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  1. I have mixed feelings. I honestly dont like seeing DO losing her awareness. To me this trope makes it seems like the drama writers lack creativity that they use the same cycle. But on the other hand i can understand that this can lead to character development (1) just like @Jillia said BK redemption when he realizes that the new DO is not what he wants (2) HR realizes that what matters most is he and DO cherishing every moment and spend their remaining time together. He's been trapped in this guilt and fear of losing DO that he's so occupied in changing her fate, he even starts to avoid DO due to his confusion of what he should and shouldn't do for DO not to die. He doesnt realize by doing so he's wasted his precious limited time with DO. On a side note i come to notice this signature move by LJW when he wants to emphasize certain part of the dialogue. He'll slightly tilt (is this the right word) his head to the right. Lots of actors do that but somehow the way LJW does it catch my attention. It happens wayyyy too often that i start to guess which part or when will he tilt his head again everytime he appears on screen. Anywayss i agree that he's good promising actor. But i'll give a no to BK character.
  2. It's a filler episode for sure. I dont see the necessity of that scene with HR taking SM's mirror and practice his smiling face and being caught in the act by his classmates other than HR being cute. I think his overprotective arc is enough to emphasize that trait of him. Also the scene where BK wait for DO at her home. If the intention is to show BK confession then aren't the scene under the tree and in the park when he tell DO to take the surgery enough? That scene just makes BK looks worse for forcing his feelings even when DO says not to. Is this to spice the love triangle up between HR-DO-BK? To make him look swoonworthy? What about the JMC back story with the girl? What about BK's bro motive or back story? It appears to me that the drama is famous in SK among teens/tweens, hence the drama team tries to maintain the light,funny vibe of the drama. And yes i sense the noble idiocy coming too. My fear of this drama going downward is bigger than my fear of DO's death. On a positive note, i love seeing overprotective HR. I also love DO's scene with BK when DO says "i know you hate coming to hospital, but please bear with it just a bit longer, after this you wont have to come anymore". KHY act that part reeeeaalllyy well with tiny detail expression. I wish they could show that part of her more, because i think the drama's problem in this second half is maintaining the balance of this drama and also DO's character. I hope tonight at least we'll get some answers especially to why and how DO died in TC. And JD intrigues me. She somehow gives hope to DH but also keep her setup relationship with NJ.
  3. @deandraluv There will be many opinions on whether BK really loves DO or he is just obsessed with the setup. For me i think he does care for DO ever since they were young, maybe it can not be qualified as love yet at that time, but it sure is affection. It starts to be blurred/tainted when his mom died and his dad forced him to use DO for his business development. Affraid of being abandoned by his dad after losing his mom, he followed his dad order. It will be great if DO was not that invested in him but DO had always been nice sincere and faithful to him, making him feel worse for taking advantage of this girl. Embracing DO fully was not easy either. Besides her being the string that attach him to his father's control, she is also a sick girl that can leave him anytime like his mom. But still she is still precious person in his life. In the webtoon it is highlighted how as children both are lonely and they cope with that loneliness by being each others' friend and i'm certain this applied to the drama too even if it is not highlighted like in the webtoon. All these complicated feelings mixed and confused him forcing him to treat DO in a mean way. This is no way an approval of his rude behaviour but a way to understand him. When he gain his awareness unlike others he stick to his belief that everything should go as it was meant to be especially DO and her devotion to him. It's like -the writer has written me with this setup that force me to go through pain of losing mom, abusive father, unloving family, and i endure it all so when it comes to this one good thing that the writer give to me (DO) how can i let it slip out of my hands just because of a mere extra (HR)- so he become obsessed with the setup and belittling the extras that to him represent HR. Wow i feel like writing an essay on psychology. The amount of investment and attachment i have with EY sometimes surprised myself.
