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  1. For the winter garden couple the musical cues have always been consistent with whatever that was going on in their relationship. From episode 3 they started using “confession not flashy“ as the background music.First used for Ik Joon ,GU and Jeong Won confrontation scene. The song is male point of view about loving and protecting someone silently. I am also one of the delusionals who believe he was interested in her from the beginning . In scene with IJ may be he became aware of his feelings.They have never shown us where he met her for first time. In the first ER scene he was dashing in but sort of paused wearing his coat when he noticed GU talking to the patient’s mother. GU was not the one who called him so there was no way of him knowing she was talking to actual patient’s mom.He did not stop beacuse he heard the conversation but because he stopped he heard what she said. My bias mind seeing things may be. They kept playing “confession not flashy” in chocopie and other scenes till episode 8. That was the episode he rejected her invitation for dinner. In the last scene we actually got his reaction to her leaving with other man. Since then they are not playing it because we are already aware of his feelings towards her. From episode 9 onwards we got “You always “ for this pair. It is female point of view indicating though he has rejected her , GU has not changed her mind and still going to wait for him.She still hopes he will come back to her.I know on the main forum there are some proclaiming she has already moved on .The music in mama Rose scene was canon because GU got confirmation of his feelings towards her. Atleast that is how I have interpreted it. Also for their band scenes Episode 7 after GU sort of confession camera pans onto him for the words “now I realized the purpose of my life is you” and then we are shown GU in her dorm. Episode 8 GU left in the car with other man and the camera pans on him for the words “you left me for another man” and “ I will just keep loving you” Episode 9 Camera pans on him for words “ I want to say it to you but I dont feel confident” “my heart is pounding “ and for words “fool “ “such a fool” Episode 10 confession not flashy Episode 11 He was singing “only feeling you “in karaoke . What a song choice for would be priest . I was astonished no one on main thread came up he was singing it for Songhwa actually I am always thinking pd and writer are using SongHwa Jeong Won to actually troll viewers searching for obscure clues. I thought that since coffee in the couple cups episode .Reply 94 had similar scene with YYS character and female lead drinking coffee in couple mugs . Many viewers believed he was the husband because of that.I hope I am not proven wrong @40somethingahjumma With all contrast and parallel going on with Jun Wan and Jeong Won’s life what are the chances Gyeo Ul koncks on Jeong Won’s door with rings in her pocket
  2. I always love to read your take on things. I read a post in korean explaining the surgery scene and Rosa meeting Gyeo Ul. It reminded me your post about GU as wild card so I am sharing what I read. My korean language skills are kindergarten level so I am just sharing the interpretation of what I read. As per the poster the surgery scene points Jeong won will not be going to Italy due to Gyeo Ul and pediatric surgery. Gyeo Ul is waiting in the retricted area for the surgery.He enters in the surgery room and declares she will do the surgery and he will assist. The nurse confirms this is the first time he is letting anyone else apart from him lead the surgery .Gyeo Ul should do well.The restricted area can be considered as his heart which he has kept closed for the last 40 years but Gyeo Ul is already present there. His letting her lead the surgery can be interpreted as him giving his heart to her and she is already someone important to him. The shot where we can see Gyeo Ul and him doing surgery on one side and restricted area on the other is done on purpose.He has chosen to be with Gyeo Ul for the surgery. He is now acting as a mentor for her who might take up pediatric surgery. He has already entered the restricted zone and he will not be able to go to Italy. In the scene with Rosa and Gyeo Ul the background music is a variation of Canon d. For Rosa Gyeo Ul is a variable who has control over Jeong won’s heart.By requesting Gyeo Ul to ask him to give up to be a priest and stay as doctor she has already started the variation. @kiklaminHo I have seen all reply series. The kind of twists they are talking on the main thread I dont think ever happenend in those series.I personally find SongHwa character little difficult to read at times but I do believe if they had to develop anything between Shwa and JW they would have done so by 6 or 7 episode. In the episode 8 Jeong Won refused to have dinner with Gyeo Ul alone but he was ok to go on vacation with Song Hwa. I thought it was a hint that the dynamics those two share is pure friendship and nothing else.Then writer herself putting words in Jeong Won’s mouth “It is not Song Hwa. You got it wrong” should be meaningful. Now even mama Rosa says she knows her son and he likes GU. I think we should believe it.
