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  1. @cherrhys88 I know it would be struggle on how do it. Hopefully the price goes down significantly because my parents would be upset with me if I spent so much money. Let's see. Fingers crossed. Also hopefully they produce a DVD version because I dont have blue ray. My hope is we all get to watch it. Ugh if only they extended the viewing time. I feel all the imbalance, continuity issues could have been dealt. I am still upset about founding out there were 18 episodes. Really Sbs is trying to make money because those love this show love it very much. Okay that is my rant.
  2. Guys, what if we do group share?? We could split the cost. One person who has blue ray could get it. What do you all think Why didnt Sbs after seeing it was a hit increase the run time. O mean romantic kim season2 was a little bit longer than one hour I guess they want to make money. I am surprised with demand so high for the blue ray that why not the sell a DVD version with a less expensive. People would run. I would buy it @debbsthebee I honestly do have few ideas. i will let you know when something is out.
  3. @Sky8lue loved the epilogue! Thank you! I am still struggling to move on as many of us are. I am never written fanfic, but seriously considering it. I am not good writer so we shall see because I do feel like we were cheated out of many scenes...but like I said we shall see.
  4. @Dana T how do we find out about those? Where to look for them?thank you for the info.
  5. @annamchoi yes it certainly is. I am asking because if someone does could let usknow what the deleted scenes are? i know its too much to ask but i was wondering if should pitch in... i dont know yeah its too expensive
  6. Hey, Guys I just wanted to thank everyone this beautiful thread to getting me through the beautiful, angsty, and fluffy experience of watching this show. It was wonderful to hear everyone's insights and analysis about the show. I am so glad to have delurked sooner usually I do it when the drama is ending and then its no fun. I noticed in the past few days my heart aches at different times thinking about the story and the chemistry between the Mls. I am guessing I am going through a withdrawal. Sigh nothing really to look forward to. Genuine question is anyone planning
  7. @tiMadam @JilliaI am glad I am not the only who thought that way because of that I felt her arc was half-baked. @Jillia I love that moment too.... our boy was shook Damn they cut out so many scenes.. There was picture of him buying rings. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SBS one hour was not enough. I am upset about that too. Oh for the poll about how would you rate the finale! I voted I don't know because it felt hurried a bit even though I love it so much....I am still in two minds. Again they cut out so many beautiful scenes...Yeah going to be mad about that for a whi
  8. I don't want to say goodbye to this drama or this thread. This first drama I have started watching live from the beginning. I was intrigued by the headlines and the premise from the very first moment. I was excited for it and when the teasers came out I thought this too good to be true. The chemistry was just oozing from the MLs. I was not disappointed. I am someone who has hard time completing dramas completely. The only ones I can think of are Her Private Life, Dr. Romantic 2, Hospital Playlist, Weightlifting, and now Do you like Brahms. Not many... This drama will always hold a special plac
  9. Guys! AH! I watched live and now I am so sad. I shall mish this show so much. If anyone does rewatch consider me in. one quibble I still wanted a scene of them cuddling in bed... More detailed thoughts later on both episodes and maybe a review... The show was beautiful but it is not without its faults...
  10. forget about the preview gys! Lets enjoy the recital scene + I Love you scenes. My heart fluttered so much. KMJ voice modulation was better than the I like you. It was so heart touching. My streamed kept lagging so I couldnt enjoy. I love these scenes more than the i like you. writernim happy ending stop playing with us!
  11. @Abirami Ramakrishnan yes she does like to play with our emotions... i am stiill excited and scared. i wish...it came now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. so many spoilers! how will I sleep tonight.. So excited..so scared as always!
  13. @Y.Q. Thanks for wishing me luck. I took my exam on Friday and back to spazzing with you all. Also thank you so much for translating the director's thoughts. It is interesting to understand their perspective. It is very similar what we all understand which makes me think they do a good job. I am scared guys for episode 15. They are so many spoiler pics.... what to understand from them?
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