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  1. Yep. On paper they look great (HB and SYJ) and both men treat her with a lot of respect. But she has only given one a spontaneous and unnecessary hug in public, liked only one guys photos over the past couple of months...etc. feels fishy with all the news of her potential casting after the scandal came out that they threw in jhis name too and the previously announced pirates 2. I wonder if she can do both, but right now it sounds like their schedules collide. It’s a coverup for something.
  2. Thnak you @cotton candy for putting my thoughts into words! Very well spoken. SYJ will prudently think it through as usual. And I think she casted JHI in noona,,,,or at least it’s been implied. Will see what happens now and I will cheer on Pd-Nims new drama especially since I’ve enjoyed Secret affair and loved Noona. I’ve just left Korea this morning and got to hang out with some locals. Probably not knetz folks but I spoke to somebody who talked about noona-ddongsang relationships and how they are received there. Simply put, they aren’t. I think that’s partly why JHI had to say that a lot of ppl would support them if they were to date. Just to put it out in the world that they know there’s support. Also, I think there’s a lot of curiosity as to HB and SYJ and their chemistry over the years as they have been dubbed queen of melo and king of romcom. And of course, the fact that their status and age match well together. With that said, I will never forget the difference in how she acts towards her male costars and to JHI. and if anybody is going to be in the Seoul or Jeju area....I passed by the cafe where they were caught by her co worker and the Italian restaurant they frequented. The Jeju cafe is gorgeous and was a lovely visit. I might have figured out the beach at the end, but I could be wrong!
  3. Happy birthday SYJ! Was hoping that she was gonna be in Seoul but alas she wasn’t but I am lol. Not concerned about the rumour with HB. They looked friendly in all their promo appearances. Definitely agree with you @Hong Willer there was just something different between SYJ and JHI especially in the last award show appearance and just how often HE references her in interviews (since she is in ninja mode). Funny she’s been not working for so long but only began travelling after he finished the movie.
  4. It looks like her team are with her in Bangkok judging from their posts. However, that doesn’t account for the earlier picture that everybody speculates is Singapore. Maybe somebody joined her in Singapore and returned to Seoul for the awards while she flew to Thailand with her team. I wonder is it a holiday or are they working too!
  5. Been travelling for the past month. Actually in Busan now...little JHI heads are all over the city with ginseng sticks and Dewytree stuff. Surprised I haven’t seen big ads with him, maybe more when I’m in Seoul. I haven’t been to the big malls but I imagine they will have some big ads, especially her campaigns for vanav and Ganeshi (looks like she’s not currently the face of missha, I know they rotate) when i first saw her sunset/ship pic, I was struck by how different it was from all her other posts. She rarely looks at camera in her IG pics taken by her friends and staff (the dinner pic taken Uhm Jeewon and all her France pics). She’s demure in the most recent pics...reminds me of all the pics jhi took for noona. Also congrats to pretty noona for being the most buzz worthy of 2018! https://www.soompi.com/article/1287269wpp/top-10-buzzworthy-dramas-2018
  6. Omg isn’t that the truth. She’s too independent and strong-willed. now the fact interview makes a bit more sense...I was worried she was going to choose another heavy movie after this - there would be no room for dating teehee. At least with Pirates 2 she could have some good frothy time and perhaps relax a bit.
  7. Catching up in my injin news....syj was too charming in mith!!! I hope she keeps her promise for next year and she has more appearances on these things. Loved her on running man many years ago. now that there is news of pirates 2..... hmmm
  8. Just finished watching I Live Alone and in the translations, he doesn't specify he's moving out alone. Correct me if I'm wrong! It was fun, and Stand By Your Man played about 20 times. Can't wait for noona's special tomorrow but I cant help but think that SYJ would let a variety show in her home quite like what we expect this week only because she's about to move.
