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  1. I have a wild theory that POR is Do Hee Jae’s twin sister, and the real murderer was POR, not DHJ. But it could well be me grasping at straws, hoping that MY’s mom didn’t kill KT’s mom. DHJ & POR are identical twins? In the Tale of Two Sisters, Janghwa and Hongryeon were twin sisters. Janghwa means rose. Hongryeon means red lotus. The robe which POR wore all the time had two types of flowers growing from the same branches. In the cursed castle, rose appeared everywhere, and is associated with MY and her mom. Bluebeard’s victims were also marked by a rose, and Bluebeard’s wife had a sister too. The butterfly brooch could be a matching item that both sisters had – the two butterflies represented the two sisters. DHJ wore the brooch on the right, while POR wore it on the left. DHJ had manicured nails, and wore a ring on her left hand. But the murderer didn’t have painted nails, and didn’t wear any ring. Because they were identical twins, POR had to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to change her face after killing KT’s mom. In ep 11, the mysterious woman who appeared at the end had short hair. But according to DHJ’s personality, she would never cut her hair short, just like how she forbade MY to cut her hair. My guess is that she’s POR, not DHJ. DHJ is innocent! “Why do you think Othello killed his wife? Because of a misunderstanding.” -- POR Othello’s wife was innocent. In the Tale of Two Sisters, Janghwa was also framed and killed. DHJ’s posthumous book “The Murder of the Witch of the West” is a reference to the Wizard of Oz. In Wicked the Musical, a twist was added to the fairytale. The Witch of the West wasn’t wicked at all. She was dubbed so because of malicious rumours. Also, in Wizard of Oz, she melted when Dorothy threw a pail of water at her. But in Wicked, she feigned her death. If we follow this train of thought, DHJ could be alive somewhere out there.
  2. There's a Korean version of the story too! In this version, the crown maker died in peace before he was found out. The King Has Donkey Ears! Even bamboo trees can't keep secrets Once upon a time in ancient Silla, there lived King Gyeongmun (r. 861—875), the kingdom’s 48th king. On top of living in tumultuous times, full of turmoil and rebellion, King Gyeongmun had another vexing problem. According to legend, he had hideously large ears. Much like King Midas of Phrygia, who was punished by the Greek god Apollo with donkey ears, King Gyeongmun never failed to wear some form of crown or hat to cover his abnormal hearing organs. Unlike King Midas, however, King Gyeongmun had no magic touch that turned things to gold. Moreover, his donkey ears were not the result of some divine curse, but simply developed one day out of the blue. King Gyeongmun was horrified. He was dumbfounded. Nobody could know. Don’t You Tell a Single Tree! King Gyeongmun was apparently great at keeping secrets, for nobody knew about his resemblance to a donkey, not even his queen. In fact, the only person who ever saw King Gyeongmun without either his hat or crown was the royal crown maker, who by professional necessity occasionally measured the King’s head. Whether it was out of fear or respect, the crown maker knew better than to go around telling people what he knew. Even the trustworthy crown maker, however, wasn’t completely free of the gossip instinct. Upon nearing his death, the tortured crown maker realized he simply couldn’t take his secret with him to the grave. His sealed lips must be opened at least once before meeting his maker. “Oh, I must tell somebody,” he thought. Unable to contain it any longer, the crown maker fled deep into a bamboo forest near a serene temple and shouted into the trees, “The King has donkey ears!” Satisfied at last, the crown maker was able to return home and die in peace. The bamboo trees, however, couldn’t contain themselves either, and every time the wind blew through the forest, they echoed the words, “The King has donkey ears...the King has donkey ears,” a sound that carried quite far, informing nearly the entire kingdom of King Gyeongmun’s medical secret. Infuriated and embarrassed, King Gyeongmun ordered that the entire bamboo forest be cut down and eradicated. However, every time the wind blew it carried the same words everywhere it went: “the King has donkey ears...the King has donkey ears...” Perhaps it is such a wind that has brought this story to us across so many generations. Written by Felix Im Source: http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Culture/view?articleId=122701
  3. On Costumes, Nudity & Sexual Harassment Just like how parents demanded Zombie Kid to be banned, knetz were furious over scenes that showed nudity and sexual harassment. That’s because, in KMY’s words, “those idiots can’t read the actual message that’s hidden behind the letters”. We know that the costume director has put in a lot of effort designing the costumes for this drama. Indeed, I think there’s a deeper meaning to nudity, as well as the clothes worn in the drama. Everyone in the hospital wears a uniform, which identifies them as a staff or a patient. This immediately skews our perception of them. Also, all members of the staff are labelled “OK” with a smiley face iron-on patch, like a stamp of guarantee that they’re okay. I’m personally very wary of such labels, especially when applied indiscriminately. In ep 7, KMY drew a smiley face on the car window, suggesting that she’s okay. The scene was cut before the smiley face faded away, which seemed to be a positive sign. But it also resembled the drawings that appeared on frosted windows, which then seemed somewhat ominous. The mayor’s family were all wearing the political party’s uniform, which represented their social status and their collective identity as a family of lawyers. Because Gido wasn’t smart enough to become a lawyer, he didn’t belong to the tribe and was hence rejected by the family. By exposing his body, Gido was displaying his genuine self in the most crude and raw form. He wanted his family to see him and accept him for who he really was. Inspired by Gido, GT imagined himself naked and dancing away happily. He longed to strip himself of all burdens, and reveal his true, unrestrained self. Unlike Gido, GT was facing away from the eyes of the public. Gido wanted everyone to look at him, while GT wanted to be