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  1. Hi @JungRok, Shin PD is married though The Winter Garden stockholders in Twitter saw your post so yeah.... Hi @shawolynn I appreciate your calendar screencaps you posted! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello! My brain cannot appreciate this properly but I wanna share this Twitter thread just in case some of you can wrap into this hehehehe
  3. Honestly I cried at Moo Jin's phone conversation with Hae Su. That scene showed me that even though they are now far away from each other, there is still hope for them to start anew. It was pretty nice that Hae Su is the one calling Moo Jin over the phone. Of course I feel sad that they did not get back together right away, but I was touched with Moo Jin's reaction when he spoke with Hae Su. I felt that he is able to love her more sincerely especially when Hae Su openly communicates with him, and also maybe he's receiving a lot of kindness from her as well.
  4. Hello folks! You can help in letting Netflix hear your voices so that FOE can be added in their roster! Visit this link and feel free to suggest other Lee Joon Gi dramas (or other dramas you have in mind aside from FOE). https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest Netflix will review your request so please kindly spread this around!
  5. One of the people I follow in Twitter made a theory further and it sheds some light about real BHS in the earlier episodes in the thread I highly suggest to open these tweets to check the whole thread
  6. I love how these words of Cha Jiwon made me cry Really love the fast development of this episode. The therapist who did the hypnosis of Do Hae Soo is the same therapist that diagnosed Do Hyun Soo. Glad that Hae Soo decided to change her therapist and that therapist deserved that RickRoll'D slap from Jiwon! Okay the accomplice's eye is so scary and it's not Baek Man Woo. The eye size is larger I think it's definitely the real Baek Hee Sung. The accident happened back when real BHS is about to go to the military reservists training. He is already done
  7. Finished episode 9 and I think for me, the real melodrama started here. My head and my heart hurts. How can we all survive by next week? The real Baek Hee Sung is one of the best highlights in the drama. He has so much anger against his dad, Baek Man Woo (kudos to this real BHS actor for conveying that emotion). I bet real BHS has no desire to get all that perfect life that his father wanted for him. I believe only he and his mother (Gong Mi Ja) knows what is up. I think real BHS went into coma because BMW probably almost caught him along the way while Do Hyun Soo was r
  8. Leaving this beautiful insight here (in case no one did yet) but once I backread and somebody did it earlier, I’ll delete it. I’ll be back once I finish episode 9
  9. I think for season 2 we will see Winter Garden mature even further and I think their dynamics will play a big role for each other’s growth. Jeongwon needs better coping methods (and has to grow up too hahahaha) and Gyeoul still needs a mentor like him (and Ikjun) to bring out her best potential as well. There will be a room to open about her story in season 2.
  10. To @sas79 I think he faced her as DHS because in the preview, Jiwon was able to enter Kim Moo Jin's house and even saw the word "trap". I think by then, he has no choice to but to face her as such so that they can perhaps solve the case. Do Hae Soo will play a huge role for the husband and wife in the next few episodes.
  11. Regarding the real BHS’s coma, it seems that Do Hyun Soo is exactly not part of this. I bet during his recovery stage, something happened that made the real Baek Hee Sung go into coma. In fact, he pretty wondered that how can a healthy BHS ended up in a coma state.
  12. Just another thought that maybe Gong Mi Ja can live another life as Eunha’s grandmother part-time or partly, if that door is still waiting for her. For some reason, I think she’s one of the few aside from Do Hyun Soo who deserves a second chance at life despite of the illness they have. Eunha basically is the new generation yet not blood-related version of the real Baek Hee Sung Also I think the lapses on CJW’s knowledge on mental health is there for a reason? It’s frustrating but the drama makers are trying to show us that while police can do mind games or tactics, bu
  13. Now watching episode 8 and honestly this episode is what I needed after getting overloaded with episode 7. So the real BHS finished his enlistment and usually enlisted men are required to undergo the Military Reserve Training as reservists after they finish their service (if I'm not mistaken it's months after). I hope somebody can translate the document. Upon checking the date, the talk happened during fall season and in that same period, real BHS has to go in for the training. DHS is quite good in asking the right questions. I must say the accident that happened occurred in most c
  14. Hi folks! I found a very nice thread on Twitter regarding Do Hyun Soo’s emotional journey. I have not watched episode 8 and will come back here later. Anyway this thread gave a good insight on how he still can’t process emotions like a normal person would. I remember that he told CJW that he is sick in the mind. Maybe CJW has not realized fully up to what extent his sickness is? So perhaps it will take some time for her to understand it unlike how his sister and Kim Moo Jin does.
  15. Episode 7 was pretty overloaded. The resto owner somehow got lost on where exactly is the meeting site? Also I think we still need episode 8 because the revelations we got from episode 7 is not that enough? Looking forward to read more your theories
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