  9. Here's the interview for those who were wondering..cant find full YT link. Scroll to #7 where they start flashing scenes from the Classic and A Moment to Remember. Unfortunately @songs4us she's not specific as to the marry twice thing. @fchopin I'm travelling for a bit soon so I'll try to find some more interesting stuff before I leave Canada and can't access this site! I usually just laugh along with her silly answers sometimes. If the guy wasn't a JHI look-alike and she wasn't asked to pick between her four co-stars, I think the "married twice" would have made more of a splash in the media. To SYJ, concentrate on getting married the first time! MC: We can't forget to mention YJ when it comes to melodramas. It's the ultimate first love story. She played Joo Hui in the Classic. In a Moment to Remember she played the bold and cute Soo Jin. In My Wife got Married she played free-spirited In Ah who thinks love is everyhting. She played a great seductress Ji Won in The Art of Seduction. Among these characters, which one best portrays your romantic life? SYJ: Similar to Soo Jin in "AMTR" I want to be confident when it comes to love. Like In Ah in "MWGM", it won't make any sense but I want to marry twice. It's hard to say that I'm similar to only one character. I'm similar to many of them. MC: Only those who have dated you would know, right? SYJ: That's possible. They might have a different opinion. (Then shes asked to pick who's the best at melodrama between her four former co-stars) @Cedric Ong adding to @cybertron's list Be With You had a picture Alone in Love had heaps of flashbacks to a wedding. I do wish this drama would be revived with the upsurge in popularity. It was beautiful and had the same realistic vibe as Pretty Noona. She had next to zero chemistry with the leading actor but I loved the story
  10. Hmm...it works for me....I haven't registered for the site so I don't have access to the "premium" videos but all the variety shows play. Maybe it's because I live in Canada and it's not geoblocked here or something. I'll leave it up for all those that can access it! But for kicks - here's a snippet of the translation in the JHI doppelganger interview: They brought up her characters from A Moment to Remember, The Classic, My Wife Gets Married and The Art of Seduction and was asked which of these characters most resemble her romantic life, She chose the characters from A Moment to Remember becasue she wants to be confident in love and My Wife Gets Married because she wants to be married twice (she prefaced it with "It doesn't make any sense but...")
  11. Thanks @fchopin for the JHI interview. Interesting answer to Q 29. If I remember correctly, the new Arena magazine that was linked in the injindestiny account has some new answers to the "Can Seo Junhee's love be real?" I think he used to say that he didn't believe it could happen in reality... @Cotton Candy I hesitated talking about Master in the House because SYJ rarely goes on variety shows...let alone when she has nothing to promote! And the same week JHI will make his first appearance on a variety show I think! I don't know how to stream SBS live but I have a pretty good site that'll post eng subtitles about a day after it airs. You can PM if you want the site! From the promo: 1. Looks like they meet at her place (I think she used to post a lot of pics from her IG - all her dinner parties) 2. Pilates studio 3. Recreate A Moment to Remember picture with the bench 4. Drinking wine with the coat from Pretty Noona snow scenes Since noona is going to be on a variety show, here are some of her recent stuff (mostly from Negotiation promo tour) with Eng translations that I believe haven't been released - you'll have to find the starting point yourself. I can't wait to hear what "interesting" things she'll say! https://www.kocowa.com/episode/episode-itemepisodenumber/1106585 - The MBC interview with the JHI doppelganger ~ 11:30 - She says some very interesting things here!! https://www.kocowa.com/series/seoul-international-drama-awards-2018/1111693 - Seoul International Awards ~ 57:00 mark https://www.kocowa.com/episode/episode-itemepisodenumber/1108485 - Interview for SBS with HB ~ 14:30 mark
  12. This was the closest vid I've seen to seeing SYJ's face during the hug. I think she kept the huge smile we saw before and after the hug while turning towards the host. Too lazy to quote @Cotton Candy but there were SOOO many interactions between the two of them at the Seoul Awards...this is one I wondered about until I found this fancam. JHI looked back at his noona for a couple of seconds after he went on stage to collect his Hallyu artist award! Another funny thing is neither really had a big reaction after the MC said he felt like he was a priest standing between them. ^^Groom waiting for his bride.
