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  1. Sorry some additional thoughts about the elevator scene between JP/DS. When DS first went to Sandbox in ep13, JP showed off the ring and offered to take DS up to DM's office (i.e. access to DM would now go through him). He deliberately mentioned how close they now were to throw DS off. JP preyed on DS' insecurities about his looming shadow on their relationship (DS always felt imposter syndrome because the "DS from the letters" that DM "preferred" was someone else). During the elevator scene in ep14, JP then restricted access to DS again. He said DS couldn't speak to
  2. One more thing I thought about woods scene. Their difficult journeys showcase some parallels for DS and DM: - both have tried to forget each other but can’t stop thinking about the other more than ever - both have experienced significant hardship being apart - both have internalised their suffering What was poetic was that while they took different routes, both DM and DS ended up in exactly the same place after three empty years apart. DS was starving and she brought him ramen. He was thinking about DM all day and she appeared. He thought she completely for
  3. I would love to discuss how hot he became! It’s a pretty glaring omission in my view because he looks gorgeous in an unworldly way - it’s strange it’s mentioned only in passing (I think his cousin commented during the shoot). He dresses now like a fashion model and no longer a tech developer which also makes little sense. I agree that the character development was really important. DS joined DM at Tarzan and overcame his massive heartbreak/disappointment by being by her side no matter what (ie with no expectation of bringing back their relationship). He bought into her vision to make
  4. I honestly agree with you. I would rather DS just came to an epiphany and sought DM out on his own, throwing out any insecurity by having enough faith that he was enough. I wish JP would butt out completely so DS could show some backbone and fight for what he wanted, believing he had something to offer that JP didn’t. I also think DM bears some responsibility because a) she told him he wasn’t the DS from the letters and b) after her ‘aha’ moment, she didn’t get the chance to confess that DS was in her heart the whole time. This has translated into a disappointing situa
  5. Yeah that wasn’t my only gripe with the writing. In episode 13 JP showed DS the ring box he was going to give DM. DS was upset and left sandbox, telling his mum he wasn’t going to contact DM until the ransomware attack suddenly happened. Then in episode 14, JP insinuated he was in a relationship with DM which drove DS over the edge and he became utterly devastated, lashing out at her when she came to the rooftop office. It felt like they were repeating that plot device twice (ie the misunderstanding about DM moving on with JP)... maybe it just me that found this odd! I als
  6. I loved episode 14 but I felt so sad for NDS in this episode (long angsty post ahead). DS went back to Sandbox full of hope that he could reclaim his jacket (and DM's affections), achieving his dream of turning a misunderstanding into a reality. Then JP lied to him in the elevator and shattered his long-held wish. Knowing she was in a relationship with JP confirmed his worst fears, basically invalidating their entire relationship by reminding him that DM never loved him in the first place (he wasn't the guy in the letters) and he could never live up to the letters despite the reset
  7. Agree with a lot of your points and I used to be an investment banker so I know the business world is not kind. JP speaks a lot of truth that novices need to hear (e.g. questioning SST's lack of a viable business model, telling DM the noongil revenue model didn't make sense). It's perfectly normal to attack a business idea or challenge the fundamentals of a company since you're putting good money into someone's hands. What I took issue with was the timing of JP's harsh words, the delivery style and how he often made things personal which frequently led to unprofessional behaviour
  8. You raise some good points. I’m not saying the questions were wrong but the style and manner lacked empathy which JP needs to work on. If we’re saying YS’ brother should have handled things better, I’m just saying JP could have too. The fact is fragile people exist in this world so the way we deliver messages and their timing can make a difference. Whether a kinder person would have still led to the same result doesn’t justify JP’s careless disregard for the feelings of others (a consistent trait) or erase the pain that resulted from his words. When Jp said noongil was going to fold
  9. May I add another perspective? No one is pinning the entire burden of the suicide on JP's shoulders but I don't think it was his finest moment. He asked a number of (fair) questions that Yongsan's brother was struggling to answer. While the CEO was obviously squirming, JP then insinuated he was a "fraud" by not doing his research properly and continued a line of blunt questioning after he already proved his point. It's one thing to question a business model but humiliating someone and making personal attacks when someone is visibly crumbling was not necessary. The drama is pretty
  10. Hi everyone! Great to join this forum and I’m so pleased to find a place to discuss the drama. I had to leave reddit like many of you because it became too heated. just thought I’d share some pics for tomorrow’s episode: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.sedaily.com/NewsViewAmp/1ZAHC8CNP4 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chosun.com/entertainments/entertain_photo/2020/11/20/COQFIVY6KEMJCPZIIWDW6JZMBE/%3FoutputType%3Damp Looks like the revenge plot will be fleshed out and maybe DS DM reconcile? I can only hope!
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