free from other people’s judgement and expectations. GT wears two types of clothes. At home, he wears plain and cheap 1+1 tees which embodied all the sacrifices he has made for ST. In the hospital, he wears the caregiver uniform. Of all jobs, why did GT choose to become a caregiver? I believe GT’s sense of self-worth was defined by his mother’s words, “Your job is to look after your brother and keep him safe. Okay? That’s why I gave birth to you.” Taking care of ST became his reason for living. This shaped his identity, which eventually extended into his professional life. Whether at work or at home, GT is The Caregiver. Underneath his clothes are all the scars he has accumulated over the years. It’s worrying to see him put himself in dangerous situations time and again to prove his worth as a caregiver, be it to ST or to his patients. The scars are also symbolic of his emotional wounds. And so, it was meaningful, on a meta level, that KMY saw his naked body in the changing room, when he was neither ST’s guardian nor a caregiver. KMY is different from everyone else because she’s not a patient, so he is not obliged to care for her. Because of her condition, he also doesn’t feel obliged to wear a fake smile for her. As a result, his smiles were always genuine. Hence, I don’t see KMY as a burden to GT. Instead, she may help him experience true joy in caring for others. GT has been suppressing himself because of his identity and obligations as The Caregiver. This explains why GT was overjoyed to be suspended. But what about his role as ST’s caregiver? I think ST is more than capable of taking care of himself and living independently. Slowly but surely, he’ll learn to become more independent, emotionally and physically. In the same way, KMY’s drenched see-through dress exposed her vulnerability and her painful past. She is always wearing glamourous, fanciful and over-the-top dresses. She’s like a porcupine, her clothes serve as an amour to conceal her fragility and to protect herself from others. Something that really bothered me is that, even at home, she is always wearing high heels. They are like shackles, hurting her feet and weighing her down so she is unable to go far, just like the Cheerful Dog. I suspect the reason why she’s always wearing heels is because of her mother. She was barefooted when she walked down the stairs and discovered her mom’s body. She still remembers how her mother’s warm blood felt like against the cold wooden floor. It’s interesting to note that she was barefooted when GT came to find her at the end of ep 4. She was also barefooted the whole time when she cut her hair, and when GT trimmed it afterwards. And from the preview, it looks like she would be wearing more comfortable shoes during their excursion.
  4. Hi everyone! There are a million things I want to write about, but first, I’d like to talk about the drama title. The Korean name is literally “Psycho but It’s Okay”. It was probably chosen for its dramatic impact, but I very much prefer the English name “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. Because while most of us don’t qualify as a psychopath, all of us have been, at one point or another, not okay. IOTNBO came from OK Psychiatry’s Hospital Motto: Hospital Motto 院訓 Are you in pain? I’m in pain too. 아프냐? 나도 아프다 Feel like dying? I feel like dying even more. 죽고 싶냐? 난더 죽고 싶다 It’s okay to not be okay! 안 괜찮아도 괜찮아! OK Hospital 괜찮은 병원 I think what this drama is really trying to say is this: we may look and behave differently, but deep inside, we are all the same. The Zombie Kid, too, is a story about all of us. We were all once the Zombie Kid, at least when we were babies. All babies are the same – they cry when they are hungry, like little monsters that only want to eat. And for these little monsters, human touch is especially vital for their physical, emotional, behavioural and social development. Babies who lack human touch can stop growing, and even die. This, again, raises the question of whether KMY’s ASPD was a result of nature or nurture. “In Romania, where national policies on childbearing led to a skyrocketing birth rate, thousands of unwanted children were raised in crowded orphanages with little to no physical human contact. Harvard researchers Mary Carlson and Felton Earls, who traveled to Romania to examine the effects of this type of environment, later described “the muteness, blank facial expressions, social withdrawal, and bizarre stereotypic movements” they observed.” Read more: https://www.thecut.com/2018/06/the-lasting-damage-of-depriving-a-child-of-human-touch.html I die a little inside every time I see someone labelling some characters as “normal”. IMO it’s no different from the mother who called ST a lunatic. “Normal” is a concept that is highly dependent on societal standards and expectations. 200 years ago, slavery was normal. Even from a psychiatry POV, what’s considered normal is constantly evolving. Homosexuality was once considered a mental illness. According to a statistic quoted in IOTNBO’s Namuwiki page, 80% of South Koreans suffer from mental illness. Now then, wouldn’t it be more “normal” to be mentally ill? Regarding KMY’s mother, I’m more inclined to thinking she’s still alive, because of this figurine which KMY stole from the director’s office. This figurine is called Cheoyong, a character in a folktale from the Silla dynasty, who is believed to dispel evil spirits and invite auspicious energies. KMY took this figurine not because it’s pretty, but because she wanted to dispel her mother’s evil spirit. She knew she would experience sleep paralysis when staying in the cursed castle. But even with Cheoyong’s protection, she was still haunted by her mother’s ghost. This suggests that her mother’s ghost isn’t real, but a figment of her traumatic past. In the same episode, the show also blurred the line between reality and hallucination. In Kwon Gido’s eyes, he saw the hospital director dressed as the club manager, and the line was said in the hospital director’s voice. However, in the epilogue, the hospital director didn’t say a word, and Gido heard another voice reading the line. How do we distinguish reality from illusions? Psychosis is defined by a loss of contact with reality. People with psychoses do not realise that their experiences are products of their minds, and are not real. To them, their hallucinations and delusions are their reality.
