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  1. Oh noo, Ahn Chihong! I genuinely felt so sad when I read about this, too. I was looking forward to see Ahn Chihong's development and more of Kim Junhan on my screen
  2. Thank you @triplem for making a new thread for our wonderful agency! And thank you @wallflowersforjane for your mention! More than a month since the last episode and I'm still here, searching for more hosplay content and from our wintergarden. I'm just so glad we are getting real life updates from our lovely actors and actresses, especially YYS and SHB! They had lots of projects and they deserve it! I'm sooo looking forward to Season 2 now that we will be seeing a less repressed (?) Jeongwon and more interactions from Wintergarden! And more than that,
  3. For the benefit of those who haven't found it yet, here's the opening theme of Hospital Playlist. Something to add in our OST collection while we wait for Season 2
  4. Oh my god! It's been days since the finale and I still can't move on. It's been a first for me to be this emotionally invested to a drama (which also led me to joining soompi ) . I am so glad HP has a multi-season format, because then we'd get to see more of our lovely characters and how they navigate new relationships and challenges. And to be honest, I don't think a standard 16-episode drama would be enough for HP and for me haha. I actually just dropped by to share my appreciation for Seok-hyeong's character. I just realized that most of the dialogues that deeply resonated with
  5. Hmm, I don't think that's the case. If ever the writer actually does take a heavier and more serious route for Andrea's headaches, it will be shown in the next season. But I think his headaches were just manifestations of him juggling so much emotional baggage (i.e. priesthood, patients, father's death).
  6. Definitely voted for Cheese in the Trap! Ughh As an avid fan of the webtoon, its drama counterpart was a disappointment. I was so hyped early on when I heard they were adapting CITT to a drama. Although a bit wary at first, I found the early episodes to be so much more than I expected. The casting was stellar, especially Kim Go-eun who truly embodied Seol's character and Park Hae-jin who excellently played both dark and adorable sides of Jung. But it all went downhill from the second half of the series. I felt that it regressed to a tug-of-war, cliche love t
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