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  1. I watched all the promo for Steel Rain 2 and I rewatched them and with out understanding anything I was smiling with YYS was saying.should be something funny because all were laughing and generally the atmosphere was friendly and all seemed in today's promo to get along so well. YYS looks so cute in this hairstyle .A big boy! I am hoping kind chingus they will translate all these clips.
  2. all new fanfics are SongHwa/IJ I love both of them but the only fanfiction I can read is about WG. What should I do now? please help. Meanwhile if anyone is interested in SeokBeen fanfiction I find this very cute. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1449631/met-you-at-the-right-time
  3. why is everything in dark colors except the letters? I have problem reading posts and is very distracting.Is it only in my screen ? I am so behind..I did not come here 3-4 days and I see a different soompi , also what is the badge voting?
  4. can someone direct me in the right post where from the beginning I can read all about the new system with the tiers, gifts etc? I got some gifts from some friends and few friends of me answered my questions but I can not find their replies to read them again and have a better understanding.I want to give gifts and I dont know how
  5. The more I learn about YYS the bigger of a fan I become. I have to thank Hospital Playlist and his role as Dr. Ahn Jeong Won that made me want to learn more about YYS. I always knew he was a good,versatile actor but I needed to see him as Dr. AJW to be willing to do the extra work and learn more about him. What capture my interest and my heart is how thoughtful was for his friends (YOF)and for each given project he had to accomplish(Coffee Friends). He gives all his efforts for the most possible best result and he takes care of his friends taking upon him responsibilities with out anyone asking him. YYS is a responsible , real friend that you can rely on him. Add on this that he works a lot, is smart ,quick witted , lovable and good looking ! Wishing the best for Steel Rain 2. I loved the first one.
  6. @~Always~ Nice to hear that you find our thread more fun and we are happy to see you passing by anytime you feel it. if you reading the main thread from the first pages then you see that the majority of the wintergarden shippers we started shipping Jeongwon /Gyeoul from the beginning , some including myself from episode 2 after the "not my cup of tea" and maggot scene and a lot more after the choco pie scene. The belief that we ship Wgarden because we ship them in real life has no serious foundation and I was surprised when I read it in the main thread. The answer is very simple.We got caught in the net of the slow burn romance of Dr.Ahn JeongWon and Dr. Jang Gyeoul. I abandoned all the Western shows because I was tired of their fast pace . From "nice to meet you " next scene is jumping in the bed together in most of them. A month after the ending of season 1 and I find myself more immerse into WG than before. I love looking into their characters and I m never bored. They are my favorite along with IJ. Poster @__jesse always has interesting posts. I am more of a person that goes with the flow of the story but her Easter eggs and other hints she interprets are very engaging. I love reading her analysis of how and why JeongWon fell for uri Gyeoul. I dont go often in main thread , actually very rarely, and I missed the great responses of my friends over there. @Sorary, @kokodus, @standingtallyy, @yukiyukiku @40somethingahjumma kudos for your answers .Unquestionable more wgners give their on spot replies in stubborn delusional minds and their claims over there and we prove our support to freedom of speech so all can say whatever they want .
  7. @ryanallright hahaha that video was so fun to watch. YYS is a smart, witty guy! - "on your first trip you tricked us" YYS:" well, ....you tricked us big when we left Korea" -"Next time we will strengthen our defences..." YYS : "There will always be blind spots. I will look for them" Looking forward for that!
  8. Trying to move on from HP but Thursday is the day of the week that I get all the new info thru twitter,soompi,yt. Reading Fanfics are a daily standard. Many happened the last few days and all news are welcome. YYS looked tired in prescon for his new movie but he always have a sweet smile on. Shin PD is very careful with his words and I adore his long time friendship with Na PD. Shin PD kind of reminds me Seok Hyeong character in HP.He seems like he is concentrated all the time but he knows very well what's going on around him and have a very good sense of humor. PD Na looks like a more extroverted guy.Both are talented . I prefer not to see the BTS if its any making of video of wintergarden's peck scene . A bts clip would take away all the magic of Wintergarden 's kiss and I do not want this to happen. I like that all are aware how much love Wintergarden received and receives from viewers.Shin PD said that he read many comments asking for the making of video.Lol are not only us who lurk in social media. @JungRok I agree . Korean fans should demand SHB to go with the rest of 5 . Does PD Na kidnaps women too? I know in R88's kidnapping were only men.And of course my other boy RJY shone in Africa. @sillyvivian_yo89 you amazed me every time with your eagle eyes! @Doesntmatter lol I saw that sweet , little smile.I can not wait for S2 to come hoping to see more of this.
  9. @JungRok "......OMG Guys.. Please refrain from yourself to not reply on SHB comments on her friends post esepcially some of us WinterGarden fans even brought out the 24th June incident. I am already embarassed. LMAO ........" Probably the first moments were awkward when YYS met with the other actors but we dont really know what really happened that night at 3am. I am sure after the awkward first 5 min all was fine. It would be better to leave comments aside. Seriously though I cannot see why following your costar indicates something more that a good friendship and I hope all would be free to hang out together. I had to sign in again because all the time I wanted to ask and I always was getting distracted after.Lol My question is if Gyeoul knows Jeong Won background.Does she knows his father owned the hospital? In episode 3 when we first learned that she has a crush on JWon ,IJ told her JWon is dirt poor and her answer was noblesse oblige. After , we have her meet his mother but we dont know if she knows except that she is his mom the background of the family. Is any other scene that indicates she knows?
  10. @40somethingahjumma and @sillyvivian_yo89 posts made me start thinking about the possibility the final candidates for SongHwa to be the first two ones. IJ and SeokHyeong.It started with them in early episodes of S1 and I find it very viable to end the circle with the same people. I never considered Chihong as a candidate for SHwa.He insists too much and SongHwa's personality is to feel independent. JeongWon belongs with Gyeoul and Gyeoul with Jeong Won..They are made for each other , they complete each other, they balance each other and we love seeing them learning the dating rules together! For me S1 was about their blooming love ,S2 dating with the ups and downs and some decisions that need to be taken mainly from Gyeoul's career and S3 will be marriage. Slowly , i try not coming often in threads related with HP and my favorite WGarden couple because I need to move on . I lost count how many times I re watch the series , especially the wintergarden moments I know them by heart. Praying S2 to start early in 21.
  11. @sillyvivian_yo89 Wow , Eye eagle chingu? You really belong to the Winter Agency detective thread! @Doremifasol Good job bringing it up and we had Sillyvivian 's timeline. @Sorary Definitely my friend sometimes is needed. @kmsl "Or they could grow together in the same pace. " I love that! Doremifasol,sorry I can not delete your name so I will leave it. @Doremifasol
  12. For S2 I want to see less eye blinking from GU. Can we have a more confident GU in her interaction with JWon? I want her to understand she is a lot more than nobody.She is everything . Can we see a further development of her character? I want to see a bigger interaction with patients and guardians. It was established in S1 that she will become a great surgeon but I need to see gradually how she will become a great surgeon with good bedside manners . We had a glimpse of it in S1 but I need more detailed scenes. Lol , in between those scenes I am dying to see GU/JWon in love with secret glances to each other , quick touching of their fingers when nobody is looking, 12 surgeons complaining why GU chooses JWon 's surgeries and why JWon made her a permanent in his OR. I would love to see a lot teasing to JWon from his friends and eventually I am hoping we going from pecks to kisses.
  13. @kokodus thank you for the reality check! It's always welcome and necessary next to someone's wishes to state the facts also.
  14. @willenette i don’t know about Viki. I mnot a subscriber anymore and therefore I don’t visit that site . Probably you are right