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  1. Spoiled myself with the ending on weibo. I don’t know man, tbh, it seem lacking to my expectation. The scriptwriter is the true villain. LOL
  2. Just saw the raw, would recommend everyone to watch both ep 15 & 16 if possible. Do not watch today's ep 15 yet or you might be frustrated with the end of it. Be warned. LOL
  3. Korean viewers are full of praise for Kim Soohyun after tonight's episode especially from the ending of the episode. I truly think he deserved it!!
  4. Eunsung doesn't love Haein, he is obsessed with her. This is a huge red flag.
  5. Haein's aunt is the only one who is logical and smart. Her dad is sort of a weak pushover while the grandfather is easily manipulated. The mother is a snob who is foolish and totally deserved to suffer while the brother is still acting like a brat who need to mature asap. Meanwhile new poster for 2nd half of the drama.
  6. This grand plot to take down Hong & Queen Groups has started long time ago and I am surprised that for a chaebol group, their background check on some of the people aren't good at all. LOL As I mentioned in the previous page, such family will ceased to exist in reality as it is easy to be taken down. Guess Hyunwoo will be the hero at the end of the day and save his wife and her family by the end of the episode, in fact I could figured out the ending already. LMAO
  7. I should have been more clear, I am talking about Soocheol's wife indeed. The chinese viewers had the theory of her faking her background and she is a former hostess because when they were drinking, she is pouring the alcohol, wiping the table and glass habitually. I do agree with this theory and she is not raised in USA for sure.
  8. She is manipulating the grandfather for sure, I believe that haein's sister-in-law is also manipulating her brother. Both of them are wearing a mask. I do agree with the theory that the sister-in-law is a former hostess and her background is fake. I just wondered how on earth the chaebol family not discovered it and trusted her so much. This type of chaebol family will ceased to exist in reality.
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