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  1. Tbh I was also shocked seeing his hair on their first meeting. LOL
  2. @40somethingahjumma OMG I really like how attentive you are. You are so observant and good at words. Many of wintergardeners love you. Both on fs and twitter. I just notice it is true that JWon was worried for Seonghwa yet didnt make him lost appetite. And also I just think that all this time, Yeo Yeonsek is the only one who know first that he loved Gyeoul. I mean if YYS is the only one who know the ER script, it means that he is the only one who get the script. And I wonder if SHB at the moment ddidn't know yet. I am sorry for my bad english since its not my first language.
  3. He looked the most manly when in OR room Experience can tell and the way he guided Gyeoul. I can't. Off to re-watch before WFH-in.
  4. @Sorary LOL same here I have been thinking that they will get married and how is it if after residency, GU will still have her fellowship in Yulje and then pregnant. JWon must be so careful and attentive to her. I can't imagine. LOL in drama is twice but the actual scene is more then twce. I noticed that the angle of their kiss is about from 3 different angle and they will have to kiss and re-shoot it HAHAHAH. I can't I can't ship them in real life but I can't help it. @dojoed wow that's right. I just remember that Rosa as in rosary. Thorugh the drama I always though of her as rose. Now that's make sense. Her family line all must be a devoud chatolic for her to be named after rosary. hahaha
  5. Oh man. I cannot see R1994. I used to match it but only halfway after knowing I was being Chilbonged. :"
  6. Hahah everbody been said that YYS's kiss action is never disappointing lol. Yes I also notice that flashback scene is taken quite recent or near the end of the filming. Both of them has longer hair whereas JWon has this quiteshort hair. I cant describe it with my limited english but you can see it on ep 1-2. hahah
  7. I am laughing so hard over this line. [+5898 / -10] I've lived until now for this scene. Isn't it everyone reaction? Ad there are alson over than 6000 upvotes. Daebak~ Oh yes. I can't wait even Jeon Mido also said in one of her interview that she also cannot wait to see WinterGarden. Imagine Gyeoul and 99z hangout together and JWon watch over GW who will also eat wholeheartedly. Aaak the feels~
  8. Shin Hyunbin's closing greeting I guess and there is also a clip from her birthday.
  9. You know what guys? I am looking forward to seeing Winter Garden's Katalk's convo. Even Minha and Seokhyeong already katalking. So far they are still using short message right? LOL
  10. OMG guys, seems that Jeongwon and Ikjun are under same department. That makes Jeongwon 1 of 13 professors. AAAk. i
  11. And also, we don't know when is exactly their first meeting. It seems that the scene in ER when Jeongwon confronted Gyeoul after she talked to the guardian, that it was not their first meeting, isn't it?
  12. Annyeonghaseyo how can I found it just now? thank you so much for making this thread. love u all
  13. Hahaha I have known about it before and laugh about it. But do you know that for WinterGarden that their real birthday is also close though the year is 2 years apart. Yoo Yeon Seok : 11 April 1984 Shin Hyun Bin : 10 April 1986