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  1. Just being dramatic for fun. He's at the bottom of the four guys for me too. But poor dude also has his own demons trying to put up this suave front. + 2
  2. I didn't even know about the Knight Bus update! I figured they would have a pandemic hack but then I was hanging out on Soompi so I never got back into the games. Lol. Did you play Hogwarts Mystery, I got so bored of how slowly they were updating the story even though I want to know how it eneds. Congratulations @mirmz and to your family! Done with work! I am off to watch WIL Ep 3 to catch up with y'all so we can discuss! + 2
  3. Tissues always at the ready for me! I was obsessed with Wizards Unite but I stopped earlier this year even before the pandemic. Also it was no fun playing alone to fight the fortresses. 412
  4. Same to both. Now I just call the drama It's Okay. I think people get it. Haha! + 2
  5. @mirmz I LOVE THIS THEME! I don't have a meme to contribute but I will share what my colleagues and I have named some of the more challenging days of the week. Manic Modem Mondays. Technologically Difficult Tuesdays and Woeful Wifi Wednesdays.
  6. Oh good, I am glad I am not the only one confused at some aspect of the timelines. Their sign-posting is really unclear. I need to start Ep 3 soon. Maybe I will be able to sneak in time before I go to sleep and at lunch tomorrow. At your text I bolded: OMG I didn't think of that possibility even though it's clear at end of Ep 2 that NAJ and ODO were together. That book concert part was so good, I cry. I hope ODO will go easier on NAJ after that. + 2
  7. Yep! I feel like I have been in Zoom meetings for days so my to-do list is just growing longer as each meeting finishes but I have to go on to the next one instead of working through it. Thank goodness, we have another long weekend! Can't sleep in with the planes zooming around in the morning though! 430
  8. Heyyy! Went back to office today and there's A LOT to do. So I am going to be working through the night instead of getting started on Okay 13 and 14 as I had hoped to. Hope your day is better than mine! 434
  9. True! I am so looking forward to whenever it comes out eventually. Next person will be in their mid-30s when the next Fantastic Beasts movie comes out...
  10. I actually watched it on an in-flight entertainment! But I do know it was available on a Broadway streaming site. But its definitely available online if you search. I hope so too! His instagram was so sad, him sitting in his garage looking at the car. Sigh. At least he has a Le Mans to his name for all these years of racing. BIG SIGH. @kokodus The over-acting for me was Jihyo. She has all these exaggerated expressions or gestures. But I think its also partially the tone of the drama because I don’t see how a 40yo would do that. So I just try my best to look past it when it happens. Ep 2 confused me a lot in the way it kept cutting between SHJ in college and in the present. I couldn’t quite grasp the timeline in the present even. Did it come off that way for you too? For SHJ, I think he is acting within his role because his character was trying to be all cool and revengy to NAJ but then he’s different with his actor hyung. So that explained his acting to me at least. + 2
  11. Yes, Teacher. So cute! Poor puppy, he's going to get his heart broken right? I think it would be interesting if baby daddy and OTP are two different guys. Gives more emotional content for the drama to work with otherwise what are we going to get for the last few episodes. And since actor and writer have been good friends all these years, we can get some bro-angst. Bless him! But I really want to ask stylist to stop with those baggy black pants! I am in there with you, my friend. @MY15 @joccu ISTG Hulkenberg has the worst luck out there. His car failed before the start? UGH! Awesome! Spazz away whenever you want to as you get deeper in the drama! Also about Camellias, OJS is in there too, I was blown away by his acting range between Okay and Camellias. @larus Have you watched the 2016 Broadway version of Shop Around the Corner? It's called She Loves Me and it's wonderful with Laura Benanti and Zachary Levi. WEW That was a heck of a catch-up! + 2
  12. Oh no, I am sorry you had to go through something like that. I am glad that safety standards have really improved since then. But even watching Massa and Kubica's major accidents was shocking, I can't even imagine death. Oops! Haha! Sorry I couldn't help. I was holding chopsticks and eating my ramen. Here's more ice cream! 550
  13. What sticks? I haven't caught up on the pages and my mentions! Sorry I couldn't help out! @Teeners @mocha @grrly I gather you have found yourself in the middle of a battle already! Congratulations, you are now proper members of this thread. Now you see why we need more Add members! Have you gotten the welcome questionnaire yet? Ep 2 does give more hints that its SHJ. So it's really between actor guy and him. Have you seen YYS' latest outfit? I really cannot with him/his stylist!!!! 528
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