  13. Of the awards show? Or the Kocowa vids? https://www.vlive.tv/video/95000 - Red Carpet https://www.vlive.tv/video/95001 - actual awards show @fchopin I wonder whether Yejin had to do "The Fact' interview just for the rumour/romantic scandal part because they knew that these two would get tongues wagging at the Seoul Awards. Neither has a pokerface, especially JHI on the red carpet where he looked like his cat just died. Fancam on JHI while SYJ accepting the popularitiy award Fancam of the two of them while JHI accepting popularity award
  14. Their own lil' injin world! When Haein was giving his acceptance speech for the Hallyu award, he took a pause and they showed Yejin so focused on him. The audience cheered and everybody turned to look at the screen but she held her glance on him. Surely, standing by her man. (This is a screenshot from that moment) And for those that are interested, there's a longer version of the KOCOWA video to include Haein's mini interview here: https://www.kocowa.com/episode/e-news-exclusive-episode-84/1181529 (fast forward to the 28 min mark). They also have a lot of Yejin's interviews from the Negotiation promo translated.
  15. Don't forget HB when they were at the mall thing where he nonchalantly mentioned JHI! @katty27 -where is DISPATCH?!!!! This is too much for "just former co-stars!" I need an extra pair of ears or three - when he got up to the interviewer, he said something about SYJ, but did he slip up and try to say Yejin-sshi and then covered it up with noona?
  16. thank you @fchopin (sorry pulled you out of hiding here!!) One question on the "I Missed you" - would you say there is a relationship sense with that particular phrase used or more for chingus? And now we have the vids of JHI literally on his knees for his noona...how precious can you get? @Oww TooCute NOT SO QUIET ANYMORE. They had a camera on them !! ETA With the full clip - It looks like JHI said the I want to see you in interview? Less formal than in the article? AND he just called her noona.
  17. Here's the HD vid on Youtube to help! He was slower to let go for sure and kind of lingered there. On second thought or third because I'm obsessed with them like @cybertron, it's rare for SYJ to seriously pick somebody when she's given a choice (i.e. who's your fav leading man? Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung, or So Ji Sub - "I can't pick any of them!"). And then when she had to give a reason as to why JHI, I recall an interview from Be With You where she stated that she wanted to be revered by her husband and child like her character was. I can't find it anymore but maybe @fchopin can? . After so many months since filming ended, there are sparks still flying. Speaking of Stand By Your Man, it was previously mentioned that Carla Bruni will be in Seoul and Busan this week. Rachael Yamagata who sang Something in the Rain, La la la and Be Somebody's Love will also be in SK on Nov 20 if I remember correctly. I feel there's a small chance they could show up.....
  18. After her acceptance speech for the Award, you can see her slip a look at the MC's cue cards. However, he improvised some questions haha! She can be very confident when she's being mischievous to others, but when the tables are turned...!! JHI lingered after the hug. She immediately returned to her position, but he wanted more hehe. And I would disagree slightly about her calm composure....when she's around him. With So Ji Sub, she was the little sister; with HB, she was his chingu. But, she's always been the shy girl with JHI. The Vlive was full of little sheepish glances and shy laughs and the Baeksang hand holding caught her by surprise. He looks like a groom watching his bride walk down the aisle So different from the super serious look at the red carpet. In other red carpets, he wasn't as sullen as this one - must be he wanted to escort SYJ...On second thought, we have rarely seen him smile like this publicly since the show ended too! Thank you Seohyun!!! It kinda looks like SYJ is apologizing, it also looks like she's scolding but JHI seems to be thanking her haha. Translation of her speeches. I've seen a lot worse when it comes to these two. I accidentally checked out netizen blog when the Vogue spread first came out and everybody was excited to see SYJ and HB together. I had to get my sister (who actually follows KDrama and KPop) to explain to me all the words they were using to describe JHI. They were very hurtful statements. If it's love, it's love.
  19. I share everybody's sentiments! Wow, what a crazy night! Actually, there's a ring!!! For some reason, ganeshi hashtagged JHI in this post. The ring on the fourth finger was the same ring from the Negotiation press confernece which got everybody excited...and then they announced she was their new spokesperson. Everybody it seems is onto something. At this point, given how the male host was teasing them and Seohyun moving around, they might be more in the open in the celebrity circle than we thing...Especially with all the things you mentioned @Cotton Candy Joon Hee aka JHI being her ideal type because he's honest and straightforward with his feelings. ^^Always looking for each other... Fancam of the hug, finger pointing by SYJ and then sneaky look by the host! ^^Shoulder bumping hehehe Last but not least, slow mo of the HUGGGGG!!!
