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  1. I feel like they'll intersperse the older and younger versions of mum in the flashbacks just to show how confused Sung-yeon is? I actually appreciate that they show the entirety of his world breaking down--really makes the impact of the consequences of his lying so much more impressive.
  2. This is the part in the webtoon where the flashbacks go on for at least like, five chapters, and I am so looking forward to the drama version of everything!! The best thing about Mi-so and Young-joon is that they don't really have misunderstandings for too long, in the webtoon or drama both, and I really hope they adapt this bit of the webtoon as faithfully as they can because it's frankly one of the best written parts to me!
  3. AHHHH I just missed like, everything, so here's my contribution for the night: PREVIEW Past Young-joon: Do you know I am? Young-joon now: What did you say to Mi-so? What did you say to make her faint? Mi-so: There's nothing in this world that you can hide forever. Also poor Pil-nam, Mal-hee, and Mi-so, now that we've seen how happy their family was before their mother passed away. CRIES
  4. The sisters: I get them though, because what they’ve heard about Young-joon from Mi-so over the last nine years has been him being a perfectionist, a narcissist, as well as a workholic that demands the same from his secretary, so why would they feel like he’s a good match for their younger sister? They have seen her go out of her way for her job, work overtime because of him, as well as deal with his multiple requests for perfection, and honestly, pre-Mi-so-resignation Young-joon was quite over the top. It’s clear that they think the world of Mi-so, because she’s a kind, responsible, and capable person who loves her family so dang much, so Young-joon, who’s decidedly not the same, is definitely not up to standards in their books. Besides, they are not wrong in worrying about the difference in family backgrounds: we know that the Lees are great people, but there are so many more weird rich folks out there. Despite Mi-so’s obvious competence and capabilities, she can always be judged as not being up to par because she didn’t go to university, and her sisters know that. So no matter how annoying they may sound, I do feel like they have valid points. We know how Young-joon has changed, but they don’t, mostly because Mi-so hasn’t said anything (yet).
  5. Ok now with Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min playing Mi-so’s parents when they were younger means that they have gone ALL out to make us extremely sad about the fact that
  6. If the ending of the novel was then the webtoon's about at its end as well. Aw can't bear to let it go!
  7. Oh I definitely think all the kisses featured in the webtoon/novel so far have had meaning to them, so it's not likely to be overkill to showcase them all I guess
  8. @nonski no worries! My Korean's not the best so I can't catch everything sometimes haha but I'm glad the recaps help you out in some way anyhow! I was laughing at how Park Min-young has to call Lee Tae-hwan, someone NINE years younger than her, oppa and does not look a single hair out of place doing it at all. Girl does not look a year over 25!
  9. I heard it wrong the first time haha but here's my attempt: "Because I like you. I'm sorry that I responded to your confession so late. I like you, Vice-President."
  10. How do Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young make holding hands such an enviable thing to do HOWWWWWWWWW. Let's not even talk about the kissing
  11. Ah I'm glad the webtoon changed that then. Either that or it wasn't mentioned lol.
  12. She runs down to him. Aw man you two are so in love. Young-joon hands her a nicely wrapped box, and she opens it to find it full of the caramel sweets that he'd given her as a child. He says that he came because he wanted to give her that... and also because he wanted to see her. He then tells her to go back in because it's cold, and Mi-so's expression is SO tender. Young-joon gets back in his car and drives off, with Mi-so watching all the way. She thinks about how weird it is that she wants to cry all the time. BECAUSE HE'S OPPA YOU FOOOOOL. Young-joon drives home, all broody. It's the day of the art centre opening and everyone is there to cut ribbons and stuff. OH I THINK I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. Mi-so and Young-joon inspect the venue for the book concert, and are all professional and amazing at work. It's just them on the stage now, and Young-joon thanks her for her hard work. Mi-so thanks him right back, and they both smile at each other. Then Sung-yeon has to appear, of course, though this time it's limited to a dirty look. Mi-so goes to look for Sung-yeon, who's asked for her, and he goes on about how he's nervous and stuff so can she help him? Suuuure. So Mi-so looks at the script while he looks at her, and says that everything is fine. He's all I'm all reassured now, but tries to stop her with a wrist grab when she wants to leave. Young-joon appears JUST then and Mi-so immediately shakes Sung-yeon off. Oh dear, Young-joon's face. Sung-yeon keeps making things worse, but Young-joon doesn't fall for it and leaves with Mi-so in tow. They walk off together, and Mi-so tries to explain but is cut off by someone looking for Young-joon. The book concert begins, and Sung-yeon is interviewed and stuff. Mi-so sits beside Mum, who looks so proud. Aw. She takes Mi-so's hand and says that she's the one who's made Sung-yeon so happy. Mi-so spots Young-joon in the crowd and goes towards him. Sung-yeon however starts talking about his ~childhood~ and looks directly at Mi-so while saying that he'll never let go of her (indirectly). Young-joon walks out and Mi-so runs after him. She finds him and they share a charged look. Mi-so says that she has something to say to him and they walk outside to talk. Young-joon tells her to say it, and Mi-so says that it was a misunderstanding, all of it. He says that she doesn't have to explain, but she replies that she wants to explain. Young-joon asks why she has to be like this all of a sudden, and Mi-so says that she's scared at how he misunderstands her and they're growing apart. "Because I like you," Mi-so says. "I'm sorry I responded to your confession so late." "I like you, Vice-President". She turns to leave and he pulls her into his arms. And he tries to kiss her again, but is physically incapable of doing so. So, Mi-so holds him and does it first. They break apart and he's finally able to kiss her again. CUE AMAZING KISS SCENE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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