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  1. Been lurking and am so glad to see so many familiar faces and wonderful posts here. I second this. Min Ha has this strong mentality both in work and human relationship that i'm envious of. Seriously i want that attitude when i watch her having fun with herself playing pretend after being rejected by SHy, at the steakhouse full of couples, on the christmas eve. It's not an easy feat. This is her greatest strength in penetrating SHy's wall. And the reason why i think she's the one for SHy. She is persistent in her pursuit yet maintain her consideration to him knowing how gu
  2. I love how episode 6 makes me reflect a lot. I think this drama explores various spectrum, portraying each end of the spectrum and finding the middle ground. Urban to rural, city people to villagers, parents to kids, old generation to young generation. For this episode it is OG to YG. I noticed from some shows i see that 꼰대 (boomer) and the phrase 나때는 말이야 (when i was young/when it was my time) are used a lot by young generation in korea, and it is not in a positive way. I experience that myself when i was young, feeling like the adults around me are so noisy and lack of unders
  3. Exactly, because badminton doesn't generate profits as much as baseball does. For some sports the only way to earn money is through the competition. And those competitions are not that many. The other way, if you're lucky and popular enough like Lee Young Dae, Son Yeon Jae, or Kim Yuna, is through CF deals. For some other sports like baseball and soccer, athletes can earn stable earning through their club. They can play regularly at their club and participate in a competition as national representative in between the seasons. And the most powerful resources is the fandom. The
  4. Our lovely siblings Meaningful message of episode 2. My favorite parts of episode 3 I chuckle at this part. What a creative method.
  5. @lmhpsh to be honest i agree with the last statement "I found the drama less gripping in few places." I forgot how the first 2 episodes of Prison Playbook went because i binge watched it. But i think PP wasn't that gripping either in its first 2 episodes. As the layered story slowly unfold viewers become so attached to the character. What concerns me more is actually the characterization. PP stands out because of the unique, funny, and endearing character (Hae Rong and Kaist are epic). Here in RB, it lacks the unique characters even though they are still funny and endearing. Noneth
  6. The first episode is quite interesting. This is a coming of age drama wrapped in sport theme. I like the comparison of badminton and baseball, and i can sense Hae Gang's cynical view of badminton as future career option hence the insistence to keep playing baseball. Can't blame him when he's raised in a financially struggling parents. I'd love to see his journey finding the beauty in the unexpected place and "unwanted" sport. In conclusion, i'm sold.
  7. Thank you for making this thread. As Jeon Yeo Been's stan i will surely watch it and faithfully follow the update despite the possible long wait. Apparently there will be another male character Ma Hyung Woo. I wonder who the actor for that role is. Anyways i'm so excited for this because of the writer, the comedy thriller genre, the female centric drama, and of course Jeon Yeo Bin.
  8. Another interesting fact that reminds me of how Super Junior Leeteuk's father died. And a great analysis about the symbolism in this drama This kind of people's mind always amazes me. I have been watching movies and series for over 15 years but never get to realize the symbolism behind. I guess i'm just that dense.
  9. There are indeed some light hearted moments that will bring smile to your face. My favorite will be Geu Ru, out of nowhere, mimicking conversations he witnessed without any expression on his face. He's definitely one of my all time favorite fictional characters. I forgot to mention Lee Jae Wook. What an actor. He's shown wide range of acting that other senior more popular actors out there can't show. I found this interesting fact. I am already aware that each cases in this drama is based on real life events. That leads me to cry 10 times harder when i
  10. This is one drama that will stay in my memory and heart for a long time. It's at the top of my list along with dear my friends, hospital playlist, and prison playbook. Too bad it's not broadcasted at korea's tv station. This kind of drama needs to reach lots of people. But then, when it comes to entertainment it goes back to the viewer's taste and choices. Watching this drama is like having good spiritual journey to those who seek hope and enlightenment in the middle of having a daily dose of entertainment. At the end of the journey you'll come out appreciating what you have in lif
  11. That's one of the loophole. And that brings me back to my unresolved question about his nightmare. Just like you i also got the same impression that he unwillingly joins the mafia life and regrets what he's done. But after trying to see the drama from PJB point of view and connecting it to HYC's last request for him to be the monster, as well as his conversation with the monk about his anger, i get the feeling that his mom's death and that last nightmare is the turning point. All of this time before the last nightmare happens he only helps CY for his own benefit. Avenging his
  12. I may sound like a broken record here, but again this is PJB's ambitious writing. This drama is manifestation of PJB's anger towards the corrupt system. Law can not touch them so there needs to be an existence who can punish those behind the corrupt system hence he creates V. He creates Vaisravana for this fictional world of his. V is an evil who punishes other evils. He can not leave that part out of him, the part that feels enormous anger whenever human stoop way too low or hurt others close to him, the part that feels the need to channel that anger towards the perpetrator.
  13. Hoping someday one kind soul will translate this. But i just want to share the last paragraph of the picture shared. SJK said : i feel honored to be part of the start of an incredible actress. I'm sure she will become even more incredible actress that i don't even dare to mention. Watching the start of that kind of actress personally beside her (watching her grow from when she's still in the starting phase), I feel that someday in the future these words : "i feel honoured to act with her" will resonate more. (i interprete it as him feeling even more proud to have acted
  14. Full and better translation of SJK's interview. One thing i want to emphasize here is how JK said YB kept crying from rehearsal to the actual shoot during the OKJ's death. And this helped him in getting into the character.
  15. This show is imperfect but i love it nonetheless. It plays with grey areas and makes us question our morality. It makes us question is it right to play God by taking others' life? Even when they are villains? What can be done when the evil has grown so big and well structured that you have no way to gain justice and equality in normal ways? I dont like V's way of torturing his enemies. Is the killing necessary? Yes, because these are human who show no remorse in their wrongdoings. Letting them live will only bring more harm to the innocence and law can never
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