  4. I noticed that too instead of being amazed by that kind of book with that kind of ink, picture, and paper, they are more shocked by the fact that they are manhwa character. Did word manhwa or manhwa book even exist in that era? I thought they used to only have novel with no pictures. From the beginning there are a lot of questionable things i found while watching this drama. Another one i found after watching ep 12 is how can the proposal stage happens normally with BK video when DH clearly has substituted the flash drive and take the initial fd BK give. Only after HR directly interferes the stage can the stage change and the other video from the other fd is played. The sequence just does't make sense to me. But then i decided to just enjoy the show. So far for me EY is good enough even with its flaws, it just needs to wrap up well with the remaining 4 episodes and this will be one of my favorite dramas of the year. Just like we are deceived by last week preview into believing that JMC back story with the girl would be revealed this week, i think DO surgery will happen in the final week. I love all the discussion, thoughts and insights on this thread, keep it going good people. I want to post this compilation of DO hitting HR. It's funny how the video ends with HR pulling out his sword to DO and the caption for that post means is this the reason DO was killed in the past
  5. Does everyone intentionally stay away from the drama to binge watch it when the drama is finished so they can get to the happy ending without having to wait in agony through the final 2 weeks? I can understand. I decided to just patiently wait for next week without analyzing or predicting the upcoming episodes too much. For now let me just spazz about Hye Yoon. I like flower DO when she confronted HR after following her all day. Her tone and voice there is fierce. This just proves that she can be fierce when it's needed. And her facial expression during the comical scene is soo.. priceless (i cant find the right word for it). I always repeat her scenes with HR and DH and also when she get caught in the act with HR just to enjoy her fun on point expression. Isn't it cute that SM And yes i agree that in real life most people won't be able to bear bad boy and aim for a long term relationship.
  6. I expected at least one full episode of flower (sageuk) so i could understand all the events happened in their past life, but at this rate i think the drama will just go back and forth through the secret character flashback to the past. This is actually confusing to me because the sageuk scenes come in random order. So i need to rewatch and analyze the sequence of the events evolved in flower then try connecting them to those happen in secret. I wonder with NJ departure what will happen to secret the manhwa. It can't just end with the male lead leaves the country and the female lead continues her life normally at school right? Will this be the time DO and BK take over the manhwa and become the main leads replacing NJ and JD? Because if i remember correctly from the MBC character description of JD, she will show this unexpected side of her when she realizes that she's no longer the main lead due to someone's effort in changing the stage. i really love the ost of this drama. The one released yesterday is so sad yet beautiful and fits DO HR perfectly. The lyric is sad but the melody is beautiful. I thought the new ost from last night is from SF9 because it is sung by various singers like an idol group. Is it not?
  7. Yay finally! The still!! That is one of my most favorite chapters of the webtoon. Glad they put in the drama too. I'm still a faithful DO HR supporter. But BK deserves a special moment with DO too to console him or remind him not to be cruel or else he'll lose precious people around him again. He won't get the girl anyway so let just leave him with warm memories with DO.
  8. Exactly. I was surprised by the amount of the criticisms there. I have never spent that much time commenting and defending an actress i like in a post outside of soompi forum. Glad that i have this thread to come back and gain the positive vibe again.
  9. @StefC oh hi! I recognize you from koala site. Glad to see you here. Someone said KHY next project will be in a movie with Jin Ki Joo. She will play supporting role, a student who meets a serial killer and the movie title is midnight. Not sure if it's true or still a rumour. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4cGtXtJ879/?igshid=roq2tkjqavzd It's a class picture everyone, too bad DO HR BK JD can not join. Since this drama is about extras living and making the most out of their time creating special moments, after their graduation from EY drama I wish all of them will have more and better role or find the right path in the future.
