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  1. She wrote the teacher cert exam for the public school system. Daechi was her second choice. She ranked high enough to go into the public school system. She would have returned to Daechi if she didn't do well. RMR's new movie is out next week, was hoping for a BD reunion given no wrap party at the VIP Premiere but I don't know if that has happened/is happening lol. A goodbye via her agency. ^^She sounds like she got a little cold.
  2. Good luck @ponderings! What a kdrama to inspire you as you move forwards in your education career. I'm currently taking a little sabbatical from my field which is similar to teaching and this drama has definitely given me a different perspective too. <- pretty much my face through the entirety of the episode. What a pair of episodes. I was secretly hoping Go Sky would transform into SungSoon a la Beauty Inside (or really the other way around) but the ending was beautiful. Lady Song leaving and telling Go Sky to not feel guilty anymore was heartbreaking. I wonder how much of that residual guilt actually influenced her into the teaching career. I'm glad that SungSoon set up the group for when she left especially given what richard simmons the principal and the School Administration lady were. Seeing Ji-Sun ah so many moments - I can't list them all. Go Sky, what a beautiful, rare, inspiring character and thank you to SHJ who admirably brought her to our tv screens. May we all be so lucky. Ratings were solid for TVN and Black Dog. Final episode was about 4.7%. I hope this drama gets some consideration for awards...especially SHJ and RMR.
  3. Wow. Episode 15 was hauntingly beautiful. I think it might have been my favourite episode overall. I loved Bo Tong's storyline and how Go Sky and Sungsoon were both affected by him, and towards him. I don't even know why, but that scene where Bo Tong tells Go Sky that he learns more in the real world than at school really struck me. It was beautifully shot and there will be students that simply don't succeed in the school environment will foster in the real world. A beautiful lesson for Go Sky to be able to let him go for what he may feel right for him. There were so many really good moments in this episode! I can't believe some of this was just shot a couple of days ago (They seemed to have just finished filming in the middle of the night). I was a bit surprised to see the screen caps of the hairup-Hanuel and seriously thought it was from Temperature of Love. I think they did the foreshadow for the final episode quite nicely. Ugh, can't wait to see what happened to SS!!
  4. They were filming on Lunar New Year. A staff posted a picture of his fashion that day and commented that RMR and SHJ teased him a bit over his attire. I think they are pressed for time given that we didn't get promo for next week's. RMR is also out promoting her new movie and invited some of the supporting class to see it yesterday. It got 4.4% for Episode 14. Yea I thought that was weird and unclear. So it looks like Principal Byun is now somewhat of an emeritus professor? I guess he's easing into retirement. And the new principal is "argh". Wasn't sure about Go Sky's indignant behaviour towards Lady Song about the kid running into her. Hey Ha Neul, if you didn't huff out of the restaurant, she wouldn't have had to chase you with the kimchi and gotten hit! It felt forced that introduced the new student that way. I wish they had been able to introduce him earlier as a junior so that we can have more empathy towards him. Felt this weeks' episode a little bit off. I'm torn between wishing they had ended last week, and liking the little turn towards having a new motivation of being a teacher. I didn't mind them not choosing a permanent teacher last week because they've been working out the theme that "Life is Unfair". I'm glad BD is highlighting those daily superheroes like GHN, PSS and even VP Moon fighting for those underdogs and less fortunate, or I guess you can say, those Black Dogs that exist everyday in our lives.
