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  1. Totally agree with this! So, self-deprecation can make someone ooc? Don't people do that all the time? Songhwa did that in her younger days too, she said it by herself. The more ridiculous was when they said Gyeoul is ooc just because a piece of glass. I don't know why some people feel they know Gyeoul better than what the writer want to show when in fact we just saw a glimpse of her life in S1. And oh JEONGWON IS PLANNING TO PROPOSE TO GYEOUL!!! They've been spending time together at Gyeoul's place lately. We are robbed
  2. I don't really wanna be a clown but their photos have different vibe especially with his other photos with his costars when mostly it has cheerful tone, meanwhile it gives shy and awkwardness but not in a negative way, it's like a phase before *cough* dating *cough* when two people are getting to know each other. Lmao maybe I'm a really a clown. And It becomes the most liked and commented photos on his acc so far. That also happened in hospital playlist acc. That's why I can only roll my eyes when someone has bad opinion for this ship, they're still people's couple! @seasonal_love
  3. Kudos to Kwak Sunyong's acting on Ikjun - Iksun phone call scene. Her sequence expression from normal to surprise, heartbroken, sad. I really can feel how heartbroken she is when she heard about Junwan. Both really have issue with their communication. Even after Iksun asked if he was okay, he was lying. And as I expect, fans will dislike Iksun's decision from lying to keeping things from anyone about her sickness, as they probably expect more mature way for them for solving their relationship issue. But we know very well it's not always like that. 30s, 40s, 50s adults don't always know what th
  4. @__jesseHaha no it's not about educational message. Like I'm saying on my earlier post it's simply about what shinlee wanna show to us, is that Seokyeong is just in denial like S1 Jeongwon or Seokhyeong indeed doesn't need romantic relationship right now because he is so persistent leading a happy single life. For me it still feels vague. But I agree with you that Minha helps him, he opened himself to her. Whatever their relationship, Minha can be a good friend for him.
  5. @Raynaa Looney as an individual character yes, since they aim to give a message of drug addiction, but his relationship with Jiwon I take it as an open ending. Also, for other inmate characters mostly they have an open ending, like we don't know what happen with Captain Yoo's retrial and so on. PP plot follows Jaehyuk's story only. Once again, I'm not claiming we're gonna have a happy ending for all couples in HP but we can hope since shinlee made it before. I'm thinking the same about Iksong, like they really need someone else to push them, and they always use third person narrati
  6. @Raynaa Actually it's not too far-fetched to have a happy ending for all the set couples. All shinlee's previous couple always have a good closure. Eventhough they broke up in the middle they'll get back together in the end. Unless it's one-sided love. But of course shinlee still can take another way this time, we still don't know. They give friends-to-lover trope with Iksong, LDR with Junsun, first relationship with wg. I just still don't get what the real message they wanna deliver with gomgom. Nevertheless Seokhyeong and Minha have good relationship and communication. Btw, they'
  7. Still can't grasp what shinlee wanna do with the goms. They put Seokhyeong - his mom scene side by side with wintergarden, is it to tell "No Seokhyeong, you're wrong, being with someone is more fulfilling than being single, look at them (wintergarden)" or to show how persistent he is to be not in a romantic relationship and what a happily single people look like?? My initial observation on Seokhyeong is he needs friend outside the lacking five. Tho both men are reluctant to have romantic relationship but the goms and wg have very different dynamic. Seokhyeong can be very casual and
  8. There's this blog too who recaps about wintergarden in each episode. https://www.wintergarden.blog/
  9. This is like intentional edits. They edit the head rest to emphasize the holding hands, and you see the green light, it's like they will keep moving together, heading to somewhere, their destination. As already mentioned, probably it's like bride and groom in wedding altar. This is sort of an easter egg.
  10. Probably given the history of both of them aren't that close and used to be so formal and Jeongwon known for being kind to everyone but never seen date a woman. But I'm sure the way all of them are taken aback with how Jeongwon treats Gyeoul, deep down they know that's how a boyfriend treat his girlfriend. Jeongwon seems doesn't wanna lose. Gyeoul give him peck first and he should be the last who give the kiss. Another discovery! I try to mirror the pic and it's literally said Wedding & Party. OMG shinlee please don't play with out heart
  11. The green light!! See you at the winter garden wedding guys LOLLL
  12. Lee Kyu Hyung is a cameo I've been waiting for since the first season. Besides a tribute for Looney, he's here to "knock some sense" to Songhwa hahaha I couldn't ask for a better scenario. Yes, we still don't know what Songhwa truly wants regarding her relationship with Ikjun but after that question, who's the friend that makes her always happy and feels great, then Ikjun appears, we know the answer is him. Anyway, I've rewatch their conversation from episode 1, I think Segyeong isn't a roomate nor housemate, they just live in the same building flat/apartment. For Junwan, I found h
  13. Wintergarden nation got holding hands, whiny & pouty Gyeoul and Jeongwon, squeezed cheeks, hugs, 3 times pecks, 2 times real kisses + tongue involvement, more hugs
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