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  1. Hi... ive been looking this drama with eng sub, but cant find anything Can anyone suggest a link to stream this drama with eng sub? Thank you in advance
  2. ok thank you for the suggestion btw...are you the one who wrote HSDS fanfic with a horse named Ping On?
  3. thank you i skipped parts and only read few parts that i need clarification or make comparison im just too lazy to read the whole novel
  4. Hii ...do you mind telling me where to find the english version of the HSDS novel? is it available online?
  5. Hi there... im a long-lost member of soompi, came back just for HSDS i want to know if there's next chapters for fanfic quoted above Did i miss the chapter? Also, i want to THANK all of the authors and the translators for this fanfic and all other fanfics Thank you so much...i've thoroughly enjoyed them there is not enough ZWJ & ZM, especially with the rushed ending
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