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  1. Happy weekend everyone~~ Last post for the day for me. 442
  2. @larus did you watch all the dramas which thread you opened? Wowww @phikyl my top 3 are not rom com though.. You want rom com? I dont have that many rom coms i like. Familiar Wife will be one. 420
  3. So many But from my recent ones Hot stove league Secret Forest 1 (i'm rewatching it currently) Investigation Partner is also good I cant choose.... If J dramas Crisis Rookies Marumo no okite Congrats @mirmz for making it to Legend yayyy +2
  4. Thank you @breadstal for pasting the information on SF2 characters here. It's looking like women (police) vs men (prosecutors) but hopefully they won't stay on the opposite side for too long but rather come to work together as a team soon (just like S1). But unlike S1, I'm hoping that there's no traitor within the close-knit group (if there's ever one in S2)..but it seems this hope may not come to fruition with this description I don't know who else chuckled when reading this I know it's not meant to be funny at all but after reading all the returnees descriptions, they all seemed to be in a new situation etc..and here come SDJ..still chasing to climb up the ladder
  5. @alleram95 thank you ms alleram! I ll go to the main thread soon and see the summary Good...morning 472
  6. @superspace oh! that's shun oguri!! @MY15 and @Alice Wonderland thanks for the information. Sad that @Sejabin has to leave..but if you manage to read this message: I wish you all the best and please take care 344
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm just per normal. Haven't been going out that much even when the restrictions were eased off. LOL @im0202 Victoria the number of cases has been spiking up so the gov decided to do stage three lockdown again for 6 weeks. Where is @Sejabin going @MY15 ? I don't read back all those pages I missed so I think i'm missing something? 378
  8. @triplem they will overlap right? I also don't want to start later...I like CSW and BDN. I've been waiting for this drama like Fighting! for you if you are to recap both dramas for each ep 458
  9. Good morning What a beautiful sunny day here although today is our first day back on worries be happy @triplem so this Model Detective will overlap with SF 2 in its middle or later stage right? Since when SF2 starts, MD will still be airing too? How is my brain going to cope with two heavy detective dramas? I will need to sharpen it a bit more from now on so it will be ready to be overworked extensively 460
  10. I just saw the new poster posted by TVN on IG and realised that most of the main casts from season 1 were no longer there (understandbly). Although I'd be happy to have some more familiar faces from season 1, I won't deny that I'm so excited for the new faces too! I should be doing season 1 rewatch soon
  11. I finished watching the first 2 eps. Thanks @triplem for recapping the first episode. Will you be doing that for all episodes? I think my brain will thank you for that. I always have a problem remembering things and who is who when it comes to procedural drama which only deals with one big case for all its episodes. Please don't read below if you haven't watched the first 2 eps. I have only seen Son Hyun Joo is a few dramas/movies and I haven't come across him playing this type of character. So it's refreshing to see that he's playing a funnier character here. It's also interesting to see that the older one is the one who is emotional and the younger one is the sharp one. Most of the procedural dramas I watched have those in reverse. And for me personally, I haven't seen Kang Do Chul's expertise being played in solving the case yet. I have seen so far how OJK smartly found and solved clues. I think it's safe to say from watching the first 2 episodes that this drama isn't trying to get the viewers to guess whether or not LDC and PGH were guilty. It's pretty clear from early on that both were not the criminals so I think the show is going to get us on the journey to find the real killer in LDC case and its complicated background on why LDC had to be made guilty in the first place. I'm hoping that LDC and OJK will stay alive until the end Sorry for the long-ish post. For those who're more or less familiar with me will probably already know by now that I'm having trouble with expressing my thoughts in only a few words. So please bear with me from here onward This is indeed the mystery that I think will be solved a bit later in the drama and combined that with what triplem has said that the chief of crime unit 1 seemed to know something about it.
  12. 616 @triplem can always use FF button hahahaha. but yes i agree it s sooo longgg
  13. @wallflowersforjane where are you going ?? @partyon welcome back @triplem will you be watching JJH and KHJ? i like i have a lover...although i skipped a few eps here and there but i love their chemistry! Good luck with your badge entries @gm4queen ! thanks for your hardwork creating those badges~ 604