  20. Hehehee...whenever she promoted Be With You or Pretty Noona, she always wore "White". With Pretty Noona, she always chose more feminine dresses as if she were a bride... The host just expressed what we all shippers were thinking with him in the middle - ETA OMG Her dress was even from a bridal collection! 2019 Jenny Packham Bridal Collection I was disappointed for a brief moment with no hand holding like @Oww TooCute but everything else made up for it and more! Tongues are wagging. I read SBS News captioned her Popularity Award with "Son ye jin's ideal type is JHI over So Ji Sub (really? that's what they choose to focus on?) and then we have this article underneath. Doesn't specific when they were buying each other meals. https://www.soompi.com/article/1253039wpp/jung-hae-son-ye-jin-talk-buying-meals-real-life-like-drama-characters Jung Hae In And Son Ye Jin Talk About Buying Each Other Meals In Real Life Like Their Drama Characters CELEB Oct 27, 2018 by S. Park Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin talk about buying each other meals “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” co-stars Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin talked about each other on the red carpet at the 2nd The Seoul Awards. On October 27, many stars attended this year’s The Seoul Awards held at the Peace Hall in Kyung Hee University. Ahead of the ceremony, the attendees were photographed and interviewed during the red carpet event. Jung Hae In was the second celebrity to step foot on the red carpet and was met with the cheers of many fans. He said, “Thank you. The weather is getting colder and it’s truly becoming fall, but I’m grateful that so many of you came.” The actor, who was nominated for Best New Actor, was asked if there were any senior female actors who frequently bought him food. Naming Son Ye Jin, he said, “She frequently bought me food in real life.” About her charms, he continued, “She has so many charms. I think her easy-going personality is charming.” He concluded the interview by answering the secret to his glowing skin. “Eating well and sleeping well,” he replied. “I think the amount of sleep you get is the most important.” Son Ye Jin later appeared on the red carpet in a beautiful white dress. In response to her co-star’s interview, the actress commented with a smile, “Jung Hae In bought me a lot so I ate well too.” She added, “This year, I was so happy because I spent it doing good projects with good actors. I thank you so much for this year. I hope all of you will be happy as well.”
  21. When they were called up onto stage and Seohyun moved herself so the reluctant pair could stand side-by-side - 2nd video! Longer video of Injin on the hotseat. They were asked to congradtulate each other as their characters. SYJ def caught off guard but JHI loved it. Feels like the host (who was at the Presidential Awards on Thursday with SYJ) and Seohyun (who was with SYJ at the Rampant VIP screening, and of course, a bandmate of Yoona who is one of SYJ's BFF) know things that we don't know..... Their smiles when they are with each other!!!!
  22. Presentation of the Most Popular Awards. All the voting paid off. Surprised she won for Movie instead of Drama but both of them got two awards today! Seoul Awards Thank you!!
  23. According to one of the shipper accounts the song is called "Meaning of You" and he sang the chorus. Was kinda hoping he would go into Stand By Your Man (I believe the Question/request was sing or dance something you did during the fanmeets) OMO. I need to go back to sleep but THE HUG. The shipper accounts are going crazy. It was funny when they tried NOT to stand beside each other but Seolhyun pushed them together hahaha
  24. I'm not @thi2018 but here's what I remember (I apologize for sketchy memory) but the KNG rumour was all over the news and entertainment shows that "it was reported they were dating" and that they had secret dates in Japan. It didn't help that they did two straight projects together, and SYJ recommended him for the second proejct (I think Pirates was 2nd, I can't remember and too lazy to check). The agencies stepped in and denied ASAP, which was broadcasted on many of the shows (there are a few on YT) There hasn't been the same with JHI yet. There are hopes and wishes by the shippers. Reporters say how great they look as a pair and compare them to Song-song. But, there hasn't been any (fake or real) announcement that SYJ and JHI are dating, which sets it apart from the KNG rumour. Interesting timing for the interview - I wonder is she prepping everybody for a splash on Saturday. https://www.soompi.com/article/1249389wpp/do-son-ye-jin-jung-hae-in-seohyun-win-popularity-awards-seoul-awards Speaking of the Seoul Awards, it's official that they won the popularity votes - JHI in the Drama category and SYJ in the movie category. 50% of the voting was from a panel - she actually won the Drama category. Let's hope it'll translate to Best Actress in Drama at the awards ceremony.
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