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  1. Came back for a quick look-see to discover another slow watcher. Hi @kimchi_eonnie! Fingers crossing so hard for Season 2 soon!
  2. I have been delaying writing this because once I write it, the show is really over. But looks like I must, to start moving on and to hope for a new season sooner than later. Ep 8 or 8 Wow, the production really faked us out about the "emergency. But I have to say I never thought of birds landing on the runway, I just assumed they would fly out of the way when an aircraft approached. I am just glad that this flight was less nerve-wrecking than the previous one. I thought that having to search for people in the crowd was quite a cool way to let SG and Jasper e
  3. Hi everyone, how have you been? I am working pretty much most days back at the office now so I won't keep up as much anymore. Hope everyone is taking care and staying safe, wherever you are. @partyon Thanks for the tags! I will pass on the sageuks, it's not my thing. But I just voted for BTS. That song has been very much on repeat for me this weekend.
  4. Finally finished Ep 7! I hope you are watching this weekend too, @JenL What an anxiety-filled episode about the perils of travelling! When LSG and Jasper met again, it was quite touching for me how they were so happy to see each other. It makes me think how many of such greetings will happen around the world when the pandemic finally passes. That was a pretty nerve-wrecking wait for the plane to Pokkara! I am so glad they did manage to get on and it was a smooth flight. I imagine the crew was also really anxious! So it looks like LSG really is a competent co
  5. @Guest031284 @partyon All the charts sound accurate to Pisces. Probably not a surprise that one of my favourite musicals is Singin' in the Rain @MY15 @MinLyn I caught the mobile column because it was really near my place. I doubt I would have gone out to catch it if it wasn't. It was sweet to see some healthcare workers out there on the vehicles. Yay, tomorrow still holiday so we can stay up late today! It was SO HOT TODAY. I was sweating buckets. But I had a swim this afternoon to cool down so that was nice. 216
  6. They would right? I feel like it would be such a good lead-in for Season 2! Now who can I call to sell them on this idea. I think I heard one of Jasper's song recently, @Lawyerh posted it in the What Are You Listening thread. I thought he was pretty good! It didn't looked like she did much right? Unless they edited out the instructions bit. But its pretty clear the production team chose activities they are both good at so they wouldn't take up too much time. Jasper was really creative with using his hands to make the elephant ears! That is true! Mayb
  7. 454 Drama and variety catch-up this weekend for me too! I was so busy I haven't been able to finish Okay 13 and 14. I guess this means I can binge the last 4 episodes to the finale.
  8. I am still here. Sometimes. @partyon Pretty sure I am the only not watching FoE But I am watching WIL, I am on Ep 5 currently! 96
  9. From one of my favourite campfire songs: "It's just good night and not good bye." 260
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