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  1. agree with you... i think maybe its about communication between both of them..as we know geul wol is straight foward girl but knowing as less reaction make her seen cool..while jeong won tend to repress his feeling where mostly he friend can read..so i wonder how both of them reading each other
  2. i think that time he already decide to stay and wondering about what he gonna do about his feeling to her...cause he decide to stay first as a doctor then second the feeling that never got away when it come to her..but jeong won being jeong won always to over thinking make the situation occurs why it takes long times... remember how he doesn’t even know how to tell about his family to ik jun/jung wan..song hwa might had clue as she work at yulje and seok hyung already his childhood friend... . but the conversation between 99z gang about seok hyong dont want to miss a thing kind hit him the most.. . or maybe he thinking to confess on special occussion... . p.s again reading the fanfiction i saw few plot where jeong won left...i wonder what happen if its really occurs or does it suit with jeong won character
  3. i think because like shin pd mention he want jang geul wol kinda had mysterious character that why the only thing we know about her is limited yet she always there in the scene..the small details we get to know is he got brother...and she was army like mi ha... . and i think cause shin pd want to see her growth in term of different thing..cause like ik jun dialog how she was so good in tie(surgery procedure) and jeong won also admit it..and with the how many different surgery she assist alone.. but yeah i think she will be amazing whoever she assist and i like to see it more too.. . by the way what do you guys think which specialises geul wol will choice as she enter her 4th resident..will she choice ik jun deparment or jeong wo department or other gs department??? even she great in every department i still find her kinda awkward in paediatric cause she like kids herself not good at lying...i means not like mi ha who can smile to patient even she annoying..hahaha i remember the scene where jeong won said hye cutely to kids and so does the intern but she just like that...i just had all this random tought cause i cant wait for next season
  4. i dont see the jjs interview...hahaha i too focus him having baby...but i did remember eun jin talk about they all watch the last episode on jjs company office and mention about winter garden kiss..so are they want to hate her too...hate everyone aside their ‘oppa’ hahahaha dont be like that i love yys and how he can be so much pationate..but im sure and hope only little of his fans like that..while most of his fans pray for his happiness
  5. kinda 90% agree with you..i had 10years actor that i bias too and coincidentally he was very close with yys so yys name kinda familiar with me and i kinda support but not became 100% fans..kinda like he among an actor i respect and trust their project . so back to my bias i had some actress which i ok with them acting together but kinda lowly hopefully they not turn into real life..hahaha than i laught at my self cause i felt what kind parents i will be to my kids.. but what i don’t understand is for the fact they badmouth cause simple they dont like her!!! i dont want my bias to had relationships with that actress but i never comment directly mention about my opinon or go lowdown the actress cause she is godd person and beautiful in her own..and if my bias somehow were meant to be with her..as a fans i will accept and pray for their happiness as for me seing by bias happy is more important rathan than kinda control them to became person or character wheres fans believe they were...and because of that presure we loss lots of young idol/actress due to the pressure and the hate..then we blame God take them earlier..i means come on...dont wear angels mask but truely your more scary than satan . due to the hate i hope to see some news where shb and yys somehow got cought of dating seriusly..and maybe like ji sung and lee bo young or rain and kim tae hee they will get married..maybe then we dont see any hates coment anymore
  6. that why i find it funny..i only saw few of them..i dont even bother to go to check but know cause some of you mention about it.. . but the one who unofficial confirm the love live is their ‘oppa’ and they get mad cause shb got lots interviews and mention how she use this as to get popular..i means..hello darling this is produce not for their ‘oppa’ only..and are they forget their oppa had lots works too cause of that unable to go interview..if im not mistake he directly had to shoot puppy movie than with wheter musical practice and due to pandemic his las schedule movie with hollywood actress postponed and he will shoot between sept-oct-nov..as we know interview with magazines look simple but it can take almost half day or full day..so why blame the actress?? hating for no reason??? . funny cause i never see jeong won and song hwa had crush with each others..not like song hwa-ik jun - chi hong or like reply 1988 with taek-jung wan-daek sun... . in fact actually i tought the plot gonna be between jeong won-geul wol - dr baek but dr baek was like to show how two different characters of doctors still able to act a good doctor...
