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  1. Nice catch on parallelism between YB-HD and SH-JW. I'm also curious about the parts i quoted above. But knowing that there are lots of things that haven't been revealed yet i keep my curiosity aside. Another fun thing about HP is that you'll get to see different things when you rewatch. Even after rewatching season 1, once the season 2 starts, we may come back rewatching season 1 and find new discoveries that connect the seasons or see a certain scene in a different perspective. I'm a bit slow in catching details. I tend to see the bigger picture. Thus i was taken aback when there's a new face (intern Im Chang Min) that seems to be so close to IJ in GU's proposal scene. After that scene he keeps appearing either in scenes related to GS or IJ. Upon rewatching i got to realize that actually he's already introduced way before that scene in details through IJ himself in the early episode. Therefore i think the production team has already introduced some characters for season 2 in season 1. The moment the student nurse is introduced, we get the indication that she's more than just an ordinary character. The way they shoot her id card, her interaction with SHy and the information about her family background lead to possibility that we'll see her in season 2. It's the same as GU's brother and IJ's legally unregistered married couple patient. The probability of seeing them again is quite high. The actor playing GU's brother is quite famous among young generation. He's one of the famous web drama Love Playlist's main cast. I don't think they'll cast him just to appear few seconds as (mistaken) JW's competitor. I'm also curious about the politician, his son, and SHy's relationship. Many possibilities crossed my mind. He and SHy could have had bad history. But the news article SHy read about that man is also suspicious. It's about the assault against the caddy girl done by the chairman while playing golf with SHy's dad (cmiiw i just count on my short term memory instead of checking the episode again). It made me wonder whether it's the assault that's important or is it the fact that SHy's dad accompany him. SHy's dad seems to be quite close to the politician seeing how he also helped the politician in getting the donor. There's bad blood between them for sure. Although not clear if it's in a personal level during their college days or elevate into family matter.
  2. @Dramageek Have i told you lately that i love you (cue Rod Stewart's song). Okay i'm being silly by revealing how old i am through that song. Anyways i've said this before at winter garden thread but i'll say this again. Thank you and love you! @triplem sorry for the trouble. You know how thankful we are to you and the other mods right?
  3. Let's not forget that EJ had her own problems too. She had miscarriage and she'd been going through painful medical treatment in trying to get pregnant when EH came to her 5 years ago. Now she's still so shaken by the betrayal of her husband and the barista that she considers as friend when dad told them they're going for graduation for real and leave the house for mom. At that point she only sees her dad's perspective. She never thought her dad has an affair, she sees the affectionate and faithful figure in his dad. But now he's left with no one to accompany and no house to live. Her unresolved misunderstanding with mom over the years doesnt help either. We see that she hold grudges at mom (the abortion and the cold behaviour when she's struggling while supporting the family). Add her bluntness and unsympathetic attitude to that, and there comes the snarky remarks. This kind of people do tend to hurt (in EH's words "kill") people with their words. But if you can see it logically the words they said are not hateful words, fact instead, in a blunt and harsh manner. I experience that myself too. One of my friends snapped back at me when i opened up my insecurity to her. I avoided her for a while after that. But over times i came to accept that what she said contained facts. I still avoid talking to her about that topic. But at times i still ask for her opinion about other things because at certain situations i need her logical opinion. She's still one of my close friends but yeah it's not the type of friends that you can freely express yourself to. There is someone for everyone. I personally think people like JW needs people like EJ. JW seems like the type who dont think too much or pent much emotions inside for too long. He's also still a bit childish for his age. EJ can make him get his act together. And JW can make her loosen a bit without having his emotions drained easily.
  4. Finally got the time to watch ep 7 and 8. This drama is painfully realistic. The parents : both suffered but they suffered alone not willing to be honest and share their frustation/fear/insecurity to each other leading to the unbearable exhaustion they can no longer bear. I feel like screaming to them, to all the main character actually, to just sit together and honestly say what they felt respectively so they can all see each other's pov. They all just need some time and communication to understand each other's position. Eun Joo : i always cried at her scenes. She got intuitive and judging traits that makes her easily understand a person, situation, problem right away. She can figure the solution to almost everything right away because she understands the real problem behind all the clouded complications. But she has problem communicating it warmly and kindly. She's blunt and honest making people, who sometimes just want to be heard and understood instead of seeking for rational advise that can slap them even more, feel hurt by her words. What she said to her mom is actually mirroring what she wants to tell to TH. She and her father shares the same sentiment when the other person (mom and TH) suddenly drop the bomb and push them to end things abruptly when this thing they ask to let go (family) is everything to EJ and dad. While mom and TH have known or planned this for a long time, hence in EJ's words "prepared", EJ and dad felt it's so sudden. That experience of hearing it so suddenly itself is traumatic enough to lead people thinking about suicide. While her words are right, but at the same time, she should also understand that hiding it (TH) and planning it (mom) for a long time is not an easy things either. It's suffocating for mom and TH too holding it for that long. You could never be truly prepared for that kind of thing. I feel something's off about JW's girlfriend. Crazy things and possibilities crossed my mind but i'll just wait patiently for the writer to reveal it later.
