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  1. omg i'm late for the party but so happy to see them again in 1 frame assaaaaaaaa why they are so cute aigoooooo i'm curious on how they cast the guest for the show
  2. What is this actually? Why i find so funny their compilation?
  3. Tq chingus im so lazy with math owh he's chingu with me opsss! Or he's slightly older hihihi so someone mentioned that he's not accepted the Global position since he's hanging around with ehemmm LNE Really we will have SF 2?daebak!
  4. just finish watching both ep15 & 16 i really really really love the sea scene...touch my heart its beautiful, the scenery and of course the bonding. its beyond words so the Global Plant is still under Chairman Cho i guess...or no? can someone do the math for Goo Sajang-nim age?
  5. Me too and another gangster...Dr Joo Hey, why i can't even think that if someone tailgate you mean maybe he care about you auwwwwww some chingu mentioned this. Komawo! We just left with 2 ep. So sad..no more Goo Sajang-nim Forgot. I find this interesting. When the doctors asked why LNE being fired, Goo Sajang-nim just said that they asked too many...mmmm why? Can't reveal the reason or you just have no reason?
  6. sorry for interrupting. could it be he killed his wife/kid? oh i dunno...that's my wild guess
  7. he never celebrate his other drama like ML? can someone verify this. im just damn curious btw, so sweet of him to post something on the ML anniversary
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