i won't be able to use this computer for much longer, meaning that i will have to take a break from soompi (sorry guys T^T). just warning you guys so you're not like "where's lil sis mirmz? why is she not changing the meme theme?", this is the reason why. i just don't want you guys to be super surprised when i disappear for a while (hopefully not for too long!) okay so this week's theme is going to be h
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