  3. This is so true. I joined the forum after watching first four episodes. By that time I thought the show had pretty much set up the love lines. When I started reading theories and people suspecting everything when it came to winter garden pair I kept on thinking what am I missing while watching. The show’s theme about romance at least to me seems like if he likes/loves you he will come for you. They stated that for this particular pair.That same theme repeats for all the other pairs. Ik Joon went to be with Song Hwa for her test results. Jun Wan kept traveling to Inje just to visit Ik Soon even though he had busy schedule. Seok Hyun trying to break traffic lights just to reach as fast as he can because he was worried about patient as well as Min Ah. Why would they highlight it for someone who are not going to end up together.That whole scene with Gyeo Ul in the ER started with camera shot from third person point of view. After that scene was over the next immediate scene was Jwon and Jwan getting ready to leave the hospital. The director is providing all the dots. We as viewers need to connect them. I think any normal show we would have assumed he came but I think everyone is so suspicious that even obvious clues are not treated as clues. I have started completely ignoring some of the posts on main thread. Gyeo Ul is almost leading character. She was introduced in the first episode immediately after character of Ik Joon was introduced. There is no way she will not be there in the next season. Some are going to ridiculous levels just because they do not like certain characters. @kokodus you are so right some are writing their own script I think “SongHwa’s choice” After reading hundreds of theories I have formed my own about SHwa , Jwon and GU . Song Hwa helped Jwon park his car when he was running to ER because he got call from GU.She helped GU in catching the abusive dad.She told Jwon to get married to a nice girl and have kids .She stopped him from singing Goodbye song in the last episode. I am going to take all that as foreshadowing. She is going to help winter garden couple. No need for sense and logic.To keep my peace of mind I am going to believe in it till writer twists it in any other way
  4. @Ameera Ali I am going to stick to this thread when I want to post about Gyeo Ul or winter garden couple.I am so puzzled by the whole IJ GU thing going on main thread . People have different opinions and interpretations but this is like we are not even watching the same drama. I think that whole episode was about sudden change in the behavior of people. Ik Joon ,Jun Wan and Song Hwa were talking about it during their lunch how suddenly their tastes are changing. Ik Joon talked about how he is taking pictures of lot of flowers. Jun Wan has suddenly became near sighted. Song Hwa developed cat allergy I think.SH turned into mama boy.I thought they were also indicating the sudden change of behavior in Jun Wan who was being very sweet to Ik Soon and Jeong Won becoming considerate to Gyeo Ul in passing those chocopies. @sakura22 From their profiles GU is stated as sprint runner where as JW is a marathon runner. Both are in different type of running sports.Their thinking processes also must be different.I think in the liver donation scene they were foreshadowing in case they want to be together they have to adjust to each other’s speed.
  5. Knock knock can I join the thread? I had no idea there was a separate thread for this couple. I started mainly watching hospital playlist for the music but this couple has become my bias. Choco pie scene was enough for me to start for rooting for them. His body language screams how nervous he gets around her. That can not happen if you are indifferent to the person. Episode 8 onwards I was almost sure he likes her. When he was leaving hospital he could have easily crossed the road and waited on the other side for his friends to pick up. There was no need for him to go ,stand near her and start conversation unless that is what he really wanted to do. I am looking forward to the new episode. Hope we get his POV before season ends.
  6. @Ameera Ali guess who must have visited Gyeo Ul when she was sick After she woke up The one who is in habit of doing this is definitely not IJ
  7. Sorry to cut your post. I actually agree with the above part. But this writer and director pair has some certain way they execute their scripts. Their regular audience are used to it and expecting it.They use acting talent as well as various props ,colors ,music and what not. As viewers it is upto us if we want to obsess over it or not. I generally do not pay attention to these sort of details because I find it distracting while watching.But there are viewers who love to find the clues and speculate. I think they are providing for both audiences. Even if we ignore all these props and just follow the story I do not think we are missing anything. Winter garden couple is my bias so may be I notice more things when it comes to them
  8. @nrllee I do not know about the crocks. But in the latest episode when Jeong Won was trying to act busy instead of congratulating Gyeo Ul his desk did have snow globe on it. Though it is a common GS room they do seem to have individual workstations given to them. Their post its are on the workstations and another personal items too.
