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  1. I dont about how years will they able to meet..but this my guees..there are probability they might cross each other or CS had been reincarnated few times but they only meet this live because it is the right moment.. . of im not mistake mr said something she got bracelet from his grandma because of her past and she always born unlucky...it on the same episode if im not mistake were mago said she(mira) has being reincarnation few times to paid her sin..and im sure YS too that why this live mago decide to give them new love connection as MW was given the brighter lily as she pay her sin... . If i think that way i can understand and kinda expect maybe that how MW and CS in the future...there may cross each other or became enemies but when the time come mago will give them a choice (like pink mago give the pink pen) cause it also bother me why the wroter decide to make the happy ending (married) with MR and YS but then i remember the part i mention above..and since we dont see both of past live aside their past live with MW,we felt the time was so short and compare 1300years but of we try to see from the other side the ending became more related.. . so writer and production please make YJG and LJU act along side again and this time with both of them got happy ending or the actor and actress just get happy ending by dating each other or maybe after few years getting married...then HDL will be forever legend...i must either lose my mind or i just want to comment cause i can godbue to HDL yet
  2. @lollyminx yup i do wonder it is better if the writer make them immortal..But then while watching and seing Goblin MV it make me realized HDL had more valid reason or plot and im kinda happy for it..In goblin he was curse/punish/reward but they never tell what will happen to the curse??? even at open ending she reincarnation and finally found him, there are no certain what will happen...meaning there will probability for her to death and again he has to wait again with the memories... But in HDL now we know MW will able to reincarnate and will no longer be perish..and once CS time come either 10/20/30 years he will be reincarnated... its. means the curse of MW has been lift and as a viewer i stastified with it rather the. wondering if the curse will be end or not...10/20/30 seen longer..but really times really moves fast sometimes.. i lost my father and without realizing it almost 7years,but i still talking tell storie about him like he was with me just few moments ago... . Maybe im to mature..but i always want storie to ahd valid reason why they make the choice rather than end with married equal to happiness..maybe because i also watch drama where they started with unhappiness in married so i dont consider married is the end road..hahaha . i love TVN given Bts of HDL and IU TV also give few of bts even there part where YJG and IU intraction make me forget he way younger than her
  3. Just some tought about the ending..Some of my friend consider it sad ending cause they both not together some want CS to stay in the past or let MW drink the wine so that she can stay and they able be together for long time... What if CS make different choice (i like how the writer end the complex issue early and 2 episode actualy about a choice CS can make) 1. If CS stay with MW past (i still think Mago given CS a choice to make - why mago the briliant unable to go to the past when she create the journey of him to her) Yes MW past will fall in love with him (or already did) and he will love her too, But remember then he will not able to let his other family to go in peace..since at that time barterner kim will still consider as humanshame eventough what he doing is not wrong...but remember that time people not able to open minded like nowdays...and mrs shin will not able to go cause her line family will still has generation... 2. If she choose to drink and im glad she not just drink it but take time to talk with CS and consider his opinion before making decision (at least she learn communication is important- not expected your partner understand you and making random decision in excuses for their prtner benefit) ..MW soul will be tight to tree and it means she will never be dead..Of course she able to spend time with him for 30++ years then if he dead its means she had to wait more years and it will more painful once they meet again only her will remember about their memory... So that why CS bear to feel the pain of missing some he love rather make her waiting...Wont he will be lonely, certain time..then he choices to live cause he know his time it not time yet so he just work hard, meeting mew friend. etc.. 3. What if they both drink the wine at the same time??? will the both became immortal...It a good thinking too means they will be together forever but i think he never consider this circumstance cause Mago never make it as a choice or maybe like writer said, the story about making a choice/move on..If they take they wine together and its work by both became new owner the. in wont be fair to other..remember not only CS and MW love storie in this world but others as well so at the end they will questioning God why she/he given a chance we they unable to be with their love partner...