  5. Hi everyone! Delurking to share some of my thoughts on this scene. The fact that Ikjun considered the son's POV suggests that he probably thought of it from Uju's POV too. Uju will remember that Children's Day as the day he witnessed his mom having an affair. Moreover, she didn't know about his allergy and caused him to suffer a serious allergic reaction. A five-year-old boy, what does he know? Well, he's old enough to understand the concept of wife and mother-in-law. So, I'm pretty sure he knew what his mom was doing. Uju: If she doesn't miss me, I don't miss her, either. I just need you, Dad. You're my favourite person in the entire universe. For Ikjun, I think this patient's death served as a poignant reminder that life is unpredictable. The son is of the same age as Uju. No one can guarantee that he wouldn't get into an accident himself the next day and leave Uju fatherless. And I think this realisation led to this convo in ep 7: Ikjun: But all of a sudden, one day, I realised how much time I was wasting. Wasting my life away like this because of what she did to me was doing a disservice to myself. The patient was left with a piece of her adulterous husband's liver. Ikjun was left with Uju. Even though he never said it, it was probably painful to be reminded of his ex-wife every time he saw Uju. We all think of Ikjun as the clown, the mood maker, the one who always makes others laugh. But no one was there to cheer him up when he was at his lowest point. He's always listening to others and giving other people advice, while he keeps his troubles bottled up inside him and tries to overcome them on his own. Sigh. Edited to add: At that point, Songhwa and Ikjun were deliberately keeping their distances from each other, so I wouldn't blame her for not checking in on him.
  6. Hello all you lovely people who, like me, are still trying to move on from HP. I have come with a basketful of random Easter eggs. Enjoy! Ring Ring~ In R88 ep 1, the clock struck 6 and Taek walked in. It was a hint that Taek would make his first move by asking Deoksun out in ep 6. During the kalguksu scene in ep 2, Ikjun’s phone rang 7 times before he picked up. Don’t you find it weird that he took so long to answer the call? It was Shin pd’s way of telling us that act 2 would begin in ep 7. Chocolates The choco pie which Jeongwon gave Gyeoul, Mon Cher (몽쉘), means “my dear/sweetheart” in French. Junwan’s favourite 72% Dream Cacao contains 1220mg of polyphenol. If you enter “1220” in the noraebang system, you’ll get this song: “Met You by Chance” by Songolmae. This part of the song seems to be talking about him. There is something I want to tell you Why can’t I muster up my courage? I want to say it to you But I don’t feel confident My heart is pounding A fool, such a fool I must be a fool Songhwa’s Camping Spot Songhwa loves camping. Her go-to spot was Yeoninsan (연인산) campsite, specifically B-104. “연인” means “lovers” in Korean. In the noraebang, song number “104” is Choi Jin Hee’s “가버린 당신”. I can’t find English translation of the lyrics, but the song is about longing for a lover who has left her, and that it’s too late now. Is this song talking about Prof Jang or Ikjun? Hmmm… The only two times we saw Songhwa go camping was in ep 3, after she broke up with Prof Jang. Local folklore has it that those coming to Yeoninsan wishing for true love will have their dreams come true. The force must be strong with this one because she went twice, and her wish came true in two ways: Chihong came to the campsite, and Ikjun filed for divorce. 22:00 A few YouTubers have talked about the meanings of the books on Songhwa’s shelf. What I’d like to talk about is the clock. Song number “2200” is Kim Dong Ryul’s “Etude of Memory” and this part of the song seems to be talking about her feelings. As many days go by When my heart becomes worn out Inside my heart The vanishing memories of you come find me again I will remember them, won’t I? Inside those dreams of the future that have grown too big The fading memories of you Will I remember them again? Another interpretation I have for this clock, is that it hints at IkSong becoming endgame in ep 22, i.e. S2 ep 10. Another reason why I think we’ll need to wait for another 10 episodes is because of this scene: Ikjun: Wait for just ten days even if you miss Daddy, okay? Uju: Ten days? How many days is that? Ikjun: Ten days… It’s more than nine days but less than 11 days. Nanny: Uju, Daddy will be back when you finish counting with all ten fingers. Ikjun: My gosh, you’re such a pro. In LWJ’s script, nothing is redundant, so I wonder if there’s a hidden meaning behind this extended explanation on the length of 10 days. For now, it’s just a headcanon, but it’s fun don’t you think? Parallel Love Triangles: 1999 vs 2019 I wrote about the colour theory before: Ikjun is yellow; Songhwa is