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  1. We didn't get any interactions between them but I was happy to see them in the sama space. But Reba didn't look happy on some vids, like she was isolated.
  2. Another drama starring V. I don't know what video you all are talking about but until one of them is officially in a relationship, I'm not gonna stress over rumours or some pictures/videos. Have faith. If they happen then it's great for us shippers, otherwise it's life, their lives.
  3. I like how Vengo chose different characters and drama's genre. This year we saw him as a Heavenly Emperor, an explorer, a detective and next, a doctor. Soon , he'll act as a soldier. Hopefully, I will get to see him in a historical and a cute modern romance dramas.
  4. Vengo's new drama has a premier date, october 12th on Hunan and Mango TV. Reba's new photoshoot in a wedding dress . She's stunning as usual.
  5. Look like Miss S was really successful. It achieved 1billion views ( thanks @jimmylyne) and one of the most popular drama on tencent app. It gonna premiere on oct 5 on HBO Go.
  6. Here: https://productiveprocrastination.site/category/love-and-redemption/ Usually, the translator upload 1 ep./day The subs episodes are up to ep.32 but you can find the raws up ep.53 on some website.
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