  7. i dont bother about them really..well speacial episode 6 shin lee already mention that it was seasonal drama and they only had to change the drama if the actor decide to let go such as move to another country (shb jokes) but if not the plot already fix established...and fact is the storie had been carefully plot and arranged few years back and each character were decide careful..the only one confirm without problem was 3 main actor (KDM/JJS/YYS)..even mido had two characters interviews (song hwa and geul wol) and like shin pd mention they had few new actor reading geul wol character means they really care about jang geul wol..she not just a character having one side crush on one of main character.. . from the start she always there to help the character build of the main (ik jun and song hwa) we able to see what kind perfection song hwa and how fast she make decision by how geul wol answer all his questions..and i did realized ik jun prefer geul wol in his surgery and hype about her cause he see how good skill she was not just he wanr her to help in his surgery as song hwa mention in his old hospital ik jun able to handle lots of operation alone..infact he got lots times when he move to yulje... this show how others profesor wanting her not because she the only resident but cause she just worth it . and i saw one of thread in blue bird which i love..the thread of dialogue between rosa and jeong won..how jeong won introduces geul wol to mama rosa and stated early she might be cold at first glace..the mama rosa mention something how geul wol is innocent like a child he was take care and how she need more love and yet get her right when she at the wrong..as reading that my heart felt so warm cause i can see mama rosa said that.. . for me jang geul wol is not a ordinary lead character and i glad she was side character and i fact cause how genius shin lee combination character like geul wol able to shine and able to lead on her own story telling . and i think part of why ahn jeong won fall in love with jang geul wol simple as it is time...love is like that, at the right time they will come..in love sometime we learn to love the wrong one so that we able to give more when the right love come..but sometime love just click between two soul and became forever...love do need a reason.
  8. i saw there was shb during confession time during press confrontation with bang and short hair..im dying to see for season 2 to see what kind of hairstyle will geul wol have..even messy hair ahn jeong won gone crazy about her..if she hair cute hairstyle which dont requires to much to hadle i think jeong won will have heart attack (sorry jung wan for doctor jokes)
  9. i think winter garden as endgame always safe from the start unless like shin pd mention to shb if she think its does suit her they will have somehow do something and shb jokes ‘-as she move to somewhere’...i think for seasonal drama their them shin pd and lee writer already build strong main plot but they will open to any changes that they never expected... . Then SHB interviews mention since geul wol and jeong won together if one of them out both of them will be no in drama too. . and they way lee writer ask her if she know yys and shb said no and again been asked if they had no meet in event!! i means does that question occurs because she know the probability of actress meeting or someone told her that they had someone meet in event...kinda like how jjs and yys told them how he watch md theatre even not meeting face to face except yys who great md in one event.. yet shb aswer maybe..but she had no recall..i find it funny..cause she totally jang geul wol
  10. we die for even little crumb... . and they also talk sweetly like baby (aego) i sometime forget they older than me and me being early 30 means they almost mid 30..but their action were like mid 20..they so cute
  11. im not liking but not hating too..but i hate cause i cant tell whats his felt towards geul wol..even during watching the live show..i keep telling if next episode there no jeong won pov means they are not end games..then till later ep 8 there no such thing until the lst minute with his expression(like hyun bin said how she thanful for sunbae as able to give little clue with those details expression)..i did became hyde and jake between he is really jealous vs i might reading to much his expression... . as reading fanfics AO3, it make me really curious how lee writer and teams gonna right about jeong won...will he be traditional type guy where he only ‘done’ ‘it’ after married or will he make geul wol pregnant before married.. . i of course believe he will save it till married, cause consider he is such loyal religious man...but i also want to see flufy moment between both of them in s2
  12. i think we totally clown and the real ik jun...aside is happy for jeong won now no longer respress feeling and make geul wol know his feeling..we cant help to think and image what kind of bf ahn jeong won will be...after all this is his first relationship and be the last and forever...of course he learn little bit by people around him...then we know how he act infront his love one...99z group and his mama rosa and brother...he became spoil child and nagging so much...and wondering what geul wol gonna said when she know what ik jun said ‘jeong won is not the person you know’ hahahaha... .