purple; and Seokhyung is green. The love triangle in 2019 was parallel to that in 1999. This time, Chihong is green. Once again, the two love rivals met at the drinks table. But the difference was, this time round, Ikjun chose to confess. By moving to Sokcho, Songhwa gave Chihong a clean rejection. She moved the green box out to the balcony, neatly separated from her with a line. Inside the apartment, with her and Ikjun are red and blue books, which symbolise marriage. This is Songhwa being done with Chihong. Now if you ask me, how does Jeongwon come into the picture? I'd say, he was never in the picture all along. “Oh, What a Shiny Night” In Korea, saying “I’ve gone there and come back” is a euphemism for divorce. Seokhyung: 저는 갔다 왔습니다. (jeoneun gassdawassseubnida = I’ve gone there and come back = I’m divorced) Ikjun: 저는 갔습니다. (jeoneun gaseubnida = I’ve gone there = I’m married) This adds another layer of meaning to the band scene in ep 5, when Seokhyung and Ikjun left halfway, leaving the rest singing, “Don’t go, don’t leave me behind…” This implies that: Jeongwon, Songhwa and Junwan were unsupportive of their marriages. OT5 hardly met after Seokhyung and Ikjun left to get married. Jeongwon, Songhwa and Junwan mostly met up among themselves. The kalguksu scene also confirmed that OT5 became OT3 prior to ep 1: Ikjun: Guys, no one would eat that fast even during a war. Why eat so quickly? Jeongwon: Hey, you have no idea what they did to me. When we had cheonggukjang last time, I only ate tofu. These two ate all the beef. Only Jeongwon, Songhwa and Junwan ate together previously. Also, Ikjun didn’t know about Songhwa and Junwan’s eating habits. This suggests that their eating habits have changed since the last time they ate together. Songhwa’s three older brothers were just an excuse. Maybe their hectic and unpredictable working hours have forced them to eat quickly, and it gradually became a habit. Also notice how Songhwa become uncomfortably quiet when Jeongwon started berating them. If I were her, I wouldn't want to meet up with them if this happened all the time. The Mafia Game Jongsu: My grandson is coming next weekend, and he wants me to play the mafia game with him. What do I do? Jeongwon: You can do it. A lot of young people play it. It’s fun. Seokhyung’s mom: It must be fun since The Godfather is fun. Jeongwon: Yes. To put it simply, one of you is chosen as the mafia. And the rest of you will be innocent civilians. When you’re chosen as the mafia, you have to pretend to be a civilian to not get caught by them. The goal is to figure out who the mafia is. Jongsu: I see. That’s easy. We have to find out which one of us is lying, then. Seokhyung’s mom: I’m good at fishing out people who are hiding things. I think I can ace the game. These four people played the mafia game twice. The first time was in ep 6, where Ikjun accused Chihong of being more than just friends with Iksun. By then, Chihong had already confessed to Songhwa, but she feigned ignorance by keeping quiet and even corrected Ikjun, “A younger sister’s husband is a brother-in-law.” Meanwhile, the real mafia – Junwan – got pissed and reacted in a way which reminded us of Rosa. The second time they played mafia game was in ep 10. Junwan wanted to admit he’s mafia. He blatantly lied, “I miss Uju, too… I wanted to talk about life.” Later, Junwan got jealous and took back his tangerine. Chihong saw it, but he didn’t say anything. Because he knew Iksun and Junwan are dating. After all, he talked to her on the phone often. By then, Ikjun probably knew that Junwan and Iksun were dating secretly. So why did he continue to pair Chihong and Iksun together? He was trying to see if Songhwa would get jealous. That’s why he turned to Songhwa and asked, “Did you know she was preparing to get a doctorate?” He was trying to say, “See, that’s how close they were!” Songhwa displayed not an ounce of jealousy, but instead leaned in to hear more. In the end, it was Junwan who got hit on the head, figuratively, by the fact that Iksun was leaving. As Songhwa left, she patted his shoulder, as if to say, “Take it easy, bro.” She probably realised that Junwan was the real mafia. For the other two in the OT5, the entire drama was one long mafia game, where the audience had to figure out who was the mafia by seeing who was lying. Ikjun: Kids don’t lie. Jeongwon: Of course, not. They’re not like us, adults. When it hurts, they say so. When they are fine, they say so. They are always honest. But adults pretend that they are not sick when they are. Even if they recovered, they fake their sickness, so they can stay a bit longer. Hmm. Why do adults lie? Why do we play mind games? Why does it feel like we’re on the losing end if we admit our feelings first? Who are we trying to protect and what’s there to gain? This is something for all of us to ponder on.
