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  1. it also depends on what kind of stories ShinLee want to bring as well... I'd rather have 2 solid seasons than 5 mediocre ones with dragged-out plot But yes with the popularity that HP has gained, it would be difficult to gather all the cast members for every season ><
  2. The cafe cashier acted on purpose as if she didn’t understand what Iksun said even tho it’s just simply “Latte Please!” with her accents. Perhaps it’s not explicitly spelled out for audience to see like the more apparent cases of racism, but it IS still racism. But cases like this happen VERY commonly for Asians in English-speaking countries. It’s not simply a case of mishearing or difficulties hearing. It’s almost like mocking Asian accents on purpose. Hope that clears up for you! No. She was NOT oversensitive. If the cashier purposely pretended to not un
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