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  1. I know that Yoojung is able to create chemistry with her male costars, but I'm hoping that she veers away from romance on her next project. May we now see a dramatic actress YJ. Though that is quite hard as most film roles for their age groups are quite scarce, especially for actresses. And even if there are, most are offered to Kim Hyang Gi (as she has already proven her strong presence in films-performance and box office) or relatively rookie actresses. And most tv series are romantic ones, or those serious theme would almost always have an ensemble casts and get newer actress if the roles are YJ''s age.
  2. Super happy with the ratings and also the breakdown. And for a Rom-Com and a youthful one at that, and them getting the shares of those in their 40s, that is already an achievement. Hope it would soar in the coming episodes, and that the cast continue to have fun filming coz I that happiness transcends the screens.
  3. She's so easy-going and just so adorable. NO pretensions whatsoever.
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