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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and comments in this forums throughout the drama. I enjoyed reading them It's a very satisfying ending for me~ I love seeing the change in JH and WJ..they worked together to solve a problem instead of blaming one another (e.g: when the kids weren't being picked up and JH needed to attend the test). I'm gonna miss seeing Ji Sung and Han Ji Min and also all the supporting casts. This is I think the first drama where I don't mind watching the side characters' story. Until next time chingus!
  2. It does make more sense if it happened in timeline 2...I was wondering like others as well how JJS could be her first love in this timeline. I'm also glad like some chingus here that we get to see how married life will be for WJ and JH. Seems like ep 16 tension will be because WJ has higher position than JH~~but pleaseeee no more scary fightings writer-nim..and give them a very very happy ending. I'm also loving the friendship between the 3 boys (+2girls). The three of them really have distinctly different characters but it's so lovely to see them interact with each others. Funnily, Jong Hoo's wife has never really been pictured to be part of the group, unlike JH's sister and WJ. Last episode tonight Note: Did they just make a reference to Jealousy Incarnate when JH was referred to as 'incarnation of jealousy'? But jealousy incarnate wasn't broadcasted by Tvn though~~
  3. @tok-soompi me too! I'm so excited too..I haven't seen his acting for a while so this will be great. Hope all JJS's fans chingus here watch the episode and who knows you will all fall in love with Familiar Wife as well (if you haven't watched the drama yet)~~ It's as great as JI!!
  4. I JJS! and Jealousy Incarnate is one of my all time favourites! (yes..this familiar wife will make it to the list too!) I saw HJM cameo in JI and I'm so glad JJS is going to make an appearance here too. Can't wait for the last 2 episodes. So sad but also so exciting. Once the drama finishes, I'll binge watch it from episode 1~ I hope they'll stay in this timeline too..everything works well for all characters involved. But if the writer ever chooses to create another timeline, I hope the writer will give us a satisfying ending no matter what.
  5. I'm guessing that what will happen in Timeline 3~~ Maybe the day/s of 2006 JH manages to avoid WJ and then fast forwards to the 2018 with them not ever meet each other and that's why at the end of the preview, WJ, with the memory of Timeline 2..knows JH will work at KCU, purposely goes to work there ? I don't mind fast forward in this case..rather than having to watch 'many years' of their lives about JH trying to avoid WJ~
  6. I know right...the old..the new..and another new...wait until there's another time travel again in the last 4 episodes..we'll be sooo confused when discussing them here!!! I should watch again from the beginning when this drama finishes..tbh I lost track on some of the events (on when they occured) like when WJ's father passed away. So.. when did you think WJ's mum did time travelling again? did she do it in the 2006 in the TL1? Or did she do it in the TL2? @_@ It will be really cool if the drama can address this in a little bit more clarity in the end (but I won't be expecting it). @qynn I think you might be right in that perhaps JH will still refuse to be with WJ..and as someone else said..may actually try NOT TO make them both meet at all. After all, WJ didn't really have all the memories of the 'original' timeline..only JH did...I was wondering what kind of 'conflict' the writer will present us with in the last 4 episodes..but i think one of them might be this I'm wishing our OTP won't need to go through any more 'problems'..and the writer can just show us how they build their relationship while trying to perhaps prevent the father from meeting with the fatal accident, to get SS with JE etc etc...
  7. The last 2 episoded really pulled on my heart string T_T There's something about this drama which draws me to it..it's not so lovey-dovey nor it has overly romantic scenes..but for some reasons I really like this drama! Love Ji Sung and Han Ji Min. kudos to both actor and actress I'm also loving the OSTs..especially the one sang by Roy Kim I think time travel story is to some degree very confusing and we probably will find some holes in the story line here and there. I also think that WJ's mum time travelled before and also that ahjussi in the station. But then the question became..when did they exactly time travel in this new time line? If they did it before (during the old time line)..and then that memory was carried over to the new time line (hence they knew they time travelled)..then in this 'newest' timeline..will they remember too (The mum and the ahjussi)? ..and so many other questions...*shrugs* doesn't matter even if they're not answered..i still enjoy this drama! (a drama is a drama anyway) I'm looking forward to seeing how the writer makes this 'newest' timeline an interesting story to watch. Can't wait for next week!!
  8. I'm liking this drama so far Always like Ji Sung but has never really watched Han Ji Min's dramas but so far I'm liking her acting too~ Btw, anyone knows the song which JH listened to in his car for a bit before the lightning struck (and he had to stop the car and went to the convenient store?). It's the same song I heard in I have a Lover and have been wondering what song it is but since it's not part of OST, I couldn't find the title nor the artist. Looking forward to tonight's episode!
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