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  1. Hello WGers fellow, really glad to finally found you here. I've been searching for WG thread at shipper paradise and wonder how come there's no WG thread. Is it me who the only person who ship this couple on Hosplay. After I search through google and found you all here. Even though I'm kind of late to join this, because I also watch Hosplay after season 1 is ended. I want to share that : from the beginning I don't have bias actor or actress for this drama, so I just get along with the story and enjoy every part of drama. I just realize that I become a WG fans after I saw YYS or should I say JWon singing "Confession is not Flashy" on episode 10. Why I write YYS / JWon because that he portray "the look of a man dreamily in love" on that performance and it really convincing as he just fell in love deeply with Gyeo Wool. "In this world, after such a long time and all the people around, I just found my love in you and I thank for that" Thanks to all for the analysis on how JW treated GW since episode 2 until the unforgettable "Peck Scene" on episode 12. I find some interesting thing that could be interesting e.g : - Episode 2 if we connect with episode 12, we already find that JW been introduce to GW at the GS room. When they've been introduce, JW show friendly expression to GW. What got me wondering, why suddenly JW stop on his way to ER room and because it's more important at that time is to check on the patient. But that time he choose to stop take a look at GW and listening to what GW told the parent. Maybe for him it's more important to notice his student / mentee rather than doing his job as the doctor. My thought that maybe JW had heard some news about GW family and that's what make him had a "negative thought" about her . I've been thinking that JW always know news about rich people / chaebol or the powerful family in Seoul. So for season 2, I wish to know more about GW family. Maybe her family is rich or maybe she is from a powerful family. If JW wants to become the chairman of the hospital foundation, he will need a powerful / rich people back up, and for now he only got SHyeong. - Episode 12, show that JW making GW so busy to help him for his surgery, his rounds or helping him in PICU. So my thought what making JW take a sigh when GW come to his room because he thought GW gonna say that she want to give up pediatric department. Because that time he really become depend on her so what could the most terrified thing other that the people you need the most will leave you. He look quite surprise when GW say that she like him. And the rest is what already been said by others. What I see at the last scene at his room, JW is making no barrier between them. As you can see he choose to sit at the table, without any barrier between them and facing directly toward her and making his position the same as her. As you can see when others had their private talk, mostly need some barrier to make them feel safe. When SHyeong talking with MH, he is not sit and facing directly to MH and choose to look somewhere else. Even when JW was talking to SH at her office, there's still a barrier between them which is WH desk and also the table. What I mean to say is before GW speak, he show gesture that he feel safe with her and he don't want any barrier between them. Once again, thank you all for sharing your thoughts and also make me more understand things that not been said but many signs that also speak a lot. And hope we still can have things to discuss about our favorite couple in the future.
  2. I agree with you, I also think it's not HB. And I also think they (Bin & Kyo) not together on 2015, because Kyo said on her interview, that when she first met SJK with the writer of Dot's which is on Feb 2015, she want to make sure that SJK know that she doesn't have boyfriend. Mostly she telling truth and that time she already like SJK because she don't have other relationship. I strongly believe Kyo not a playgirl who will start new relationship when she is with someone even it's just a short break up. That's why I also believe that the problem of her marriage not because of cheating.
  3. Just share why I choose this ship and believe that Kyo & Bin become in good term for now and this could be a good sign for new blissful relationship ... Since SSC had married on October 2007, I don't visit SSC thread any more, because I think they already married and there will be no speculation about them and they will live happily ever after. Other than that I think, we can see their news on shipper instagram. But suddenly I got my suspicious about her broken marriage just looking at kyo fans from IG. I found that she had more times with her squad rather than her husband. Even though they have their on activities, if they still OK she will spend more time with her husband rather than friends. So my conclusion is she is more happy with others than her husband and I'm sure it's not because there is third person in their marriage, it could 5 or maybe 8 person that also include in their marriage, which is kyo squad. I think before ex-h file for divorce, there's a picture / photo that kyo and her squad taken, and you can see that all of them seem to look angry on that picture. No body has smile on their face. I don't know what is the problem in her previous marriage, and better not to blame on one another, but I'm sure that SSC is over. Last year, I surprised to see HB on a wedding party and I also see her squad with him smiling and happy together, this is the time I think maybe Kyo and Bin has reconcile and in good term now. Just that. I keep follow the news and also watch CLOY, there is something different from HB, which I found that he is more happy and there's a bright aura that we can look at him know. I think this aura which make him more handsome nowadays and also make his project more successful (he always handsome but there's is something that make him more likable this days). So maybe we don't have many proof about Kyo and Bin relation for now. But I agree with some posters in here : I believe in each other squad, best friend, and mostly I believe in God . So their squad and best friend will speak for them.
