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  1. Point 2 and 3 seem legit But right now from those video uploaded so far, only Capt Ahn is confirmed that he will not be appearing in Season 2. The video for Seok Min and Sun Bin doesn’t give a single hint yet such as in Capt Ahn’s video there is a clear indication that his character will not be fixed and only appears in Season 1, unless the production team have not sat down with them to do a simple video on their thoughts.
  2. Production team already gave us several hints of this loveline Those who are still in denial of this official loveline can drop the drama already, hehehe
  3. So I suppose the character is a catalyst for IkSong relationship. In S2, someone will replace Ahn as the catalyst. So a doctor from Sokcho or someone SH got to know at Sokcho?
  4. In the world today, reality is harsh. If my friend ask me this, I will tell her/him, you are thinking too much Please observe and take some action, don't assume
  5. @Jillia Tbh, I am thinking the two ladies will ended on a neutral note at the end of drama. Not friends, not frenemies, not rivals but just a hi and bye relationship. The drama is decent at this moment but tbh, I am most focus on the visual of the ladies. Compared to Park Eun-bin's previous baseball drama, this drama lack of that impact.
  6. Off topic, but related to cast members Just realised the actress acting as SM's hoobae aka Jung Min-ha is from musical background. From the above video, we also can see that Se-won is inside as well. Been interested in the musical scene of Korea ever since watching Hospital Playlist this year. Think more and more actors and actresses from musical/stage play background are joining the mainstream media which is a pretty good thing.
  7. Putting aside the storyline and loveline, being a visual person, the visual of the two ladies from Namoo is very good. gif cr. Mood twitter Sawing Park Ji Hyun again, remind me of her role in My Secret Terrius, her english is pretty good in that drama. Upon googling, just realised she majored in spanish. so i suppose her english and spanish is good.
  8. Will be back when filming resume for season 2. Meanwhile I need to meditate for any open fire when S2 is back
  9. @Ellander88 I also unfollowed the ig, too much hates. Sometimes I would tell them that RM doesn't need their supports, they should take their hate somewhere else.
  10. For those fans who understand mandarin, the links below is the mandarin sub of the two tvn interview with the 6 cast members
  11. This loveline should be safe after last night video of SHB’s casting There should not be any ridiculous changes to loveline. But i think the minority will not be able to handle it and will continue their dark path
  12. Lol i knew the other thread will still be updated despite last night Time to harvest the flowers in the garden as winter is coming
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