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  1. i hope this thread never died...i always love the series and it will forever be one of my favourite.. And it also my wish they both of them were offer as lead in drama series focus on romance maybe like kbs 7pm kst so that lots of people can see their talents... . And i just saw article about production cost and voice among the high cost production so that could be a reason why in term of promotion etc...the only promotion of Quiz of god only on their channel and thriler house...some comment i saw (international mostly) were shocked and dont know the series had been renew . and thanks for the info about next project of RDH and YJH totally appreciate it so much
  2. i agree with you @IeJ 2+% rating consider high..since it the second time ocn introduces late drama..i think RDH mention 5% cause he close friend with KJW so of course he want to pass him but QOG totally had their own loyal fan from all over the world. . and yup if RDH and YJH were offer romance comedy/melo together their chemistry could shine more...cause even i hate it i cant denied the charm of quiz of god because of the series focus on the crime and love interst and human side is like their flavours of the series If this was focus more on romance im sure we see every morning scene or when han ji won enter the bed after all the conclusion he made(cause we see kang kyung hee always sleep first) so yeah lets pray for some writer offer them both as lead in romantic comedy . or maybe just be real in real life
  3. I think HSP,TJ and DY were save cause they among the kids who reqct well with han ji won (i dont know the term the use but for the purpose to react with the medicine the made) so during the fire .. he able to let ji won run away first(maybe through window and they go save others) maybe others kids who dont react well could have died and that why only three of them survive..and HSP did said he put his sister (dy) into welfare house and go into some random bot with TJ until it lead to china...maybe DY parents who adopt her had business at china and that how they all three meet again.. . if i see YJH profile,she always working non stop either as small character to supporting character to second lead character in drama....while RDW had been active again since his comeback,it look like he will had new drama after this series end...but i do understand about the time constraints cause even QOG speacil to them they must want to show something as actor and actress itself not only remember as one character only...altough i will wait...i will pray amd wish hard for them to comeback... . the proposal scene totally show their character well...hahaha with HJW put ring on evindence plastic to KKH who cant stand i justice and it cute shout and slap the guy totally HJW character.. . and i already watch it with sub and when dr jo said she made a mistake and MSA said she try so hard to repent it, she said it doest make her not wrong,that how human even you so simple mistake it could change yourlife...so her being give the position to MSA and she became professor is the right decision its like she taking professors jang position,lead the young one into the right path...So next season she could be like professor jang who came to take look at the kids maybe as consultants to the team as well... . seriuslly even this series up to 10 season it will never be bored.
  4. yup it even sadder because do yeon/sun bin leave alone withour her oppa...adult have do so many things to hurt this kids because they have power and money...sadly that what in real life too....people will blame the tiger even it was human who hunting them,destroy their home it same goes to this cases where HSP just want them to be punish.....but the conversation between sun bin and han ji won when she asked dr han he not mad at KHM and han ji won reply if hating make them unable to move on it only hurting them more and not able to gain happiness(this is my understanding...need to watch once it being sub) and i think that why sun bin choose to leave codas team cause she know secret wont stay last one day people will know about her relationship with the cases and now she just want to buil new dream new hopes...i hope they stay contact so that dr han and detective kang able to take care of her and she wont be lonely cause she had new family... . felt sad about dr jo who retired but like dr jo said it time for her to take down and give the position to someone else especially someone like MSA who she can trust...that noment just lovely . i think the propose scene was cute they make it dr han and detective kang ways...hahaha dr han never romantic type so when he bring out the plastic evidence that contain rings and the cheesy comment just what make detective kang love him...and when he about to get romantic someone just has to mess up and of course kang kyung hee on detective mood which made dr han always respect and adore her...and its funny he shout and slap the guy who mess up he perfect proposal . i love how ms seo shocked face when he find out the things being inject in her body was the chemical use from president han’s experiment she deserve it like HSP . I hope OCN continue for season 6 i will wait even it take long time...and it seen like the creaw /actor/actress had god relationship and have fun at work even it take lots of hards works it better cause that make positive environment compare to got high rating but the staff/actor/actress were suffer and distress..
