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  1. that lil crumbs that make us jumping around in joy and smiling like an idiot i mean we are just grateful with that. imagine the crumbs is the same tiny or maybe become smallest in S2 (since we have other couple story to be unfold) so ehemm, prepare our heart hey we have our best analyst here to break the theories right but still i'm so thankful with whatever the plot since definitely will watch HP with or w/o romance
  2. with so many ff that i read, somehow i lost on what will WG have in store for S2 so many scenarios thats are thrilling and exciting write by the authors but i keep my faith to uri writernim of HP wohooooo she always create a miracle in her craft... shipping business irl? i think most of us agree that we're doing it just for fun...as long not cross the line why not. moderation should be the number 1 rule. at the end of the day, its their own life. so we should enjoy whatever bit thrown to us stay safe guys!
  3. haha i like this hojun, his rl bff kekeke make a cameo...bring it on please make the repressed ex-wanna-be-priest go jealous
  4. me too is fine with cold JW...i mean i think maybe thats his personality+hospital environment (busy, surgery etc) caused him to delay his confession (if any) which make Gyeoul confess first. me is clap clap with Gyeoul braveness of confession, a bit of expectation for being reject i mean theres nothing wrong with taking the first step. and yeah, a nerdy girl deserve a love too kekeke slow romance is sweeter ok in s2 we need to speed up the romance
  5. its amused to see the chaebol JW who not-has-anything that make everybody wanna help him which i believe not true. he must has something i mean come on.... can we have S2 come sooner? i'm that desperate kekeke
  6. tbh, i can't see WG coming until i read about all your theories i'm just a normal fan watching a drama happily...even the chocopie scene i just watch it without much thinking, pabo me! other ship, i just read it without much concern as i don't think the PD+Writer team is that cruel and heartless to add some makjang when some already fixed. i know we can expect something to happen/change in next season....but fuhhhh that'll be so unexpected. anyway, just be happy with the drama without too much stress ok?
  7. Can the season 2 start right away? Maybe next Thursday I'm just too curious about Songhwa answer... And JW awkwardly dating with JG Ok just me being impatient pfttttttt!
  8. Ikjun never disappoint me funnehh to the max lolol and the rest too...why bother about the shipping business, just enjoy the story *ok liar kekekeke
  9. My lecturer get married with his lecturer, and yeah the f is older....I know some doctor get married with a younger doc. Nothing unusual I think So hurray tomorrow is Thursday
  10. I'm so understand the frustration that JWan had. I mean, that's a big deal. The news. Why iksun tell him nothing poor him....he is her namchin yet her bff know 1st. Wae-yo?
  11. This is so me My brain is not well functioning when it's come to generate a theory... Maybe the flower is from her blind date lol
  12. Wait...who hate ikjun? Jincha? Bichoso? Aigooo.... what's wrong with this people. Sigh... This is just a drama. DRAMA ok?
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