  4. Lets Voting for them in AAA top make them both top 10
  5. im so happy, HDL been recognised by others and became talk of the town..and seing other singer and actor mention HDL as a fan i already happy ad excited..i cant imaged how happy HDL teams
  6. wah im so glad HDL became a major success on its own record..congrats to all HDL teams . the red thread / their fate / rhe right time someone said thus this means their storie need another 1300years before meet again??? while pink mago said the red thread show fate between each others maybe without MW realized she did meet CS(other life) during the 1300 years but maybe they both just past each other but the right time is this life that why they finally meet and fall in love with each others
  7. Im actually hoping HDL will became part of history that will last long..Same as some legend drama like lover in paris/full house/boy ver flower (startup kit for korea drama) . i still in denied that drama has ended..keep watch insta with #hoteldeluna
  8. well i felt bad i know him as i see him few times in drama and always impress with his acting...But i dont know why HDL make him look suddenly so manly and handsome like he finally shine like biggest star...hahahahaha maybe because before this always expect him as a child actor, even TTC just make me randomly watch cause im not into saeguk drama and always see him in hanbok...But the picture were he back from holiday trip make me suddenly want to call him oppa even tough he 7 years younger than me..that make felt bad but at same time im glad and im sure his fan also glad finally their oppa/bias gain popularity more cause i can see he work hard and it pay off..I think he now will only walk road of success but as a new fan of him im pray that he stay true to himself since being in entertainment industry’s especially at young age have more negetif or desire especially men..I pray and hope he always success and receive more love from others as well
  9. both iu and YJG seems very sincerely and nice person..i pray for both of them to stay true to theirself giving love and received love too cause its not easier to stay in positive while in entertainment industries especially when they enter the world at the young ages...Being kpop fans and seing certain popular people who life got messed up remind me about one actress during variety’s show talking how the industry has so many desire(i dont know to describe but to make it simple negetive thing like women/money/drug/alcholic/depression/etc) especially for a guy
  10. it me or why did YJG be more dashing and handsome it weird cause it first time i became noona lover but want to call him oppa
  11. did you guys see all the member team wearing HDL necklaces they must have talk to kinda reward the viewers by wearing same necklace...im just glad even tough it look like this team not close but they actually so close but due to their self character which i can say most of them kinda shy make they look awkward for people...Maybe they all have chartroom together..it will so much fun... Iu will be bussier with her concert YJG will be bussier finish his study other to with all new drama and variety show i just hope they stay friend till the end and maybe please new variety show with IU , YJG, PO MN LDH and maybe other cast like ksb and sh and sancher can became guest..
  12. rather than seing they together in drama i actualy want to see both of them to be in variety show like na pd show it will be so much fun
  13. I cant to move on from HDL..Even i want to see more skinship but i cant denied the plot were more important..if i looking for skipship couple i coud watch other drama other feeling excited about it but im not maybe because part of me who growth with k drama and other countries tired with drama couples who said i cant live without you or i love you so much but always with same plot making stupid decision without thinking about others parties...but on HDL it more realistic..yup MW did such kinda heroic stupid but i do love how GCS determine to fine her even make MR had to give up on him (part of it because her past life own MW) and never afraid to find excuses to be together but not selfies enough to make other suffer because of their desire to be together... . Regarding YJG and IU personal life it just normal..it not like they both awkward but sometime they tend do not know how to give reaction..it seen from their birthday , both from element water, peaceful for YJG and intlectual for IU and both element water just click with each although sometimes its hard to read their mind cause certain people with element water had the best chemistry if they find the line
  14. i cant seem to let go hotel de luna yet... and while rewatching it came to me JMW had wait for CS for 1300 years were sometimes he felt lonely of course she not loving cs so it make her life were so lonely...while CS will wait less than that and rather lonely missing her pieces of her memory make sometime make his put a smile without him realize... . it did occur to me why dont both of them drink the water but i gues it doest work as if CS drink it will became normal drink since the drink had tight MW soul in the tree . I glad both busier with their life it seem both of them move on except me..T.T YJG with campus and LJE with concert hoping this project make them open up new friendships that long lasting
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