  9. @sakura22 There is a shot of Gyeo Ul’s glasses, phone and id card neatly arranged in the basket when she was sick. Looking at Jeong Won’s habit of cleaning and arranging things may be it was to indicate he was there while they were asleep. This is just a speculation.
  10. Every time I read the possibility of Ik Joon and Gyeo Ul being set up as romantic pair I wonder has not production team themselves killed that possibility for any season by calling their chemistry as father daughter one in the bts footage. I thought they specifically did that for viewers to focus mainly on their friendship part and not take every gesture as a romantic one. For production team to do that just to mess with viewers for the twist sake does not make sense.I would want to give them more credit than that at least for now.
  11. The above even I agree that the show is not about just one person’s choice or journey. It is about all five of them. The theme song show has selected is “start again” . That makes me think even though they are giving us flash backs about their past it probably has not much to do with whatever is happening or going to happen in the future. In Jeong Won’s case the moment they showed him returning back to the hospital instead of marathon I had feeling that it was writer’s way to tell she is going to make him reverse all his current choices. The part I am sort of conflicted is Gyeo Ul. Is she the one taking the journey with him or she is a catalyst. But what you said about Ever After perfectly makes sense in their case. Thank you for the response. I hope in this episode they will show us at least little bit about what exactly is going on in his head. @Ameera Ali Last week we got a hi and bye in denim. Let us hope we don’t get the same in winter coats this week.
  12. Do you think their arcs are going to get intertwined at some point? I am not very good at analyzing but I can not shake off the feeling that at some point they are going to intersect. As you mentioned the one who came up with idea of “Affair” of IJ and GW was Jun Wan. I don’t remember the episode number but for one of the lunch with GW and the twins IJ brought in Jun Wan specifically mentioning him as “Rain check” for Jeong Won. Are they setting up something here for Jeong Won which might serve as plot twist too? Since you mentioned first episode for clue I tried checking but I could not get what exactly you are hinting at
  13. Lately I've been thinking that these two guys are living contrasting parallel lives. @40somethingahjumma This was something going through my head from almost 4 th episode. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. Almost each episode has some event paralleling their lives. I think in 6 episode when Jun Wan was waiting for Ik Sun’s call regarding his confession Jeong Won was waiting for Gyeo Ul’s regarding liver donation. In seventh Jun Wan went for a date and Gyeo Ul asked for one. The latest episode was interesting. Both of them are not just secretive they are very good at hiding their feelings. Dr Do keeps on calling Jun Wan names because usually he is very stoic. In the episode When Jun Wan went to the the parents to ask for heart donation dr Do called him heartless .But at the end of the episode what we saw was Jun Wan actually shading tears with baby’s mother. This is true for Jeong Won too. We never get to see any reaction from him as per as Gyeo Ul is concerned.For the first time after she left we saw Jeong Won with almost pensive face and he was almost spaced out. I think both of them have finally started to show their true feelings.
  14. @Ameera Ali Thanks for the welcome. I have joined forum for first time in so many years of my watching korean dramas for same reason lockdown .I am really having fun going through all the posts.Thanks for keeping the thread lively. I always enjoy gifs you post.
  15. @Ameera Ali He uses two different phones one black and one white. White one is for personal use and black one is for Daddy Long Leg thing. But I have read winter garden theory regarding this ringtone too . The places generally these two meet apart from hospital scenes are near staircases and elevators. Even in the in the scene where Dr Jang asked him out camera first focused on staircase and man and woman picture on a board first. The connection is his personal white phone has ringtone staircase. When I read all these theories on the net I think while I am watching this drama as slice of life kind drama people are watching it like a mystery drama.
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