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  1. Another brilliant week for SLIJ, our Seyoung was able to deliver effectively that ‘don’t mess with my daughter and ex-husband or I’ll kill you’ character. Gee, those glaring eyes can cut you through and through! I wish KDW and PSY will have a kissing scene like ‘DG and MS’ ...a slow, sweet version Isn’t that amazing that Seyoung followed @parkseyoungland’s IG account? Nice!
  2. I’m getting more entertained by this drama each week. I just love that it always ends up Teacher and his cohorts always get the upper hand against villain Tae Soo. With the main leads possibility of reconciliation? I wouldn’t really hope on that. Although their is that feeling that they do care for each other. We are already on episode 8 but it’s not showing any signs of them getting back together....but I like watching their scenes together - Kim Dong Wok and Park Seyoung Duk Gu was a complete adorkable and was funny in Prison Playbook drama, but here he does look sexy...hahaha!
  3. OMG Our Wooyoung-ie is already 31y.o. How time flies. Glad he is celebrating this year in a very low key event. I guess he can’t really party heavily (we do know he is/was a party animal, right?) while in the tour of duty. Stay safe and happy birthday Wooyoung!! LIJJP gets really entertaining each week. I’m glad that Seyoung’s screen time is on the rise. I like how their so called ex- husband and wife relationship is panning out. The ‘love-hate’ relationship...it’s cute, it’s funny. Last night’s episode was a turn around, the look Mi Ran gave him when she arrested TS was like ‘You’re cool Jin Ah appa.’ Let’s See next week.
  4. I’m getting really confused here. I’m back as @standingtallyy. What is happening? I had no trouble signing back in again using my iPad!
  5. The short clip of SY’s drama looked interesting. Back to brunette and SY seem to have lost all those extra kilos. It’s like she never had it!? Off topic: Now this is what’s I call REAL scandal in the K-Pop world...idols getting involved in sex scandal videos they created themselves. They have the perfect recipe to become ‘monsters’ - fame, money, youth and stupidity. They become arrogant, no respect to women pure and simple. Even if it was consensual they have no right to take the video and shared for public consumption. Our Wooyoung is way heaps decent than those two singer/ idols @Gerry58. I always find that thin guy who was them in Radio Star odd and weird, it’s like he’s always on drugs or something...now my gut feeling was proven true..
  6. @Gerry58 Hello! It’s been very warm down here, thank goodness though summer is officially over and we are gearing up for the autumn months. Me too, before and after Sky Castle no drama has got me interested for a while. Tried a couple and watched 2-3 episodes then dropped because it felt like I was watching dumb and dumber (Fiery Priest and Trap)...I might try again when the so-called detectives and priest become ‘savvies’ again. For now I’m happy with Netflix...which btw Money Flower have just been added. So, wo-hoo. Off topic: On Song-Song, the rumours is way too much as not to catch everyone’s attention and usually when these sort of talks come out, agencies of A-Listers straight away announce legal actions against the source. That makes me think, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Sad...
  7. Anyeong! Finally I’m able to log back in. Was it a glitch? Visited the drama forum of Seyoung’s upcoming drama hoping to read any updates, found none. This could explained why she’s put on weight? The article said the male lead star needed to gain 9kg for the role as a judo athlete....and I guess to look older for his role as a young Dad. Welcome @Gun Attaphan! It’s never too late to join us. Off topic: What is this buzz going on about Song-Song Couple on the verge of divorcing? I hope these is nothing but baseless talks from people with no better things to do! Not a big fan...but I don’like news of marriage break ups, especially for a couple who are in love..
  8. Looking forward to this drama. It’s been a while for Park Seyoung who I like . The two actors, I’ve seen them from The Guest and Prison Playbook.
  9. This ‘beanie’ wearing girl (Seyoung), so reminded me of the ‘beanie’ wearing boy who’s currently serving in the Army
  10. Look who’s finally back? This time with a bob hairstyle too
  11. @chic-chic this could mean two things. The ex-husband gets ‘beaten’ due to their love-hate marriage leading to the divorce and PSY plays a judo champ OR passionately in love with lots of kisses . If it’s the latter...bring it on please!!!
  12. Happy New Year to you as well @Gerry58. That’s good news. We will see SY gain soon in a drama. She was a divorcee in Money Flower, again she’s playing another divorcee role. Guess, you are right...no kissing scenes for her . So hard not to delulu on this two. WY in the army, and SY was out of sight for over 12 months. The period has covered marriage, pregnancy and giving birth to her first child. SY’s current look certainly has created mind boggling thoughts from me....
  13. @chubbz Yes. I think that’s his name, one of the lead actor in Life In Mars drama.
  14. Hello Ladies! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing us all a Happy New Year!! It’s been a while since my last visit here... What a year to start with news of our Park Seyoung-ie in a drama. I actually like this actor Kim Dong Wook. I often mistake him with another actor who played the lead role in Prison Playbook. The bestie of the jailed baseball player. The drama premise sound promising. I hope SY will accept the role. It’s been a long time wait for this news, our patience was really tested, right? Nice to see SY on that video clips. Yeah, she really fattened up a bit, but hey in reality she just looked perfect! Compared before that she was stick thin to look good on screen. This must be the heaviest I’ve seen her too. It must be for this drama? I admired her even more appearing in the awards night looking like someone who actually eats and not starving herself. SY could have opted for a black colour, knowing it will hide the few kilos but she wore white instead . If she was vain, her appearance would have freaked her out and refused to appear on TV (you know how they say, you will look like 10 times heavier on TV). It means SY is comfortable in her skin. The hair looked nice, I was expecting a real blonde do, but I think the colour is gorgeous! Just to feed our delulu SY looked like a new Mom...if you know what I mean, hahaha! . I’m just being cheeky!
  15. Hi Ladies It's been a while. Hmmmm...something is off. Why all of a sudden SY's friend's IG account now locked? There is something going on alright. Glad I managed to get a quick glimpse. Yes, she does look different with a bleach blonde do. A drastic change? It must be for a good reason....I hope. An upcoming project perhaps? Too much secrecy...it's frustrating and driving my head in . Well, it's Christmas soon so we'd probably not hear anything until the new year. Mind you it will be year in February since her last drama. Her good friends Soo Jin and Eun Hye has dramas at the moment yet Seyoung is way too quiet!
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