  13. love this part... . i think jeong won’s family is more rich than we though..not only his father but im sure rosa also came from chaebol family and the reason why i think like that cause she mention they married due to convenience (relationship based on getting certain benefits) but im sure she had strong character (personal story) which is why she became more open minded when her child making their own choices...even the last one cause we see how she ready to accept jeong won decisions...but God give rewards to someone who patients and i think geul wol kinda rewards for mama rosa..as we know mama rosa never mention she hate God eventough she might lost her child to God she always trust God.. . maybe like how jung hwan see that being upper management also can help lots people...maybe jeong won will also learn how when he in the management position he also can help people he cares
  14. totally can relate with you...i just so happy to see them in their own project and when they all support each others my heart full with their love its ok my bad cause i try to refresh the old one and became frustrated cause it not coming back and again and i want give lots of love towards @triplem cause making this new thread...im sure like me few of wg still wondering abount this new thread and i wish it became full again for the next run..
  15. im totally love this...jeong won without realize create space between be a good doctor or behave till people around him call him ‘budha’ yet when he is in his family space he became comfortable and start acting like a baby...even his friend could not understand like how he nagging them and how he so calculating about them borrowing from him..so i think that what make him confused...he dont know where to put jang geul wol..or rather he being trap in jang geul wol space without notice it...he cant treat her like others...im sure other doctor/nurse/resident did make mistake like how in his old hospital the resident and nurse totally talking about the mother...and i think he scold geul wol also just normal between mentor and mentee while in learning process...yet why he dont bother to care her like others??? he so comfortable in jang geul wol space, he want to let his feeing out like how he nagging between 99z yet she is not his friend or family, but he cant treat her nicely like other clique as he felt comfortable around her... . like ik jun mention how she might be sulking yet keep improving...and i think jeong won saw more than the manggot scenes..if not why with ‘all the resident have work hard’ . and while talking to ik jun he agree when ik jun mention he like geul wol mental state/emotion as surgery which jeong won cant control where make him headaches and think he not suitable being a doctor.. . so my tough even the drama not show jeong won pov, but i think with a dialog state that it was jeong won who cross the like and enter jang geul wol space not vice versa..yup jang geul wol had crush on ahn jeong won like other girl but whats make it different is she never enter his space without force, she respects him as a mentor before a crush..the line she almost cross was when she take lots of courage to ask him out but rejected, and after that she step down, she hold her feeling without blaming him, still respect him and silently had crush on him (why she never cross the line- the dialog simple even with how she always assist him in operation yet she mention how she was no one for ahn jeong won when mama rosa ask..i means she can said, ‘geusinum only guide me as his mentee..but no she said she was no one - literally meaning she letting herself know she will never been in ahn jeong won space) and the second time she take courage to enter ahn jeong won line was with the confessions but being so careful and few times letting him know that she sorry as she also know she crossing the line . while ahn jeong won few times cross the line where he never expect to cross...he being trap with jang geul wol line...how he cant help to watch her amd knowing her schedule knowing how she like to eat, those eyes and sad expression when he saw she leaving with others guy ( reason why i tell myself damm!! i trap with them eventough i said with my own mouth if that episode i not seing his pov means they might not be the emd games!! yet those details of expression make me trap with their stories) . p.s : i still reread @40somethingahjumma blog ..i cant help to love you writing
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