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  1. What if JW was unconsciously ... slowly making a move... There was also a scene where they (JWon, Gyeoul and an intern) were waiting outside for the nurse and JW suddenly leaned back on the wall beside Gyeoul. I just hope, and i think many others do too, we get some scenes in S2 to get JWon's side.
  2. 1. Ep 8, ER pick up scene. All other scenes before could have other explanations for me (but of course, that changed after the S1 finale... So much so I rewatched - - - like many others - - - and found I missed a lot of hints 4. I am probably in a minority here, but I think YES... why, Jeong Won would have kept his promise... and I am thinking he just got back from dinner with Gyeoul when he talked to Seong Hwa. Additional questions... Do you think the other 99ers knew or atleast suspected, JW having feelings for Gyeoul? That is, aside from Ik Jun because he obviously knew hehehe. --- me: Yes, I think JW pretty much never showed interest in any girl so any slight change in that behavior would have been noticed by his friends. Seok Hyeung when JW went to the ER; Jung Wan when JW folllowed Ikjun when he went to meet Gyeoul; Seong Hwa.. Not so sure yet.. But I guess she knew because she said ".. the Winter we've been waiting for..." in the last ep.
  3. @kiklaminHo @smartiegalcheck out hospitalplaylistfans IG account, i can't understand the language but I think they think the girl in one of the videos was shb. And based on tha cap and the leather/cloth bracelet on her right hand....
  4. Why do I get the feeling that they told YYS he had a loveline but not much details... But then YYS asked so many questions that he probably figured out who it was...
  5. Thank you @triplem! I was a newbie and when I suddenly couldn't access the club... I thought I did something wrong and got kicked out :( Found this in twitter.. Yey! Looking forward to some new analysis and discussion here especially after YYS HP clips in Na PDs you tube channel!
  6. Is it just me or this CF seem to allude to WG... with Won Bin's awkwardness, response and facial expressions. SHB also seem to show Gyeoul vibes.... ( or maybe it's just because Gyeoul is so like SHB hahaha). Anyway, love Won Bin too so love this commercial. @LovelyLadyThanks for sharing! @triplem I am so sorry about quoting images and pics.... will remember it in the future!
  7. @Periwinkle I think you are talking about the one in Ep9? In EP8, he definitely did not know (by the way, this scene always gets me... Kudos to YYS here). In Ep9, some WG fans think he realized he's a relative because he talked banmal (casual speech). But I couldn't see it, really. I am not familiar with the whole formal and casual speech for Koreans, but for me, they (JW And GW) just felt awkward after her brother said "See you later at home..".
  8. Hi @smartiegal, This might be just WG-shipper logic, but Gyeoul likes Iced Latte, in Ep 4, that's what she ordered.
  9. Hi @smartiegal, Yes, I do agree with this. I even sort of think that GY's love of eating might have been one of the reasons JW noticed her. Hahaha! @kiklaminHo thanks for the welcome! And yes, I do agree with this as well. This trait of his was most likely the main reason he decided to stay. Thank you for the insights! I guess I asked the question because I was trying to imagine the scene... Where JW was deep in thought and SH guessing he decided to stay and suddenly compared it to how JW is happy seeing others happy eating food just seemed a bit off to me. Sorry hehehe But... Ok I am ok with that explanation. Thanks again! @Ahnyaseyo from what I've read, and I think others have also answered this, is that they didn't really know until they get the script. In some relaycams, JJS and SHB were asking each other for "info" about the stories. I also read that SHB said she sort of guessed WGs the end game when the ER scene was filmed. So maybe she saw YYS filming it. AEJ and SHB also mentioned the staff and the other actors having "stocks" in the various ships, so I think the actors and staffs are in almost the same boat as the viewers... Maybe they were just a few eps ahead hehehe
  10. Hello Everyone, I would just like to send a big thank you to everyone for providing a haven for a fellow WG fan. I do have my own questions and analysis and would like to share them too... 1. I think WG is refreshing in the sense that we have a ML paired with a supporting character, who most didn't notice at first, whose one-sided crush we found amusing, and before we knew it, we were rooting for her. And the ML noticed her without some makeover or big accomplishment. 2. After the season finale, like the others, I rewatched WG scenes... Some things I noticed.... - When JW told IJ.. "not Gyeoul..", that was probably the first time Ik Joon became suspicious. His wife was JWs friend! If IJ was having an affair, it would make more sense for him to be worried for his friend. I really hope they will show JWs answer to IJs question. - I think it was JW that suggested to the mother to give a BTS Cold Brew to Gyeoul, because of the wink... Or maybe it was from JW. 3. This is a big question mark for me.... During JW and SHs conversation when JW told her he decided to stay... I did not get why SH was suddenly telling JW about the types of people depending on how they feel when eating? Maybe I'm just slow... But I really did not get that part. At first I was thinking JW and Gyeoul did have that dinner and that scene was after the dinner. But it seems SH didn't really discuss Gyeoul with JW before. Anybody? Help? It's still a loooong way to go until 2021.
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