  5. I was kinda full emotional for today episode i really felt so thankful for ocn production team RDW/YJH who able to commit in dr han and detective kang character....i cant believe they had finish for 16episode it seen like few days ago im so excited with Quiz of God comeback why time move so fasts im cant help my to felt greedy for wanting another season....and i think the last scene of fantastic four could be fan services for the series or could be dr han memory during their time together (time frame after season 2 end and early season3 before detective kang go to study abroad) and maybe the director just want four of them in one shoot cause they miss them too. . and i saw in their ig they have a lots of fun in end show parties,they really like a family
  6. it will cute for next season....i imaging how dr han have to take care of baby even his genius there are certain things he cant handle and have to ask jung won help
  7. OMG why detective kang and dr han always got hurt...she almost broke his pelvis and it look like he got stab . my few question had been answer...i always think sin bin co worker look suspicious and i gues he could had something to do with hsp or the welfare center but he was the spy for miss seo...hahaha KHM tough miss seo trust him but he actually being use by her...and little scene part where he still young with dr jo and dr jang actually make me think he a kind person but his arrogance who want to be the top maybe he think once he at the top and prove how brilliant he was no one ever look him down...the first sincere talk he ever had with dr jo and his tears... . I always tough it was the programmer that make codas alive and i dis mention the system recognised han ji won were the programmers always know he will comebacks...my guess kinda right but never tough it will be his mother and the mao-a doctor...but it make everything fall perfectly... i means even miss seo had all the power and the money she never know to programme any machine/computer so does KHM..so with the money amd power they could baught from the programmers...and watching last season about his mother,we know his mother was never had good image on dr han memory yet she did say that saw her own clone (girl-s4) make she realize she could have good side or mother instinct...so i guees the clone had death (she at the stage for failure) yet meeting the clone and kang kyung hee make her want to do something for han ji woon...that why she creating the program and im sure it been ask by miss seo or anyperson who related with the one who want to setup codas system...and know her son she think he will comeback... but still it was his mom who bring him to the welfare center...(by the word/setence i understand) . and the cute moment between codas han jung woon and han ji won is and with kang kyung hee just gold and i need to watch in eng sub later but it seen like kang kyung hee ask something regarding her profile save in the system(maybe she want to find out what her mother in laws think about her) for this reason i request for season 6
  8. yup i wonder,i try to heard the codas voice since i saw in kissasian comment regarding him could have spilt personalities...but i dont think so cause it like the issue had been settled as his second character death during his coma...so still wonder who could it be... and i think the use the welfare to find the cure for the president han who had Mao-A as show in his dna..but same as use i wonder why the pick the center??could it be the start the idea of the treatment cause fews kids had symptoms like presiden han...like few cases back where the victim who had Mao-A less will became aggressive and he did became aggrieved yet after the welfare center got burn he suddenly had no symptoms of that diaseas...but does not look like he depend on any medicine either... . saw the preview it seen like KHM life at the stage still his ego refuse to accept dr han helping...OMG it so intense for next episode and i wonder what will happen . From ryu deuk hwan ig...it look like they/he finish shooting today at afternoon...it felt sad cause the time move so fast...i dont want to say goodbye on the team yet
  9. agree with you ms seo need to go to jail...she had done so much bad things becaus of her desire to be success and im glad that she start showing herself toward KHM with the released of the article...i think somehow like how dr jo had little trust toward him,he also had little respect to dr jo..with his life on the line and ms seo seen not care about him..i think its like wakeup call to him how bad ambitious desire if it taken by the wrong path...and i think why ms seo felt unsecure if the president death cause then their bad things will be public and with dr han alive (omg he really call the guy to kill han ji won) . and the part where HSP bought mitten hand socks from the kids and her mom/nanny show he really want to chance the world but like sin bin said justice is funny things how dr jo became coma when she want to tell true.. . and im really curious about the codas programming who it was?? HSP or there are side stories of it
