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  1. LOL Been claimed it is just a peck Lol so shy, can't look into the eyes Great day for the ship
  2. This is the song that appeared from 1:25 of the trailer onward Think this song might be in everyone's playlist soon and it should rise in music charts for a bit
  3. (edited to fulfill the minimum of 20 characters in a post)

  4. huh wth, why now when it is gonna end soon
  5. Rating is bad as it is broadcasted pretty late at 2320 KST Furthermore, this genre of drama will probably get the support of viewers outside of Korea rather than domestically Full of idols in the drama, so fans of the idols will still support
  6. Usually for non-legit viewing, I will use mandarin sources. Of course I am not encouraging that. Not sure if it is due to adblocker, but usually no pop-up
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