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  1. That's the look of a man sulking over losing his free coffee even after becoming stinking rich with all that gold!! P.S - I wonder if Dr. Bong has his fanclub here too just like reddit and twitter.
  2. This this this! They seriously seem like just any normal LDR couple who are mostly a plane ride away. CY and Vincenzo can spend a few months just chilling with each other at the island and spend the rest of the year kicking asses (one in court and one literally). It honestly seems like a convenient arrangement for them.
  3. Even though Vincenzo and CY's closure seems like CLOY, I think they are in a much better position of compromise than CLOY couple - CLOY couple were restrained by the time they could spend together (just 2 weeks in a year) where as for CenCha the choice is honestly upto CY about how long she wants to be with Vincenzo at his island - she can choose to be there for a few days, a few weeks, a few months in a year. For me It's just not that sad like say CLOY or TKEM or HDL or Goblin couple. They definitely have a better luxury of finding a middle ground in their LDR.
  4. "I am still a villian and I could care less about justice. Justice is weak and empty. One cannot win against any evil with justice" - Vincenzo Cassano (Mafia Boss) This episode brought me varying levels of pain and satisfaction all at once. Show you don't know how thankful I am you remained true to your color right until the end. Vincenzo is too far gone to ever change his ways and neither is he willing to. I think we were all wrong about what the writer wanted to convey with Vincenzo's mafia past. It was never about regret or repentance. It was about Acceptance - accep
  5. Well it definitely seems like one of his mafia torture tactic. In the earlier episodes when Vincenzo has nightmares of his past victims, his uses this "cutting the ear" thingy on one of them. Was very briefly shown.
  6. I hate the thought of getting just micro crumbs too (hopefully we get that atleast) but currently there doesn't seems much scope or luxury of fully fleshing out their romance given the all plot points we have to cover. And this seems especially cruel given how much they've teased us the last episodes and how much development we are given in regards to their cruel relationship. My delusional self is lowkey hoping that the break they took was so that they could add a few more Chayenzo scenes given the popularity the couple has amassed. As for the end - they de
  7. Judging from the latest BTS picture of Chayenzo the theory of small acknowledgement of their feelings at the very end seems to be most likely to be true!! (Judging from the atmosphere and the location where they are filming). I think we might just get very micro crumbs of this couple until then! (Ngl even though there isn't much scope for romance in this drama it still makes me sad) Also there's another picture of the entire Geumga Gang with VinCha whole suited up floating around on twitter / insta - can't help but think it's from one of their final scenes and may be we are going f
  8. I am now glad for the two week break!! Totally needed after this episode. BABEL you just called for your own DOOM!!
  9. I'm placing my bets on number 4 - Jang Han Seo (we even have him in Jippuragi office as per the stills) and saving Vincenzo may be a window of opportunity for HS to gain his trust. The way they refer to each other is interesting. They almost never address each other with their first names - they just call each other using their title of Byeonhosa-nim (Sometimes CY calls him "Vinchenzo Quassano" though). Their Sweetie-Darling endearment was the first I saw them address each other with anything apart from their titles.
  10. Call me weird but I don't mind the week delay if that means i can prolong saying goodbye to my favorite show for another week. Yeah i wanna hold on to it. Also ep 17-18 are usually important in a 20 ep drama since they are prelude to the finale week! So makes sense they'd want to perfect it. P.S. - already dreading the Nasty cliffhanger and an even more sadistically edited preview they'd leave us with.
  11. I can see why a lot of people would be complaining about this one - Trailers showed this to be a dark, noir action kind of drama, but what we were presented with is a whacky comedy drama going dark from time to time. It's also a lot about expectations - In my case too, epi 9/10 felt like such final showdown kinda episodes that anything less intense than it would feel like a grade down. But I've adjusted my expectations starting this week because a 20 ep show can't really keep on delivering such blockbuster drama for each episode - there will be some episodes which will always feel like meh (
  12. I agree, they are totally totally totally clowning us with that one!!
  13. Song Joong Ki's stylist needs a raise just for this episode!! Damn what was that!!! We'll have to see how resolute will he be for that when the time comes! When he thought of CY only as a partner/friend, it made him prolong his visit. Now that there's budding love, his mother and a foster family in question- the chance of it seems slim!
  14. Love reading all the discussions and interpretations here. This is why I love watching on-air shows, even though the wait between the episodes is painful - all the comments and interpretations make the viewing so much worth it! Gonna start with the best part of the episode (for me at least) - THE HUG!!!!!! So many people have already given such insightful interpretations that i doubt mine is going to add any extra value - but still here it is. Vincenzo looking to spend time with his crush is the cutest thing ever! he drops her home, eats with her, goes out drinking with
  15. This drama finally got me to log into my account again. I don’t know why, but I am loving this show more than I usually would for some reason. I'm glad I stayed beyond the premier week because this particular show has been getting better each passing episode. Sure the humor (especially when they use the tenants to induce it) is still a hit or miss for me but it doesn't bother me much now. Am I the only one here who needs to re-watch this drama to catch the plot? Because the first time I'm busy drooling over our insanely handsome Mafia Lawyer. How is it possible that Song Joong Ki h
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