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  1. The handwriting on the coffee sleeves looks like Jo Jungsuk's (under spoiler). So they should be from Ikjun. At the start of the ep, he bought coffee for everyone when he was still in the basement carpark. At the end of the ep, he bought coffee for Songhwa and left it in the basement carpark. I watch a review on YouTube saying the basement in HP is used to reveal the characters' true feelings that are hidden inside their hearts. So it was intentionally written such that Ikjun left the coffee on her car, instead of bringing them to her room.
  2. I think it's ridiculous and frankly childish to compare who loves the other more. How do you measure love anyway? Is there a special weighing scale for that? They're in love with each other, and that's enough. Gyeoul blow-dried her hair, wore contact lenses and dolled up for the date. Contrast that to her wet hair look just that morning. And the fact that she uses a binder clip as a hair clip, and wears the same clothes all year round. Seeing how Jeongwon is giddy with happiness and totally whipped for Gyeoul, shows just how hard he tried to control his fee
  3. Songhwa vs Deoksun Songhwa: Don’t tell her how you feel. I don’t think you should tell her how you feel about her. You said you’ve known her for a long time. If you tell her, things will get really awkward. “I want us to stay best friends. I want things to stay the way they are now.” She’ll probably say that. If I were you… I wouldn’t tell her. Don’t ask me for advice on stuff like this. I’m off. After watching Songhwa’s reply to Ikjun, I actually felt optimistic about Iksong. Because I was instantly reminded of what Deoksun said to Taekkie in R88 (under spoiler).
  4. Hello everyone!!!! Super excited for the new season and can’t wait to delve into the ShinLee-esque Easter eggs. Leggo leggooo!!! The metaphor of the week is rain. To protect ourselves from the elements, we need umbrellas. Hence in this episode, love is expressed through the use of umbrellas. 1. Seokhyung rejected the umbrella but his ex-wife accepted it. It’s a one-sided love. 2. Minha who didn’t have an umbrella was left alone, covered in snow. Looks like it’ll be a long and tough ride for gom-gom couple. 3. Winter garden shared an um
  5. When MC was prepping the live show, he told his superiors how serial killers can become conceited after a few kills and end up getting caught for making a silly mistake. I think that was exactly what happened to HH. He kidnapped the children with no intentions of killing them. His primary motive was to provoke the detective who declared on national TV that he'll catch HH. Using HJ as an accomplice was his way of getting back at the detective. The other ridiculous mistake imo was hiding the heads in the snowman. If temperatures rose overnight, the snowman would've melte
  6. There's nothing much to write about as much of the plot is progressing as I've expected. I think detective Shin's father will play a vital role in the next episode. He needs to win the presidential elections and get rid of the female politician and the OZ organization.
  7. My theory: the female politician is behind the OZ people. Her aim is to pass the law to abort fetuses with the psychopath gene. OZ people are related to victims killed by serial killers. They believe it's their duty to help pass this law, and prevent more victims from being killed in the future. They didn't clean up after the 7 sins killings because BR has the psychopath gene. If he gets caught, it'll help support their case. But with the twist of events, the public now believes that YH is the serial killer. If YH, who has the psychopath gene as well, is re
  8. HH has connections. Look at him, sitting in his private cell and reading news on his phone. The fact that he has access to a phone suggests that he is getting special treatment in prison. When he was jailed in 1995, smartphones weren’t even out yet, and yet he’s familiar with it. This means he has been using it for quite a while. He must have some strong connections. Edited to add: There's a difference between private cell and solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is a physical and mental torture because you're not allowed to go out and exercise, meet v
  9. Re: The Knot Killer We were shown a few times that the lawyer wears a ring on his left hand. The person who attacked BY also wore a ring on his left hand. The lawyer is the real killer, not his father. He’s also very likely the person who took photos of BY and sent them to Kang Duk Soo. Now that his father is dead, will he join hands with KDS? Similarities between BR and the lawyer Both chose an occupation which perpetuates confirmation bias. BR chased after YH: YH must be the killer because BR is a poli
  10. Re: Brain Transplant Ep 7 & 8 confirmed my suspicions: JH = BR = The Predator. I don’t think any brain transplant was done. If YH had sepsis, he cannot be an organ donor. Unless, the doctors lied about his cause of death. Even in the unlikely scenario that a brain transplant was done, I believe the flashbacks BR are seeing are entirely his own memories. ONE: If YH’s frontal lobe was transplanted to BR’s brain, like replacing a harddisk in a computer, BR should’ve inherited all of YH’s memories. He shouldn’t recall his memories with BY or MC.
  11. @holyfea For me, it doesn’t really matter if BR is righty or ambidextrous. What makes him sus is how he repeatedly pointed out and emphasized that the serial killer is a lefty. So much so that it’s obvious he’s trying to mislead them. The serial killer we know is meticulous and manipulative. He removed the soles of his shoes and was careful not to leave any DNA behind. He is familiar with how the police work. He could’ve deliberately used his left hand for specific actions, with the intention to mislead the police.
  12. YH didn’t kill granny, it was BR. The killer’s jacket was long, like BR’s. YH’s jacket was short. YH didn’t kill Daniel. YH wore a hoodie under his jacket, but the attacker didn’t wear any hoodie. But it wasn’t BR either. He was with the search team in prison at that time. Since Daniel’s body isn’t found yet, he could still be alive. Maybe the person who attacked Daniel was his long-lost brother. And it was one of the serial killer’s 7 deadly sins social experiment. Like what he did with Hankook, he wanted to see if he was envious of Daniel, who wa
  13. I've considered various possibilities. But after rewatching ep 1 twice, I came to the conclusion that the storyline is relatively straightforward. The killer is Jaehoon. He is drawn to predator-prey relationships in nature. He hates God, thinking that God has forsaken him. He has Jaehoon's kindergarten photo framed up below his trophy wall. He takes photos of his victims as trophies (the lady who discovered the second body said she saw a camera flash). Edited to add: @bedifferent I think the killer = Jaehoon = kid in yellow raincoat because the killer has this photo at
  14. HH’s son is Sung Yohan. He followed his mom’s surname, implying that she never remarried. She moved to a new neighbourhood to start afresh. She didn’t tell anyone about HH, so I doubt she would tell her son about the psychopath gene. Jaehoon is the son of the researcher’s wife. She believed he would grow up normally, so she remarried and named her children Jaehoon, Jaemin, Jaehee, as if they weren’t step-siblings. But as Jaehoon started to behave differently from other children, she regretted her decision. She should’ve aborted the child when she had the chance. (HH’s wife didn’t h
  15. Hello all you lovely people who, like me, are still trying to move on from HP. I have come with a basketful of random Easter eggs. Enjoy! Ring Ring~ In R88 ep 1, the clock struck 6 and Taek walked in. It was a hint that Taek would make his first move by asking Deoksun out in ep 6. During the kalguksu scene in ep 2, Ikjun’s phone rang 7 times before he picked up. Don’t you find it weird that he took so long to answer the call? It was Shin pd’s way of telling us that act 2 would begin in ep 7. Chocolates The choco pie which
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