  5. I'm glad it's held steady for so many weeks. Sure, a breakthrough would have been nice but it's really tough for two women to lead in SK. I *almost* think it's a feat for the show to remain above 4% with two female leads, albeit with some starpower, no romance and a quieter pace. I think it's also a tough drama to come in the middle of it. It's about the character arcs and not so much the individual eps. I've read some inspiring reviews where former students have called up their homeroom teachers who inspired them in their youth and current teachers connect with Go Ha Neul's story and the commentary the drama presents on the educational environment. At the end of the day, I believe that's what the PD and actors have stated as their purpose. But it got 5% on Ep 12! Heeee! Lots of little moments this past week. I did love Episode 11 since we got to see the confident Go Sky. She's grown so much from Episode 1. I had to rewatch it because I thought Sung Soon implied that Go Ha Neul had the spot because of nepotism but it wasn't very clear. I'm slightly shocked that Hae Won did indeed write those messages but wow, didn't expect the nepotism to run so deep. From what I understand, the chairman is related to Chief of Admin...who is the uncle to Teacher Jang. So potentially, Teacher Jang is related to Chief of Admin? The gall of that teacher to chide her colleagues and Go Ha Neul! Wow. I totally didn't see this happening! It kinda felt like a "jumping the shark" moment when they just nullified one of the longer arcs. But I have faith in this drama and always playing with our expectations of what should happen in dramaland with what actually may happen in reallife. I loved the little moments where you saw the teachers cheering on their favourite...especially Teacher Kim. Haha, her little smile when it came to Go Sky. But I get it. I really think that if they hired HaeWon, it would have looked bad on the school. He ranked fifth of the five and the teachers were considering their relationship with him. If he didn't have the six years at the school, he wouldn't have even been considered the final two but Park Sung Soon and Teacher Moon couldn't be objective when it came to him especially with the school's subjectivity being held in question. Go HaNeul was too inexperienced, didn't pass the teacher's exam (not sure if that came into play) and wasn't vouched for by Sung Soon nor Moon. I loved the end of Episode 12. Go Haneul got the answer to her question about being a permanent teacher. That it doesn't matter whether she's a short-term or long-term as long as she's there for her students. Except its just episode 12. What are they gonna for the remaining four? Will she be a short-term next year at Daechi? And I almost forgot Teacher Yoon's retirement and speech. Omgosh. Crocodile Tears. That was beautiful. What a poignant lesson to us all. She was indeed a gem.
  6. Heeeee @Fabbo I just typed faster than you do! Definitely agree with you on SHJ and TBI. It also helped that she had a cast that somewhat matched her emotional commitment (IMOOOO) lol. I was thinking back to Song Chan Hui's reaction when Yoon Yeo-Hwa recognized her. We remember those that made an impact in our lives. As students, we remember the good teachers for good reasons and the bad teachers for bad reasons. It must have been monumental for Recruiter Song to finally get some recognition without prompt from somebody who she obviously impacted, and for Ha Neul to see it. At first I thought Ep 10 was a bit slow. Too many reviews and such that I got confused as to what evaluation they were talking about. I was beginning to think that the nepotism thing got completely lost and Ha Neul's reason for being a teacher, but I loved how they brought it back with Teacher Moon just going at it straight on the graduating students talking about going back to visit her after graduation. I thought SHJ was spot on once again. That glare she had when she turned to Jae Hyun and asked whether he had something for her to write in his student records was the moment where her naivety as a new teacher was stripped away. I also liked Sung Soon and Teacher Moon's storyline. Sometimes, we need others to get what we want or to protect the people we care for. And also Teacher HA was the one who gave 1's to Teacher Song? The end when Ha Neul was looking at her evals. We all want to be accepted in life, especially when we are working on a$$'s off. I cried with her. I'm still waiting for that duet between RMR and SHJ. Bring it TVN BTS . And Teacher Do's dance moves were glorious. Sorry to pull an old post back. I try to read a couple of reviews after each episode airs in SK. I've read a few from short-term teachers and they have all commented on how similar their plight is to Ha Neul's. And they definitely need all the support they can get. Either the writer did it, or the improvised on it...hehe.. I rolled on the floor at the beginning of Ep 10. Seriously show? Go Ssaem - you look like Seo Hyun Jin? Maybe my favourite line of the whole drama so far.
  7. Thanks for posting the lyrics. Love the melody and how the drama has been using it, but if they are gonna use an English song, they need somebody to proofread the lyrics and not use google translate!!!!!! Another good episode. Dropped in the ratings a bit but all three dramas dropped today. I loved Ha Neul putting on Sung Soon's makeup haha. I'm not even sure why but I was holding back tears for the last ten minutes of the episode. There's something so human about this drama that really resounds to me - we all have our reasons for getting angry, holding onto our pride, standing our ground to what's right etc. - and this drama highlights this so well. Everything has been playing out a bit too nicely to me (maybe other than the Banana incident heh!) so definitely curious as to what's gonna happen in the next ep. Otherwise, can't wait to see the Karaoke scene. I hope the wo-mance get to put on a duet or two!
  8. The video from her management was just posted. Soop's been great - Eng Subbed videos especially given how international her fanbase is. She's hilarious in it. Loved the past week's episode. I love Haneul and her boys!! I love the all the different aspects of the drama, especially it's hidden humour and how gray it is vs. black and white.
