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  1. Looking very briefly the comments while trying to avoid possible spoilers I feel excited and can not wait to see ep.11 & 12 .I am waiting for eng subtitles but its 9 pm Wednesday s and both episodes are still raw
  2. I also do believe she is disappointed with Do Hyon decision.And because she is emotional hurt she wants to hurt him emotional too.Do Hyon had no idea who was his heart donor so I believe Madame Jin should not be so hard with him but I understand she is a mother who lost her son and for her Do Hyon is someone precious thinking that through him her son's heart is keep beating.We want to hurt someone emotionally and make him feel guilty only when he means a lot to us. Tough days are coming for Do Hyun , when he will learn why his father accepted to admit a murder that he never did and how he ended up to be the receiver of the heart transplant. Junho is one of the examples that prove that idols can act also whey they work on their skills. He got my attention in "Just between lovers" where he was playing very well the young melancholic young man with the painful past . I was loving his role in Chief Kim .My face was smiling every time I saw him playing the bad guy who always was one step behind chiel Kim. : ) Hope the trophies and medals are for a good reason LOL .It s a long time since my last post in soompi and I am a little behind .
  3. @zaireen, @ktcjdrama thank you for your reply. Oh , I want to believe it will be much earlier than next saturday too.
  4. hi fellow soompiers, we all know it's an awesome drama and I am glad its airing because lately I can not find many that I personally like.This one and Doctor Prisoner are the ones that I really looking forward to watch .....but .....its a big but ......since last week I had my subbed episodes on Tuesday so I could menage the waiting.Its a different story though with episodes 9 and 10.I keep refreshing all day ( its Tuesday 7 pm already in my area) all the sites that have Confession but the last two episodes are still Raw. Have you seen it with subs somewhere? I would really appreciate your answer chingus.
  5. It would be nice to hear news about RJY new movie "Hit and run squat" Amazing cast I see there Hyo -Jin, Jung seok( they looked so good together in Jealousy incarnate).
  6. thank you for the welcome @partyon But @qynn can Ji young ask for her parental rights when Na Kyung made sure by having Ji Young signing some legal papers whe she was pregnant that she will never have a chance to take her son back? I think Na Kyung 's real downfall will come thru the son of the sister ( one chingu mentioned it already but I am not sure for chingu's name .sorry As for Jae wook is a huge disappointment .A pushover as his father said and nothing else.He always try to find excuses for NK but never said anything for JY . He does not deserves neither JY and HW.
  7. i dont see any episode of the F&F chingu but definitely last episodes of APTG were intense!
  8. Hi ladies, long time did not post in soompi but this viper as a daughter in law made me to come out of my cave. What worries me is that we have another 16 episodes which means the pushover husband /rich son will not do anything again .Na Kyung will find a way to survive again. When she is going to pay for her selfishness and all her wrongdoings?
  9. I am so happy Jun Yeol is doing so good. I do miss his acting in tv but I am proud for his career.In a very short time ( around 2 years) he achieved so many and no one is doubting his talent. Way to go RJY!
  10. Whole cast was amazing ! Jung Kyung-Ho had one more great performance. His role as Paksa in" Cruel city" is still the best of him for me but he is such a great actor he never disappoints you. When I saw Go Ah-sung in " Heart through the grapevine" i knew she is more than a beautiful face. I never liked second season in dramas and I hope they will leave us with this open ending. .
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