  10. @haelan i'm glad you bring that scene up (SM took DO role on stage). I was about to write my thoughts and confusion on that scene but got difficulty putting them to words that i give up writing about it. Like you i was confused in so many things, like how could they change the stage by simply removing the watch/heart monitor to someone else, if the stage was changed didnt it mean DO didnt have to experience the pain then faint because someone else had taken that role, if DO was just around SM right before that stage started how could she suddenly disappear when the stage began, if she fainted before the stage began why didn't HR immediately took her to the hospital but waited till the stage ended instead. And more importantly what is the importance of this scene to the story? I make my own assumptions here. A character is written with their own setting and traits. That traits won't change even when they are in shadow or gain awareness. So even when DO takes off her watch, her heart has already been damaged over the years in the manhwa so it's natural for her to feel the pain especially when the writer has already written that her heart condition is getting worse. HR managed to bring DO out of the set stage right before the actual stage happened but he couldn't bring her any further because he was also required for the stage and couldn't move when the stage began, hence he needed to wait. But these are all just my assumptions. How removing a prop can lead to stage changes i think it's like this. When the stage is planned by the writer she/he starts drawing it (from what i know drawing a panel in comic requires lots of time and work). While the set, surrounding, props are drawn one by one our E3 or HR try to interfere by taking away the main character of that stage before that character is fully drawn by the writer. This somehow affects the writer. So when all the setting has been completed but the required character is not there it (the manhwa world) naturally takes closest available characters in the finished setting and turn them into the main character of the stage. In this case the beeping watch and the crowd are drawn first, HR noticed it and took DO away. (I feel like a freak blabbering nonsense now ) That means the stage can be changed when these requirements are fulfilled : 1. They know about the stage beforehand. At the beginning it was through DO's vision and the last episode through HR's prediction. 2. They take away the main characters from the stage before it starts 3. Haru I think that this scene solidifies HR's ability to change the stage unlike other characters. Like JMC said changing stage is not something anyone can do. DO tried it at the beginning but it always come back to the way the writer wanted it. Different results obtained when HR is involved. Although at the end of the day things still go to the way the writer wants (NJ confession) but HR does make changes. This may lead to them trying to change another stage in the future episodes and maybe another unwanted things will happen after they do this.
  11. The drama has different story compared to the webtoon. Each has its own uniqueness, strength and weakness. But the core of the story is still the same. That's why i believe that DO HR will have happy ending because they do in the webtoon. But then i got so confused when the drama put BK in flower as DO's fiance/love interest. To make it worse JMC indicates that flower has sad/tragic ending. From what we've seen so far DO will eventually die but spend and cherish her moment happily with HR. But isn't it too cruel for them? Yes they get to spend their moments together before DO dies but can't they just live normally doing trivial daily life things like usual people without worrying about stage they don't want to do? Where's the happy ending i got in the webtoon? @MinQi has the right possible answer for my confusion of the possible ending.
  12. Just come to squeal and fangirling over the sleeping in the desk scene. OMFG!!! That scene is sooooooo beautiful. And their smile at the end. And to have that unreleased ost that i need to wait for another week to hear the full version just make the scene feels even more beautiful. This drama prod team succesfully create so many beautiful scenes.
  13. The thread is moving faster that i have hard time catching up and the live recap last night in ig is getting slower. This is indeed most buzzworthy drama for now. Someone already mentioned it before but i want to bring it up again. I LOVE Dohwa! He's like my top two character alongside DO. And DO! How could she be that adorable. It's a bit risky move actually. Too much aegyo sometimes annoys me. But that's not the case with DO. I'd like to highlight how these special moments to DO is not a grand gesture like bringing flower, proposal, or anything like that. For her doing trivial things like skipping the class, eating ddeokboki (though that doesnt happen), playing around with water or just sitting and talking with HR is already special. I also like that more extras in the drama have their time (though it's limited) to appear/highlighted and play a certain unique character that complement the drama. BK will always bring interesting discussion right? I think he's in his worst last night. Frankly i dont like the way the drama writer turn him to a man throwing his anger anywhere to anyone. Sorry but this time i like manhwa BK more. I can emphatize with him. Her mom was his whole world but his father never treated him and his mom well. To make it worse her mom died his father married another woman and seemed to be nicer to them than he's ever been to BK and his mom. There's this girl who was first his friend who like and care about him but then his father use this girl and push BK to take advantage of her affection. How can he take advantage of his friend who truly care for him? To make it worse this girl has illness and may leave him anytime just like his mom. How can he go through the same pain again? So for him DO is like a string that keep him attached to his father and become his father's puppet. I believe BK really like DO. All these crazy anger explosion is a result of him starting to feel anxious that he is about to lose that important girl he neglected all this years. The last question HR throw to him is like a cold water to him. Does he like DO? I want him to understand this and also understand that DO will not come back to her. So instead of hurting more and more people and in the end hurting himself most when he keeps hurting those who sincerely care about him, i want him to accept things the way they are now and just appreciate and treat those who like him and who he likes better, just like BK in the manhwa.
  14. @Jillia their movie date scene when BK stood DO up then HR come to the rescue and made DO flustered with brushing hand and indirect kiss antics. It's out now the title is 오늘은 꼭
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