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  1. i wish this drama get more recognition from others...the storyline was so addicting plus i like how the plot connects with each others and not solely focus on one issues...im glad now AR had someone on her side who believes (even not 100%) and they tries to avoid the tragedy happen..i wish we can see SJ also had someone beside him..for this moment all people around him just back stabing him..i hate the wife the most...she the one who pick the one she want to be her husband and knowing how workholic her husband was she need attention and ‘love’ from her ex.. another things im glad here SJ
  2. This drama had me intrest and watch ep 1 - 2 1. i like how the cinographic or picture of the drama - witj different tones two show differently months 2. i love how the muaic tension the build up i cant wait to see next episode..as i can see this drama can go more i wish for its success i wonder how will the character of wife, pa will develop..maybe they had connection but i still hope no sudenly change hero will love the heroin by having open ending or resert things which always happen on time travel drama...and i think the dreams seo jin had had somethin
  3. i love how the writer show both characters growths in their own ways and such a natural ways... i also pray no staring contest happen..infact i hope sa greet jy with smile hug and kiss... . i felt how sa’s family full of love..aside her mothers and sister always critic or think her decision is not the best but look how sad they look when they heard sa said she will quit playing violin..they respect her decision but know she not happy with it . i cant wait to see tonight episode
  4. season 2 is coming..i cant wait to see this forum getting hot again...hot and full of our winter garden couple love
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