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  1. @ck1Oz I only can tell you that... Bravo! I very much agree with you about what you comment of this serie. It’s a light saguek with certain modern aspects that we have seen directly or indirectly, without major pretensions other than entertaining and of course, if we scratch a little, there are very interesting topics that invite an analysis; but above all, it is a love story. I am also a kdrama veteran (over 10 years... maybe I don't write a lot in the forum or any, but I enjoy reading you), so the saguek (and in general all the drama), depress me. "Life is for dramas" it is said out there. And I do not deny that it is good to see or read something like that, but waiting a week and seeing two chapters of a “tear drama”, it’s no longer my idea to enjoy. But it's just an opinion. I only advise that this series should be seen with not so critical eyes. On the other hand, I understand very well the issue of the names (in this case the name of the brother of GD). I think is rather a bad translation or interpretation of what it’s pointing out. It is not the first time nor will it be the last, in which we observe these errors of interpretation. Therefore, what we want? A quick but understandable translation or a detailed translation that we cannot finish reading while the characters speak? xD
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