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  1. ME TOO I was having heavy withdrawal with Goong. And I was in Junior HS at the time. Cant fo much but kept thinking bout them lol. Truu. Both KJW and PMY make up and style at the first half of drama is so much better and appealing
  2. I got a feeling some of its post got reported from other shippers hence IG took it down Poor that little thing
  3. Awww... At first KJW looked worried but after discovering that PMY's laughing he started to smile too awww my heart </3
  4. Oh you're right "Oppa" (?) I mistaken the song. Anw I was singing while reading your reply lol
  5. Does anyone know how much is The Director Cut DVD? Thinking of saving up money to buy it
  6. LMAO OMG i am laughing I get it. It just that I am already having withdrawal symptoms
  7. Uwaaa based on KJW'ig update he's in home right now. Means day off. Could it be they already wrap filming? My heart
  8. I agree with you. Mostly people just comment on how good KJW is but they forgot to mention how great is PMY. I mean, KJW able to potray such character seamlessly must be complement by PMY herself. How she able to potray the character of Deokmi might triggered KJW to potray the character of Ryan Gold as real as possible. Yeah I thought so @luvcrabbieshinhwa at first I postponed to watch this drama because some netizens commented that it looks similar but then I remember my love KJW. I felt in love with him since Coffee Prince days and too bad I didn't follow this drama since beginning. Thankfully that I join this when the drama barely 6 episodes. And now I am already having withdrawal syndrome Anw, I just want to comment how beautiful Deokmi on 14 episode I mean her hair in Ep. 12 & 13 are not fabs as usual but still pretty tho. And also I love these outfits of hers. The white one tho, she just posted her IG with that outfit barely 3 days ago...They literally on live shooting now..must be tiring and sad that this will come to an end already. Even though the drama ratings didn't do justice, hopefully tvN will still give them reward trip. I wanna see their real interactions out of characters. I come up to melohwa's blog but the spoiler article of Episode 14 still nowhere. Hopefully she will update cause I am dying to see K-Netz reaction. Lastly, my hearts was pounding during the painting scene. How can such scene looks so mature and intense. I love it when both of them wearing the V Neck shirts. It just looks fatale and fabuluous on them. It shows maturity and I do like their collarbone hahaha it looks sexy.
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