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  1. This is SYJ’s first public confirmed r/s. Hope it will also her last and everlasting one. Not trying to ruin the mood as before her, HB has three publicly confirmed r/s, he has to protect and cherish her as she even went onto ig to confirm the news personally
  2. With her ig post, she just double confirmed it is real, not a joke and also with this post, she is serious about this r/s and wanting to make it work out. because usually artists don’t really address it on social media
  3. Granny heal JP but frankly i disagree with CEO Yoon forcing JP to make a choice of investing into their company There should be a clean break and stop dragging the relationship
  4. Glad that k-netizens also noticed that this love triangle is too draggy and the lack of screentime for our 2nd female lead [SPOILERS!!!][Start-Up Episode 14 Roundup & Comments] Viewers are happy to finally get some DoDal moments, calls out the writer for dragging the love triangle this far & are frustrated by In Jae's lack of screen time Cr: translation from ddoboja blogspot [Episode 14 Pre-release] "What are you..!" Bae Suzy comes for Nam Joo Hyuk, who's seeing(?) things!? Kim Seon Ho hides a sad Bae Suzy and her tear
  5. Seeing how much YYS enjoyed cooking for the crews on K-Ocean Pathfinders, I can't wait to see him doing the same when Mido and Parasol could finally appeared on Na PD's variety
  6. No need for argument, I see a lot of negative reaction to posts from newly created user who supported JP Both male leads of the drama are inferior even though they are successful in life And also, don't compared the popularity of NJH and KSH because in the first place, NJH is always more popular as he has more lead roles over KSH
  7. Love triangle is too cliche PHR could had written a better story about 4 independently minded individual working towards their success without all these issues like love, inferiority and so called noble acts. But too bad she couldn't and lose her touch If weren't for the cast, this drama will be a flop earlier @baby.hae The opinion here considered pretty kind already On weibo, the supertopic for the drama are more nasty. Majority of the opinions are bashing PHR and they had now resigned to watch the drama for the visuals rather than the plot
  8. Read an opinion on twitter and I fully agree with the person that PHR will drag this love triangle till the final episode and HJP will finally just say okay i decided to give my blessing to DM and DS.
  9. Precisely A few episodes left, if PHR still cannot justify why In-Jae is one of the 4 leads when she seem more like a secondary character. I will pour out all of my opinion on twitter soon
  10. I think PHR just hate the character she wrote She planned for 4 leads but until now I am not sure how In-Jae became one of the leads when she is just like a secondary characters.
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