  7. Some think it’s superficial/frivolous that Jeongwon appears to have given up his priesthood because of romance. Hence, I’d like to talk about the significance of Gyeoul’s appearance in Jeongwon’s life as a doctor. Jeongwon: I don’t deserve to be a doctor. I can’t control my emotions. I empathize too easily… Hyung: Andrea, if that’s how you feel, I’ll tell you to quit later. So why don’t you hang in there one more year? Based on what we saw, Jeongwon had been struggling with his emotions as a doctor for three years. Every time his patient succumbed, he would weep and declare his dream to be a priest. As others have pointed out, he was only using God and priesthood as a form of escape. The root issue lies with his inability to control his emotions. Jongsu: Time is the solution to some problems… If you avoid the problem for as long as possible, things could change with time. Jeongwon heeded his hyung’s advice for three years, but he couldn’t hang in there any longer. Thankfully, as Jongsu predicted, things changed with time – Gyeoul appeared. Songhwa: Wow, it’s really Gyeoulie. Gyeoulie has come, Gyeoulie… GS surgeon: Dr Jang. Did you hear about the new professor who’s starting today? Gyeoul: Yes, I heard he was at Kangwoon Medical Center. A professor of Pediatric Surgery. GS surgeon 2: That’s right. Pediatric surgeons are so rare. I heard he can perform operations all by himself and handle appointments on his own. So don’t even worry about Pediatrics and assist me— This flashback gave us an important insight: Jeongwon is capable enough to handle surgeries and appointments on his own. And that is exactly what he had been doing at Kangwoon for the past three years. This also means that he had been carrying all the emotional burden of caring for his patients on his own. Jeongwon: I’ve dealt with her a few times as there have been many emergency cases. She’s not my cup of tea. Ikjun: Really? She seems like the quiet type, but she’s hardworking. Jeongwon: Of course she’s hardworking. Every resident works hard. Within less than five minutes, he was forced to eat his words. As the maggot scene has shown, Gyeoul is not like any other hardworking resident. Soon, Jeongwon began relying on Gyeoul. There was one particular case, where the patient’s life hung in the balance. We all know what effect that could have on Jeongwon. It was such a significant case that it was written as the cliffhanger for act 1, and the beginning of act 2. In ep 6-7, Ji-a needed a liver transplant and Jeongwon was determined to save her even if it means cutting the halved liver again. Gyeoul picked up the organ and walked quickly up the stairs because the elevator broke down. Even though he was wearing a mask, you could see that he smiled. It was the first time he smiled at her in affirmation. She scrubbed in immediately and started assisting him. Ikjun: Don’t you like Gyeoul? To the point that makes you question about becoming a priest. Ikjun then proceeded to talk about how amazing Gyeoul is as a doctor. He didn’t talk about her looks or demeanour. Because he knew that Jeongwon’s feelings for her grew out of his admiration for her as a doctor. From some point, Gyeoul became a mainstay in PICU, and his default assist in the OR. We know that Jeongwon is more than capable of handling everything alone. So why does he rely on Gyeoul? Their values aligned. Gyeoul picking up maggots by hand aligned with Jeongwon’s DLL program’s principle that everyone deserves medical treatment equally. They share the same work ethics. They both go above and beyond to treat patients without a word of complaint. Jeongwon lived in PICU for 4 days, morning and night to look after Jihyeon. Despite being the on-call resident for three nights straight, Gyeoul was still in the ICU looking after patients. Most importantly, she is the ‘yin’ to his ‘yang’. Gyeoul’s calm presence and reliability as a resident helped to provide the mental support that he needed. He finally found someone he could rely on, physically and emotionally. Hence, it was monumental that Jeongwon let Gyeoul lead her first surgery. For someone who was used to doing everything himself, he is now willing to share his burdens with her. When you share happiness, it is doubled; when you share your sorrows, it is halved. “I know it’s not my place to say this, but can you please stay at the hospital instead of becoming a priest? Please stay by my side instead of God’s. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Professor Ahn.” And this is why Gyeoul’s confession was extra meaningful. Besides the romantic undertones, it highlights their relationship as mentor-mentee. Please stay at the hospital: It’s rare to find other doctors like you. Please stay by my side: Please continue to train me in Paediatrics, and I will stay by your side too. Jeongwon's character development in S1 reiterated one of the overarching themes in HP, that no man is an island. Whether you're nicknamed Buddha or gwi-sin (귀신), at the end of the day, we're only human – weak, vulnerable and lacking in our own ways. A couple of Easter eggs In ep 2, there was a poster with a red heart and EKG line in Jeongwon’s room. He was back facing the poster, implying that he had no intention for romance. In ep 10, the poster was moved to the cabinet right next to his table. This also coincided with the time he had the worst headache, which we have discussed before. In ep 12, the poster was moved to PICU. Now, the red heart is big and clearly in focus. This suggests that WG’s love with continue to grow and blossom in the Paediatrics. In ep 6, Ikjun asked Songhwa to park his bike. Strangely, he was wearing Uju’s mask. This foreshadowed that he would ask her to look after Uju in ep 10. In ep 4, Jeongwon asked Iksong to park his car. He rushed out without wearing his doctor’s robe, which was weird because he always wore his robe even during emergency calls. This foreshadowed that Jeongwon would leave the DLL program in Iksong’s care. It's no coincidence that Songhwa and Ikjun are the only two people who know about the program. In S2, Songhwa will manage the program while Ikjun will continue to rake in the most money. This would help to further ease Jeongwon’s burdens, and hopefully give him more time and money to go on Egg Drop dates with Gyeoul.
