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  1. It’s so dark and very unfamiliar, hehehe. It’s great this club is still very active, thought it will be on hiatus until Season 2. Thank you to those who’s keeping update on YYS and SHB’s individual activities. Love reading them all Although restrictions are easing in my part of the world, and life is starting to go back to the ‘new normal’ , let us not put our guards down and continue to be safe and do frequent hand washing. Maintain social distancing, the virus is still around.
  2. What is happening in WinterGarden Wonderland? Did I miss something?
  3. Thank you very much @40somethingahjumma for the fanfic update. Thoroughly enjoy reading it
  4. Too bad there is no Psychiatrist at Yulje Medical Centre’s VIP wing. I detected a case of Delusional disorder - type of serious mental health condition of unshakable beliefs of something that is untrue
  5. @Sorary there was never a line that needed crossing (on their obsession) to begin with — zero, nada, eopseo. Good idea not to bite on the bait thrown. Where Gyeo-ul was concerned, Jeong Won was battling against himself whether to cross that line because he knew there was no turning back. After hearing Gyeo-ul’s emotional confession, Jeon Won did not only walk, but sprinted towards the line as we can tell by the ‘peck’.
  6. Wow. How twisted...I mean what a plot twist . The way Jeong Won looked at SW. He is smitten. Right, for 20 years he stayed smitten. He was that smitten, it didn’t even make Jeon Won give up his life long dream to become a priest. He is smitten. Yet, it was Gyeo-ul he kissed. Not once, but twice on Christmas Day. And that lifelong dream of becoming a priest is gone. Right, Jeong Won is definitely smitten with GYEO-UL .
  7. Thank you @superspace for the translation. I like her answers. It does make sense how she prefers their character to go through the stages of getting to know each other on personal (more intimate) level, the awkward phase, not jump the gun. I’ll sit back, relax and enjoy these two virgins go through the hoops of the relationship in Season 2. It will be fun
  8. @superspace I saw that too not long ago, while replying to the reporter, SHB ‘s eyes was glued to the screen. Probably more surprised than we are how it turned out well. I would like to be the fly on the wall when they were all together watching the last episode especially the kissing scene, rather peck scene was ‘tastefully’ executed by Yoon Yon Seok and Shin Hyun Bin. The reaction of everyone in the room would have been gold
  9. @ktcjdrama @yukiyukiku let me join the wagon Seriously, Jeong Won should have his own office now that he’s got a girlfriend for these to happen. If not, make out sessions in the back staircases, avoid elevators at all cost. Empty operating rooms when Gyeo-ul is on call. Jeong Won being a priest aspirant from previous life, sex might come after marriage (I doubt though ). I’m sure it will be a sizzling night for them . As both are doctors, they are experts in human anatomy. #Wink
  10. Jo Mido’s voice in last night’s Live YouTube performance was smooth as silk. Impressive! Except of course during the purposely deaf tone version of Aloha as SW to mimic the drama scene . It was great too.
  11. @DuckButtHunter I went to google the blog site out of curiosity. I was laughing the whole time reading the first (and only) page. They sure live up to the group’s name, if I may add the word - savage. Totally annihilated Jeong Won’s character. I am Catholic. But I’m not the type you see in the church services every Sunday. Growing up, I spent school breaks attending catechism classes with my other siblings between the ages of 8-10years old. As a teenager, I found out that one of my cousins whom I am very close to (we are of the same age) that my uncle was an ex- Catholic priest. Her Mum was a church choir member of the parish my uncle was assigned. My uncle fell in love, left priesthood and married her. He proceeded to become a lawyer. My cousin and her two siblings are the result of that union. (This cousin of mine is a Harvard graduate with honours - sorry, I just need to mention that ). We jokingly call them as the grandchildren of God that’s why she turned out to be so smart . My uncle who was set in his mind to serve God, became an ordained priest, met and fell in love had to make that difficult decision to leave priesthood. He is still a man of God up to this day. This is reality. I have a close friend who is a Catholic nun and colleague. I once had a good talk with her in regards to my shortcomings as a good Catholic should. She was very clear in what she said to me. “Being a good person, doing the right thing, the love you show in your work, the genuine compassion you give to others are enough. You are doing what God wants you to do.” So, there you go... Sorry if there was a touch of personal note to my long post.
  12. Let me add flavour to you scenario : On Jeong Won’s first day at Yulje, the memory of cream stain on Gyeo-ul’s mouth came flooding in (addition to her sexy neck ). No wonder Jeong Won devoured Gyeo-ul’s lips, with thoughts running through his head -“I’ve been wanting to do this since the first day we met.” A mere peck? Ms Shin Hyun Bin-ie you were in the receiving end, you know very well Mr Yoon Yon Seok delivered more than just a peck
  13. The WG detractors are focusing on another aspect why they ‘shouldn’t be together’. My husband is 9 years older than me. When he thinks I’m winning over a petty argument, he would tell me that he was already playing soccer when I was born. On Mother’s Day I was talking to my mother in law on FaceTime and she noticed in the background my hubby was folding away the laundry, she told me I raised her son well . Can you imagine Mama Rosa and Gye-ul on video call? Jeong Won in the background cleaning away as he does. Rosa telling Gyeo-ul she raised Jeong Won well. Epic.
  14. YYS is one good kisser. The big difference however (in my opinion) from the above video clips of his previous dramas, he looked like a boy kissing a woman. In Hospital Playlist, YYS’s all grown and buffed. What I see is a man kissing Gyeo-ul .