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  1. Look like Miss S was really successful. It achieved 1billion views ( thanks @jimmylyne) and one of the most popular drama on tencent app. It gonna premiere on oct 5 on HBO Go.
  2. Here: https://productiveprocrastination.site/category/love-and-redemption/ Usually, the translator upload 1 ep./day The subs episodes are up to ep.32 but you can find the raws up ep.53 on some website.
  3. Her outfit is cute. She's so pretty. Dhe's wearing a ring today too but I don't know if it's the same one because she didn't hide it this time.
  4. @Eery2 I think you're right, she wanted to hide her ring and at the same time, keep her dress from flipping because of the way her bag is placed. Maybe, it's me but I think it's easier to held her cabas with her right hand and her dress with the left one or just give her assistant her cabas, unless it's promotion. But is the ring meaningful? It's not on the left hand.
  5. While we were here anxious and arguing about the lovelines and endgame, it was already planned and they knew about it
  6. @Eery2 There was nothing in her left fingers. You can check it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDjI3hQFvqo/?igshid=12zmv5a0zuy3 I don't understand she's gonna terminate her contract but will stay affiliated. Won't she sign with a new agency?
  7. 《MISS S》1ST POSTER RELEASED !!! The drama is intended to broadcast on Beijing TV and on TencentVideo/Wetv from 7th Aug. There will be a trailer of 《Miss S》and 《Princess Changge》at Tencent Video Conference today. Dilraba's new modern drama with Yang Yang 《You are my glory》(rough trans) will be announced at the conference too. Source: Dongfengst ( instagram)
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