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  1. so happy for LJG...chukahae finally, can see him again in drama hope everything goes well *including his love matter hihihi
  2. they need dr. cha in the team to legalize the cherubim whatever the drug name right? to let the terminal illness patient die peacefully..... this is quite debatable, to stop the pain or continue with the treatment.
  3. auwwww why dr. cha crying after reading the note? happiness is it? wanna hug him... eh ok silly question here, why dr. cha wearing the same clothe at home? he looks like a minimalist but come on, make it different color juseyooooooo
  4. i this! i'm giggling reading this with a silly smile on my face *tell u, i'm not yet watch the ep
  5. cameo OMG does he become the ghost? or cleaner? or tree? ops just a wild guess since i'm not even start watching HDL LUNCH BREAK pali!
  6. hola everybody! i'm gonna give a try to watch thissssssssss! *ghost story jump jump* No regret right?
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