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  1. Are you all excited for HP 2? Because I can not waaaait! I miss Wintergarden the most. Give me more Jeongwon and Gyeoul in HP2 juseyo.
  2. @croquembouche2018 I want more details for this event too. @JungRok lol , I did not think that but you never know. Because she has a serious face and she does not look like the person who opens easily to others to me seems like with this question he wants to learn more about her personality. I think people ask these kind of questions in interviews. Especially in entertainment industry. Lol, but again who knows. S2 : I want to see what happened right after the kiss. I want to see Jeongwon expressing and with words how he feels.It will be great if we had some
  3. @lurker___not "...I wonder if that is the reason why there is ZERO WG promotion "off season"... They're worried it might make HP a romance drama, and not what they plan it to be? And they don't need it to boost ratings anyway. " YYS when he had an appearance through his agency in TIKT* k along with other actors from his agency he sang the WG anthem " Confession is not Flashy".LOL , I take this as a promo for WG I miss them all and I dont see why they can not have photoshoots. At least WG couple and bidulgi are confirm couples they should have done some.
  4. @leftphalange and @AABattery if I had new HP content I believe I would never imagine shipping actors in real life. Because after filming their characters they are real people like me and you and I experienced once in the past with my bias the whole shipping delulu /sinking ship devastation so no need to repeat mistakes. Reading some very good ff stories does not help either if you want to stay away from shipping. "Crossing the line" ff is extremely good and I was convinced to cross the line but I read few tweets yesterday and brought me back to reality that they are
  5. @leftphalange Netflix subtitles are not the best in few lines and i was thinking something is missing when I read the NFlix line in this scene.When I read Geoul said the phone was personal to her I thought IJ just offered JeongWon's help- Jeong won dont need to be asked per IJun Lol-. I am hoping Season 2 is not going to be melodramatic. One more question for today. Its a rhetorical question but I dont see any other thread where I can ask this. I am obsessed with WG couple to the point that for some moments when I listen to my heart and not my mind , I start thinking
  6. Welcome new friends of Wintergarden. Happy to see every time a new name posting his/her thoughts and expressing their love for the one and lovely WG couple. I always wanted to know how IkJun figure out Gueoul's crush to JeongWon.If you see episode 2 right after the "pick me pick me "scene and when Gyeoul received a call from ER she was leaving the GS room and IJ told her if he should call JeongWon bcs he heard he was not busy. Did he said that because he knew Gyeoul likes his best friend and he throws his name so he can be in good terms with her (more chances to choose his surge
  7. Hi all, finally Stranger 2 came and we watched already 3 episodes.As others said its slow pace.I do not want to compare it to S1 because its too early yet but I hope it will not stop in the rival prosecutors/police and will go a lot deeper which I think will go.
  8. @partyon hahaha I am not into k-pop and BTS but I know Rain, Big bang because I like TOP movies and I learned about EXO because that cute boy Sehun is friends with oppa Yoo Yeon Seok but if you say we just need to vote I ll do it for you. I voted. A little information now about the song. When I am driving I always put on the radio. In the morning I hear KIIS FM with Ryan S eacrest from LA. and after 12 pm I go with Sirius XM Hits 1 in NY. Both stations played the song at least 3 times for the 2 hours I had them on.Both east and west promote the song and
  9. I am hoping all stay safe .Seeing YYS running all over doing all these things,from film shooting to CFs, musical,radioappearance etc I am wishing for him to be safe and healthy. That goes to all but this post is for YooYeonseok and people involved in entertaining industry so I want to wish them the best. lol seems that i am alone here. Its ok.I will have YYS all by myself btw he has cf out and he was great in the MenandMission but I am not good in posting photos and videos here.
  10. @leftphalange I visited that website twice.Once in the beginning bcos I wanted to read theories for The Eternal King and I saw that they hv a thread for HP also.I read it and I visited it one more time because somewhere I read something.One poster was attacking YYS personally(such a venomous post) but more posts were against SHB and few against writer/director.As you see the negative comments were for both WG and the creators so I believe their negativity comes because they dont agree with the plot.I dont think it has to do with their "oppa" Btw YYS "oppa" is my oppa also. I dont kno
  11. @smartiegal and @leftphalange I followed my bias for 10 years and I have to say I kind understand why YYS fans -in general- react in a certain way. I dont say I agree but I tried hard not doing the same with the actor I liked. Maybe I did not go to extreme measures but I did not like some of his costars.Especially the ones that looked distant to him and in bts clips my bias was not his usual character. Its very easy to forget that is a thin line between admiring an actor and getting obsessed with his personal and professional life. At the end of the day they doing a
  12. Watched "Re-encounter" with YYS in his 20s. I loved it.If you have not seen it and you like slow pace movies, indie productions with excellent performances you should watch it. YYS as always delivers so many emotions.
  13. @leftphalange are you the one from back then the JungHwan R88 thread? Hahaha then you know like me very well that group over there and how they play with the words. From D-1 i am saying the same. Dont bother with what they say. I have better things to do than reading repeatedly opinions that i dont agree. I did it once/twice.I tried once to start a convo with one of their believers and because I told her I think in my opinion she is wrong she posted that she is attacked.lol she can tell her opinion but not us if we dont agree I guess. Its an ongoing drama and tru
  14. @smartiegal Have you seen him yesterday? Where he finds this energy with all the things he has to do? I am not complaining at all.He left me speechless.Since yesterday I can stop smiling. God bless him. Yep, he has to do a guest and I ll be whipped again. Lol, him singing" Confession is not flashy". King of fanservice,King of shoulders,King of kiss lol .Expect no less of Yoo. @lurker___not I did not read all SHB interviews but from what I read she seems the reserved, analytical person. Anw nothing wrong to be old-fashioned in some ways.
  15. Before I go back to work I watched Men and Mission in t*kt*k. I am so proud of Yoo Yeon Seok. He showed that he is the man for everything. He can do everything. From variety,musicals,dramas,movies.....and everything else that is out there. God bless this sweet humble man. He sang wonderful Confession is not flashy and sent my wintergarden heart to paradise but he had the best for later. His duo with LKS made me laugh so loud! I stan the right person! I feel like a proud mom Also, a big thank you to his agency KKbyyss for bringing all these
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