  10. after watching ep14 with eng sub...presiden hanju group where the big boss of miss seo was the reason for the heogarok cases...his DNA has show he had Mao-A like the kwan jung pil/doctor woman cases..so he use the kids as experiment just because they were orphans and when ms seo said there a reason why dr han ji won was there at that place make me wondering could it be he also been test on the experiment but earlier season 4 his brain chart etc show that he comebck normal...and with no preview(could be ocn give it arong monday/tuesday) make me curios. And like @faithinme lara i still suspect sin bin co worker how he report about dong gun and sin bin backgrouk to chief kwang hyuk min then later when sin bin said something there must be something he does not know his facial make me suspect him a little bit... and little bit about han kang couple,aside the kiss and hug that show how much their relationship has growth for all of this years...i love when dr han said on the ambulance boys that his fiancée was detective and my fav about the kiss is that after the kiss the way both look at each others and then he slowly hug her while she still crying and he kiss his hair while hugging make me cry cause at the moment i had flash back from season 1 where both almost death,season 2 were he was on the run and almost got killed and season 3 when he had that split indentity cause by the braintezer and sudenly faint while the were supposed to meet and coma for whole years and start season 4 how much she had been through to make sure he got the treatment and for sure lots of tears then at the same season losing their team members and he had on the run and start season 5 where he cameback because he had the courage to do what he love and for dr jo and detective kang..and she also almost got rabies and if it was detected late she might be in danger and now he disappeared within her eyes and when she said toward dr jo something she afraid again has happen where dr han was in danger and she cant do anything....then i realized both couple and the team has been through long journey together and im proud to be part of it...and the emotional was well deliver by ryu duk hwan and yoon io hee make my tears fall easily
  11. we i saw ep 13 i think the boy is HSP sidekick man and another could be girl cause she/he had hairpin...and it seen my guess was kinda right...turn out do yeon could be sin bi...but i still wondering who is the programmer for codas cause it seen like it been built for dr han.. it seen like KHM start to realize that lady boss only take her hand matter not even care about him...so its great that how HSP not kill him immediately but lets him suffer and became drowsy with his own ego who want to be on the top even with dirty way.... i could understand detective kang..she able to hold her feeling cause they’re in hospital with detective nam but she cant stop crying in the car....she so afraid to lose dr han..and for the fact she the one who suggest the most for dr han to comeback make her feeling so emotional...and the way dr han try to calm her show how much their relationship has been for 7 years..
  12. with the way the season flow...its seen like we gonna have up to 16episode (still pray for it) i means now we know the reason for HSP revenge toward all the victim and through flashbacks i wonder how many kids were able to escape and how??? and i felt so scared when dr han try that brain electric on himself without anyone aside him and detective kang almost got angry...i think the guy who had rare disease was the head of the wellfare kids experiment...to many questions
  13. sadly no.. but ocn instagram had released preview for next episode...it seen like there are 50/50 for dr jo and it seen dr han do her operations...and as expected it look like dr han try the electric brain on himself.... . aside the tension preview ocn is cute to show hankang couple as wishing christmas and more funny ocn share dr han detective kang fanart which the poster from ‘boyfriend’ and i see some comment just give the couple kiss and wedding scene
  14. im glad that more share their opinion regarding this drama...as i been mention i know this series had it loyal fan cause it is not easy to maintain 2% on cable channel with the time of drama at 11pm kst...cause the peak drama hour either weekend at 7/8pmkst or weeday at 8/9pmkst and i hope OCN able to conduct their own award ceremony like tvn few back them cause OCN was totally legend...they started to air hollywood drama (thriller) and challenges themselve with their own series and they became legend since they able to make series few drama with same actress and actor and connection between series is like whole new level...Quiz of god was among the first series drama,follow up with ten and vampire prosecutors if im not mistake...and im so thankfully for RDH/YJH/PHM who able to commit with the series which make the character like my own family... let pray and wish...dr jo should not died,i hope she just in serius injuries not only it make dr han feeling remorse but since among the family dr han have...cause since few back cases them,he unable to got close or stay connect with his friend...he only got dr jo now as mother figure cause even his own mother love science more than him...lets the birthday wish come true with dr han and detective kang get married and dr jo as officiants of the wedding ...dr han wil be shocke if he look detective kang in wedding dress
  15. ocn have post on their instagrams that ep 13 Quiz of God will be on 2 January 2018 i getting curious about what happen next episode...tough i still pray and wish for the finale got high rating since their highest rating for this seson if im not mistake 2.7% maybe on the finale got up to 3% that why i tough..are missing something...does dr han’s dad remarried and she not liking han ji won cause he cleaver like her mother . at first i tough HSP just a psychopath eho attract to dr han who know the twist he had nore storie to tell and the real psychopath was chied codas KHM and his lady boss( altough i like the actress-she so beautiful and charming-i hate her character but cant denied the charisma the actress bring to potray her role just awesome)
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