  8. Seokhyung: I like being alone. Songhwa: I like being single. I’ve talked about this before, Seokhyung doesn’t enjoy being alone, he simply doesn’t wish to see others get hurt because of him. Similarly, I think Songhwa doesn’t like being single either. She is just afraid of getting hurt again. Note that Songhwa made this statement in ep 2, barely two weeks after breaking up with Prof Jang. On the surface, she acted all cool about it, but we all know that she likes to put on a strong front. Songhwa (talking to her mom): That jerk, Professor Jang, cheated on me… My gosh. I’m not in my 20s. Of course, I’m fine. I’m really busy these days. Maybe it’s better this way. I can live without him. Or I can get a new boyfriend. Her mom knew about Prof Jang. This means that they were in a stable relationship which lasted long enough that she introduced him to her mom. It wasn't a short fling. Her mom asked if she was fine. This implies that Songhwa was badly affected by the breakups she had gone through in her 20s. Growing older doesn't make breakups any less painful. She has merely learnt how to mask her feelings and pretend that it was no big deal. While Songhwa is highly independent and capable, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t yearn for companionship. The lyrics of “Introduce me a good person” were particularly telling of how she truly felt: Seonbin: What about you, Professor Lee? What would you do? Ikjun: Me? I’ve never thought about it. Should I assume I have a kid? Dragon: No, let’s say you’re single. Ikjun: Clubbing! I’d go clubbing, of course! I’ll go to a club and dance all night. I’ll make sure my feet don’t touch the ground for over a second at a time. Songhwa: What about during the day? Ikjun: I’ll go shopping. You see, I’m a city guy. I love Seoul so much. Seeing the stars and the moon in the countryside isn’t my thing…. This conversation broke my heart because Ikjun had never thought about what he wanted to do. He had changed completely after marriage and his life revolved around Uju. Just like how we’ve never seen Jeongwon attend mass, we’ve never seen Ikjun at a club, or in a shopping mall either. All these were a part of his old life, the good old days when he was single and carefree. And now, it's no longer clubbing and shopping. All Ikjun wants to do is spend more time with Songhwa. Ikjun: Having a meal with you like this. Eating with you and drinking coffee together. That’s a treat I give myself. Below the books on Spanish and sign language, Ikjun was also reading up on wine appreciation, drone flying, furniture making and small boats, suggesting that Ikjun is planning to do these things with Songhwa in Sokcho. Ikjun’s preference for Seoul and Songhwa’s longing for the countryside remind us of Rosa and Jongsu. Which makes us wonder if they would end up like them, since Songhwa doesn’t want to get married. Rosa stays in Yangpyeong, while Jongsu in Seoul. But that doesn’t stop them from hanging out together all the time and Jongsu enjoys taking photos of flowers in Rosa’s garden too. There are numerous Easter eggs which point towards marriage for Iksong. But personally, I don't think marriage is as important as Iksong finding support, comfort and solace in each other's company.
  9. I wouldn't waste my time replying those who insist on romanticising precious platonic friendships because Shin-Lee has already spoken – twice. I rest my case.
  10. My thoughts on why Songhwa didn’t confess in 1999 If you’re in a “some”, and the next day the person suddenly distances himself from you, it’s pretty obvious. Especially if you’ve reached that stage where Ikjun and Songhwa were at. And you’d probably start wondering if you did or said something wrong. And maybe Ikjun started dating someone else shortly after. Well, he was popular. But more importantly, based on her personality, I don't think Songhwa would ever confront Ikjun, or confess how she felt. Firstly, she’s not someone who would cross the line. As far as possible, she would choose to avoid conflict. Remember during the kalguksu scene, both Jeongwon and Songhwa were afraid to cross the line with Professor Min. But Junwan had no qualms doing so. This corresponded with their propensity to confess. Junwan was quick to confess to Iksun, while Jeongwon sat on his feelings until Gyeoul literally came knocking on his door. Also, despite how Chihong repeatedly crossed the line and made her feel uncomfortable, she always smiled, kept things professional and stopped short of telling him off. In both instances, she managed to find solutions, which solved the problems without causing any conflict and it was a win-win situation for everyone. That, I think was very wise of her. But I also wonder, if it would be possible for her to do that every single time. What if another suitor appears in Sokcho, would she go to Jeju-do? Secondly, she doesn’t like to be placed/seen in a vulnerable position. She puts on a strong front before her patients, her colleagues, and even her closest friends. I’ve talked about the breast biopsy scene before. The only time we saw her vulnerable side was when she was alone in her car, trying to put on some lipstick. In front of her co-workers, she’s also seen as this super capable and practically flawless professor with an impossible work schedule. Songhwa is a human too, she must be tired after long hours of surgery, but she never lets it show. Hence, I believe that while she wouldn’t hesitate to create opportunities for her and Ikjun, she would never be the first to confess. Because it places her in a vulnerable position; by baring her feelings, she risks getting hurt. (Gyeoul really deserves a round of applause.) In season 2, I wonder if we would see Songhwa take the bull by the horns and tackle conflicts head-on. Especially if she chooses to accept Ikjun's feelings, it wouldn't be an easy path. I also hope that one day, she’d allow herself to show her vulnerable side to the people who love and care for her. Mental note: Songhwa’s follow-up biopsy test is due in February.
