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  1. Yeeeppp! KSH is Back!! He's soo pretty to my eyes!!! Having said that, only one episode has aired but I'm getting fairly positive about this one. Seo Ye Ji is so attractive and sexy. She does the mysterious enigmatic whacko perfectly to the T. The editing and picturization is eccentric (?) in a good way and I'm liking it! P. S. - Did. They. Just. Promote. Their. Show. IN. The Show??? Waah!!!
  2. The cast and crew had a wrap up party a couple weeks back. Due to the COVID situation, I guess it was a private affair. But there were some outlier pictures floating around on Social Media from the wrap up party.
  3. The Ik-Song-Chi interactions this episode was so uncomfortable to watch for me. The tension definitely hit the roof in both their scenes (Elevator and Team Dinner). [Side Note – Kudos to the actors for the way NS Dinner confrontation scene was acted and to Director for the way it was executed – Only watching it made me feel a bundle of nerves and restlessness in their moment of pauses] Firstly the elevator scene, I was really side-eyeing Ik Jun when he acted all petty, and at ACH for trying to pull off an IJ (?) with the shoulder touch (though I’m assuming it was to gauge SH’s reac
  4. @bold point – this is exactly what I am starting to get worried about. Now that the end for this season is near and thinking about it, this is typically a slice of life drama in a hospital setting with focus and reliance of emotions and relationships (friendships/relationships/parental/ and all other types). Like you said it’s no mystery or thriller which we can recollect upon re-watch, even after a year if we re-watch this drama, high possibility we may not feel/identify with same emotions. The production team would’ve thought about it, but I can’t help but feel anxious, with no c
  5. Unpopular opinion, but I think this episode felt a lot like a wrap to this season and preview seems like a nice long epilogue to season 1. I highly doubt we are going to get any kind of conclusion or any more answers than we already have to any of the existing equations between our characters and the production team/creators might only bait us with part information/scenes by the end of this season. Apologies for my following little rant – I understand that they need to create intrigue and curiosity amongst the audience to have them tune into season 2, but they really
  6. This episode was has climbed on top of my favourite list. I was missing my weekly dose of U-Ju, super happy that I finally got it. Firstly Ik Jun and U-Ju are a hoot. The minutes they are on screen together are my favorite minutes regardless of anything. Love love how cheeky U-Ju is when he wants more food from his father. I Lol'd when he slipped into Sageuk speech with IJ. Boy surely has been taking after his father. (Side Note- i wish Netflix subtitles conveyed such things better, i know it's difficult to translate the syntax, semantics and intricacies of a language in a way that
  7. I have been noticing that Ik Jun has most contrasts and parallels with Seok Hyung for this series. In episodes till date, we’ve been shown that how these two are such thoughtful, sensitive , sensible and super competent doctors. However we have also been shown that how these two have such contrasting personalities, they are like opposite end of spectrum amongst the Fab5 with inherent differences stemming from their personalities. One is a complete extrovert, social butterfly and super talkative the other one is more like an introvert, a socially awkward and quieter person. But I personall
  8. Just saw a snippet of Dr. Ahn waiting for someone at lunch and at the other end Song Hwa arriving at a restaurant. We do not see in a definitive way who the person is that Song Hwa is waving to. My assumptions: Only 3 more episodes left!!!
  9. Definitely see your point since Jeong Won's heart and feelings (or alternatively lack thereof) towards GyeoUl has been prolonged so much that one can see either of the characters going the unrequited love way. But Logically my mind says that YYS wouldn't really pickup a drama that would have him Chilbong-ed (or Jung Pal-ed) again. I get it that romance is probably secondary or tertiary in this drama, but still i would like to believe that the actors wouldn't pick up a role wherein their characters or loveline have a similar-ish arc as their previous roles. Still best to
  10. Finished watching ep 8 and reading comments regarding it. Here's my thoughts about it: Min Ha was undoubtedly the shining character of this episode. The way she dealt with all things thrown at her was commendable. It's not easy to overwork, pull all nighters and still deal with sly colleagues demanding patients, unappreciative seniors (she did feel that initially) and yet be as professional to carry out all work thrown at her and to cater to the needs of her patients. Like Seok Hyung said she acted responsibly and neither ran away from it nor delegated it to someone else. Definitel
  11. Hey Guys, just wanted to drop in to say that this drama is my weekly dose of near perfect entertainment. The past few months of real life for the world have been gloomy but reel world has managed to give us some back to back good watches with Hospital Playlist being one of them! Yay it finally made me re-register to Soompi. This drama makes me so many feel so many contradictory emotions in just one episode, i feel happy and laugh one minute and end up crying a few minutes later, I'm swooning over the ships one minute and right after consumed by how heartwarming and platonic the fri
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