  5. I'm gonna add the fun I vote for the last option. And yes, i'm clowning myself too.
  6. Eun Joo yaa . I cried again for her this episode. All the pains she's been through trying to get pregnant only to have miscarriage later, her sister cut any communication to her, and now her husband's betrayal. I cant imagine how miserable she must've felt. And her mother in law! I got so mad at her when she cut EJ short once she tried to bring up TH's sexuality. I was screaming "so you knew it from the beginning even before they're married! how can you deceive other people's precious daughter!" I believe EJ sincerely wants to have a baby. Unlike what TH accused of her wanting to have kids to solidify her status in his family she yearns for a family. Her self proclaimed hatred of family is just her way of expressing her desire to have close relationship with her family. That scene when she saw her other family members spending time together made me think she probably knew she's not her father's daughter. It's not like she hates her family, she hates the feeling that she's not part of the family. I still believe the father is innocent, not involved in any affair. He's just drown in his insecurities thinking his wife doesn't love him back while mom's drown in her thought that father had an affair. None of them speak out thus the inevitable fallout of the marriage. Like what EH said, if you don't say it, others won't know.
  7. I see. I'll take it as another entertaining part of being in this ship after a good laugh i got at the main thread several days ago. I'm just worried it will influence some of my favorite twitter account in posting things about SHB and YYS. Less wintergarden content means less fun. Though i dont actively participate at twitter i enjoy the posts. Some are really insightful and entertaining. @pororo27 i think JW did come for IJ. The scene is a continuation of the previous scene where Jung Soo and the hospital chief told JW about the former minister of education's wife's plan to have liver surgery at yulje. They asked JW to ask IJ's opinion about the risky case. Before GU entered the room, IJ's seen texting someone, maybe it was JW asking where he is. JW then came and at the time he opened the door he said "why are you still here?" as though he already knew IJ was there and asking why he's still there at the pantry near the operating room when he's supposed to be ready to go home. He didn't expect to see GU there. Hence the chuckle, subtle smile and annyeong came out.
  8. I decided to stay despite all the craze. I'll stay for the family bonding moments. The scenes with the sisters were heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time. I cried along with them. EH even took a day off for EJ. I'm glad that EH chose to stay friends putting her own ease of mind first before her attraction to the boss. And to be honest the boss is reeaaally smooth. He has the quality of having that mr.player title. Though i think he genuinely cares about EH. My heart broke for EJ. She has always supported the family financially. I think one of the reasons she married the guy after only dating for 3 months is because the stability he offered. That snippets of her during her pregnancy got me curious of what really happened that time. I'm still not sure which sister is CH's first love. The show deliberately leaves it vague. The same goes to barista's relationship with the husband.
  9. I wonder what happened too. I came to twitter to check some updates at Anin but she gets it protected now. Did we somehow offend them? I always see the nice winter gardeners here and twitter.
  10. I know but as you said it is not that impactful and I'm such a greedy fan craving for more contents when it comes to GU
  11. Sorry for cutting it short. Very well said. I agree with your posts and especially love the part i quoted above. That's my other wish list for GU in season 2. I want to see her own arc as a doctor. My greedy GU biased side wants to see her shines in a heartwarming medical case just like CH, MH, and JH. I want to see her directly deal with it not just through praises from others like in episode 10. I'll bring my favorite twitter threads emphasizing GU's impressive traits. This one shows that despite being supporting cast GU has encountered almost every regular cast of nurses and doctors in yulje. Several other people she meets and interacts but not included in the thread : SH, JWan and Eun Won the ob gyn residence. And this one highlights her tasks as the only GS residence. She is indeed everywhere. Just like what JW said "Jang Gyeo Ul is busy"
  12. @40somethingahjumma Thought provoking as always. In that sense SH is similar to IJ in terms of being emotional pillar to others. Another female character that is similar to IJ is MH. Both are adorable busibody inssa. In my personal opinion both IJ and SH neglect the fact that they also need their own emotional pillar. IJ finds his in SH but going to that direction may take some risks. He's willing to go and try for it so now it's SH's turn to decide. SH is an awesome character but i find it hard to connect to her. Maybe it's because of her almost perfect image. Even her flaws are cute (tone deaf, eats like a warrior). IJ is another almost perfect character, but i can relate to him because i see his struggles. He's a practical single dad for 1.5 year even when he's still married. He deals with his divorce. We see his vulnerable side talking about the divorce to the patient but pretend to be indifferent about it in front of his friends. We see him trying hard to be a good official single parent to UJ to the point that he no longer has time for himself (clubbing and shopping being his hobby). This side of him makes me feel affectionate to the character wishing for him to find the same source of strength he presents to others. As for SH i dont see her struggling to that point yet. By no means i belittle her struggle in the cancer case, but that trial resolves soon after, not giving me enough time to relate to it. The other lacking 5, JW, JWan, SHy all have their fair share of trials and tribulations. Even with JWan we see him yearning for marriage and see his struggle finding the right person then decide which one is more important, marriage or the person herself. And we see this through the course of 12 episodes giving us time to understand and empathize. Again for SH it ends early. For this reason, adding to my wishlist for season 2, is seeing more of SH being vulnerable. This may be important factor for her to acknowledge her need of comfort and find it in IJ.