  11. Yes, Songhwa dedicated her 30s to treating her patients and teaching her juniors. And in return, she got a worsening herniated disc condition. I think her move to Sokcho showed an important shift in her focus in life. She wants to re-prioritise her health and well-being. As she chooses to focus on herself, perhaps she'll come to realise where her feelings lie too. I appreciate how the drama is set up for us to compare and contrast the OT5's approach to relationships, from when they were 20, to now that they're 40. Seokhyung didn't hesitate to confess to Songhwa, but now he has so many considerations when it comes to Minha. Ikjun bought a ring to confess, while Junwan hesitated for so long before gifting Iksun couple rings. Compared to the passionate and reckless love they experienced in their 20s, our OT5 are now a lot more cautious when starting new relationships. But also because they put in so much thought into it, I believe these new relationships will stand a much higher chance of lasting till the end.
  12. Songhwa’s first (?) love I saw many people questioning who is Songhwa’s first love and asking for her POV. But I think the show has given us enough clues. Here’s a list of what I can think off the top of my head. Please feel free to add on to them. Tbh, I found it hard to believe both Ikjun and Songhwa’s first love happened when they were twenty. I mean, Uju is five years old and he’s got a wife and MIL. What were they doing during their teens? So, while I can’t say for sure that Ikjun was Songhwa’s first love, it was clear that she had a crush on him 20 years ago. During the interview scene, Songhwa repeatedly stole glances at Ikjun too. She did her signature glasses flick in the last gif. I think it could be a subconscious effort to regain composure after making such an obvious move. She looked more stiff and nervous than before when she was preparing for the interview, because she grew conscious of Ikjun sitting next to her. This means: Ikjun > SNU med school interview. Looking at her reminded me of how Ikjun was also stiff and nervous sitting beside her in the shed too. They’re too cute! Songhwa followed Ikjun out during orientation. When she opened the shed, she scanned the room until her eyes landed on Ikjun. Then she tilted her head to take a better look at him. I think it’s important to note the director’s intention here. He was setting up for the love triangle, which would be revealed in ep 2 and 6. Hence, he got Songhwa to see Seokhyung first and Ikjun last. She was looking for Ikjun of course, so naturally she chose to sit next to him. And she went on to suggest the unthinkable: to take a group photo together. Songhwa: Hey, it’s a fun coincidence that we all met here. Do you want to take a photo together? Junwan: Are you for real? Songhwa: I’m for real. Ikjun: Sure. (Junwan stares at Ikjun in bewilderment.) It’s funny how Songhwa claimed it was a coincidence because we all know it wasn’t: she had followed Ikjun. And I have to applaud her bravery for suggesting to take a group photo with a bunch of guys she supposedly got to know barely five minutes ago. Now that we know the full backstory, it’s obvious that the person she really wanted to take a photo with was Ikjun. I sometimes wonder if she went home and cut up the group photo so it was just her and Ikjun, and hid it inside her diary. Note also that it was Ikjun who readily agreed to taking a group photo. And Junwan, his childhood friend, instantly noticed that he was acting out of character. During the group photo, Ikjun placed his hand on Songhwa’s shoulder and she smiled. According to Shin pd, she actually blushed. The attraction between Ikjun and Songhwa was clearly mutual, and I suspect this was when they began having a “some”. Then, in ep 4, we found out that Songhwa had lied her way into joining the band. She didn’t know how to play any instrument, and she feigned having a sore throat because she knew she was tone deaf. She had no reason to join the band, but it was a good opportunity to get close to Ikjun. And she sure did, since she got Ikjun to teach her bass. (Or Ikjun got to teach her bass. Since they were in a some, it was a win-win arrangement.) You could almost see honey dripping and hearts shooting out from her eyes when Ikjun started playing the electronic guitar. Junwan uttered, "What a show-off." Well, that's probably true. Ikjun was trying to show off his skills and impress the girl. Also in this scene, Jeongwon noticed that Songhwa was smitten by Ikjun. Being the psychic that he is, he probably knew that she had a crush on Ikjun then. Again, note the director’s intention here by making Seokhyung and Ikjun sit together: he was setting up for the love triangle. As I mentioned, Jeongwon probably knew about Songhwa’s feelings towards Ikjun. This explains why he left them alone when practising drums. He even wore headphones to give them some privacy. This also explains why he looked at her when Jongsu asked if there was any romance within the OT5. Junwan asked Jeongwon because they’re soulmates. Jeongwon knew about Songhwa’s crush, so he looked at her. Feeling guilty, Songhwa looked at Ikjun, whom she had a some with. Ikjun knew the backstory, so he looked at Seokhyung. Songhwa and Jeongwon share a precious friendship, where they know what each other is feeling without needing to say anything. Just like how she knew he was not leaving the hospital, and that he has fallen for Gyeoul, Jeongwon probably knew about how she feels towards Ikjun, and her concerns about accepting Ikjun’s feelings. I wonder if Jeongwon would return the favour in S2, and reassure Songhwa, “I agree. I agree with what you’re thinking now.” Also, during this scene, Songhwa looked at Ikjun when she said she really liked someone back then, as if she needed to clarify herself to him. Because their short-lived "some" ended that night, on her birthday after Ikjun found out that she rejected Seokhyung. You know when you're in a some, you instinctively know if the other party is interested in you too. And you'll have a hunch too, if that person is about to confess to you. I believe that was what happened between Ikjun and Songhwa too. "You wanted to meet up? Okay. Where should we meet?" When Ikjun asked Songhwa to meet, in private, shortly after band practice ended, she probably knew instinctively that he was going to confess. Maybe she got impatient waiting, hence she sent him a text, asking where to meet. But after that night, Ikjun probably kept his distance from her, leaving her feeling confused and disappointed by his abrupt change. Edited to add: Another tell-tale sign that IkSong were in a some is this: Ikjun called her "my girlfriend". They had reached that point in the some, where she was waiting for him to confess, and he was confident that she would accept his confession. Alas, he chose the way of noble idiocy. Does Songhwa still have feelings for Ikjun now? Both sneezing and love cannot be hidden. But this post is getting too long, so I shall share my thoughts in a separate post. P.S. The number of observations we can make from these little scenes here and there is just unbelievable. This is what's so amazing about Shin-Lee's script and directing. Nothing is redundant. Every dialogue and every action is there for a reason.
