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  1. yea..i cant watch it again too i guess kbs mistakenly upload it eps 62 has not been aired yet, but eps63 preview was mistakenly uploaded yesterday
  2. ohh ic *nods and yes..i am too confused how ep63 has its preview out when eps 62 has not even aired yet there were few days back when there was no episode airing as its schedule should be My guess is either KBS mistakenly uploaded it, or the drama lose its steam
  3. sorry...i am just bad at games my mind goes blank and can not remember any Father Only flashes of them in my crowded memory btw...anyone think that HJH has softened up toward TI? Seems he's not so jealous anymore he even pulled HW away from ruining TI & ED moments
  4. it's been so long since last time i was here And suddenly this sweet surprise of YYS why is he like that ?? aawww.. he's making me all excited thank u ALL for the updates
  5. i think it's possible to have 1 year jump in season 2 because the shooting will start late this year, almost exactly 1 year from season 1's shooting started too and by the time the shooting for season2 start Uju's actor will be taller too 1 year growing up for a kid is quite obvious Still..i want the beginning of season 2 will pick up where season 1 ended to cover JWon's POV, SHwa's POV, and what happened to IS Then, they can do time jump in midst of season 2
  6. Sorry to cut your post if i'm not mistakenly remember, TI's Dad's lab result for infection came out positive, that immediately disqualify him for being able to accept the transplant I don't know if HW deliberately infected him or manipulated the lab result. It's probably the 2nd over the 1st one
  7. if i'm not mistakenly remember, when HW & CJH manipulated the transplant receivers' list and increase Chairman Han's rate/score to most urgent, at the same time cause TI's Dad had an infection causing TI's Dad to miss the transplant opportunity At that time, there was no replacement donor yet I think just before the surgery, CJM tried to talk some sense to HW then faced CJH..run from CJH to the rooftop/garden rooftop where he fell from to the ground (me too..wonder falling from high rise building , but still survived even with brain death. When our logic can not fit into the story and/or the other way around, we must accept this as the law & logic of the dramaland) So the timing is all conveniently in order ...it's all the wonder of the dramaland i think to some degree... TI ethically was responsible for the his Dad's transplant process He should had known there was no donor available HW & CJH could not do some magic to have a heart suddenly available for his Dad Yet, he forced them to have a replacement donor for his Dad in exchange for not exposing their illegal manipulation to help Chairman Han. On the other hand, since TI is the recepient's family, he can not possibly know about the donor & his/her info detail And HW & CJH seemed to quite smoothly take care the legal aspects with ED signed the donor agreement before TI's Dad transplant surgery, so i think it's hard to prove any illegal deeds Unless if CJH is proven to kill or cause CMJ's accident So..it just happened CMJ's heart was a match with TI's Dad like a missing puzzle Because this is all dramaland where we shall illogically dream while waiting for the submarine to finally ascend i think the more i follow this drama, the more i lose my sanity all because that doom submarine i lost some of my brain cells while that TI robot is still a robot
  8. i think ED may be confused at her own feeling at this moment She might have a crush on TI when she was still in highschool but then she went thru a lot with her father's death, being manipulated and all She wasn't even clear who was responsible with her jail time extension until about 10 eps ago (sorry..i can't really remember how many eps have passed since she found out about the truth that it was CJH who framed her. Until then, she hated & even backstabbed TI with her planned seduction) So i think she has conflicting emotion toward TI, yet at the same time she was irresistbly so drawn toward TI and his idiotic family (perhaps they remind her of her late father ??) Anyway..i still dislike ED for being silent on HJH She's like that, it's misleading to HJH & the rest of people I can't blame other people if they think ED likes HJH Later when the TI ED BOMB explode, people may think they were having an affair behind HJH *cough I'm getting ahead with myself hahaha
  9. *nods..i think we can agree that HJH is not a bad guy He's just childish. He knew ED cares about him not in a romantic way, but he keep denying it To some degree, i can understand he grew up lacking maternal love But it doesnt give him the right to force his feeling to another person So in the name of drama, we dislike & diss him for that Plus, the submarine TI ED is getting deeper into the sea All the more reason, we dislike HJH Other than HJH, we...well, i mean i dislike TI for being noble idiocy I agree with someone here said that the whole TI famz, from the Dad Mom TI, are all idiots (sorry..i cant remember who posted it) So yea..we are on the roll disliking almost everyone in the drama
  10. *nods ..i agree Although JWon wanted to become a priest ever since he was a kid, as he grew up & became a pediatrics, it seems to me he became kind of inconsistent especially when he lost his patients despite his best effort It gives an impression he just wanted to run away to become a priest as his refuge And it makes me wonder if he truly know that being a priest is a high emotional demanding position If he can not handle being a doctor, i dont' understand how can he deal with being a priest I think his eldest brother know JWon very well, he have been suggesting many things to JWon throughtout the years to distract him away from being a priest (Some people here already mentioned in the previous posts)
  11. that sirene ringtone was heard when they had toppoki meal in their office at their previous hospital They also lived together, bc JWon was always broke after giving most of his salaries to DLL so i think JWan most probably occasionally heard that sirene ringtone every now & then I'm not surprised to see JWan being surprised at JWon's ringtone at his Dad's funeral service since sometimes i'm surprised by my own ringtone at the unexpected time Being a chaebol doesn't always have access to money Assets don't always come in cash, and sometimes some assets can't be immediately cashed especially if it's family related JWon can only donate his salary Only then, his family or anyone won't find out about his cashflow to DLL
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