  9. Yes. It got 5.483% in the ratings. It's highest thus far and hopefully a whole bunch of new viewers before Dr. Romantic begins next week. I'm not sure she mentioned uncle thing in the application. She didn't like it when her mother suggested she write that her uncle was a teacher and didn't even know he was working there (or even what he looked like). I think from her side, she had no idea. Ep 5 was lovely. Teared up when Ha Neul was given the note from Ji Sun and how she has the older teacher on her side. I love how they are slowly expanding for the viewers the depth of the role of teachers for the viewers.
  10. Nope it's definitely for this school year. Korean school terms begin in March and ends in July, then a second term in Sept through to Feb. The short-term teachers were mumbling about how their contracts for the school year hadn't come out yet because they had to work out the legalese. The five month contract suddenly came up because a teacher (obviously a permanent teacher) was suddenly returning in the second-half. The school took advantage of the fact that their contracts hadn't been signed yet so they could do whatever they want with the terms. I'm not 100% sure (so correct me if I'm wrong) but there are three categories of short-term teachers: those who failed the board exams, those who haven't written the board exams yet and those who are unable to get permanent positions. Ha Neul is in the 2nd category which is why her uncle suggested her to remain in her position to gain experience and the widow (I think) told her to work while studying. I think the big issue is that there are few permanent positions therefore there are a lot of teachers like the six-year teacher languishing as a short-term teacher. It sounds like this issue will be fleshed out a lot more in the next episode judging from the preview.
  11. The teacher who sympathized with GHN quit so that Ha Neul took her full-term contract. The teacher just couldn't take that her students found out she was short-term and she succumbed to the obvious disparities between short-and-long term teachers. I was definitely crying crocodile tears with SHJ when she was signing the contract. I love the relationship between Ha Neul and Park Sung Soon. Sung Soon treats Ha Neul like her car. She can't clean it too often or else it'll become too spoiled or arrogant. That scene at the end of Ep 4 with Ha Neul telling Sung Soon she'll go on the trip......ai I love this drama for similar reasons. If you take away the setting, Ha Neul's road is a everyday worker's story. It's easy to empathize with her character (and SHJ is really hitting the ballpark with her portrayal). I have to pause every episode at some point just because it hits home so hard. I keep thinking about this relationship. I can't put my finger on what I really think about this relationship. Perhaps Ms. Kim has never had a course partner quite like Ha Neul. But within this storyline I like how you can see Ha Neul adjusting her teaching style towards Ms. Kim as per Ms. Park's comment at the beginning of that episode. She tried to do Mr. Do's style, but it didn't quite work out. She adjusted it with Ms. Kim and came off as a hit. And she had the opportunity to say to the principal that she did all the work but she didn't. Given the attn that Ha Neul got working together with Ms. Kim, it's almost as if if Ms. Kim can be won over, anybody can. (I'm not sure this makes sense, everything is still a bit confusing around this dynamic) Loved the first OST release. I think this is the Korean version of the song that played at the end of the first trailer. Curious as to whether SHJ recorded (or even RMR!), but I think SHJ might be concentrating on acting rather doing OST since she brokeout. I think they must be happy with the ratings with this. It's tough for women to lead dramas without a leading man and they've held steady even through this holiday season so far.
  12. The first episode totally blew me away. So many aspects of it was so well-done especially SHJ's performance. The nepotism edge really set the dynamic for Ha-Neul with her co-workers. Loved the transition from young Ha-Neul to SHJ. That scene made me wonder why she has to have bangs all the time haha. Yesss completely teared up at the end when they threw in the OST music in the classroom scene. Just stunning. Truly a moment of transcendence for me. Now, what is the song that was at the end of the full trailer! To add to @Fabbo I think her leg was healed but she hurt it again during the fall in the cafeteria. I don't remember her having a visible limp otherwise. Points of curiousity: how did she become such close friends with the widow, for the widow to consider her a daughter? The estrangement with the uncle - it looks like Ha-Neul has never met the uncle yet he helped her get the job? Obviously there will be some good relationship development between Ra-Miran's character and Ha-Neul but I was surprised it was actually a sour one to begin with. As for the romance part, sometimes I think that it's such a waste to have a Queen of Romance not to have a romantic interest but at the same time I loved her with Lee Minki that I have a hard time imagining her with anybody else at the moment. Now that she's in a more naturalistic role, I would love her to take a role like Something in the Rain/Pretty Noona one day - minus the dongsaeng-noona relationship (mmm ToL wasn't a fav). But for now I'll eagerly await for each ep of Black Dog.
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