  13. “I think there are three types of people in this world. First, those who are happiest when they’re eating something good… Then there are those who enjoy food the most when they’re eating alone… Lastly, there’s you. Seeing other enjoy good food makes you happier than when you are eating it yourself.” Earlier, someone accurately pointed out that Songhwa is type 1 and Ikjun is type 3. I don’t think we give Ikjun enough credit for teaching Songhwa how to enjoy food properly, so she can stop eating half-cooked food and chew properly to avoid indigestion. He’s the kind of friend who would tell you if you’ve got a chilli flake on your teeth, or if you’re actually tone-deaf. I’d also like to put forth a proposition that Seokhyung doesn’t enjoy eating alone. He is happiest when eating with the people he loves. Even though Seokhyung is awkward around new faces, once he warms up to them, he’ll stay fiercely loyal to them. He remained friends with Songhwa even after being rejected. After his sister’s death, he realised that time is precious and insisted on forming the band to spend more time with the OT5. His mom means the world to him. And he still feels bad for his ex-wife. He was actually happy when Minha came to eat with him. He rolled his chair over, smiling, and left njttw playing on his phone. This made me think that he didn’t really care about watching the show. (It's a great show btw, super hilarious, and it's by LWJ writer-nim too!) At home, he has his huge TV. Even when he’s not watching TV, he’s listening to music. I think he just needed something to fill the silence and mask his loneliness. Even though he longs for a companion, he resolves to stay single because he’s afraid that others would get hurt.
  14. Hi @hushhh I think Songhwa gave Chihong shoes to tell him, it's time for him to leave her side. Also, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts, thank you all for sharing such wonderful insights and astute observations of all the lovelines. I’d just like to add some of my thoughts, which I think haven’t been mentioned before. I think the scene where Gyeoul removed maggots from the homeless man’s rotting leg was significant in many ways. As many have pointed out, the writer had set up the scenarios to show the contrast between Gyeoul and Dr Bae’s actions. Dr Bae knew how to comfort the guardians, while Gyeoul’s words were blunt and tactless. However, while Gyeoul went about removing the maggots without a word, Dr Bae was unable to do anything. Dr Bae is a fellow in the ER dept. In the course of her work, she must have come across all sorts of emergency patients. And yet, she couldn’t bring herself to touch the maggots. As doctors, actions speak louder than words. Compared to knowing how to say the right words, it’s far more important to be able to do the right things. Also, being tactful is something which comes with experience and can be learned, as we have seen through Gyeoul and Junwan. Another POV which I think has been overlooked is that of the patient’s. He was homeless, hadn’t showered for months and his leg was covered with maggots. He was probably shunned by everyone – even the medics and doctors didn’t want to come near him. Gyeoul was the only person who treated him with dignity and equally, as she would’ve treated any other patient. As a devout Catholic and a practising doctor, seeing Gyeoul’s actions probably reminded him of someone: Mother Teresa. Her actions aligned with his values. He became Daddy-Long-Legs because he believed that everyone – rich or poor, local citizen or illegal immigrant – have the right to access medical treatment. In ep 3, Junwan wondered if Ikjun was having an affair with Gyeoul. Worried, Jeongwon went down to find them and Ikjun asked what Jeongwon thought about Gyeoul. I think this scene is significant because it showed that Jeongwon saw Gyeoul as a woman. Jeongwon himself went for dinner and movies alone with other female colleagues but he didn’t see it as an issue because he saw them as colleagues, not as the opposite gender. Also, Jeongwon knew that Ikjun is a social butterfly, who makes friends easily with people from every and any department. Why was it alright for Ikjun to be close to everyone else, except Gyeoul? So, when Ikjun asked him what he thought of Gyeoul, he wasn’t thinking about her as a doctor or colleague, but as a woman. Personally, I don’t think Jeongwon’s answer matters, because if he had any feelings, he would’ve most likely denied them. But the fact is, from the start, Gyeoul was more than just a colleague and fellow doctor.
  15. I think you may have misunderstood me. What I mean is, not everyone ends up with their first love. It's not a necessary criterion for endgames to be valid. Your first love could be your last. Your first love could end up loving someone else. Your first love could also teach you valuable lessons on what to look out for in your second love, or third. I think "first love" appears so frequently in their dramas also because they like to explore how relationships develop, progress and evolve between long-time friends. But it would be shallow to judge any ship simply based on "first love" and disregard how the characters have grown and changed throughout the course of the drama. Anyway, I'm really happy with how season 1 ended. Looking forward to the next season!
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