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  1. Everything else seems like a stable aspect (PD, source material, ML age), the one variable that we're still unsure is the screenwriter. But I am being cautiously optimistic, as I don't think SBS and the PD will trust the writer considering this is a high-profile and highly awaited project. I'm really hoping that all will align and that this project will be a crack/viral drama, a very high ratings drama, and strong narrative from all angles (esp from YJ-hence hoping it will be female-centric).
  2. If we listen and discern some of the sharings of child stars, we can peel the not so nice treatment that some experienced from the industry. Or even activities that adults did even in front of kids (i.e. smoking, cursing, etc). I remember a variety guesting of Kim Yoo Jung, where was sharing that she has strong legs coz she got used to shooting where there's nothing to sit on. I guess since most child stars then will not have management companies and some are just with their Moms, hence production team are taking them for granted. Even YDG shared that since he was with the production team,
  3. Am I the lone WG detective that is fine with JWon's coldness to Gyeoul at the start and even towards the end when he took his time? I hate guys that string along girls even though they are aware that they can't or still unable to reciprocate the level of commitment the other party desires. So during those early days, JWon being cautious towards Gyeoul was fine in my book, as he is still conflicted and he knows Gyeoul deserves more that what he can offer her then. As for him taking his own sweet time, I guess that's just his personality. It even took him 20+ years to
  4. 1. The "subtle jealousy" scene- episode 8 (?) made me curious about WG in reel. Prior to that, I was still guarding my heart coz it got burned by Chilbong in Reply 1994. The "thumb" incident kinda blurred the line. 2. The word Repress is tattooed on his forehead. 3. SHB will be the dinner invitation scene, YYS will be pre-episode 12 anaphylaxis scene. 4. DEF YES!!!!!! This is so fun to answer, coz I am remembering our Winter Garden full blast. Same observation about his interest and know-how of this information (that are not common kn
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