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Winter Garden Detective Agency 2.0


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Interested candidate must

1. love eating chocopie

2. not be afraid of maggots

3. have a sense of humour

4. be willing to be trolled by the writer

5. have the patience of a saint.

If you fulfill the requirements above , please apply for the job at your own risk!



Hey WG shippers ...I have no idea what is going to happen to our shippers thread on the Club. As it depends on whether the clubs section can be brought back.  So I think let's continue our spazzing here and please tag everyone who was in the first thread...spread the word

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Hello everyone! 


Waaaaaaah our club is down by the time YYS episode was uploaded on Channel Fullmoon (but it took forever for subtitles to come out because he is too talkative!)


Let me catch up some stuff!


Also calling @randomthotz to come here too!


First lemme drop some funny things:




There were observations made how Junwan and Gyeoul are pretty similar with each other and Junwan–Jaehak tandem somewhat foreshadowed things too for Winter Garden. 



A WGer from here (hahaha guess who) made a wonderful analysis about Jeongwon as well. Please do read all the replies even though it’s messy. It’s super worth it. 




Here are my takes from the thread made by OP and company:


1. OP and company managed to put the pieces of family and friendship background of Jeongwon all together. Shin–Lee did not dwell on it for the long duration of the drama. OP and I did not watch Reply series so honestly that analysis totally shuts down the “fishing” method people have been doing. Personally I see this “not a melo” a challenge for viewers made by Shin-Lee. So whatever what is not dwelled for so long, viewers are challenged to sew or glue these pieces together. 


2. We have to give Gyeoul a hand for listening to Jeongwon (except for the abusive dad chase hehehehe). That actually validated him not only as a mentor but also as a person. When Jeongwon sees that Gyeoul has that willingness and dedication to learn from him, he goes for the extra mile especially when he learned that he need to do a different teaching method because of Gyeoul’s learning style. 


3. Two most important things from Episode 12: Gyeoul was dwelling about her problem with Mama Rosa and Jeongwon. She really thought if she should really approach Jeongwon to ask him about staying in Yulje. Ikjun was pretty insistent to know what Gyeoul is thinking about.


Ikjun: Should I bring him here alive?


Gyeoul: No, don’t do that. He’ll get hurt. 


Gyeoul respects Jeongwon’s space and freedom of choice. That is what Jeongwon has been looking for in his life based from the Twitter thread. 


Gyeoul’s plea is not rash as it appears to be. The analysis has tied well with the scene perfectly. Like we all have been known, she went inside the office to air her side without expecting anything in return from him because for her, at the end of the day, it’s Jeongwon who rolls the ball in the court. 


4. The OR is Jeongwon’s safe place because that is the only place where he is in control, where nobody dictates him about himself and his feelings, and where nobody commands him. Gyeoul managed to enter his safe space because she knows her boundaries (even though they’re not friends to begin with).


5. Gyeoul’s entrance in Jeongwon’s life is what made him grow up. Both of them grew up together in so many ways. Though both of them are imperfect and inexperienced, they entered in the new territory of love bravely. 


6. The ER allergy scene for me is a critical moment because even though she is safe (for the second time), I think there were so many what if’s that started to run on his mind – like what will happen if suddenly Gyeoul is no longer there anymore. 


Lastly, I tried to answer something on my thread hehehehe


I hope we can get our wonderful Soompi thread back in the near future. Enjoy catching up fellas!
Edited by triplem
4th image (Pic, YT, twitter) onwards needs to go into spoiler. TQ
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Ah , you were the first person I reached out when I saw i can not go to the clubs.

I saw your fanfiction story and asked in the comment section if you had same problem with soompi.You could guess I was in a panic desperate mood. hahaha

What is EBRIBAD ? what did I miss WGardiners?


thank you for keeping me company the last few days:wub:

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@kiklaminHo I saw it!!!! Sorry I haven’t replied to msgs on there for a while cuz I was trying to write the next one and do my project at once LOL 


EBRIBADI is ‘everybody’ LOL It came from hospital playlist’s official account when they posted the eng sub announcement for YYS’s special ep last Thursday. Google translated into ‘ebribadi’ :lol:



edit: just in case you haven’t seen it yet here’s the YouTube link (with Eng sub)



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Thank you @triplem!


I was a newbie and when I suddenly couldn't access the club... I thought I did something wrong and got kicked out :(


Found this in twitter.. Yey! 

Looking forward to some new analysis and discussion here especially after YYS HP clips in Na PDs you tube channel!

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thank you for bringing some posts from twitter her.

I can not follow all these platforms.

I read the tweets and I fell again for WG couple.

I will miss @40somethingahjumma s and many other's friends posts too.

@wallflowersforjane I will miss your charts!

But we are here again so we ll create a new beautiful thread.

I watched the special episode for Hello Andrea and I asked the same question in the main thread.YYS knew from the beginning his love line would be Gyeoul?

From the way he was reading the script and the questions he did seems he knew but I am not 100 % sure.I liked that he said for AJW that he should not judge.From the start seems YYS had a very good idea for Jeongwon's character and brought him in life very very well.

I try to remember some other names to tag but the only one to come in my mind now is @stella_512

Please tell me friends that I am not the one who still gets butterflies in my stomach when I see the WG peck.


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7 hours ago, kokodus said:

Thanks for creating this new thread @triplem

I'm still hoping against hope that our old club could be retrieved back....so many insightful analysis there and i'm especially upset that all of @40somethingahjumma's wall of texts are gone. SIGHHH. I was planning to reread them all just before S2 starts :bawling::bawling:


Here's Ahn Jeong-won to commiserate with us.


Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 5.38.33 pm


What I will miss especially from the old thread are the reactions from people here after the airing of the season finale. I'm glad I went back to read them recently. Had a good chuckle. But they will be missed. 


Some of the Twitter  WGers will have screen shots of what I posted in the old club thread. There's still stuff of mine on the main thread and my blog.  


Here's us hoping for the return of the old thread...


Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 6.02.48 pm


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If i had no seen the special episode Hi Andrea I would not believe YYS knew from day 1 he has a love line and with whom.

I was so used from the particular duo writer/director hiding  the love lines from the actors in the beginning that I was surprised when they said  it to YYS .

I love  how two of the most recognized director and writer in K-ent tv told YYS  directly that is his responsibility AJW character to be received successful. It shows how much they value and trust YYS acting abilities.

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Hellooooo all! It's nice to see the agency open again!!!


I don't about y'all, but I can the summaries still of my old posts in the thread. Of course, can't open them, but at least they...appear?


Hehe @smartiegal I still need to finish my thoughts! I think Gyeoul plays a larger role in his life if I go by the theory that he isn't quite "repressed" just didn't recognize his feelings for Gyeoul. More Lizzy than Darcy. (Been re-reading JA of late due to all this chatter here and on Twitter)


@kiklaminHo I think the PD+writer like to tease YYS, especially they worked together in Reply _____. I bet they told him his storyline since he had soooo many questions for them with the script. It sounded like he went up to Ep 6 in that video. Pretty sure he knew it was going to be Gyeoul by then since he's asking what is his feeling towards Gyeoul being in ER. 

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