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  1. @Ameera Ali Thank you for your gifs chingu. Seeing YYS and SHB and I have to say YYS has a great chemistry and look good with all his partners. I believe too the reason we dont see more people commenting is because in most countries life went almost back to normal. I miss all the other chingus. I can not remember my log in info to the other site so I can go and say hello to them. That ' s the reason I never log off from soompi so I dont have to remember passwords : )). Chingus you think JW will have a problem in the hospital because Gyeoul is his resident?
  2. My friends, now that I feel more calm after that backhug I want to hear what you think about the first episode regarding WG. I feel like I get a lot more than I was asking but at the same time I did not get the basic. I wanted to see what they said after their first Kiss, why they decided to keep their relation hidden for now (secret relation with a backhug in the emergency entrance ).Jwan also kissed his Iksun there (another secret relation ) Something must going on with this emergency entrance and the secret relations.LOL. Does Shin PD is planning to give us this explana
  3. friends, I found my way!!! I got lost in the general thread and I was wondering why people dont get crazy about that lovey/dovey JeongWon and his dinner with Gyeoul in their personal clothes .
  4. Is this the Wintergarden thread or the general thread for the series? I dont want to bombard people with my constant comments about my favorite couple.
  5. I got confused too with the timeline and I have to say i wanted to see what happened after the kiss in ep.12 S1. I wanted to see the first awkward moments after the kiss. I can not see how both of them with no experience in dating got in a matter of few days so comfortable . Also why nobody except us the viewers notices that Gyeoul the girl that never paid attention to her looks suddenly has her hair down and wears contact lenses. What can I say for their chemistry? Wintergarden looks so good together.Dreamy couple. I love seeing them on my screen. Our Ob-g
  6. This is the WG couple thread and Its the most right place to write how absolutely superb was their last kissing scene we saw in last Thursday's BTS episode. How miraculously Gyeoul knew when to reach JW lips and having her head in the most right position and how perfectly he knew how much to tilt his head and lock lips with Gyeoul. The perfect romantic kiss . One of the best I saw. As of Looney 's appearance in HP2 I have no words .From HP season 1 I was dreaming how beautiful would be having Lee KyuHyung in the series .
  7. I saw somewhere the whole picture of the above still with IJ, Gyeoul and the head nurse .Both the nurse and IJ were smiling so bright.Gyeoul has her head down studying something I think. Lol.My WG heart thinks they see Jeongwon that's why IJ has that smile? Does he know about WG dating? I can not wait anymore. The last 4 weeks seem the longest.
  8. The upcoming weekend is a national holiday here I live and I will take advantage of the 3 day weekend to rewatch HP one more before HP2 starts! I will focus a little more this time to the other couples and not only to WG. I am sure season 2 will focus more to bear couple and bidulgi. If HP stops in season 2 then we will have the Ikjun/songhwa also, but I believe future season 3 will focus only on them.
  9. Looking exited the poster and I think it’s safe to say that Songhwa wearing the same white doctor s coat like the rest of the lacking 5 means a possible time skip and her year in the other hospital is inthe past ? 3 more weeks and we ll have our answer . I m hoping to see what wintergarden said to each other after that last scene of season 1.
  10. A big YES to the rewatching party ! I can not remember how many times I rewatched it but it seems like never is enough. Also" Confession is Not flashy" is officially YYS and my favorite song of the year! I cant not wait to see the continuation of the WG kiss .What they said after ? And I want to see who will play Bear 's first wife.
  11. Are you all excited for HP 2? Because I can not waaaait! I miss Wintergarden the most. Give me more Jeongwon and Gyeoul in HP2 juseyo.
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