  4. I don't think WW have shoot in Bali. For what I know, the location in Indonesia is Bintan island / Tanjung Pinang , and they stay at one hotel in there. You can find the name of the hotel at the end of the episode.
  5. Mostly I don't want to know what people write on social media. But today, I just read some posting from twitter or Instagram, that asking or maybe should I say forcing HB to announce that he don't have any relationship with SHK through his agent. It's really rude what they write about her, and it got me boiled for a moment . But once again I tell my self why should bother with people who really intend to start fire. Maybe they had a very terrible life and all they can do just post on their social media and bashing, harassment, or bullying famous people. I know there are some fans war out there, but I never found other who write such a cruel statement about other actress like what they said about SHK. She never makes mistakes to those people, and I don't think just because there are some fans like us in here who is shipping SHK & HB, so they need to say bad thing about SHK. I think they just using "other shipper" and make them as excuse to cyber bullying to SHK. Can I asked friends in here, because what happen in Sega time is quite similar as to now. I'm also SHK fans since long time ago, and I know and support her with some of her co star that I think could fit her well, not all because I disagree with Gumkyo (not because I don't like PBG but because he is more like her dongsaeng which is like YAI). For this time, with all attention and rude comments and also cyber bullying for Song Hye Kyo, what do think a better act that Hyun Bin should do? A. Defend her by making replying or statement about rumor that they've been back together? B. Keep silent, and I think they will become more brutal because they don't get what they want. C. Not say a word, but maybe doing something that show that he supporting her or become friends with her. Wish someone could reply this question? Thank you.
  6. I remember reading in SSC shipper thread which now had been changes into (Official) Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon thread ( I just found out today because it's been a long time not interested in SSC anymore). And I try to find a post from the popular poster on that thread, because I remember she translate discussion among MC, reporter, and celebrity on TV show (I don't know what is the show and I can't just copy paste about that posting in here). It said that "the reporter heard or maybe thought that HB was deeply in love with HK when they were dating that time. The reporter said he was doing a shoot somewhere out of Seoul but he would drive back each and every day to meet her (HK). And the reporter said that he went on record on interviews to clear misunderstanding about HK in public." I just hope if it's true that they were back together, he would love her even more and keep defending her like what he was to do before. SHK is very popular in Asia. I keep thinking there are many high profile actors in SK which also people adore so much like Kim Tae Hee and Rain, also Jun Ji Hyun or others. But I don't find other actress who get much interested of many international also Korean fans like what SHK get. Everything about SHK become a hot topic which could be positive or negative comments.She is very famous, that anyone that been connected with her become topic of discussions. Sorry to say, I think even SYJ and HB shipping become hyper not just because they were co star from a popular drama, but it's get escalated after the news that HB & HK were back and some people used this moment to bash on HK and make her like the threat to their relationship.
  7. I'm agree with you. But not to compare between HB & ex-h, I think HK likes her ex because she admire his acting skills and maybe because he is very competitive. Maybe it's not love that she feel for him but admiration because even though he is younger and also new to the industry but very talented. I confess that I once SSC shipper, and I felt very disappointed when I heard him file for divorce. Just want to say hi to all of you, and I will enjoy reading your opinion in here. I hope to get news, others observation from your spy action on social media, because I'm not so familiar to find clue on social media and I also not follow SHK squads, which I think give many clue to fans. If there something I wish in this thread is please avoid of getting argument or bashing other shipper. I know that if we start to be a shipper always find disagree or we think that other shipper is so delulu. Keep respect each other.
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