  13. This is Gyeo Ul, Min Ha, and Chi Hong interview at naver. I like this interview because i can see Kim Jun Han funny side. There are not many translations for KJH part so i decided to try translating this interview. Please note that the translation may not be 100% accurate. https://m.tv.naver.com/v/14225205 Mood maker in the set GU : shin PD MH : shin PD CH : Jung kyung ho. Isn't he so cute? I keep telling him why are you so cute? Most competent doctor in HP GU : there's no incompetent doctor in yulje. I wish someday GU will become most competent doctor too MH : Chae Song Hwa CH : Chae Song Hwa Recently developed hobby GU : none CH : none, is it because i'm getting old? MH : checking up on the mirror Movie of your life/show that impact you GU : spain movie November. It's a show that influence me to choose acting MH : me, natasha, and white donkey musical ; almost, maine ; notebook CH : christmas in august ; blue is the warmest color ; like father like son Medical treatment you fear most All : dentistry (their whole reaction to this is so funny) HP character that resembles you most GU : Heo Seon Bin. But my friends told me "you're just Gyeo Ul" MH : Chu Min Ha CH : if you take bad sides of Kim Jun Wan and Do Jae Hak and mix it together, it will become me. Character you want to befriend GU : Min Ha MH : Chae Song Hwa CH : Lee Ik Jun Sing your fav karaoke song MH and CH : singing GU : i do have my fav song but i'll pretend as if i don't and move on to the next question Hardest medical term to memorize GU : choledochal cyst MH : placenta abruption CH : apparently i already forgot all of it 3 words to describe yourself GU : a person, actress, shin hyun bin MH : welcome to 30, positive vibe, forgetful CH : unique, baby boomer because i nag a lot to others, slow as you can see from the way i answer my questions To me HP is CH : i think i should say something witty for this. What is Eun Jin's answer? MH : a work i look forward to CH : it's a lot simpler than i thought GU : happiness, warmth CH : nutrients, a work which gives me energy that will stay forever
  14. This drama reminds me of this week my wife's having an affair. People sometimes find it easier to talk openly to stranger and keep their closest one in the dark. Sometimes you find strangers can understand you more, less judgemental or listen better, compared to family, which is understandable because family care about you so much. But at the end of the day strangers are still strangers and those closest to you are the one that will be there even when you're in the pit of fire. There's more to the dad's "affair". From what i see he loves his wife too much to have an affair after their marriage. The chance is the other woman is from his past (before his marriage to mom) or it's just another misunderstanding. And Eun Hee should stop deceiving herself into thinking she's doing the right thing by acting on what she thinks she wants ignoring others' feeling or opinion. This attitude may be beneficial elsewhere but not in the relationship with the boss. I believe even when people change, their true personality is still there, for example an introvert can be outgoing in her social life or at work but the introvert side is still there, there will be times when she prefers being alone and spending time for herself. The same goes to Eun Hee, she can't deceive herself into thinking that she'll be fine being the third wheel. On a side note Eun Hee looked like an avid fan of BTS. Her scene with Ji Woo in the playground singing to BTS' fire is gold. These little light moments are the ones that keep me hopeful that the family will have happy ending.
  15. The best part of the special episode, besides winter garden crumbs, for me is wu ju. He's soooooo cute and natural. I keep smiling like a proud mom seeing him in the audition. And another part is when the 5 doctors (advisor/referral) representing the medical specialist of the lacking 5 give their opinion and impression of being involved in the drama. It's so heartwarming seeing them showering praise to the show, shin-lee, and the actors. The ob gyn prof even compliment them and said that they made a history of medical drama in korea. I also watched the doctor sisters video with the ER doctor who's in charge of advising the ER scene in the drama. He said that real doctors/medical workers like HP for portraying doctors realistically not like a divine genius existence that can turn the impossible to possible. And seeing them receiving the acknowledgement not only from the general public but also from the professionals of the field they portray in the drama just make me proud and wish for even better script for the next 2 seasons. Jeon Mi Do, Jo Jung Seok, or Shin Lee might not be able to get the baeksang awards this year, but they will after the season 2 and season 3 air.
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