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  1. Lol I thought i was in a wrong thread tbh... Then, eh noooo! You're just too excited chingu kekeke
  2. Oh...mai...gad TT As usual, i really like the patient's story. All... it's just break my heart Ikjun is always hilarious lol And the backhug awwwwww I can understand song hwa feeling, they're best friend... things will turn out awkward if something happens. I don't have any idea, maybe they should try 1st? But mmmm.... fighting for their future!
  3. yeah...i like the car too and someone already got it its a Jeep ah how i wish i can buy the car...but where is the money lolol
  4. it may not be perfect but definitely bring happiness to me #vincenzo it'll last for a long time in my mind especially vincha #rentfree see you guys in other great drama
  5. what is the significant of Luca in latest ep waeeeee????? gimme more VinCha moment juseyooooo
  6. Calm down guys We will get vincha moment coming soon Or i'll join you guys of abandoning this writer lol I'm with you who believe that the death is fake...must be a part of Vinnie's plan. Does geumga plaza get attack by babel thugs? In the preview...am worried
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